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    I am conducting what I m shelving as a New Adult NA Experiment I m going to work my way through some of the popular New Adult books and see if I can weed out the crap and hopefully find some surprising gems Here s hoping Just a quick warning this book has a fair bit of sex in it and so I will be talking about sex in this review Maybe don t read this if sex talk makes you clutch your crucifix in horror or, you know, combust.I ve been reading quite a few indie novels lately some were good and some not so good But I ve remained safe from anything outrageously bad until now The Edge of Never is one of those books which has a crazily high average rating, it is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wallstreet Journal bestselling blockbuster and it managed to offend me at least once in every single chapter I found it to be a mere step away from Beautiful Disaster in the misogyny department and what it lacked in that area was made up for in the extremely bad writing Honestly, it was so bad it was kind of hilarious.I finally feel that I have read enough to safely make the claim that this new adult genre thing we ve got going on now basically, well, sucks It seems to be a combination of all the annoying, cliche elements of the young adult genre and a bunch of sex scenes and or coarse language In terms of the writing, this book is pretty awful The author seems to favour certain words for a short period of time to the extent that they appear in every other sentence and then switch to a new favourite and the pattern repeats Some writers have that annoying habit of telling rather than showing but Redmerski does something that I found much worse she shows, then tells She uses body language to express certain emotions but insults the reader s intelligence by adding the tells afterwards I opened the book again just now to find an example and came across one on the second page this is by no means the worst but hopefully it will help express what I mean Cam, she says, cocking her head to one side to appear thoughtful.But there s no need for me to get nitpicky about language This book provides much glaring problems.Like the fact that every girl young woman in this book is called a slut except the protagonist If you wanted to play a drinking game with this book, you would only need the word slut to get completely trashed Slut is even used twice in chapter one In fact, I wish I d counted how many chapters didn t use the word slut I can certainly guarantee it would be fewer than how many did Camryn MC talks about her ex as the jerk who cheated on me with some red haired slut and her best friend lol jk is constantly called slutty and is only there so Camryn can compare the two of them Natalie is promiscuous where Camryn is a good girl, Natalie wears revealing clothing where Camryn likes her pastel cardigans, Natalie thinks about sex where Camryn muses about life, the universe and everything.And what a lot of it comes down to I hated Camryn Absolutely hated her I put this quote in my status update but here it is again so we can all marvel at the stupidity Instead of sitting around dreaming up new sex positions, as Natalie often does about Damon, I dream about things that really matter What the air in other countries feels like on my skin, how the ocean smells, why the sound of rain makes me gasp.When I read that, I did some weird combination of eye rolling, cackling laughter and general despairing that so many people are happy to buy into Camryn s philosophical bullshit Camryn, you re not deep, you re a fucking moron A misogynistic, holier than thou moron.And then, of course, we have the real reason this book is a bestseller Andrew I get it, actually, I really do He s gorgeous, he s sexy, he likes to talk all naughty, he loves to go down on you and doesn t ask for anything in return, in fact, his mission in life is nothing or less than to make you come I know why you ladies all love this and at least he s not Travis screw loose Maddox But he comes with his own set of problems too and, even if he didn t, he still wouldn t be anywhere near hot enough to make up for the rest of this mess One thing that I suppose comes down to my personal taste in guys and how they speak to me is lines like this if you were to let me fuck you, you would have to let me own you I mean, is this hot to you For me, it s somewhere halfway between gross and hilarious But each to their own, I guess To be honest, a lot of the sex scenes that I assume are supposed to be knicker twistingly hot just made me laugh Camryn faces deep moral struggles with the P word, which she later hilariously overcomes view spoiler lick my pussy, Andrew goddammit, lick my fucking pussy hide spoiler

