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How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia summary How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia, series How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia, book How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia, pdf How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia, How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia ca6fbce63b From The Internationally Bestselling Author Of The Reluctant Fundamentalist, The Boldly Imagined Tale Of A Poor Boy S Quest For Wealth And Love His First Two Novels Established Mohsin Hamid As A Radically Inventive Storyteller With His Finger On The World S Pulse How To Get Filthy Rich In Rising Asia Meets That Reputation, And Exceeds It The Astonishing And Riveting Tale Of A Man S Journey From Impoverished Rural Boy To Corporate Tycoon, It Steals Its Shape From The Business Self Help Books Devoured By Ambitious Youths All Over Rising Asia It Follows Its Nameless Hero To The Sprawling Metropolis Where He Begins To Amass An Empire Built On That Most Fluid, And Increasingly Scarce, Of Goods Water Yet His Heart Remains Set On Something Else, On The Pretty Girl Whose Star Rises Along With His, Their Paths Crossing And Recrossing, A Lifelong Affair Sparked And Snuffed And Sparked Again By The Forces That Careen Their Fates Along How To Get Filthy Rich In Rising Asia Is A Striking Slice Of Contemporary Life At A Time Of Crushing Upheaval Romantic Without Being Sentimental, Political Without Being Didactic, And Spiritual Without Being Religious, It Brings An Unflinching Gaze To The Violence And Hopes It Depicts And It Creates Two Unforgettable Characters Who Find Moments Of Transcendent Intimacy In The Midst Of Shattering Change

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    As soon as I started this book, I knew I was going to hate it The second person was constantly grating, the self help introductions to each chapter flippant and vaguely insulting What shoddy gimmicks Not to mention, I d seen this story before Kid grows up in a poor village, pulls himself out of the gutter, falls in love, ends up with all the trophies That s a staple storyline I d read ten times since last Tuesday But, alas I was trapped on an airplane, the book was short, and I couldn t seem to sleep.Luckily, the story moved fast and the spare prose was admirably consistent and readable The bizarre second person became comfortable, the self help paragraphs still kitschy but less jarring I just couldn t escape the feeling that it was going nowhere If nothing else, I told myself, I had one book against the reading challenge The tears caught me by surprise It s hard to start crying on an airplane, with so many people so close People invading personal bubbles playing Monster Truck Rally on their tablets coughing, sneezing, snoring Yet, here I was, probably the only one on the plane to fit in the category sobbing What had just happened By the last page, there s no question Hamid is a master, and manipulated the novel s structure to leave you utterly vulnerable, disarmed The gimmicks I had dismissed were my own undoing, and the variety of emotions that poured down during the final chapters brought out memories and feelings I was unprepared to handle, especially at 30,000 feet If the plane had landed at the same time I closed the book, I might have jumped to the front of the line to buy a ticket home that very evening, taking the red eye back for one hug from those close to me.This short novel packed the biggest emotional punch of anything I ve read this year I was shocked by how decisively my expectations were demolished, how effortlessly it captivated, enlightened, and loved There is a great deal to unpack here you ll re examine your job, your family security environment government it s a cacophony of little punches If you ve ever made a hard choice about your future if you ve ever worked too hard, loved too long, or missed too much this book will mean something to you.

