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    Robert E Howard is my favorite writer of all time So I always approach any new treatment of his works with a very cautious attitude I do NOT like it when people take liberties with the base concepts of his characters and change them into something modern or PC to fit the time So I was extremely surprised to not only like but very much enjoy this comic anthology adaptation of many of Howard s characters The stories are very well done adaptations of the stories The coolest thing to me is that they choose both Howard s well know Conan, Solomon Kane and less well known Dark Agnes, Bran Mak Morn, El Borak characters Great intro to the scope of Howard s work in comic form Very Recommended

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    Collecting the new stories from the first 4 issues of the graphic novel.I didn t see the advantage of re collecting these, but they do make for a nice trade that exclude the re prints that were in the series Being a big Robert E Howard fan though, I just knew I d be getting this eventually and eventually came alot sooner than I had originally planned.The original Dark Horse series itself was presented in nice square bound comics, so this book is just extra as far as I felt concerned but what the heck, right The stories and art do vary in quality, going from pretty darned good, to outright gawd awful Still, I cant complain seeing as having read the original from the series, I knew what I would be finding in this book.Seeing as the original series has been on hiatus for about 18 months now, I wont hold my breath waiting for the second collected volume.

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    I initially read this as individual issues I enjoyed the collected edition for as much as I enjoy anthologies, I hate the 30 day wait for the next installment The stories ranged from forgettable to pretty good I liked the range of REH characters, including one I have not read before, The Sonora Kid, and one I d never heard of John Silent, but Silent is from a Solomon Kane fragment and almost felt like a cheat I stopped in the midst of this and read the Solomon Kane Dark Horse Comic Castle of the Devil The John Silent story here is a slight sequel to it I loved the idea of this series, an anthology comic showcasing all of Howard s creations not just Conan, Kull and Solomon Kane It featured new stories, reprinted in this volume, and reprints of older stuff The reprints are not in these, and that s a shame.

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    Ho acquistato il volume pi per l a verso R.E.Howard che verso il valore dell opera Le storie sono da carine a belle, ma i disegni, a parte un paio, sono decisamente scarsi.

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    Nice short stories in the spirit of Robert E Howard So crappy bad, some nice.

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    This is a nice start, with each of Howard s characters getting a spot Hopefully the series will continue so that each character gets coverage.

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