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    WOW What an unexpected journey and an amazing read After receiving about a million messages telling me that that I absolutely HAD to read this next, I started reading it late last night and ended up staying up reading ALL night and finishing it around 5am Kept me totally riveted This book is a beautiful story about friendship and love, of living in the moment, living life to the fullest, being true to yourself and not being afraid to reach for your dreams What compels any of us to do the things we do when deep down a part of us just wants to break free from it all Cam is tired of the monotony of her life She wants but just isn t sure exactly what is missing and is open to possibilities When her old life falls apart, she decides to get a change of pace and hops on a Greyhound bus with nothing but essential necessities ready to see where life will take her.This is where she meets Andrew He s so similar to her and yet so completely different Intriguing And they decide to join up and go on a road trip together But he s got a secret and as they bond over the course of their journey, and fall in love, it has the potential to either tear them apart or cement them together I think when you fall in love, like true love, its love for life All the rest is just experiences and delusions I know a some people have said that the beginning of this book was a little slow, and I ll admit that it wasn t a fast paced thrill ride or anything, but personally, I really liked that part Maybe it was because I knew something exciting was coming, but I liked how the story took its time to familiarize you with the characters It was a quiet build up and honestly, I enjoyed its pacing.The book wrapped me up in Cam s adventure I found her journey liberating even just as a reader.And when Andrew came onto the scene, I fell in love Guys, he has a crooked smile, dimples, tattoos and is pretty badass in a fight Oh, and he calls her babe Be still my heart 3I enjoyed watching Cam and Andrew slowly building their friendship, establishing trust, getting comfortable with each other and bonding despite being complete strangers The heart always wins out over the mind The heart, although reckless and suicidal and a masochist all on its own, always gets in the way The book is told in alternate POVs but it starts out primarily from Cam s POV And it isn t until 16% that we get Andrew s I really liked this because by that time, I felt very connected to Cam and was totally ready to get in Andrew s head And as the book went on, the POVs got progressively entwined and the switch happened progressively frequently mirroring their growing bond.I was originally planning on only reading half of it last night and saving the rest for the morning, but when I got to the 49% mark, HOLY HELL The book just took this AMAZING turn I mean, I was enjoying it before but then it was just WOW WOW WOWWWW It didn t matter that it was 2 30AM, suddenly I was WIDE awake and RIVETED to the page The questions came flooding in I started forming dozens of theories I needed to know To get answers To figure Andrew out I don t know how I got myself into this, but I do know that as much as my conscience is ripping into my fucking ears, telling me to leave her alone, I can t I don t want to.We ve already gone too far AndrewI was squirming, fanning myself, blushing, flipping pages like crazy There was this intensity to them It was quiet at first but it just didn t stop building.It was like this perfect puzzle with a key piece missing Something just wasn t quite right but you didn t know quite what it was.And the confession scene just phenomenally written I was right there in the moment with them Totally wrapped up in their story.I did have my suspicions about the big secret but when everything finally clued in for me at 90%, my heart just DROPPED.By 92%, all my suspicions had all been confirmed and I was FREAKING out The ending was just amazing, incredible, perfect WOW Totally beautiful I don t want to give it away, but just take heart, there IS an epilogue dwelling and planning is bullshit, he says You dwell on the past, you can t move forward Spend too much time planning for the future and you just push yourself backwards, or you say stagnant in the same place all your life His eyes lock on mine Live in the moment This book really drives home the message of how important it is to live in the moment, to follow your heart and not waste a precious second of your life I wanted to say thank you For what for making me feel alive Well, everybody needs help feeling alive again every once in a while No, she says seriously I didn t say again , Andrew for making me feel alive for the first time And can I just say that I absolutely LOVE the New Adult genre It truly rides the line between a bit of the YA emotional feelings and just enough Adult heat to keep things spicy.I totally loved this and would highly recommend adding it to your TBRs CASTING See above and below Except for the two images of Nicholas Lemons here as Andrew that are my own casting, the rest of the pictures were taken from the author s Pinterest Page for The Edge of Never For of my reviews, visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page