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    when you read a book, what you see are black squiggles on pulped wood or, increasingly, dark pixels on a pale screen To transform these icons into characters and events, you must imagine And when you imagine, you create It s in being read that a book becomes a book One feels a part of this story, the way Mohsin Hamid tells it There is an immediacy and directness to his second person narrative that entirely works in involving the reader This book began to get widespread attention before it was even published, but not one of the reviews and interviews gave me a sense of the exhilaration I felt while reading For one thing, I had the sense that the author threw out than he put in it is not a big book in terms of words But the author s daring use of language, structure, second person narrative, character and plot involved the reader to a great extent, and we are complicit in outcomes We recognize and validate the characters.Spare and propulsive, this is the story of a young man growing up in a large South Asian city Your city is enormous, home to people than half the countries in the world, to whom every few weeks is added a population equivalent to that of a small, sandy beached tropical island republic A limited access road is under construction around the place, forming a belt past which its urban belly is already beginning to bulge Your bus barrels along in the shadow of these monuments, dusty new arteries feeding this city, which despite its immensity is only one among many such organs quivering in the torso of rising Asia The young man of the story has the wild uninhibited entrepreneurial energy that is forced upon bright young things struggling to find a way to live in a place of too many with too little Innovate, or die You have used the contacts with retailers you forged during your years as a non expired labeled expired goods salesman to enter the bottled water trade Your city s neglected pipes are cracking, the contents of underground water mains and sewers mingling, with the result that taps in locales rich and poor alike disgorge liquids that, while for the most part clear and often odorless, reliably contain trace levels of feces and microorganisms capable of causing diarrhea, hepatitis, dysentery, and typhoid Those less well off among the citizenry harden their immune systems by drinking freely, sometimes suffering losses in the process, especially of their young and their frail Those well off have switched to bottled water, which you and your two employees are eager to provide We watch as our entrepreneur grows his business, losing members of his family along the way, all the while we are keenly aware of the language that carries a lilt even in its exquisite fluency emotionally you stagger about this new reality like a sailor returned to land after decades at sea Moments of business success are punctuated with reminders of its mixed blessings As you drive off under a beautiful, orange, polluted sky, riding high in your SUV above lesser hatchbacks and motorcycles, you start to hum Below your feet is the ever dropping aquifer, punctured by thousands upon thousands of greedily sipping machine powered steel straws This book thrilled and energized me, and gives me infinite hope for the future while at the same time giving pause Meeting with a keen young repairman arrived to fix your telephone connection, or speaking with a knowledgeable young woman behind the counter of a pharmacy, you are pricked by a lingering optimism, and you marvel at the resilience and potential of those around you, particularly of the youth in this city, in this, the era of cities, bound by its airport and fiber optic cables to every great metropolis, collectively forming, even if tenuously, a change scented urban archipelago spanning not just rising Asia but the entire planet But what you also sense, what is unmistakable, is a rising tide of frustration and anger and violence, born partly of the greater familiarity the poor today have with the rich, their faces pressed to that clear window on wealth afforded by ubiquitous television, and partly the change in mentality that results from the outward shift in the supply curve for firearms I really loved this book I loved its humanity and I loved its involving me in the human drama unfolding, for I am involved, I am responsible, this is my world, too, and Hamid makes me feel these are people just like me who live elsewhere in different conditions I thank the author for bringing this home with such sophistication and style As you create this story and I create this story, I would like to ask you how things were I would like to ask you about the person who held your hand when dust entered your eye or ran with you from the rain I would like to tarry here awhile with you, or if tarrying is impossible, to transcend my here, with your permission, in your creation, so tantalizing to me, and so unknown That I can do this doesn t stop me from imagining it And how strange that when I imagine, I feel The capacity for empathy is a funny thing A word must really be said about the hardcover production of this book by Riverhead Publishing, a division of Penguin it is a very beautiful book I wonder if, in this age of digital publishing, publishers are taking time to create exquisite paper objects or if I am just noticing now after a few years of wrangling with digital readers But I submit that some books are gorgeous than others, and this particular hardcover has clear type with plenty of white space marching over creamy pages It is a Rolls Royce reading experience Thanks to Riverhead for showing me that there really is a difference in print copies.

