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The Guestbook files The Guestbook, read online The Guestbook, free The Guestbook, free The Guestbook, The Guestbook cd05a78ed Fleeing Her Picture Perfect Marriage Among The Privileged Set Of Brentwood And The Wreckage Of A Failed Marriage, Lily Parkins Decides To Move To The Only Place That Still Holds Happy Memories, Her Grandmother S Old Farmhouse The Lush And Majestic Setting Of The Pacific Northwest Calls To Her And Offers A Place Of Refuge And Perhaps Renewal Her Grandmother Has Passed Away, Leaving The Madrona Island Bed Breakfast Inn To Lily Left With Only An Old Guestbook As Her Guide A Curious Book Full Of Letters, Recipes, And Glimpses Into Her Family History Lily Is Determined To Embrace Her Newfound Independence And Recreate Herself, One Page At A Time With The Help Of The Quirky Island Residents She Has Befriended, She Slowly Finds The Strength To Seek Out Happiness On Her Own Terms But As Soon As She Has Sworn Off Men And Is Standing On Her Own Two Feet, Lily Meets Ian, The Alluring Artist Who Lives Next Door, And Her New Life Is Suddenly Thrown Off Course The Last Thing She Wants To Do Right Now Is To Open Her Heart To Another Man Ultimately, Lily Must Decide If It S Worth Giving Up Her Soul For Security Or Risking Everything To Follow Her Heart

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    Had potential but Honestly, I don t know why there are so many good reviews on or Goodreads There were so many unfinished plots in this book For example, a father who has not seen the main character but leaves threatening messages in the mailbox but never makes an appearance There is no explanation on why he just disappears in quotes because he never actually appeared and why he no longer wants the house at what seemed to be all costs, since he was threatening his daughter who he had not seen since childhood Then there is a supplemental character who acts as an abused woman the entire book only to find out anticlimatically in the last few pages of the book that she left her glamorus modeling life, family, friends and love of her life because she has lupus WHAT And the assumed affair secret that she and the main character s love interest had was just that.uhhm, did I miss something I am convinced that whole chapters were missing from my book I love a good beach read but this was not it.

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    3.75 to 4 stars After finding out that her husband was cheating on her, Lily Parkins left her comfortable life in Los Angeles for Madrona Island The island was a significant part of Lily s childhood It is also where her grandmother lived as a proprietor of BB, which she left to Lily when she died I enjoyed this little gem of a story This wasn t really your typical romance book, although it certainly has a lot of that The Guestbook is also about friendship, family, letting go and moving on Lily was such a sympathetic character After spending 10 years of her life with a man who neither loved or appreciated her, she was ready to start anew You can feel her uncertainty, her insecurities being that her husband has traded her for a much younger woman Not only that, in the beginning of the book, it seems like Lily herself doesn t quite know who she is It took time, with the help of some of her grandmother s guestbook, for Lily to find herself again, to feel comfortable and to accept her new life Of course, a big part of Lily moving on was Ian McPherson, her artist neighbor The romance took awhile to materialize, which was understandable given that Lily just got out of a 10 year marriage and isn t officially divorced yet And Ian also wasn t quite over the death of his wife He s a successful painter who comes to Madrona Island to visit his grandfather Both of them were hesitant to start something but when they did, their love story was sweet and immensely satisfying to read There s also a bit of a mystery element to the book, which I feel wasn t really fully developed, which was okay for me since I was really interested in the people that surrounded Lily and Ian I was intrigued by Jude and Ryan I know there s a story there and I m looking forward to that I was also intrigued by Kyla and Lucas and even John McPherson s love affair with Lily s grandmother I thought that was really sweet Overall, The Guestbook was a well written and enjoying read I especially enjoyed Ms Hurst vivid description of Madrona Island and the island life in general I would definitely recommend this for readers who like their romance sweet and without the angst.

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    This would normally be a total fluff read with the typical scripted story frame of a harlequin romance, but it s biggest failing was the horrid inconsistencies and errors throughout the book I m not a critical reader by any means, but these inconsistencies were so glaringly obvious, I wonder if anyone ever edited this book at all and if they did they should be fired Things as glaringly obvious as on one page Lily is baking cinnamon scones that are browning nicely in the oven and less than a page later she is serving up coffee and cinnamon ROLLS to the visitor Another example is the couple is taking a walk on the beach, the sun is streaming trough the clouds, but a few paragraphs later they are soaked from the rain that was never mentioned Add to this that lilacs and daisies and honeysuckle don t bloom at the same time or that dormer windows are not found on main floors of houses, and you can see what I m talking about If the book had been so charming that I could overlook these flaws and errors I might have a different review, but sadly that wasn t the case I will not be reading the other books in this series as I simply don t care a hoot for the characters or their predicaments.