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    OH MY FREAKIN GOODNESS WOW WOW WOWENDLESS WOWS THIS IS, HANDS DOWN , ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I VE EVER READ Okay, here we goTHE EDGE OF NEVER How about THE EDGE OF GLORY because I m on that state when I finished reading this.Seriously, there are NO WORDS to describe how UH MAY ZING this book is.Unputdownable Fun Witty PoignantBEAUTIFUL.This is a story of friendshipThis is a story of LOVEThis is a story of serendipityand a story of moving on, letting go, and living lifeLiving life in the NOW.This is the story of Camryn and Andrew image error

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    5 Unforgettable stars Oct 2014 It s been almost a year since my last re read and about 2 years since my first read I m missing Andrew 3 Audio book re read Nov.2013 I just re read this book in preparation for the sequel, for the third time yep After reading hundreds of books since my first read through around a year ago, I have to say it is still one of my favorite books of all time Amazing Original Review with some added images 5 epic stars I do believe that this book is tied with TSOT for my favorite book I ve read this year I loved it that much The heart always wins over the mind The heart, although reckless and suicidal and a masochist all on it s own always gets its way.Rarely can a book make me grin like an idiot, swoon, laugh my ass off and go from sobbing to tears of joy in a matter of pages This book was a beautiful and emotional journey Not just for Cam and Andrew, but for the reader as well I am pretty sure any review I write will not give this book justice You just have to read it for your self But I ll try There was no logic or any sense of purpose except that I knew I had to so something other than what I was doing, or I might not make it through this.Camryn had a lot going on in her life Her high school boyfriend was killed in a car accident two years ago and she has never truly moved on Since then, her parents have divorced, her brother had been sent to prison, and she just got in a huge fight with her best friend Natalie She has to get away Go anywhere except where she is She goes to the counter of the bus station with just her minimal belongings and the clerk is eating a potato which makes her decide to go to Idaho The bus makes many stops along the way, one just happens to be Kansas where Andrew Parrish boards her bus Its a blatant fact Andrew Parrish and I were meant to meet on that bus in Kansas Coincidence is just a safe conformist for fate Andrew Parrish has a father who is dying of cancer in Wyoming He also has a lot going on in his life When he first sees Cam he feels something for her instantly She notices his piercing green eyes and sexy tattoo s love the story of his tattoo on his ribs and they develop a friendship Once in Wyoming, it s time to part ways But they don t Andrew is very protective of Cam and after an incident in the bus stop they decide to travel together to wherever they feel like going in his dad s chevelle They end up in New Orleans and stay for a while, then eventually to Texas.Some of my favorite scenes quotes TELL ME HOW YOU FEEL Be honest with me, with yourself I want you dammit The thought of you leaving and never seeing you again tears me up inside I can t fucking breathe without you SAY IT JUST SAY IT I want you to own me I belong to you Andrew Parrish I want you to own me And some funny ones There were too many of these to list So basically you won t be asking me to suck your dick for five hundred dollars or anything like that And in the pharmacy at a local Walmart Babe, did you find that yeast infection stuff I mean are you even sure thats whats causing the itch Yeah baby I found it What about you Did you see if they have any extra small sized condoms Camryn and Andrew s story is unforgettable There wasn t anything about this book I didn t love Camryn was super likable and Andrew was fantastic You really pulled for them and on top of the drama and laughter there were a few pretty hot scenes The last 10% or so was really intense Not gonna lie It had me ugly crying in the break room at work, yeah Andrew s letter be prepared to sob view spoiler One thing don t feel bad for not telling me that you loved me You didn t need to say it I knew all along that you did. hide spoiler