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    You are considering buying a work by Mohsin Hamid Something about the length and odd construction of the title puts you off And then there on the cover is that goldfish what is up with the goldfish So you are no doubt thinking to yourself, should I buy this novel, How To Get Filthy Rich In Asia Is it a novel for you Such decisions can be difficult On the plus side, the work isn t very long and the page on does just ooze positive reviews And on the negative side Well the idea of a novel written as a self help book seems off putting I know And likely not being in Rising Asia, how concerned are you really about how to get Filthy Rich should you find yourself there So let me put your mind at ease Yes, Hamid writes from a perspective best described as unusual He constructed his brilliant second novel, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, as one side of a conversation in a cafe between a Fundamentalist Muslim who has in the West found material success and the darker side of the American Dream and a stranger who may or may not be a CIA agent Oh, and the narrator may or may not be violent and interested in doing that stranger continually and disturbingly referred to as you as if the reader real harm Sound interesting You ll just have to trust me, it was an extraordinary read.As for How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia, the novel s construction may seem odder still Written in the second person and constructed as a mock self help book, the narrative follows an unnamed boy in an unnamed country as he pursues wealth in his unnamed city Despite the failure to name the location, you may well conclude pretty quickly that it is somewhere on the subcontinent While letting this structure carry you away may take a dozen pages or so, you can take my word that soon enough you will find yourself carried away by Hamid s smooth prose, his disarming sense of humor, and his preternatural ability to individualize characters who he rather brutally fails even to name.Oh, and did I mention to you the other excellent components of the narrative Family strife Violence A romance A look at the dark underbelly of corruption in much of the world Bottled water So why should you buy How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia Because it is sure to be one of the year s finest novels and you don t want to find yourself at a party forced to lie when all your friends are discussing its excellence.Yes, it is that good So why don t you add it to your cart already

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    How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia is the best book I ve read this year because it made me think and then it made me cry For a book with such a coarsely straightforward title, it s remarkably beautiful a love story in a book whose third chapter title instructs Don t Fall in Love about the power of connections between people That sounds rather trite, non Yet this book made it seem like the most novel idea in the world Mohsin Hamid chooses to write his simple story under the guise of a self help book We readers are addressed as you but you is also the main character, an Asian male we follow from birth to death as he becomes filthy rich It s an inventive method of narration that will likely fail for many people, but I found it inspired in the way it both separates and unites the reader and protagonist As both the protagonist and an outsider, we can observe the protagonist s failures with the detachment of someone who knows better, all the while suffering, and occasionally rejoicing, alongside him We are complicit in his choices and thus, after reading, we feel compelled to evaluate our own choices In tone, it reminded me of Kazuo Ishiguro s masterpiece The Remains of the Day Both novels feature men who devote their lives to an occupation and realize, too late, the unworthiness of their chosen lives Hamid s writing is less formal though no less moving It s clever Is getting filthy rich still your goal above all goals, your be all and end all, the mist shrouded high altitude spawning pond to your inner salmon And beautiful He whispers a benediction and breathes it into the air, spreading his hopes for you with a contraction of the lungs. He uses lots of appositives to pack complex asides into otherwise short and simple sentences It s masterful, simply some of the best writing I ve ever read Hamid also has the most fascinating things to say about the relationship between a writer and a reader and the importance of writing and reading to our lives Do you read this and nod so deeply your skull grazes the nape of your neck When you read a book, what you see are black squiggles on pulped wood or, increasingly, dark pixels on a pale screen To transform these icons into characters and events, you must imagine And when you imagine, you create It s in being read that a book becomes a book, and in each of a million different readings a book becomes one of a million different books, just as an egg becomes one of potentially a million different people when it s approached by a hard swimming and frisky school of sperm. I do He just gets it He profoundly understands the importance of stories to our every day lives We are all refugees from our childhoods And so we turn, among other things, to stories To write a story, to read a story, is to be a refugee from the state of refugees Writers and readers seek a solution to the problem that time passes, that those who have gone are gone and those who will go, which is to say every one of us, will go For there was a moment when anything was possible And there will be a moment when nothing is possible But in between we can create. He accomplishes so much in so few pages, poking the most thoughtful parts of my brain and pushing me to change the way I approach life Before reading How To Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia I would see all the people around me and feel crushed that their stories will never be told, that upon death their stories will dissipate into the air like the morning dew rising from their graves Mohsin Hamid reminded me that everyone has a story that should be remembered He made me want to travel the world with a butterfly net collecting stories so that peoples lives peoples immense and tragic and brilliant lives do not die with them He made me realize that empathy is not only the fruitful consequence of good literature but also the motor of the human spirit.

