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    I just love these books, I truly get lost in them These characters are really great, with a whole cast of colorful witches, fey, humans, bridge troll, vampires and so on The story is fun, nicely paced with mysteries and exploration Ivy is really evolving, so happy about her and Ceff her boyfriend Her fairy powers are developing nicely, giving her strength, making her faster, she can see in the dark yes I d say Princess Ivy is developing her powers well I wonder how much and what kind of powers she ll end up with Her and Jinx are still bff s and their detective business is booming Both of them have taken self defense classes from another friend Jenna and are now taking weapons training With all the trouble they get in they need it and then all the different types of creatures they deal with Ivy is working on some personal business on her free time It s tough going but she s strong, determined with the need to find things out She is also remembering her childhood and her father, which is great I love Ivy she s so sweet, yet snarky and puts her foot in her mouth all the time, accidentally insulting people Jinx tells her it s her gift lol She also has no problem threatening anyone Well there s a lot a float in the Ivy Granger series I really loved this and the other Ivy Granger books I would recommend them highly.

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    Ghost Light has plenty of interesting characters such as fae, kelpie, trolls, brownies, pixies, witches, zombies, ghouls, vampires, and Someone is kidnapping far children and our gal Ivy is trying to track down the criminal or criminals The narration is very good

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    Don t you love it when you find a main character in a book that literally makes the whole series for you I found that In Ivy Granger, psychic detective and fairy princess She is smart, brave, and strong willed, with a side of snark a mile long I guess when you live in a city that is a natural habitat for the supernatural, you have to be all those things Turns out that Harborsmouth sits where several ley lines intersect Ley lines evidently attract the supernatural, so that explains why the city is crawling with fairies of all kinds, not to mention the vampires, and other various species of the paranormal sort It s become Ivy s job to help the supernatural of the city with some of their problems Usually Ivy touches an object and then has a vision to tell her what the client wants to know This is the story of what happen when thirty three fairy children are stolen from their beds one night.Ivy s new found status as a wisp princess really comes into play in this book As the daughter of Will o the Wisp, king of the wisps, Ivy has standing in the supernatural community than ever before But first she has to go through with getting an introduction as a fairy princess to said community by way of the night club, Club Nexus Club Nexus was one of the funnest part of the books The author s descriptions of what goes on the club, the politics, the different areas of the club that belongs to each fae group, all made Ivy, her boyfriend Ceff, King of the Kelpies and her human roommate Jinx s visit interesting to say the least Ivy goes there to try and find out why wisps lights have been seen near each of the kidnapping scenes Since she knows very little of her heritage due to a missing father she needs help Ivy has a new alliance in Torn, head of the cat sidhe s With his help, she hopes to find out where the children have been taken.Ceff s sea dragon, also known as a lamia, ex wife shows up in this book as well She really is a nightmare of a villain In addition, all the characters from previous books are back Kaye, the elderly, but strong witch, Hob, the kitchen brownie, and Marvin, the teenage troll, rounded out the characters nicely.I thoroughly enjoyed this author s vision of fairies, as I have in each book Her descriptions are nothing short of amazing, and Ms Steven s imagination is off the charts at times Now that Ivy is a respected member of the fairies, and have been added to the story To keep them all straight, the author has included a glossary at the front of the book.Romance This book does have that As someone that can t touch another person without reliving their memories, she hasn t been able to touch Ceff that much, because of all of Ceff s very dark, and even horrific at times, memories However, things are heating up in that story line, and I was a big cheerleader to that cause I was very happy where the author took this part of the book.This book has lots of violence, a good amount of action, and as mentioned before, a fantastic romance, one that I adored There really is a lot to love about this book, and I did love it I would recommend it to adult UF, or fantasy readers RabidReads.com I received a copy from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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    I received this book for free from the AUTHOR in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Genre Urban Fantasy Rating 3.5 My Thoughts Ghost Light is the second installment in the Ivy Granger series by E.J Stevens, who graciously offered me this book in lieu of an honest review Easy Peasy Private Investigator, Psychic, half fae Ivy Granger is back four months after the end of Shadow Sight Her life is a bit interesting these days After helping save Harborsmouth and the king of the Kelpies from nasty evil creatures, Ivy and Jinx s business is booming Ivy even has a new boyfriend in the Kelpie King Ceffyl Dwr aka Ceff What could possibly derail their happiness Full Review Posting Shortly to Gizmos Reviews Link to come Published July 9th 2013 by Sacred Oaks Press

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    I just ate a cannabis edible and my fingers feel too fat to type on this tiny keyboard and the insides of my ears feel really hot so I m obviously in no shape to formulate any sort of rational review for this book.I m glad they got to fuck, tho.