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    OMG, YAWN FEST Meet the heroine Camryn My hair is the kind of blonde some girls pay a salon a lot of money to have, and it stops just to the middle of my back I admit I was lucky in the perfect hair department Cam is the kind of perfect girl men start fights for and best friends get jealous of because their boyfriends have wanted her from 7th grade.I could NOT understand what guys saw in this waste of human cells I ll refrain from saying about her, because she s just not worth the effort.Then we have the hero Andrew whatshisface If you were to let me fuck you, you would have to let me own you And you loved her Camryn looks over at me, letting her head fall to the side I keep looking at the stars Yeah, I loved her, but it wasn t meant to be I m wondering why she wants to know this most girls I know snap into that jealousy fueled mood swing stuff that makes me want to cover my nuts when it comes to talking about exes Two years, I answer The break up was mutual we started checking out other people and I guess realized we didn t love each other as much as we thought we did Or, you just fell out of love No, we were never in love to begin with Were you or were you not in love with her GOD The writing Please, someone get this author a thesaurus Oh, come on she urges, practically begging Then an aggravated line deepens around her snarling nose and she thrusts my hand into hers and pulls me towards her Stop being a baby If anybody knocks you over, I ll personally kick their ass, alright Damon is grinning at me from the side Fine I say and head out with them, Natalie practically pulling my fingers out of the sockets.He practically died when I said that I d listen to Pink over The Rolling Stones, any day I mean, I literally think I wounded him He put his big hand over his heart and threw back his head in devastation and everything It was very dramatic And funny I tried not to laugh, but it was hard not to when his hardened, over exaggerated face was practically smiling, too This book was ridiculously boring There are like 5 pages about how they were playing pool and another 4 pages about them discussing the differences between shower gel and liquid soap 1 star goes to remove all books by this author from to read list

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    What lies beyond the EDGE OF NEVER FOREVER Readers,this is NOT just a book..This is a JOURNEY.The journey of Cam.The journey of Andrew.It s their journey to find themselves.So tell me Readers,have you ever felt the thrill of the journey which is known asCamryn is a 20 year old girl living in North Carolina.She used to be fun and outgoing.She used to run naked into a freezing lake every winter.But then she started losing everything.She started losing everyone she loves.She lost the love of her life,her boyfriend Ian who was her partner in crime to a car accident.Then she lost her big brother when he got arrested for killing a man during drunk driving accident.Then her parents got divorced because her father was cheating on her mother.So all she is left with now isPAIN Depression is pain in its purest form and I would do anything to be able to feel an emotin again.Any emotion at all.Pain hurts,but pain that s so powerful that you can t feel anything any,that s when you start to feel like you re going crazy Yes,she has been silently going crazy.She is losing herself.She has to find herselfWould it be crazy Would it be wild Would it be insane Let s find out The Beginning Cam sets out with a backpack in a bus to Idaho.Nothing analysed,nothing pre planned,nothing pre meditated.She just goes.Sitting in the bus,occupying two of the back seats,she first meets him.Andrew.Andrew sees this beautiful girl sitting in the back seat.The first interaction he has with her is when she asks him turn down the music blasting from his earbuds.And thus their journey begins You have to live in the now, he says and I am quietly stunned The dwelling and planning is bullshit.You dwell on the past,you can t move forward.Live in the moment So,after a lot of bump and grinds in their beginning,Andrew decides to accompany Cam in her quest to find herself.He decides to teach her to live in the moment.But then will he too find himself The Middle They start their road trip.No maps,no planned destinations,just where the road takes them.The only thing planned is the end,Texas.They start with their bags,a guitar and a black vintage car.And together they learn to LAUGH,LIVE and LOVE He shows her the beauty of falling rain.She shows him the beauty of lying under a starry night.He makes them sing togetherShe shows him that sometimes it s not bad giving in to your grief and letting the tears flow.And together they find themselves The Ending They have finished their journey to Texas.But now,the greater journey lies in front of them.The journey of a life together.But can they Or will fate once again slap them in their faces Readers,this is where I stop.Because it s time for you to start Please enjoy the trip Ta Ta

