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✤ [Download] ➼ Twistir  By Pierce Minor ➶ – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Twistir , meaning Twistir , genre Twistir , book cover Twistir , flies Twistir , Twistir 3ebc0dbe003b6 Three Teenagers Discover The Truth About Their Identitywhile Struggling To Control Their New GiftsEnnis Taylor Lives A Normal Small Town Life With His Father For Nearly Sixteen Years, Until The Nightmares Begin When They Do, He S Faced With Calling Them What They Must Be Freaky Dreams Or Self Diagnosing Himself As A Teenage Schizophrenic What Else Do You Call A Boy Who Swears To Flying Around His Room At Night When No One Else Is There To Witness To Make Matters Worse, At School Ennis Hears The Voice Of Not One, But Two Of His Classmates Edward, The Superstar Athlete, And Elias, The Local Menace This Would Be Tolerable If They Were, In The Slightest, Friends, And If The Voices Weren T Seemingly Inside His Head

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    If you liked the movie Chronicle Or hated Chronicle this book is like an even better version of Chronicle with some Beautiful Creatures thrown in DIntro When I read GONE by Michael Grant I didn t love it.It was a decent book with enough premise to make me curious enough to read its sequel and I read it and fell in love with the series.Same thing here with Twistir.it starts off as 4.5 out of 5 star book but gradually slips into a 3.5 out of 5 star book towards the middle but it manage to end with a 4.0 star rating from me I didn t fall in love.but I did fall in like and this is definite one of my favorite new reads.Let s get this out of the wayMICAH DAWSON HATES 1ST PERSON BOOKS Be it Harry Potter, Divergent or whatever.I hate 1st person books because the characters I love are not the focal point.and I am stuck with a shitty protag.But Twistir actually breaks my hatred..I liked Ennis, the narrator of the story.He was not my favorite but he was a strong and fun protagonist.CharactersPierce is a phenomenal author who definitely gives you 3 distinct boys with very different personalities who are authentic They are 15 16 year old boys and act and talk like boys their age So many authors just feel fake when writing teen characters but the way they talk is the way I talk with my friends.Ennis is actually pretty chill dude He is a bit of a goofball and sometimes a bit overdramatic but I love the fact that he is written as a good kid who makes mistakes He doesn t whine and isn t a gary stu and he is just a good guy who is na ve The only thing that did bug me was that at times his head should have been focused on the mystery instead it was focused on his love interestwhich as I said earlier is realistic for a 15 year old boy his age.Bad boy Elias is my favorite and I would love to have seen things from his pov He is the second main character and the trouble maker of the trio He is a jerkan assholebut behind the bad boy attitude is a lot of heart and I love Elias My only issue with Elias was that I wish he could have been the narrator and also I felt like he developed a little too fast instead of spreading it out throughout the book..but he was the best character.The 3rd main character was Edward..Edward was my least favorite not because he is a bad character..in fact Edward would have made a very good narrator.He has a lot depth and of a backstory than Elias and Edward do except we really don t get to see much of it He serves as the voice of reason but I do hope to get screentime with Edward because he is a sweetheart with a troubled background and I wanted to see of it Unfortunately since Ennis is the narrator, we don t get inside Edward s head unless Ennis is talking to him.The secondary characters sort of faltered because you have a story told by Ennis plus Edward and Elias also being main characters so the secondary characters could have used some work but they were still fun Max is a character who is someone I want to know about because he is so mysterious and I love a boy with mystery.Plot WritingThe plot of twistir is something unique and different but the same You ve read books similar to this but not told this way with these types of characters.It sort of reminds me of Beautiful Creatures..especially with the overall mystery but it also reminded me of the movie chronicle as well..I can definitely see this being made into a movie because the characters are fun while having an action packed plot.The plot centers around the mystery of 3 boys who really have no need to talk or relate to on another but they share a deadly connection Shit happens and as the story progresses.you question things just like the characters.What is real.what isn t.There are quite a few mind fucks in the book good ones that make the story so engaging and fun The action scenes are exhilarating and well written.Where the book faltered a bit was pacing..the beginning had a lot of mystery and intrigue and it kept it throughout the book but towards the middle I could have done without the love interest parts distracting from the mystery.This is a Grade A plot and writing that falls to a solid A due to the fact that one of Ennis love interest served no purpose except to remind us how interested and in love with his other love interest I have no problem with romance but that one thing did bug me It doesn t make the story suffer but it did annoy me because it turns out pointless in the end.OverallThis book had a few missteps but this book features so many positives and plusses that I overlook the one or two things that bugged me The Characters are fresh.realistic.and fun.The action scenes are fun.and not overdone.The scenery is descriptive.It reads like a realistic book.It is supernatural has horror elements but it still has a realistic feel.My hopes for Book 2.i want to see of Elias and especially Edward I would love each book to maybe follow a different boy I feel as if we know Ennis well enough so let Elias or Edward be the focal character.

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    To quote one of the main characters in this fantastic story, Ennis Huh What the and How I have not, in a very long time, been as riveted to a story as I have been with this book For a published novel debut from this very gifted author, Pierce Minor, it hit the jackpot Ennis, Elias and Edward were all born on the same day you ll find out the how and why of it and have been raised secretly by the dads for the first 16 years of their lives Their lives, as they knew it, weren t exactly real The closer they got to their 16th birthdays, the they began to doubt what is real and what isn t They were born for a purpose and the road to what that purpose is has been the most intriguing, unimaginable, horrible, surprising, scary, beautiful, painful, hilarious, unbelievably fantastic roller coaster ride ever As the boys would say Really The closer to their 16th birthdays, the gifts they discover they possess and have to learn to control as no human parents could produce the young boys they ve grown their teens to be Supernatural thrillers are one of my favorite genres and this is one of the best of I ve read This thriller has twists and turns as an old mountain road The people they ve come to know and meet are certainly not the average everyday folks one can assume are normal Who are the antagonists here and who should they trust Well, you ll have to read this book to find out This saga is certainly something that I will be looking forward to reading I want I would recommend this supernatural thriller to anyone who likes the genre and those who want to try it I want to know about the characters in Twistir and others who ll come into the boys lives along the way I m ready to read the next book in the saga, Infirno I can easily see Ennis, Elias and Edward coping with their powers and various adventures through college and beyond Gimme the next book already

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    I received this book via Goodreads First Reads Wasn t sure that I would enjoy it but I was pleasantly surprised The story is enjoyable and quick moving Unpredictable twist and turns made it difficult to put the book down One or two editing errors don t distract from the enjoyment I will be getting the next book in the series If I do have a complaint it is that the book doesn t stand alone.

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    I finished this book in all of 4 days It was such a page turner because it was so unpredictable Nothing happens that you expect to happen It s very relatable but still unlike any other book in this genre It really brings you in and makes you think of how you would handle these crazy situations these kids are in I definitely can t wait til Infirno.

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    I won this book through Goodreads Firstreads Unfortunately, I had to put it down and take a reading hiatus so it took me a while to finish it up It was a great book The storyline was unique and interesting and I have not read anything like it before I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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