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    With Ghost Light, Stevens doesn t really offer anything new, but she does develop the themes and characters of the first book We get to see of her world, and of the magical creatures that inhabit it, which is probably my favorite aspect of the series There s a real depth to the mythology here, with faeries, vampires, and mermaids falling into their own roles in society It s not just a bunch of monsters dropped into the real world, but a subtly different world where race extends beyond just skin color.Ivy is better developed here as well, coming across as a significant participant in the world around her, rather than just an outsider I felt her struggles to understand and come to grips with her powers were better defined her, giving her a much needed strength that seemed to be somewhat lacking in the first volume The characters around her come to life a bit this time around as well, particularly Jinx, who breaks out of the generic someone to confide in role Torn is a fantastic new character, and once it became clear he wasn t being introduced solely to fill the hunky bad boy role, I really took to him.The storyline this time around is a bit of your standard urban fantasy tale, but it still has enough touches of originality to keep it fresh and intriguing Stevens vampires are subtly different from what we ve become used to, and she does a great job of handing the touchy subject of putting children as risk, which is something of a relief for me, since stories of the fae almost demand a child stealing element There s a much better balance of emotions here as well, creating of a connection with the reader, and moving beyond mere intellectual interest Originally reviewed at Beauty in Ruins

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    This review was originally posted at Twilight Sleep a book blog of news, reviews, and giveaways It s always so hard to write my reviews for this series because the books are just SO GOOD WHY MUST YOU MAKE IT SO HARD, E.J She s probably cackling away in her writing lair right now, soaking in my tears But no matter I ll find a way plays Eye of the Tiger She better hope she had a leprechaun somewhere in her family tree, because that bitch was going to pay Ivy Granger is back and better than ever in the second full length installment of this amazing urban fantasy series by E.J Stevens Ghost Light picks up shortly after the holiday novella, Blood and Mistletoe, with Ivy doing her best to protect the innocents of Harborsmouth from all the things that go bump in the night while trying to have a life that s as normal as possible when you can see things no one else can, have to constantly be aware of what you touch and what or who touches you lest you have a vision of something that will haunt you for the rest of your life, are dating a mythological sea creature oh, and suddenly discover that you are the princess of an entire race of fae Needless to say, Ivy s gloved hands are a little full.So when she starts seeing glimpses of her boyfriend Ceffyl s ex wife in the streets of Harborsmouth, it s not a far leap that she wonders if maybe she s losing it But she has little time to ponder if she s truly seeing Melusine or why the lamia would be in Harborsmouth, because someone or something is causing fae children to disappear from their beds and who s the first person the fae call, in utter distress, to help them solve this mystery Ivy Granger Psychic Detective.This book was amazing There was so much going on but not once did I feel like the story was cluttered or hard to follow I did feel a little sorry for Ivy, though The poor girl was run a bit ragged between her last adventure, dealing with some daddy issues that have come up, and trying to have a relationship with the man she loves when she can t touch him There were seriously times when I could have cried for her But, being the loveable badass she is, she pulls through in style and comes out better on the other side.We get so much backstory in this book, and I loved it Ivy is doing some physical training with Jenna who is probably my favorite character after Ivy and Marvin to get her body up to par with her mind this was so important for the development of the story and Stevens was genius for thinking of it, although I would have loved to have Jenna involved in the story rather than just a mention but, I ve been assured that my wish is coming true and Jenna will have her own spinoff so WE RE GOOD We also get to know Jinx, Ivy s best friend and business partner, a lot better Whereas before she s just kind of been the person behind the desk of Private Eye Investigations, or the person behind the kitchen counter when Ivy needs to talk but doesn t know what to say, in this book she takes a active role actually accompanying Ivy on missions and getting down and dirty with the fae world in Harborsmouth She proves she s a badass in her own right which we ve always kind of known but never really got to see.One of the new characters we re introduced to is Torn, king of the cat sidhe His Cheshire cat likeness DON T JUDGE ME was such a cool aspect of his character and though I had some misgivings at first, I ended up absolutely loving him His banter with Ivy was such a nice segue from the serious tones of the book and I actually found myself thinkingwellTHATMAYBEIVYDEVLOPINGROMANTICFEELINGSFORHIMWOULDBEANICETWIST.Sadly, I don t think it s gonna happenbut a girl can dream.Speaking of dreams, there s quite a few of them coming true in this book Marvin is another character we don t see very much of although than Jenna but it s partially because he has moved out of Kaye s shop and under a bridge of his own This is HUGE, as it signifies that he s recovered from the trauma he suffered in book one enough to feel comfortable branching back out into the UNsafety of the world of Harborsmouth I was right there with Ivy, close to tears, feeling like my little baby had grown up way too fast But at the same time I was so happy for him because it really is a good thing He s resilient and loveable and smarter than most would give him credit for, as becomes very clear during the crux of the story.Ivy also finds out that maybe things haven t been what they seemed when it comes to her dad, King of the Will o the Wisps I can t wait to find out about how this part of her story unfolds.The other dream Well that hunk of a kelpie, Ceff, is one all on his own, but the way his and Ivy s relationship develops will leave you sighing, giggling, and maybe even blushing as you read I ll just say that Ivy and Ceff both get something they ve waited a long time forand I don t mean sex, although you ll just have to read for yourself to find out if there s that too Stevens continues to impress me with her ability to make each book better than the last With Ghost Light, she takes new risks and they pay off in a big way It s an exceptional story and I loved every second of it Now I need to go harass her about how long I ll have to wait for book three because after that endingI NEEDS IT.You can follow the links to see my reviews for book one, Shadow Sight , and the holiday novella, Blood and Mistletoe Be sure to check back here the week of July 9th because I will be participating in the Ghost Light blog tour AND THERE WILL BE PRIZES Join us on Twitter that Tuesday as well for lots of release day fun using the hashtag GhostLightParty Note I was provided a free eARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    re read 30th May, 2015 Originally read 13th September, 2013 This book was painful to re read and I give it 1 star of utter frustrated disappointment This installment suffers from all the problems the first one did as well as a plethora of new ones that seem to mainly boil down to exceedingly sloppy storytelling.My first issue with this novel is that the plot, if you could give it such a grand name, made absolutely no sense Not even in a well, it was so full of non stop action that it seemed logical at the time way, because it wasn t view spoiler Ceff s psycho possibly ex wife she s referred to as wife and ex wife and they only seem to be separated because she took off after committing infantcide so it s really unclear just wants Ceff to love her Just her Unconditionally So she enlists the help of a Pied Piper rip off with a demonic flute, kidnaps a bunch of fae kids, then plans to sacrifice them to hell Quite how this is supposed to make Ceff fall in love with her instead of painfully bringing up memories of her killing their own children is never explained Nor is it really explained why she decided to go full on crazy right now when she d ditched Ceff years decades Centuries ago Has she been stalking Ceff secretly all that time, just waiting for him to find someone else If so Ceff really needs better security hide spoiler