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    Ummmm, holy crap this book sounds so damn AMAZING I want it now And look at that cover Damn gorgeous Eeeep Best Fucking Book Ever Full review to come Okay, before I get into this review because I am still a bit mind and emotional fucked right now, I have to say.when I first saw the blurb and the cover for this book, I knewI KNEW I would love this book The cover spoke to me and I was instantly drawn to want to read this book I thought it wasn t coming out til next year but oh my fucking god, when I found out it was out, I was ALL OVER this babylike a baby on it s mommy s nipple I was like GIVE ME THIS NOW So I bought it, of course I was finishing another book at the time so that I could give this book ALL of my attention When my gals recommend a book and hound and hound and hound and demand and demand some hint hint Sylvia I KNOW it s a must read book The cover, being such a cover whore that I am I was instantly in love with this book I mean, look at it GorgeousbeautifulPERFECT Then to add the blurboh yes, gimme gimme gimme gimme Put a perfect cover with a perfect blurb together and what do you get A FUCKING MASTERPIECE Yep, that s what I got I was never disappointed OH MY GOD Okay, okay I know, I am babbling too muchlike a psycho and y all are thinking shut the fuck up and get on with the review dumbass and so I will before my resolve slips and I break down and fall apart all over again.So we have Camryn Bennett I wonder if she s related to Josh Bennett haha , a 20 year old who is fed up with her monotonous regular going nowhere life where she works at a department store Her boyfriend Ian died from a tragice car accident while they were in high school, her parents divorced, her brother Cole went to prison for killing a man during a drunk accident, and her best friend since second grade accuses her of being a lying bitch in which I wanted to slap across the facehard So basically her life is shit She decides it s time to quit living for everyone elseand start living for herself And so she does She sets out to leave North Carolina on a road trip to Idaho because they are known for their potatoes, which was freakin hilarious how that happened and now when I buy Idaho potatoes, I ll forever think of Cam When she gets on a bus and starts her new found self discoveryeverything changes Andrew Parrish is 25 and on a road trip from Texas to see his dying father in Wyoming He is reluctant to go because he knows that saying goodbye would make this real and it hurts him in the worst way So, reluctantly he heads out on a bus to face realityand pain.Little do they know, Camryn and Andrew meet on the same busfor the same reasons not sure what they want from life but knowing they want something than what they re getting now And so their journey together begins when they meet on the infamous bus and the infamous road trip to Never Finally, an under populated bus I might actually get some deep sleep on It s all I really want to do The longer I stay awake, the I think about all of the things I don t want to think about I don t know what I m doing, or where I m going, but I do know that I want to do whatever it is and get there soon I doze off after staring out the window next to me for an hour.Muffled headphone music blaring right behind me wakes me up sometime after dark.At first, I just sit here, hoping maybe he ll notice the top of my now fully awake head bobbing over the seat and decide to turn the music down.But he doesn t.I lean up, reaching back to rub a crooked muscle in my neck from sleeping on my arm and then I turn around to look at him Is he asleep How can anyone actually sleep with music blasting in their ears like that The bus is pitch dark except for a couple of dim lights shining down onto books and magazines from above the passenger s seats and the little green and blue lights at the front of the bus in the driver s dashboard The guy sitting behind me is covered by darkness but I can see one side of his face lit up by the moonlight.I contemplate it for a second and then push myself up with my knees on the seat and I lean over the back of it, reaching out and tapping him on the leg.He doesn t move I tap him harder He stirs and slowly opens his eyes, looking at me with my stomach hanging over the top of the seat.He reaches up and pulls the earbuds from his ears, letting the music funnel from the tiny speakers Mind turning it down a little You could hear that he says.I raise a brow and say, Uhhh, yeah, it s pretty loud He shrugs and thumbs the MP3 player for the volume button and the music fades Thanks I say and slide back down in my seat.Okay, that was long and for some reason I was compelled to type all of that But that was Cam and Andrew s first encounter And I think it was absolutely amazing and meaningful Haha, yeah I m nuts But seriously this book had me up and down and on turns after turns