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    Find all of my reviews at being trolled three times yesterday for not only reading things wrong, but also for wasting my Goodreads space and apparently everyone s time creating picturebooks full of stupid and uninformative reviews that apparently belong on a place I ve never heard of before called Buzzfeed which I will make sure I remain in the dark about in order to take that as an eternal compliment please consider this a fair warning THIS REVIEW IS GOING TO BE STUPID AND COMPLETELY UNINFORMATIVE AND THE ONLY PLACE IT S WORTHY OF BEING PUBLISHED IS TUMBLR This sucker has nearly 50,000 ratings and sits at 4.19 so obviously it s considered to be pretty good On the other hand, it s also a real puppy squisher at 800 pages and the first of a set of three just as puppy squishy books in a series so I could give zero poops if you ever read it or not Instead I m going to tell you about why I read it or re read it, as the case is here If your brain made you do a rewind in order for you to sing that line, you might be old enough to understand how North and South was a real game changer for me You might also be pretty awesome Back in the dark ages before DVR and Netflix, families would all gather around their giant 19 television sets in order to watch what was known as a miniseries Part television program part movie these programs were shown in two hour blocks over the course of how ever many days it took for them to play out On Tuesday, December 3, 1985 the first episode of North and South aired and I begged for a reprieve from my bedtime in order to watch every moment due to the fact that I was certain I had discovered my future husband In the show he suffered a leg injury in the war, in the book he lost an arm Spoiled actors, unwilling to truly sacrifice their body for their art Being that I was a Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur s Court already being raised in a factory town, I had no desire to experience the life of the iron mill Instead I set my sights on figuring out a way to become a proper Southern lady and live on a plantation one day Please note owning slaves and growing things were not of concern to my tiny little perverted mind I just wanted to live in a big house and get to kiss Patrick Swayze whenever I felt like it I also wanted to marry Orry but actually be Constance because Well, just look at her She was so beautiful She was also Irish Catholic and I was Catholic and attended a church with an Irish accented priest so I figured I could catch on real quick Plus, her boobs looked real good in those dresses and at nine years old big boobs were something I really dreamed of being able to achieve one day totally nailed that one too so yay me With the help of either my mother or my aunt being part of a 1980s wedding Picture borrowed from the interwebs, but we re talking the EXACT same theme here I was able to dig out a beauty like this from the recesses of the closet Which I proceeded to wear every time I went to my grandparents house and flitted about saying things like I do declare couldn t quite get that Irish brogue so I turned Scarlett to the point where I was kindly told to shut the hell up I also learned how to slut shame my first fictional character, but seriously She was a total slut and deserved it.Long story long, I became O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D So much so that when I discovered this monstrosity on my Grandpa s bookshelf I decided to read it The family probably should have recognized there was something not quite right about me when I chose an 800 page tome rather than Sweet Valley High but whatevs Obviously it s been just a couple of years since I read this, but Good Golly Miss Molly it was even better than I remembered For some reason I was thinking the timeframe was compact which would have made for some real snoozer bits and due to my senility I was pleasantly surprised that this volume contained what I believed were books 1 and 2 upon starting As I said before, I can t promise you ll love this or even find it worth your time For me, though, this is one of the great American novels and it has something for everyone Romance, war, family, friendship, it s all there Sadly enough, even though North and South is set pre Civil War, there are lessons that still ring true even today These foul times We might have prevented all this if we d responded with the best that s in us Instead, we seem to have responded with the worst I wonder if we re capable of anything else Finally, THIS is my final book in the library s Winter Reading Challenge proving to the porny librarian that this girl does not live on smut alone NOW GIVE ME MY COFFEE MUG

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    Odli na knjiga o ameri kom gra anskom ratu Popularnosti knjige kod nas doprinela je i dobra serija snimljena po ovom romanu Se ate se S Patrikom Svejzijem

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    Someone at work was about to take the North South Trilogy to the library, but offered them to me instead I took these three massive tomes, which I remembered dimly from the 1980s along with the TV miniseries adaptation with muted thanks No, I ll never turn down a book, but I expected some poorly written, overblown mess something like what you d get if VC Andrews decided to write a historical trilogy I put it off for nearly a year, and then finally cracked open North and South, fully prepared to be underwhelmed.Wow I m now on the second volume, and would like to belatedly join the John Jakes Fan Club Wow again I ve lived in the South since 1986, despite growing up as a full blooded Yankee, ancestry going back to pre Revolution days And I read Gone With the Wind, so of course I kind of thought I knew about the Civil War Wrong It seems I m only now starting to understand this not so distant history of my country I strongly recommend this series of books to anyone who feels they need to do some catching up John Jakes has painstakingly researched the subject and managed to personalize it through his characters His writing is clear, very readable, detailed without being dense, and entertaining enough to keep you turning the pages I also need to add that it s currently spring of 2012, and the political turmoil that fills the headlines today shows VERY LITTLE change from what Jakes depicts during the mid 1800s It s sobering and than a little scary.Not having finished all three books yet, I can t do proper justice to the series with a review at this point, but if there is to be any criticism, it would be a tendency to draw the villains a bit too floridly Bent the Butcher and Ashton the scheming nympho have raised my skeptical eyebrows numerous times so far but they are, nonetheless, characters you love to hate Knowing full well that it s only a story, I still want to find out just how much havoc they have up their sleeves I m about 2 3 of the way through Love and War, the second book, and will probably not pause before picking up the final installment, Heaven and Hell. I may even get into The Kent Family Chronicles, John Jakes s earlier historical series But regardless, this author has enriched my reading and learning life with North and South, and I d strongly encourage any historically impaired readers to seek out these books post haste.

