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The Crying Child files The Crying Child, read online The Crying Child, free The Crying Child, free The Crying Child, The Crying Child 9b3e7f259 Joanne McMullen S Fears For Her Sister S Sanity Have Brought Her To Remote King S Island, Maine Mary S Grief Over The Loss Of Her Child Is Threatening To Send Her Over The Edge And Her Insistence That She Has Heard An Eerie, Childlike Wailing In The Woods Fuels Joanne S Anxiety And Now Mary S Taken To Disappearing At Midnight In Search Of The Source Of The Heartrending Moans But It S Not Just Her Sister S Encroaching Madness That Is Chilling Joanne S Blood It S Her Own Because Suddenly, Impossibly, She Also Hears The Crying Child

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    Come on, just the title alone is worth a second glance, right As usual Michaels indulges in cozy storytelling with a different twist on her characters Here the heroine of the story is suffering from desiring forbidden fruit, so to speak, but is highly moral and won t follow Eve s path Between her urge for independence and witty humor and thankfully less of a bitchy nature than many other Michaels characters she s another likable act to follow The sister Mary is an intriguing one, not a usual for Michaels, a little reminiscent of an early, watered down V.C Andrews character She s frail and fragile, being protected from all sides, yet with a cunning glint in her eye when it suits her Her husband was just in between, a character to feel for but no one who overly stands out Overall, as always, the blend is a gripping one that only serves the stories purpose.Plot wise, it s another good one You never know with her books whether there really is something supernatural, or whether it s something that ends up being disproven I won t spoil that part for you, but will say the emphasis the supernatural is handled a little less than usual It s the main theme of the story, but doesn t involve the same sort of endless debates, research, and multiple signs and symptoms other novels share While not as detailed, it s still as mystifying, and I in no way could imagine the ending In fact, the revelation was a smidge creepy, which is also abnormal for Michaels.Pace wise, it s lightning as she hops on the plane in chapter one and conjures up important facts in her mind, then plunges right into the heart of the matter A reader and fan of mysteries won t grow bored The trademark love story is of course present as always, without much steam or surprise Suspense is high when it s meant to be in scarce parts, and Michaels typical language use is appealing.On the downside, while the story didn t drag its feet and remained interesting, I didn t stay 100% glued in all parts More action would have spruced up a few scenes This is one of Michael s earlier works and it wouldn t have hurt to flesh out a few characters , particularly the good old doctor His enthusiasm for his patients seemed a little overdone and stereotypical as well It was never explained about his avid treatment of the psychiatrist, but the end result leaves the reader assuming it was all in the heroines head From reading the story, to me it wasn t, and them having a sort of conversation about it would have been preferred Overall a sweet ending after the chilling part, of course If you re in the mood for a delightful little mystery with a tinge of morbidity, The Crying Child s your midnight companion.

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    Oh, a rare mystery for adults solving the reason for a haunting Penned in a modern feeling 1971, The Crying Child is compelling immediately Jo quickly observes that what seems like her sister, Mary, breaking down is something else I loved there being no no one will believe me nonsense There are vigorous, intelligent debates about why the disturbers could be ghosts I savour Barbara s composition wholly natural characters thinking as we would not always so in fiction Personalities strike approving chords, calling it as we would see it Wit and dialogue capture real life, without adverbs or any descriptions in superfluity What Barbara does describe, like Jo s refusal of a s ance you never heard anything so astute and yet worded like no one has ever thought to arrange words before I m not afraid of a fake medium, or a s ance that flops I m afraid of one that might succeed Ran looked disturbed but I knew he couldn t possibly be as revolted by the idea as I was He hadn t seen the thing that would come in answer to such a summoning.The only bump is awareness at the end, that one or two ideas aren t followed up The cast suggests that Mary might have spoken with an apparition but don t try to interview either of them The crying seems to be pointless, along with occult symbols and possible involvement These might be guesses that fell away but the summary could have tightened all the threads thoroughly Lastly, an informative keepsake inside the vast house would be exciting enough Detouring it to an antique store stretched luck Mild observations about pages I flew through five stars If all novels were so engrossing to me, if I read only my favourite kind I would whoosh through the annual number my contemporaries do.

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    Joanne McMullen gives up her job and life on the west coast to spend the summer with her sister and brother in law on a remote island off the coast of Maine Her sister, Mary, has had a miscarriage, and Mary s mental state is concerning to Jo Soon, however, there is much to worry about Something is amiss in the house, and family history and a family mystery, from many generations past, must be sorted out before lives no longer hang in the balance.

    I so enjoyed this book In many respects, the writing style is similar to that of Phyllis A Whitney, so I felt right at home reading this book But I enjoyed this book in its own right as well Definitely an author I plan to add to my reading circle.