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    Book Info Genre Urban FantasyReading Level AdultRecommended for fans of UF, fans of the series, people interested in realistic versions of the SidheTrigger Warnings kidnapping of children, threatening to murder children, the murder of children in the past , violence, fighting, killingPlease note This is a huge blog tour and giveaway associated with the release of this book starting on July 9, 2013, in conjunction with which I will be hosting a giveaway on my blog Be sure to watch for it My Thoughts I ve really been enjoying reading this terrific urban fantasy series as E.J Stevens releases them, and honored that she values my input enough to allow me early access One of the coolest things about this series is how much research into the various types of sidhe that Stevens has done to maintain a certain level of authenticity in regards to The Good Folk.The cat sidhe are so awesome Of course, as a person who loves cats it makes sense I would be particularly taken with the cat folk I actually think lamias are pretty cool, too it s too bad Melusine is completely off her rocker Ivy learns about her past, her heritage, and her family in this book, and we see further growth in her relationship with Ceff, the kelpie king I really did enjoy this book It deals with than just the children being kidnapped the book continues well after that problem is solved, and provides of an insight into how Ivy lives, and her friendship with Jinx, as well as Kaye I really enjoyed this book I ve really enjoyed this whole series and can recommend the book, and series, to anyone who enjoys urban fantasy, and books that treat the Sidhe in a realistic manner Check it out Series Information Ivy Granger, Psychic Detective seriesBook 1 Shadow Sight, read and reviewed July 2012, review linked here where formatting allowed.Book 1.5 Blood and Mistletoe, read and reviewed October 2012, review linked here where formatting allowed.Book 2 Ghost LightBook 2.5 Club Nexus, scheduled to be released later in 2013Book 3 Burning Bright, scheduled for release in 2013Disclosure I received an e book ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.Synopsis Ivy Granger, psychic detective, thought she d seen it alluntil now.With a vengeful lamia that only she can see on the city streets, reports of specters walking Harborsmouth cemeteries, and an angry mob of faerie clients at her office door, it s bound to be a long night Add in an offense against the faerie courts and a few foolish bargains and one thing is clear Ivy Granger is in some seriously deep trouble.Ivy Granger is back, gathering clues in the darkest shadows of downtown Harborsmouth With the lives of multiple clients on the line, she s in a race against time Ivy finally has a lead to the whereabouts of the one person who can help her control her wisp abilities, but will she put the needs of her clients above her own If Ivy doesn t find a solution soon, she could wind up a ghost herself.