and turns with them that I was not sure where up or down was any I was not sure where I was any I absolutely LOVED EVERY MINUTE of this fabulous joyride I for one love roadtrips This book made me want to get in my car, drive to a bus station and ride until I was beyond lost I can t describe my feelings for this book I just, I am so lost right now This book made me FEEL every emotion good or bad that the characters felt and then some Right now, I am bawling again, just thinking about this experience I shared with my friends I loved it Camryn She was fantastic The kind of girl that everyone would want to be friends with She s smart, witty, funny, sarcastic which probably goes with witty , sweet, caring and just plain amazing I loved her character especially when she starts to come into her own and become herself around Andrew I love her sassy side and the side that she initally shows us eventhough she is trusting, she puts up a barrier to protect herself, which I can completely understand her reasoning Then once she realizes Andrew s intentions, she puts them down and lets him in I loved her romantic side too Once she feels comfortable, she really laid it on thick.my God, she shocked me but in the best way I was happy to share this journey with her She s very likeable and relatable Ahhhhh, she s just..amazing Andrew Oh my sweet sweet sexy Andrew Parrish I can t even think of the right words to describe him He is just the most amazing guy I ve ever gotten to know He reminds me of my Joshy Bennett and that s why I ve taken to him so fast and hard Seriously, his sweet and caring side was truly incredible I loved his fierce protectiveness of Cam Though some may refer to it as a crazy jealous side, but I see why and once the readers read into it , the they ll understand as well There is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING..I didn t like about him He s so irresistable from the start from his sarcastic dirty mouth which I happen to love by the way to his sweet soulful understanding side I loved every minute I spent with him and like Cam, it was hard NOT to fall head over heels in love with this boy He rocked my world.in EVERY way, and yes.the naughty way too I loved how we got both POV s Honestly, we NEEDED both pov s to relate better to both characters Jessica did a remarkable job of developing the story from the beginning to the very last page I noticed alot of people felt the story was dragging in the beginning I didn t feel that way one bit I loved every second of every page of every minute I spent with these two I love road trips so I never got boredbut always wondering where their next stop would be or where they were headed next Once they got off the bus and both went on the road trip to Never together by car, I was so giddy with excitement I felt like I was in the back seat and experiencing this whole trip with them It was AMAZING Just to get on the open road and go.who the fuck does that Boy this book sure made me want to do it now Damn, why didn t I think of that when I had the chance LOLThe relationship First, I was glad it wasn t insta loveor at least in the sense of Oh you re hot, I love you let s get married and have babies and run away together It was never like that I felt this friendship turned romance really developed slowly and just right I was glad Cam had kept her wall up for awhile.long enough to make us squirm and say Okay, now let s move on, we know you love each other QUIT STALLING.YOU VE WAITED LONG ENOUGH because at least it wasn t a quick one two three thing It would have lost the appeal then and wouldn t have been as exciting or intense As it was, I started to get frustrated with both of them for ignoring their attraction But once things started to take a turn.OH MY GOD I was so excited and giddy and squealing like a teenager Perfect OK, defenses are back up Bring it on.I snarl over at him, crossing my arms First off, I don t listen to Justin Beiber And second, Gaga isn t so bad Playing the shock value card a little too long, I admit but I like some of her stuff That s shit music and you know it he replies and shakes his head Classic rock is where it s at, he says matter of factly and then gazes out ahead Zeppelin, the Stones, Journey, Foreigner He lets his head fall to the side to look over at me again Any of that ringing any bells Ahhhhh, a man after my own heart He likes the shit I love Yes, Journey, Foreigner and the Stonessome of my faves I m an 80 s music freak I love you Andrew What s your name he asks, setting his drink on the grass.I wonder if I should give him my real name Cam I say, settling on the short version Short for what I didn t expect that I hesitate, my eyes trailing, Camryn I admit I figure with all the lies I m going to have to keep track of, I might as well be truthful about my first name at least It s one less significant piece of