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    A meticulous and affecting collection, Susan Hutton s On the Vanishing of Large Creatures is imbued with a sense of history alongside its personal connections, a feature used to wonderful effect Its obsessions seem to revolve around the gathering of knowledge, and our occasional failure to do so a memorable line from Therefore, beautiful in its economy We can know only so much of the world.Hutton s lyricism is admirable throughout, and yet for me it was the poems intellectual heft that I found most distinctive Case in point, a striking line from Lost Armies Gettysburg was replaced by a battle as the word Gettysburg once replaced trees, and so words are rewritten by what they mean I don t read a ton of poetry I really ought to read much , and so I don t quite have the language to describe what I liked so well about On the Vanishing of Large Creatures, but I m glad that I picked this one up.

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    EVENT HORIZONSchwarzschild s solutions to Einstein s equations showedthat some black holes were spinless, perfectlyspherical and, therefore, could be identical,twins as long as their masses were equal.Gastropods have no ears but most of them can at leastsense light and dark, can learn something about their world.My mother discovered my chickenpox becauseI whined, There s something in my eye all day.We sit on cool grass together knowingshe also will attend, but when we witnessher arrival, only sightlines adjust hyperbolically.New postures but no motivation.The yard s northeast corner is exactly this lush Their paperplates and plastic cups teeter They sit just as cross legged just as long Red wine, fruit, summer conversation A decade Once we hadn t met again, we must have said our goodbyes My blueprint for a lifetime of awkwardnesses at parties Greetings, Susan. Silence Apologies.

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    Read as 4 1 2 stars Now this one did hit me Much so than other books of poetry I have read recently.There is a quiet mixture of desperation and hope in these delicious lines To use a very overused adjective, I would say that the whole collection is haunting.Absolutely fantastic poetry Can t wait to read from her.

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    I first picked up this collection because the author is a graduate of UM s MFA program and resides in Ann Arbor It soon became one of my favorites Hutton s debut is filled with poems that draw from a broad intellectual tradition and yet are grounded in the personal details of daily life Like any good book, it challenges me to be a better writer.

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    Susan Hutton s On the Vanishing of Large Creatures won our eighteenth annual John C Zacharis First Book Award The award honors the best debut book by a Ploughshares writer, alternating between poetry and fiction You can read the full announcement here

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    On the Vanishing of Large Creatures Carnegie Mellon Poetry by Susan Hutton 2007

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On the Vanishing of Large Creatures (Carnegie Mellon Poetry) download On the Vanishing of Large Creatures (Carnegie Mellon Poetry), read online On the Vanishing of Large Creatures (Carnegie Mellon Poetry), kindle ebook On the Vanishing of Large Creatures (Carnegie Mellon Poetry), On the Vanishing of Large Creatures (Carnegie Mellon Poetry) 2145b977f915 As Her Title Suggests, Susan Hutton S Poems Are About Vanishing Not Disappearances, Exactly, But The Way Anything Can Appear Lost When It Becomes Something Else Moving Deftly From Houdini To The Backyard, From Euclid S Proofs To An Inexplicable Suicide, Hutton S Poems Are About Finding, Collecting, And Saving, Are Themselves Dazzling Little Assemblages Of The Ordinary And The Incredible, One Inside The Other They Are Lovely, Mysterious, And Rewarding