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    Warning There will be Book 1 and Book 1.5 spoilers What do the names ghost light, friar s lantern, corpse candle, aleya, hobby lantern, chir batti, faerie fire, min min light, luz mala, spook light, ignus fatuus, orbs, boitat , and hinkypunk have in common They are all names for wisps Stevens, E.J., 2013, pg 8 in pdf version.Ivy has recently discovered that she s half fae and half human Her fae side comes from her father Will o the Wisp, who is the Wisp King Yes, that makes her the Wisp Princess After defending her town from the each uisage in Book 1, and stopping a crazy fae elder, Leanans dhe, in Book 1.5, you would think discovering that she s the Wisp Princess would be easy to handle Guess again That s a whole lot of realization to absorb, which also brings forth emotions that she s attempted to suppress as a child her father abandoned her and her mother and, now that she knows who she is and who he is, Ivy s left to figure out her magical issues pretty much on her own.To top it all off, her Kelpie King boyfriend, Ceff s, ex wife, Melusine, is back and extremely mad Although, she s the one who had their eldest son framed and murdered, and dropped their youngest son in a fire, allowing him to burn to death, before escaping into the sea If anyone has the right to be mad, it certainly isn t Melusine Her jealousy of the love and affection Ceff gave toward their children caused her to do very hellish things that destroyed her family the family that she no longer has but, being that she s back, must want back Ceff anyway.Curiously, the night that Ivy sees Melusine in town, her detective agency, Private Eye, is bombarded by grief stricken fae who s children have gone missing within the evening, and all at the same time And then the possibility of ghosts and the connection between them and the missing children gives this story even layers and depth.The Ivy Granger series just keeps getting better with every book The plot lines for each book are different, yet pull from each type of paranormal group at some point or another whether it be tips from demons, help from sidhe cats, crazy ex wives, trolls, vamps, etc Each has a part to play and the author does an excellent job bringing it all together And I haven t mentioned this in the other reviews but, yeah, there s a unicorn Ivy just keeps on amazing her readers She s an introvert, mostly due to her ability to receive visions just by touching objects, yet when the town needs her the most their children are missing Ivy pulls up her big girl panties, removes the gloves and begins the tough job of handling whatever item the child s parent brought to her Ivy is such a strong heroine Her support team Jinx, Ceff, Kaye, Hob,etc., is phenomenal Plus she has a Hunter ally named Jenna that will come to assist in a heartbeat Very enjoyable series that is easy to read, understand, and follow The good guys and gals are likable and you definitely find yourself rooting for them The baddies are also well written and sometimes give the reader the shivers which means the author did her job Review Copy Courtesy Of E.J Stevens at no cost, in exchange for an honest review.

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Ghost Light summary pdf Ghost Light, summary chapter 2 Ghost Light, sparknotes Ghost Light, Ghost Light 2c9ae6e Ivy Granger, Psychic Detective, Thought She D Seen It Alluntil NowWith A Vengeful Lamia That Only She Can See On The City Streets, Reports Of Specters Walking Harborsmouth Cemeteries, And An Angry Mob Of Faerie Clients At Her Office Door, It S Bound To Be A Long Night Add In An Offense Against The Faerie Courts And A Few Foolish Bargains And One Thing Is Clear Ivy Granger Is In Some Seriously Deep TroubleIvy Granger Is Back, Gathering Clues In The Darkest Shadows Of Downtown Harborsmouth With The Lives Of Multiple Clients On The Line, She S In A Race Against Time Ivy Finally Has A Lead To The Whereabouts Of The One Person Who Can Help Her Control Her Wisp Abilities, But Will She Put The Needs Of Her Clients Above Her Own If Ivy Doesn T Find A Solution Soon, She Could Wind Up A Ghost Herself GHOST LIGHT Is The Second Novel In The Bestselling Ivy Granger Urban Fantasy Series By EJ Stevens

  • Paperback
  • 248 pages
  • Ghost Light
  • E.J. Stevens
  • English
  • 03 March 2018
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