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    When one is reading Ms Barbara Michaels s work, one cannot deny her ability of perception as to from which angle she views a scene and her craft of mingling her thoughts with the gravity of words The moment when I came across this book, I was hardly aware who Miss Michaels was Having picked it from a second sale lot, I loved the yellow texture of the pages and the sweet pungent smell radiated by the age of the copy which I found to be 22 years old Now it is the kind of a book which might seem tedious if you do not pay much attention to the writing style and which occurs when one is merely habitual of picking up the plot as they read on and not interested in the play of characters and scenes But if you are one of those readers who vigilantly swim across each line of every page, this one is a treat.When Joe receives an imploring call from her millionaire brother in law Ran Fraser whom she always considered undeniably handsome asking her to come and stay with him and Mary Joe s sister in his lavish property located on a secluded island where the couple had headed for the summer, Joe couldn t deny the offer even though she was far from feeling enthusiastic about taking a vacation she had just started on her road to an independent life Her elder sister Mary Fraser having suffered a miscarriage recently has fallen into the arms of grief and a possible mental breakdown Ran feeling helpless towards his wife s condition looks out for Joe s help knowing that she is the only person who can penetrate the walls of Mary s solitude and help her recuperate When Joe joins them, does she finally realize how severe the state of her sister is A woman who had been not only a sister but a mother and a friend to Joe her whole life, has now turned into a lost creature engulfed by her unfortunate circumstances Mary whose behavior could not be stated as undeniably crazy but clearly resigned Randomly mumbling words in private conversations, unexpected alterations in Mary s mannerisms and uncalled blows of lethargy are other noticeable symptoms During a conversation with Joe, Mary claims to have heard voices of a crying child reaching her from somewhere inside of the woods and which in her opinion are the cries of the spirit of her unborn child A development, which to everyone around at first, seems to be the effect of her grief is proved legit when one night Joe also hears the cry that sounds innocent but ghastly alluring.Again what I have revealed so far is available in the synopsis The book carries many elements to keep you connected As the book progresses, many characters pour in, days pass by and the situation only deepens bringing every person at the disposal of the house come into the play of understanding the mystery of the Fraser house and deciphering it The book is mainly about unveiling the shadow that is hovering over the Frasers Interesting characters, mocking tone of the narrator Joe is entertaining Ingenious scenes and conversations embedded in various backdrops help readers to visualize the geography of the house and surroundings and also in building the Gothic character of the tale I wouldn t say it s a typical horror book that freaks out your mind, but it has an intense if not very dark and engrossing personality to it Worth your time.

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    This is typical Barbara Michaels cozy gothic fare There s a beautiful old mansion, some mildly spooky occurrences with a mystery to unravel , and a side story romance which in most cases is very sparsely sketched If you like her other gothic novels, you ll probably like this, too It seems about on par with the several others I ve already read.I found it rather blandly enjoyable, but there were also some of the same irritations I almost always find in this author s works The overtly old school feminist angle gets old, for instance More on the annoyances below, in the spoiler section So It was okay Neither bad nor great I ll probably keep reading these books, every so often, because some of them are better than others and maybe my mood and other factors come into play, too If you want something to or less pleasantly pass a little time without requiring much concentration or emotional investment, this will do Specifics with SPOILERS At least in this book there wasn t a heavy reliance on the word chauvinist , but there were still things like this view spoiler I just stood there and thought of that poor woman only a girl, really, when she got involved with Hezekiah Yet she wasn t so much his victim as she was a victim of the times, times which condemned women to a single role in society and damned them for eternity if they accepted the role without the magic scrap of paper which legitimized it If there could be such a thing as a psychotic ghost, she was it caught in the vicious trap of the guilt her culture had brainwashed her into accepting hide spoiler

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    I thought this book was a very good mystery ghost story The author did a very good job at setting the scenes for the ghost mystery Even though you had an idea that certain things were going to happen, when they did happen it s still managed to scare me Ghost stories don t scare me easily but this book did give me a little bit of a fright I would definitely read other mysteries by this author.

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    Elizabeth Peters who writes under the name of Barbara Michaels is a master at writing suspenseful gothic novels, which are even better when there s a ghostly source This novel is not an exception.Originally published in 1971, the worldviews and conversations are a bit antiquated, though I m sure at the time they were very hip and modern A woman who can change a tire How shocking Joanne receives a call from her rich brother in law Ran that her sister Mary who has recently suffered her third miscarriage is having problems He s moved his grief stricken wife to one of his family s old homes on a tiny island off the coast of Maine.The home is slightly isolated, built near cliffs, and has a lovely attic full of family papers Just perfect for a spooky gothic mystery.A spooky it is when Mary tells Joanne she s been hearing a child crying and his name is Kevin Add to that a mysterious cloaked figure who wanders near a family graveyard and Mary s increasingly eratic behaviour, Joanne and Will, the island doctor have their hands full as they try to determine if Mary is insane, or if ghosts can be real.For all my sarcasm, I really did enjoy this book Michaels descriptions aren t overblown, but I easily imagine myself wandering through a dense fog and coming across the graveyard In the past couple of years her books have been re issued with new covers, hopefully her works will attract attention from a newer generation.

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    Some of her books hold up over the years, some don t The mystery creepiness in this one is still good, but it is dated by its references musical groups such as the Who and The Beatles they are far out outdated lingo and women don t wear jeans and everyone smokes.

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    I found this to be a very chilling tale I couldn t put this book down and I look forward to reading other titles by Mrs Michaels This is a page turning, well paced, mystery complete with researched historical events that fit perfectly The suspense is amazing as you find there are than plenty of suspects, but that you never suspected the actual evil doer.

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    Disappointed with the ending The book started out so well too.

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