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[Reading] ➷ Cracking the Pot  By Christine Berghoef – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Cracking the Pot , meaning Cracking the Pot , genre Cracking the Pot , book cover Cracking the Pot , flies Cracking the Pot , Cracking the Pot 01786994d30ed In This Engrossing Memoir, Christine Berghoef Takes Us On A Journey Exploring The Simplicity And Complexity Of Faith Growing Up Certain She Knew What Life With God Entailed, Berghoef Soon Found Out Otherwise This Vivid Account, Beginning In A Conservative Religious Subculture That Valued Knowing The Right Answers Over Asking Questions, Will Take Readers On A Voyage Beyond Dogmatism No Topic Is Off Limits, No Stone Is Left Unturned In This Quest To Discover What One Really Can Know About God And Faith, Life And Politics

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    A well written, informative, and emotionally engaging memoir, and that s saying something I ve read or begun to read several spiritual memoirs and blogs only to abandon them because they are too self centered and unrelatable, or just simply poorly written and or edited Christy is a friend of mine and I know her book rings true for many of us My family comes out of the same denominational traditions as Christy but my parents left them a generation ago and I had somewhat of an outsiders upbringing I have a decidedly less tolerant view on how to live with those continuing denominational politics divisions exclusions and the devastating pain they inflict on people s lives depression, racism, sexism, abuse of every kind , but I appreciate deeply the risk that Christy is taking in speaking out about her journey of faith and doubt in a community in which speaking out against the grain is strongly discouraged This is, after all, her story, not mine, and it is a valuable one in the greater global conversation of the role God has always intended us to play and not the cheapened version so arrogantly forcefed to the masses We focus too much on Christ s death and not enough on his life I would recommend that even if you are not a child of the Christian Reformed Church, or any church for that matter, this is a story worth listening to and pondering I suspect that if you are or were a churchgoer, you will find something in these pages that will make you really think hard about your faith Kudos, Christy

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    Excellent book about the author s faith journey and deep look into her faith traditions and beliefs I could relate to her background, having grown up in a similar situation Christy is a wonderful writer and very descriptive.

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