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    How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia has a lot going on There are two books in this novel one that is eminently successful and one that is not.The narrative frame here is that of a self help book on getting filthy rich in rising asia The entire novel is told in the second person with a narrator telling the you, or the novel s protagonist how to achieve such wealth The problem is that the first 300 words or so of each chapter are completely different in tone from the rest of each chapter There are desperately atonal moments like in sentences like, Its typical mode of transmission is fecal oral Yum The Yum has literally driven me to distraction for about twenty hours It doesn t work and it absolutely weakens the prose around it Throughout the book there are these missteps that really pull the reader away from otherwise excellent writing The self help, vaguely satirical prose at the beginning of each chapter is too forced and it just doesn t work I really want to ask Hamid why this frame Because it s too heavy handed What he s trying to convey through these sections is deftly conveyed through the rest of each chapter This novel would be 5 stars if that strained narrative frame disappeared.The thing about great books though is that they allow for flaws, so while this problematic narrative frame is significant, the merits of the book absolutely compensate for the weaknesses The novel is sweeping, telling a man s entire life from poverty in his rural village to the sprawling city slums to achieving staggering wealth This is a novel about where you come from and how your roots never really leave you and how life is, very often, a very cyclical thing The sense of place throughout How to Get Filthy is richly drawn with the smells and sights and the din of an overcrowded rising Asia city This is also a book that tackles the socioeconomic complexities of Rising Asia with it s growing upper and middle classes and the consequences of that mobility How to Get Filthy Rich is also a love story and an intriguing one between this good, hardworking man who gives his heart to the first girl he loves and the ambitious pretty girl who doesn t want to be held back by her heart There are absolutely gorgeous, evocative moments and such uniquely plaintive longing.This is a slim but ambitious novel and when that ambition is met, this novel soars.

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    Rating 3.5 of fiveThe Publisher Says His first two novels established Mohsin Hamid as a radically inventive storyteller with his finger on the world s pulse How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia meets that reputation and exceeds it The astonishing and riveting tale of a man s journey from impoverished rural boy to corporate tycoon, it steals its shape from the business self help books devoured by ambitious youths all over rising Asia It follows its nameless hero to the sprawling metropolis where he begins to amass an empire built on that most fluid, and increasingly scarce, of goods water Yet his heart remains set on something else on the pretty girl whose star rises along with his, their paths crossing and recrossing, a lifelong affair sparked and snuffed and sparked again by the forces that careen their fates along How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia is a striking slice of contemporary life at a time of crushing upheaval Romantic without being sentimental, political without being didactic, and spiritual without being religious, it brings an unflinching gaze to the violence and hope it depicts And it creates two unforgettable characters who find moments of transcendent intimacy in the midst of shattering change.My Review An internationally flavored mash up of Death of a Salesman and The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit.I liked both of those stories, and this one too I got tired of the second person gag way early, and it took most of a month to read the book because of that.

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    Review to come I just need to get this speck out if my eye first.