information I don t have to remember to keep under wraps I m Andrew Andrew Parrish So how old are you Twenty five, he says What about you Twenty Well, it s good to meet you twenty year old Cam short for Camryn heading to Idaho to see her sister who just had a baby Sigh I love you Andrew, God damn he is perfect And he s from TEXAS.which is where I live Ahhhh, I want to go stalk him Wait, what He s not real HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT hands cover mouth in bafflement Andrew moments She wasn t shy to tell me to turn my music down, with a snippy ass attitude at that She got pissed when i accused her of havinf Beiber Fever it pisses me off that I even know what the fuck that means I blame that on society and I get the feeling that she would have no problem kicking me in the nuts if I touched her in an inappropriate way Not that I would Hell no But it s good to know that she s the type.Hell yeah, I like this girl If you were going to let me fuck you, you would have to let me own you A woman who knows what she wants sexually and isn t afraid to express it is so fucking hot, Camryn Tell Me What You Want Or, I won t give it to you OH DEAR GOD fans self I absolutely fucking melt when she looks up at me like that How would I ever say no to her Whether is was about sleeping next to a pile of cow shit or under a bridge overpass next to a homeless drunk I would sleep anywhere with her I kissed you because I wanted to, I say I want to do everything with you, Camryn Trust me In just a few days I ve managed positions with you than there are in the Kama Sutra I ve wanted to I notice I m white knuckling the steering wheel Don t lie to me, baby, did you get hurt anywhere I swear to fucking God if you did I m going after them Just pretend you re my girlfriend, at least that way no one will fuck with you, or they re less likely to try, anyway Okay, I could go on and on And likely the best quotes from Andrew are toward the end but I my nook is dying and going through it right now is not a good idea I should have highlighted them Moral of this review is..READ THIS BOOK Seriously It will make you laugh, cry, swoon, gasp, FEEL and most of all..LOVE This is one story that will stay with me forever and beyond I love Cam and Andrew and never will forget their beautiful magical story for as long as I live The end Oh my God, the ending will have you hyperventilating and grabbing your stomach from the painful bomb that drops from under you UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE ARE YOU TO STOP READINGKEEEP READING I PROMISE IT WILL BE WORTH THE PAIN AND DEVASTATION AND ANGER AND ANGUISH Please..PLEASE KEEP READING UNTIL THE LAST PAGE.There aren t enough stars in this world to give this book.I would give it infinite and beyond amount of stars BRILLIANT FABULOUS PERFECT UNFORGETTABLE MUST READ Now I need a print copy for my bookshelf GREAT JOB JESSICA GREAT FUCKING JOB

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    I won t have a one night stand with you, but I will make you come, if you let me 2.5 stars HOLD UP A SEC I THOUGHT THIS WAS ABOUT A ROAD TRIP in my best small child voice Let s gather round the sharing circle, everyone It s time to talk about The Edge of Never Ms Stacia Well, class Who s read the assignment Several students raise their hands.Ms Stacia And who enjoyed the book Several students raise their hands.Ms Stacia And who did not enjoy the book A few shy students raise their hands the sound of shoes clicking resonates through the room as Ms Stacia walks over to one of the students in the back Ms Stacia You, there Yes, you The one with the colorful avatar Why did you like about The Edge of Never Just as one student begins to answer, everyone else jumps in and begins to exclaim their feelings of enthusiasm over the book.For those of you who haven t read Edge of Never, let me think about what I could say to help you decide whether or not you want to read this book There were Girl smirks A long road trip, both on a bus and in a car Incessant gesturing Some awkward sentence structures Dual PoV s which are often hard to distinguish as individual A respectable slow build relationship which switches into unexpectedly hot territory without warning A genuinely moving look at personal loss and the comfort that people can find in one another Some downright sexy and eye raising cunninninnninningulus FFS, I can t spell that word, but I did laugh at Urban Dictionary s definition An ending which did make me sniffle a little.I didn t hate this book like I thought I might Honestly I did not love it, but I liked it okay This might not be the first time where I ve mentioned that a story has split personalities, but this might be the most accurate description for The Edge of Never.The first half is a slow build Did this slow build serve a purpose I will hesitantly say yes Most relationships