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A Bear Called Paddington txt A Bear Called Paddington, text ebook A Bear Called Paddington, adobe reader A Bear Called Paddington, chapter 2 A Bear Called Paddington, A Bear Called Paddington c4049a An Alternate Cover Edition Of This ISBN Can Be Found HereMr And Mrs Brown First Met Paddington, A Most Endearing Bear From Darkest Peru On A Railway Platform In London A Sign Hanging Around His Neck Said, Please Look After This Bear Thank You So That Is Just What They DidFrom The Very First Night When He Attempted His First Bath And Ended Up Nearly Flooding The House, Paddington Was Seldom Far From Imminent Disaster Jonathan And Judy Were Delighted With This Havoc And Even Mr And Mrs Brown Had To Admit That Life Seemed To Be Filled With Adventure When There Was A Bear In The House

About the Author: Michael Bond

Michael Bond, CBE was an English children s author He was the creator of Paddington Bear and wrote about the adventures of a guinea pig named Olga da Polga, as well as the animated BBC TV series The Herbs Bond also wrote culinary mystery stories for adults featuring Monsieur Pamplemousse and his faithful bloodhound, Pommes Frites.

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    So Yeah I read this to my kiddo on the assumption it would be nice and wholesome and, above all, CUTE.I suppose it fits the bill In a way In an old generation way In one of those generations that are sleeping the nice comfy warm dreams of the ever cozy and drowsy lives that can accept only a tiny little smidge of fantasy in their staid, solid, middle class English suburbia.I had to stop the book about ten times with my daughter because either she or I fell asleep on it It may be very cute in its way and it may be a real hit for some people, but lordy, to my girl and me this was BORING.Doing my part to ruin yall s nostalgia 0Peace out

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    The entire plot of every Paddington story is he loses a sandwich.

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    When the first trailer for that awful looking Paddington movie appeared, my kids asked about Paddington and I described him in glorious detail and then I realized something I knew that Paddington was a book, I had always known this But I had never read it My experience with Paddington as a child was limited to the wonderful cartoon, which used to play on the early Disney Channel If you re not familiar with the Paddington cartoon, you really must find it the people are hand drawn, with minimal colors, while Paddington stands out as an actual stuffed bear It looks exactly like the original illustrations But of course I promised my kids I would get the first book and read it to them, and so I have What a delight, too Each chapter is really a short story about one of Paddington s adventures They re all just the right length of time for an evening s reading session, with a few pen and ink drawings So charming The stories are all quite timeless, so there s no need to explain anything and the kids don t think it s old fashioned It s a bear at the seaside A bear shopping for a new coat It could take place anytime, any country, really We are excited to get the next book This edition includes a postscript by Michael Bond about how he came up with the idea, and his enjoyment over how Paddington has come to life over the years.

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    The classic children s book about a silly little bear from Peru that is picked up at Paddington Station by a British family.Paddington isn t his actual name but nobody can pronounce his Peruvian one correctly, or so he says Therefore, his new family is naming him, resulting in the quirky name so many generations of children have come to know and love.After his aunt is in a home for elderly bears, he is sent on his journey to England because his aunt expects him to have a better life there And boy, does he ever The little adorable clutz gets to write letters with real ink, eat as much marmelade as his stomach can take and meets all sorts of people He even wins a painting competition The story has clearly been written for smaller children but is enchanting for old er readers just as much There is something chuckle worthy about all the things that just happen to Paddington and how he completely up ends the lives of the Brown family.It s a heartwarming succession of mishaps by an adorable culprit who also happens to be an immigrant so the issue isn t exactly new and a family growing together even stronger than before You know, jut from the initials, this could be MY suitcase lol No, I hadn t read any of the Paddington stories before so it was about time and after I heard that none other than Stephen Fry was narrating this fantastic new audio version, I was convinced that this was the perfect start to a new reading year.

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    This summer, I am attempting to balance my reading with some lighter fare This is the perfect antidote to the intensity of the winter s books Fun, frolicking, fantasy What a wonderful bear

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    Wow And I mean WOW This is a children s book, so I wouldn t recommend it to anyone now, but it is a good book I can t say I would recommend it to anyone now, but for children it is a fun, exciting read I was in love with Paddington I wished my parents would find a bear like that at the train station Mr Brown coughed loudly It doesn t seem a very exciting story, he said, impatiently He reached across and poked Paddington with his pipe Well I never, he said, I do believe he s fallen asleep That is one of the many reasons why I loved this book as much as 8 year old me could love something.

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    Dear Mr Paddington,I am writing this to you And I hope that you will read it so you know I guess I m just another fan of yours, but I thought I d write and tell you so.You made me love you I didn t want to do it No I didn t want to do it You made me love you, and all the time you knew it I m fairly sure you knew it You made me happy, sometimes you made me glad But there were times, sir, you made me feel so mad.I think you re grand, that s true Yes I do Indeed I do You know you made me love you Aw gee, Paddington, I don t want to bother you If you don t want to read this, you don t have to But gosh, you love marmalade I love marmalade, too I ve never worn it like you, but one day I will try And remember when you ruined Mr Brown s painting because you were on a quest to discover an old master That was fun And the way you carry your suitcase with you everywhere you go Sure Those are your memories of Aunt living in a home for retired bears Lucy Paddingtonif for any reasonwell, if for any reason the Browns decide you can t continue to live with them, you can come here We can eat marmalade together and wear old hats and drink hot cocoa with sticky buns Just let me know You re my favourite Bear From Darkest Peru.I don t care what happens, let the whole world stop As far as I m concerned, you ll always be the top You know you made me love you Book Season Year Round with apologies to Judy Garland Clark Gable

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    This is a story for a child, not for the adult reading to a child It comes nowhere near A.A Milne s Winnie the Pooh stories Isn t it best when both the child and adult get a kick out of the shared reading experience The writing is ordinary, as is the content of the stories What is drawn is a child s world A day at the beach, a birthday party, doing magic tricks For a child, there may very well be delight in the ordinary An inordinate number of calamities arise, all due to unintentional mistakes Isn t this too typical of the life of a child The mistakes are smiled at and forgiven The tone is kept light and cute and sweet For a young child, the book may be fun, reading about a world they recognize Paddington is a small bear, just as they are He may be from the Darkest Peru, but he sees the world as they do.After an excursion to London, a child may enjoy the book Remembering mammoth escalators and elevators and the flea market on Portobello Road The excitement and bustle of the place.I am trying very hard to figure out what is good about the book.Yet I am an adult I find it childish and boring I see no flair, no imagination and little creativity.As I see it, the charm of Paddington is in the visual, in seeing him on the screen His movements His demeanor Not the ordinary things he says and does.I listened to the audiobook read by Stephen Fry Set in London, I thought it being read by one with a British accent would be appropriate, and it was He speaks clearly A child will have no trouble understanding, but yet again, the reading was all very ordinary I like a little spark to a story There is none of that here.

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    This was a very good children s book I remember it from my childhood It is a very cute little story.Enjoy and Be Blessed.Steven

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