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    Too much of a soap opera read for me I was under the impression that this was a pretty decent story that was tightly connected with the events of the Civil War as the backdrop What I realized pretty quickly was that the story is the main focus and the Civil War part is just there for convenience That s fine if the story is a compelling one or an interesting one Unfortunately, I was disinterested in the fates of the Hazards and Mains fairly quickly and then I was left with nothing to hang my hat on Needless to say, it wasn t what I was looking for and I will not be picking up books two and three.

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    As good now as it was when I last re read it about 20 years ago The characters are vivid, the action broad, and the emotions reflective of the thorny period of history in which the story is set There are good people and bad and some really bad , scenes that are both funny and tragic, and it s all a marvelous soap opera Americanus No wonder they made a mini series of it.Since I ve seen the tv version too many times to count, reading this was like watching it all over again but it was very entertaining to see where the screenwriters deviated There were many little tweaks and a few huge changes It was so hard to think of Bent as a Northerner as I read Damn you, Philip Casnoff and your insidious accent, too Overall, though, the book is far richer and satisfying.I rarely re read anything, but this is on my keeper shelf and will stay there for all time It s a very riveting saga that is written in a two fisted popular style The hunks of red meat just fly off the page and slap you in the face I adore the evil nymphomaniac Ashton and her thirst for revenge and power, suffer right along with Orry and Madeline s long and tortured path to happiness and the sequel really is a heartbreaker no HEA for those two , and am torn about Virgilia s militant abolitionism How ironic that she goes insanely Old Testament on the butts of those who use the same Bible to justify slavery The intersecting paths of the Mains and Hazards with their sociopathic nemesis Elkanah Bent is the stuff of melodrama and I love the unapologetic grandiosity of it all.I haven t read much of John Jakes outside this trilogy I couldn t make it through California Gold zzzzzzz. but I still rank him as one of my favorite authors simply for this sprawling, awesome epic of the Mains and Hazards.

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    Description Part history, part novel, this book chronicles two great American dynasties over three generations Though brought together in a friendship that neither jealousy nor violence could shatter, the Hazards and the Mains are torn apart by the storm of events that has divided the nation. The mini series.01 North and South summer 1842 summer 1844 02 North and South autumn 1844 spring 1848 03 North and South spring 1848 summer 1854 04 North and South summer 1854 autumn 1856 05 North and South spring 1857 November 1860 06 North and South November 6, 1860 April 1861

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    John Jakes chooses to base the first book in the trilogy during some of the most trying years of US history, the lead up to the Civil War Jakes tells the story of two families, the Hazards and Mains, as they progress through these trying times, beginning in the early 1840s Meeting at West Point, George Hazard of Pennsylvania and Orry Main of South Carolina soon become best friends They forge a friendship that is severely tested at numerous points, as the United States begins to tear apart over the issue of slavery and their respective families take up the cause for their region Viewing the issue from completely different points of view, the Hazards and Mains find themselves at odds with one another, though members of their respective families see beyond the geographic and political differences to let love and friendship bind them together Letting the story grown from George and Orry s experiences to those of their respective families, Jakes thickens both the plot and the character development in this powerful story, addressing many issues of the day in a forthright and clear manner A powerful opening to the trilogy, which will surely offer many adventures and political intrigue at a time when the United States was at its most vulnerable.Jakes does not only write to entertain, but surely to teach as well, a point to which he eludes in the Afterward Forging a trilogy with such a strong political backdrop creates a setting and plot with much fodder and a great deal from which to draw These were the most powerful and yet the weakest years of the United States as it sought to reflect upon its political strife to come out stronger While not addressed by Jakes again save for a sentence in the Afterward , the reader may see this novel as an eye opening experience in the struggle between whites and blacks not properly remedied until a century later Addressing issues around women s rights, the divisive nature geography played in politics and commerce, as well as the abolitionist movement and inter racial ties, Jakes offers a political commentary on all these issues in a powerfully crafted fictional tale With raw emotion, Jakes captures the era and the nuances of daily life, making the story one of than simply war and its devastation.Kudos, Mr Jakes for this sensational opening to the series I cannot wait to dig into the second novel, hoping it is as exciting as the first.

