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  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Freedom from Toxic Relationships
  • Avril Carruthers
  • English
  • 07 March 2018
  • 9780399166112

10 thoughts on “Freedom from Toxic Relationships

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    Psychotherapist Avril Carruthers does a good job in explaining why we are still bound to people who have mistreated us or we cannot have a good relationship with, and why we continue to form these bonds For some of us its like we are living Jean Paul Sartes No Exit I read this in one sitting If cleansing our cord is as easy as cleansing our home, I think I need a psychotherapist who specializes in this area Anyone know one

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    All about psychic ties, basically an advertisement for this person s services.

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    Received free from Goodreads First Reads Review to come.

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    Nonsense.This book is based on a mishmash of Hindu Spiritist Animist dogma presented with the typical intolerance of extreme religious fundamentalism, and with the same anti intellectualism It is non scientific even anti scientific at times in it s approach and assertions It is unreferenced and incompatible with the science of psychology.Basically, you need your local witch doctor to do a clearing ritual to rid you of your invisible, but not metaphorical, cords to others These others might be from this life or a past life Etc You get the idea Nuts Find a legitimate counsellor therapist and or speak with your pastor Leave this con woman to the gullible.

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    very woo But I used it as a metaphor for the thoughts in my own head.you have chords to other people that suck away your life energy and until you clear the chord you ll suffer in that realm and let other sucking chords lay atop it and grow downer.leaving behind negative thought patterns was the key takeway for me.

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    It turns out that people are f cking crazy, present company included..

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    So I received this via a Goodreads First Reads giveaway It s an uncorrected proof, so of course there may be changes prior to final publication.Why I was interested in this book I am a therapist by trade credentials I m always looking for nuggets of wisdom to pass on to clients It sounded really quite empoweringSo, here s what I did and didn t like I m not real New Age in theoretical aspects However, it was relatively easy to flow with for people NOT of a new age transpersonal psychotherapy background You will gain some good insight into all your types of relationships You probably won t get much out of this book if you have NO insight and you re clueless about therapy, counseling, AND New Age concepts If you re into one of the three, you re golden Most things were explained relatively well that will be legitimately useful for most self help book readers.In the end, I ve taken some nuggets of wisdom and advice for myself and for clients I may work with in the future, but this wasn t a keeper for me and I m going to pass it on to another potentially interested reader.

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    This is a mildly insightful book, though I think most readers will come away with little than a few common sense suggestions The text is largely based on anecdotal information and seems to be missing a level of depth that is important for a really engaging experience Overall, it s a quick, interesting, and worthwhile read, but ultimately this book offers little in the way of a lasting impact.

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    THIS is the book i have been looking for its a New Age type of book which is exactly WHY i like it Its already filled with highlights and notescan t WAIT to tell my therapist about it they actually need to send her one it helped me tremendously

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    A deeper look into toxic relationships..moving on from those relationship issues that bring you down, a good book interesting perspective..keep an open mind..very good to read for personal insight and growth.the author is a transpersonal psychotherapist.

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Freedom from Toxic Relationships characters Freedom from Toxic Relationships , audiobook Freedom from Toxic Relationships , files book Freedom from Toxic Relationships , today Freedom from Toxic Relationships , Freedom from Toxic Relationships 7a190 A Guide To Leaving Painful, Destructive Relationships Behind Both At Home And At WorkToxic Relationships Often Come Disguised As Seemingly Normal Ones These Subtly Destructive Relationships Are Characterized By The Slow Erosion Of Self Esteem, A Loss Of Personal Identity, Or A Growing Desire To Please Friends, Partners, And Family Members Who Are Impossible To Please In This Uplifting And Informative Book, Transpersonal Psychotherapist Avril Carruthers Will Take A Close Look At Adult Relationships To Show Why We Get Involved In Toxic Relationships In The First Place, And Instruct The Reader On How To Recognize If They Re Involved In One Once The Toxic Relationship Is Identified, The Author Shows The Reader How To Begin Their Journey Toward Healing And How To Meet The World With A New Kind Of Confidence, So That The Cycle Of Toxic Relationships Can Be Broken Once And For All What Carruthers Teaches Is Just How Possible It Can Be To Learn How To Recognize The Manipulative Or Sweetly Corrosive Partner, The Family Dynamics That Make Christmas And Other Get Togethers Seem Like Hell, Or The Nightmare Boss Who Causes Daily Torment And That We Can Learn To Leave These Painful, Destructive Patterns Behind Forever

About the Author: Avril Carruthers

Avril Carruthers BA M.Couns has had a private practice in holistic transpersonal psychotherapy and healing in Sydney, Australia for over twenty years Previously a nurse and a high school teacher, she teaches meditation and spiritual development and is an educator at the Australian College of Applied Psychology.Apart from her qualifications in psychotherapy and counselling, Avril s practice rest