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➹ [Read] ➵ Chicken Soup for the Single's Soul - 101 Stories of Love and Inspiration for the Single, Divorced and Widowed By Jack Canfield ➼ – Transportjobsite.co.uk

➹ [Read] ➵ Chicken Soup for the Single's Soul - 101 Stories of Love and Inspiration for the Single, Divorced and Widowed By Jack Canfield ➼ – Transportjobsite.co.uk

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10 thoughts on “Chicken Soup for the Single's Soul - 101 Stories of Love and Inspiration for the Single, Divorced and Widowed

  1. says:

    Lots of heartwarming and tear-jerking stories. The best things that I am taking away from this is that someone else is always making do with less (money, time, heath, support, etc.) and this quote from page 369, "Sometimes you dance with a partner, and sometimes you dance alone. But the important thing is to keep dancing".

  2. says:

    Honestly, I love the Chicken Soup For the Soul Books - Probably why I keep reading them...

    Five years ago I had just gotten married, moved into a new home and was trying to enjoy the benefits I always heard about that come with being a 'newlywed.' Most of that 'enjoying' was me hanging on to a nice moment here and there, learning that all I had hoped for was far from reality. At that time I had put a Chicken Soup for the Soul book in our 'bathroom reading materials.' Little did I know at the time from that point I would find myself stowing away in the bathroom - reading these great short stories! What a blessing that had been to me then, to have 5 minutes of joy in a life and marriage that wasn't what I'd always hoped and didn't bring half the smiles this little book gave me. How grateful I was though, I honestly think that this book helped me survive, it was at least one of those sweet tender mercies from the Lord that helped me survive, others were my sweet little Jada (my niece - how I miss her!) and my amazing and simply wonderful neighbor Rhonda, who helped pick up the pieces of my broken heart. I wish I could find or at least remember which 'Soup' that this was... About the same week that I finished my 'Soup' my ex-husband also asked for a divorce.

    I was given this particular "Soup" shortly after my divorce four years ago, I chuckled to myself and said well I guess there is a version for every stage! Secretly I've hoped that once I finished reading this one that my chapter of being 'single again' in my own life would also come to a close... While it hasn't been the same week, I'm hopeful. I'm so grateful for this book, the progression through different stages of singleness and the healing and heartbreaking stories alike. I felt like I had a support group this past four years, which was absolutely needed as I found myself alone and isolated from what friends I thought I had, in a strange new place and navigating career suicide with my move. I found myself having to rebuild my life nearly from scratch, re-evaluate who I am, what I believe and what impact I currently have on the world around me and what I want to change to be the difference. I purposely slowed down at reading this book, only allowing myself to read one or two entries a week, and sometimes less. I felt that I needed the time to process others stories and my own mind and heart. I honestly think that this book helped me from truly assisted me in my will to not become bitter and vengeful, but more grateful that he let me go and had the courage to do so, allowing me to have a much better chance at happiness. From experiencing my bad marriage and my loneliness before hand to my life now and my attitude towards myself. I'm so grateful for the experience. I truly am happy with who I am, happy with how I give back to the world and make an impact, and know that frankly I was an amazing wife, and might someday again have that chance, but I love hanging out with myself and now really comfortable in my own skin. All of this is intricately entwined together as this has been a long and sometimes painful, and mostly joyful growing experience, and has been a nice little journey and chapter of my life. Thank you Jack Canfield for your guidance through this minefield. :)

    Ps. If I decide to marry again one day, I look forward to it with joy. But in the meantime I'm loving each moment of being single!

  3. says:

    Following in the standard set by previous Chicken Soup anthologies, this one is as tasty and savory as any of them. I tend to enjoy any tid-bit of the Chicken Soup series I can get my hands on, whether or not they are geared specifically towards me. Either way, I believe that they hold a certain truth in any circumstance, time, or place.
    In this serving, you get to share in many stories of love found, love lost, encouragement through unavoidable circumstances, humor, joy, sadness, and more. As usual, each story I read reminds me of something, some moment in particular, on even some one in my life. It is the application of this new found enlightenment that is most difficult to adhere to. Passing this book on to a dear friend is my greatest joy of all. Knowing, that even though I’ve finished it’s reading, this wondrous treasure will continue blessing the lives of those around me!
    I’d strongly recommend this to any single person, no matter how they got to their single-hood, and anyone else who’s willing to take the time to learn a little from the “have-nots”!

  4. says:

    I loved this book. Very inspirational for anyone.

  5. says:

    Heartwarming personal stories to inspire all single people! Definitely tear jerker stories, but will set your heart afire.

  6. says:

    I found inspiration and hope in those stories.

  7. says:

    Some of these stories are very touching and memorable. Others, not so much. Stories included feature people who never married, divorced individuals, widows, and widowers. The characters find romance in some stories and in others, they just find themselves. There's a good variety, but I wish there were some indication of which stories are true and which are imagined.

  8. says:

    I forgot how overwhelmingly Christian these books are. Not one single nonhetero story either. Good grief.
    Also more for divorced and widowed people rather than the never married.

  9. says:

    Being single myself, these stories gave me the lift I needed at just the right time.

  10. says:

    Now that I'm newly single again and not enjoying it very much, I decided to give this a read to see if it could help. It had some nice stories, but unfortunately there weren't really any I could identify with. But hey, it passed the time and got my mind off things for awhile I guess.

    Like most of the Chicken Soup books, this one has a bunch of stories separated into type. In this case its Single and Happy, Dating, Finding Your Mate, Making a Difference, Single Parenting, Single Again, Losing a Partner, We Are Not Alone, Friends and Family, and of course the lengthy stuff there always seems to be at the back. All the stories are meant to be inspirational and uplifting and there is a wide variety of people telling their experiences. Since this one is for the Single's Soul it of course has stories of divorce, raising the kids alone, losing a spouse, never having found your special someone, and other like themes.

    Some of the types of stories to be found in this compilation are those of single parents struggling to make ends meet for their kids and the kindness from strangers that was given to them. Another story might talk of how a person adjusted after the death of their spouse. I think one of the stories that most resonated with me was the story of the woman who could only afford to live in a trailer park, yet still with her meager earnings managed to create a small library and bake bread for the even poorer families around her, mostly for their children. Her desire to do this eventually led her to her new career and a happy life. That was really inspiring to me. Another story that I particularly enjoyed was that of a single man constantly looking for the perfect woman, and finally finding acceptance with just being by himself. That was the type of story I really looked for in this book. But there were others I enjoyed for sure, those that talked of having the strength to leave and how they put their life back on track after they left the relationship, those that did find true love even after they thought they'd never have it again.

    Despite all these wonderful stories, I found a few things that I didn't like as well. Mainly, the book didn't really have anything I could identify with. And there were more stories about moving on to find that new special someone than there was just about accepting the state of singleness. More appropriately this might have been called Chicken Soup for the Returning to Dating's Soul. There were even some stories in here from happily married people that didn't really have anything to do with being single.

    To me, I consider the chicken soup series to be a form of Christian fiction, and as such there is a lot of religion incorporated into the story about praying, etc. They aren't all like that, but its a predominant theme. But since the stories are meant to be inspirational that can be expected. They are organized well and I'll admit that a few made tears come to my eyes, but I didn't have any full out crying in this one like I have with some of the others.

    Its a good book, don't get me wrong. But it just didn't satisfy what I was looking for.

    Chicken Soup for the Single's Soul
    Copyright 1999
    387 pages

    Review by M. Reynard 2011

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