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    Even as I rate it, I sorta feel like a dick As far as prose is concerned, I m really into the concise yet rich thing Hamid is doing, hills fulla gold, and it was nice learning a little something about Pakistan beyond the things I ve gathered up from Homeland episodes I also know that when the president says Pakistan , it sounds like he s making fart noises, or maybe attempting to inflate a balloon So Now I know than that.Not into Hamid s use of second person The conceit of the book is that you are you, but you re also the writer, who is talking to you, about you, about him, at a remove, but straight to you, about you, to you, but also about him, who is you, andstuff I could continue with the commas Please don t read me wrong here I love metafiction, the whole questioning the process of writing via the writing itself, pulling the audience in and implicating them in the succession of events, etc I mean, I m a Charlie Kaufman kinda girl if ever there was one, and I could just about recite several of his movies to you from top to toes Unfortunately, this novel s faux self help structure fizzled out within each chapter so quickly for me that I actually forgot the title of almost every section before I was even finished reading it which, to be fair, could honestly be half to do with the fact that I m an idiot I mean, yeah, the events in those sections were relevant to the titles of those sections, but so what I was too busy engaging with the story to even bother considering the structure much, which is strange for a structure centric piece of work I guess I just felt it was unnecessarily gimmicky, which is almost an unfair thing to say given that his writing is so strong, and he obviously doesn t beat you over the head with said gimmick or again, I probably would have remembered the section titles, but still Even now, I can t stop asking myself why Why no character names, no place names, why this Saramago y use of generalized distinguishers which worked well in Blindness, but didn t sit quite as right here Why metamess it all up The few things that bothered me about it did so not because they were obtrusive or insulting to the intelligence, but because they just seemed unnecessary Almost like he wasn t confident enough in the narrative he had forged to let it just be, which is unfortunate because it totally could have rested on its laurels And that s the thing I really want to get across is, once you wade in past the shallow end, the water is really nice I mean, I saw the ending coming from a thousand miles yonder, but that can be satisfying sometimes, right Life doesn t only have to consist of wrong turns and cliffhangers, yeah Sometimes you just need the catharsis of a Six Feet Under finale Basically, I probably will read something else by this guy, because most likely all my complaints will be non issues while the praise worthy elements ideally remain present That is, unless every book he writes is a pretend self help book, which is an insane thought that I m assuming has no basis in reality.In case you re wondering why I even picked this up in the first place if I m crabbing on its basic structure, let me clarify I read this for a first time ever in real life book club, and being that I found a few pretty paramount elements of its intrinsic design to be bothersome, I was not looking forward to self identifying as the prickly one right from the start Fortunately and not, the discussion quickly devolved to a wine slugging flurry of mixed conversations about matters both book and non, between readers of the book and nots and sortas, almost like Sylvester McMonkey McBean had plowed through starring and unstarring all the bellies to pure chaos, so much so that I eventually found myself sitting outside in the dark talking to a grade school bully about, I dunno, child rearing or some shit She had not read the book, and I know zero about children Bizarre and blurry though the events may have been, I look forward to the next read, and I m glad I had this strange little reason to read this strange little book Please let me reiterate that the writing was quite excellent, the content sprawling and intriguing, the cultural elements engaging, etc I cared This is the nicey nicest kind of 3 stars, and may even wake up one morning and find itself a big ole 4 Just not this particular morning, because I m feeling like Jerks Mcghee, the aforementioned wine being unrelated By which I mean directly related.

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    What a rare, curious bird of a book I don t think I have ever read anything like this before A book so unique in its structure, its style and meaning that it shimmers like a lone star somewhere on the horizon The arc of a life in Rising Asia, the fate of one man, an Everyman, in a developing megalopolis An impressive tour de force of story telling which manages to pack so much in so few pages The power of the book rests mainly in the beauty and grit of its main character but mostly in its writing style Mohsin Hamid s mix of concision and lyricism reminded me than once of none other than F Scott FItzgerald His ability to infuse his scenes with so much vividness and color was breathtaking I did shed a tear at the end A big, fat, grateful, human tear.

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    On the surface, this is the archetypal rags to riches, boy meets girl story, but it is also a vividly honest morality tale and social satire Written in the second person and historical present, the author draws you , the reader, into the unfolding drama, with its pretence of being a motivational get rich guide It has the effect of being totally involving, cleverly undermining any preconceptions about the otherness of a foreign culture The film is great, too Reviewed on www.whichbook.net

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