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    3.5 Patrick Swayze P , , , , .

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    A very popular book but by reading it, having enough patience to get almost to the middle, I understand that it s just a mediocre literary soap opera, not for my tastes.

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    Every time I go to Boothbay Harbor in Maine I hit the porch of the building next to the library They have hundreds of books there, and the recommended donation is ten cents per book At that price, I can buy all sorts of stuff that I d never buy otherwise One of the books I picked up last time was John Jakes North and South After I finished it, I found out that it was the first of a trilogy So I picked up the rest of the books at the library yay library All together they came to over 2,200 pages.John Jakes has written science fiction as well as quite of few of those massive tree killing multi volume sagas telling the story of a family from the day it evolved from slime mold to the day its eldest son becomes King of the Universe sorry, I just channeled a bit of National Lampoon s Newspaper Parody He s not a bad SF writer, although most of his genre fiction came earlier in his career I imagine that when he found out how much dough he could rake in with those historical megabooks, he found it difficult to write good old low paying SF But he wasn t a bad writer.The North and South series wasn t bad It killed a week or two of spare time But I do have a couple of reactions 1 I am an abused reader I m not kidding The novels are set before, during, and after the Civil War There s some pretty rough stuff in them When I reached the first scene of semi torture, I found myself tightening up Feeling almost panickedalmost disgusted Why Because I d recently been exposed to the torture porn book Chung Kuo by the despicable David Wingrove I feel as if Wingrove tried to rape me, mentally, and now there s part of me that fears that each new book, each new author, will do the same.John Jakes is an older school author, of course, so he didn t get too graphic And what torture there was, was less horrible because unlike the obviously mentally ill David Wingrove, Jakes didn t glory in the torture I swear, Wingrove probably manually gratified himself over some of the filth that he wrote.Good heavens I didn t realize I d be getting so extreme in this review I honestly do feel as if I ve been abusedI m enraged at the mere memory of Chung Kuo.At one point, the worst bad guy in North and South a psycho kills the wife of one of the protagonists He cut her throat with a razor and uses her blood to write his name on her mirror, so her husband will know who did it My reaction to reading that Thank god he didn t rape or torture her That s what Chung Kuo did to me made me grateful when a sympathetic character is only MURDERED 2 John Jakes didn t play fair with the reader In the first book, he introduces a sympathetic character, Cooper Main he s the older brother of one of the main protagonists He s a southerner, but an extremely progressive and enlightened one He opposes slavery, arguing bitterly with his father over the issue His story is told in the second person, but we get into his head enough to see that he is honestly sickened by slavery, and is highly intelligent and forward looking When the war starts he is saddened, but surprised by a feeling of love for his home state He takes a role in the Confederacy s navel research department, but it is soon clear that he doesn t believe that victory is possible, and that the war is a tragic mistake Eventually he marries, and has two children Then his son is exploded and drowned while they are attempting to run a Yankee blockage.The character goes insane He becomes hateful, obsessed with vengeance, spending day and night trying to build new weapons to kill Yankees He verbally and emotionally abuses his wife and daughter, and strikes his wife This is all the difficult to read because the story of how he met and courted his wife was quite a romantic story.This behavioral change is consistent with PTSD, of course It seems a bit extreme, even so, but I ll allow for a bit of artistic license But Jakes didn t leave it there The character got worse and worse, until I had to wonder why the hell his wife didn t leave him Jakes was bending the plot so far that it was in danger of breaking And then the character himself had a total breakdown, went insane, and suddenly came back to his senses He was his old self, but changed he now believed that peace was all important, and declared that he was leaving the war department and returning to his ancestral estate to help sow the seeds of peace and reconciliation It s clear that equality for the soon to be former slaves is part of what he planned.But between the end of the second novel and the beginning of the third, the character apparently underwent a complete rewrite No longer devoted to peace, he became a ranting, close minded bigot and ally of the Ku Klux Klan a pure villain There was no explanation, no evolution of the character, just a sudden, massive change which Jakes pretended wasn t much of a change at all.It was like BOOM I had a bad bowel movement Now I m an evil Southerner again Totally ridiculous and unfair to the reader I can only guess that Jakes felt he was running low on antagonists, so he had to quickly convert a sympathetic character into an antagonist.That was annoying AND clumsy, Mr Jakes Did you think the readers wouldn t notice I can t really recommend the series If I ever read it again, it could only be out of desperation Say, if almost every other book I own somehow disappearedand the TV was brokenand the internet was downand the library was closed.Come to think of it, my computer would have to be broken as well And my family would have had to lose the ability to speak or play boardgames And the phone would need to be down as well.It wasn t an awful series, but it wasn t very good John Jakes can and has done much better.

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