aren t as believable if you don t give characters time to bond Unfortunately, bonding while discussing today s pop vs yesterday s classic rock isn t really a big grabber, story wise I also hated the pre bus part of the story The friend was an idiot who only served as a vehicle to get Camryn the heck outta dodge I think the friend story line is going to turn some people off from continuing on with the book, and they might end up missing out on something that they would enjoy because of it.The second half is one part WOO HOO SEXY TIME, one part HOLY CRAP, THAT CAN T BE GOOD, one part HERE S WHERE WE COMPROMISE AND FIGURE OUT WHAT TO DO, and one part HERE COMES THE ANXIETY I admit to being a little confused over the entire own me, I like it rough conversations I m all for people admitting their desires and fetishes, but there was no real completion to this angle We saw genuine desperation that bordered on obsession which didn t bother me for once because I felt the pain and desire in what was implied , but other than talking about needing to be owned, we never saw this couple explore that part of their inner workings to the degree which I was expecting after the conversation came up I went from thinking that this book would be a sweet romance to thinking that it was getting downright kinky after a scene which came out of NOWHERE By the time we got to the end of the book, I was half hoping that Cam and Andrew were going to break out into hardcore BDSM territory Okay, so it wasn t actually going to go there, but what was UP with some of those teasing conversations This book had a better second half If you struggled like me with the first half, I d say to keep going, because we get to something eventually The ending could have gone either way and I would have been fine, but given Cam s earlier experiences, the ending that was chosen seemed fitting I thought the view spoiler baby thing hide spoiler

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    5 ASTOUNDING STARSGOOD GRACIOUS This book has rendered me completely and utterly amazed I m speechless I have NO WORDS Not one Seriously I want to review it so bad The problem I m having is, I m so emotional I can t come up with anything eloquent and thought provoking to say That happens to me every once in awhile Usually it s when a book has come out of left field and bowled me over This book did that and It s the kind of book that I search for The kind that I crave The kind of book that brings out emotions in me that I love to and need to feel I m an angsty book fiend I get complete joy out of reading books that move my heart and soul It ROCKED MY WORLD Honestly this is one of the best books I ve read this yearhands down It started out slow but ended with a HUGE, MASSIVE bang Every freaking second was electrifying If I had to sum this book up I think it would be THIS image error

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    Okayso let s see if I can form coherent thoughts I was not instantly swept away by The Edge of Never In fact, I kept thinking, Where is this amazing book everyone keeps raving about Maybe everyone s on drugs and I didn t getting any Maybe I bought the wrong book Maybe I m just a cold hearted bitch that s too tough of a critic I was bored and totally disconnected from the story I was just trying to get through it, struggling to get through it I had my two stars all polished up and ready to go WHERE THE HELL IS ALL THE AWESOME About halfway through 48% to be exact , the book jumped up and yelled, Here I am , doing such a 180 that it made my head spin Did he really saydid he justdid she..whathuhwhat the hell Am I reading the same book This is where I started to feel like a thirteen year old girl in sex ed who can t bring herself to say the word S E X I giggled, I blushed, I slapped my hand over my mouth so hard I got whip lash What they did What they said This is when my highlighter came out and I started typing like a maniac Everything from this point on shocked the hell out of me It was the shock factor that finally won me over It came out of nowhere in every sense of the word.I spent the whole second half waiting for the bottom to drop out I finished the last page not being able to think about anything, but Andrew and Camryn I tried to watch TVAndrew and Camryn I tried to read another bookAndrew and Camryn I finally had to go to sleep thinking about nothing, but Andrew and Camryn This book baffled me I absolutely did not like the first half, but somehow, someway I was infected and the story completely got under my skin taking on a new direction that shocked me into submission The beginningthe end They were two halves of a completely different coin I definitely feel like I had to pay a price to get to the end However, at the end of the dayI d pay that price again READ ON

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