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    At best, this is a mediocre book Lily and Ian are both terrific people and a great match they find each other unexpectedly as she s still trying to get through a divorce and he s still recovering from his wife s death Probably my favorite character in the story though is Betty, how hilarious I still think the divorce money situation is suspicious and Brad hid money somewhere from Lily that she definitely should have been entitled tooor at least be able to sell some of her jewelry and designer clothes The one really frustrating part of the book was the poor time tracking one page it would be 4pm and the next page someone would be saying good morning even though it was very clearly still the same day This happened consistently and frequently enough throughout the book to make it pretty irritating.

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    really disappointed in this book I tried but it was hard to make it through

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    This book is very poorly written to the point where I can t figure out why it s getting so many good reviews The author constantly violates the rule of show, don t tell I m pretty sure the author doesn t have a good dictionary in her arsenal because she used the same set of adjectives to describe things Ian s body was always beautiful which tells me nothing about how he looks Jude was always wonderful The dialogue was unbelievable as well No one talks like that It was too formal and sounded very strange when I tried to hear the characters talk in my head Lily was an absolute doormat throughout this whole book and I couldn t get attached to her at all Her behavior was wishy washy all the time and when she contemplated going back to Brad, I wanted to throw the book across the room Except I didn t because it was on my Kindle The plot had so many holes in it and conflicts arose and then disappeared without a trace Lily s dad sends her threatening notes and then tries to sue her for the house Lily sort of reconciles with Brad and within three sentences, he s taken care of the lawsuit and her dad vanishes as mysteriously as he arrived There was so much potential a plot with substance if the author had included an abusive dad trying to take back the house and a bigger divorce battle between Lily and Brad Instead, I got lame wrap ups that were very unsatisfying Let s talk about the romance or lack thereof It was probably the blandest love story ever between Lily and Ian It was uninteresting and there was zero chemistry between two of the most boring characters ever I just couldn t imagine them together because the author didn t create any kind of emotional connection between them I couldn t figure this book out Was it a book about food and cooking There are so many descriptions of food and ingredients plus it includes recipes at the back of the book Is it a book about clothes The author feels the need to describe what every single character is wearing as if I really care The clothing descriptions added nothing to the story at all I m not sure what point of the book is but I do know that I won t be continuing with the series.

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    Great storyline, but the writing was terrible The author does an excellent job of describing scenery and what s going on, but the dialogue is badly written, very stilted I wouldn t mind finding out about the other character s stories in books 2 3 but I think I ll pass due to the writing in the first book.

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    Good read

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    Judging by some of the other reviews, this seems to be a love it or hate it book I really enjoyed it I honestly don t understand what some of the negative reviews were for The writing style was wonderful Beautifully descriptive painting a scenery I could easily imagine myself in, feeling and smelling as the characters were, and tasting This was a torturous book to read while pregnant My mouth has been watering for the Orange scones with icing, the chocolate cherry muffins, and all of the other recipes and goodies mentioned I feel like the people who negatively reviewed this book have little scope for the imagination I would hate to be as nitpicky as they are It seems as if they need everything fed to them and have no ability to carry on the story in their own minds I suggest for them a walk in some nice, breezy air to clear their stuffiness away I enjoyed the character of Kyla, particularly her interest in natural healing, herbs, and teas as that is a particular fondness of mine I am interested to read her story in the next installment of the series I also loved the neighbors I want to go visit the BB now The only reason I gave this 4 instead of 5 stars is because of the fact that right after Lily left her husband, she was already falling for another guy, and they wind up sleeping together without any commitment and with so many questions while she is still married That is a particular sore spot for me as I value marriage, no matter what a pig Brad was I would have liked this story had Lily waited until the divorce was final and her own feelings were finalized with Brad and even with Ian, before hopping into bed with him That is a weakness in society that I thoroughly can t stand Had that been removed, this book would have been added to my personal book shelf collection While love is part of the story, the most important aspect for me was the friendship that grew and people still doing kind and selfless things for one another That is such a rare thing to see these days, so it was refreshing to read about it, even if it was fiction I would have liked to have had resolution with the father situation, but other than that, I feel it was a well written story I am ready to go bake now as my mouth is still watering thinking about some of those goodies

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    My Love for the three mentioned authors in the synopsis only heightened my interest in this book But, once inside the pages, I was never pleased and engrossed with the story of Lily Parkins by author Andrea Hurst She won me over very quickly to say the least.Author Andrea Hurst is now on my list to continue to find and read as many as I can get my hands on, author read n review list Her way of telling the story of main character Lily Parkins and her grandmothers old farmhouse kept me enthralled within the pages of this wonderful novel Never a lull or over my head so to speak part with in the book I would love for my family to find such a book as Lily did To be able for my grandchildren to learn about themselves and their heritage in a guestbook would be an adventure I feel they would love As you all must know by now though is I try not to give any thing away with my reviews I mostly try to just keep it to where either I let you know how much I like the book or not Well make sure to put THE GUESTBOOK on your 2013 book list as a Must Read I recommend this to all my romance readers So due to the above, I am giving this book a Breath of Life ratings of Five Clock Rating Disclosure I did receive this book for my honest opinion and review But the opinions are my own and yours may differ.

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