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    Barbara Michaels may have written a big batch of books in a certain genre, but she kept most of them unique and didn t indulge in formulaic safety nets In Vanish with the Rose she does again focus on her love of old houses, rose gardens and landscaping, but the story line isn t an old fashioned ghost story Lawyer Diana Reed is doing undercover sleuthing and pretending to be a rose expert while she tries to figure out where her older brother ended up Was he dead Missing That s the real reason she s out there digging through the dirt of a particular family Diana may have personal family issues, but the family dynamics of the house she visits brings a lot of charm and humor to the story The mother is especially cute in a quirky way Throwing in the dedicated housekeeper as a companion and fellow detective was a fun as well, including her weird situation with her ex potential red herring alert There are two men who may contend for the heroine s heart but as usual Michaels doesn t put much romance into the plot pot, and it could have been either or by the end of the story with the same result The mystery isn t bad it hints at paranormal and slowly solves a crime she s not sure exists I wasn t terribly surprised at the ending but it was a good, somber one that fit the dreary mood of what they find out While the mystery is only so so with its strength, it does come across heavy in comparison to some of her other mysteries A lot of those books dealt with horrors of the past, but this one makes sure they stay present, front and center It s not my favorite of hers, but it s a good one, made even better by her usual gorgeous writing style and knack for sarcastic dialogue as the characters bounce theories and debates off each others egos Recommended for Michaels fans or those who like slow paced mysterieswith rose gardens.

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    First off, thanks go to Lisa for awarding me this book from her first blog giveaway If you enjoy those gothic books from the 1960 s and 1970 s especially , visit Lisa s awesome blog at s written a ton of book reviews on all types of gothic lit There s a little something for every gothic taste.OK, now on the the review.I m pretty sure I read this book when it was first published in the early 1990 s Michaels is one of my favorite gothic writers and many of her books are in my top 50 favorites She s been very prolific, and her books have a modern, sarcastic and feministic voice then Victoria Holt or Monica Heath, who were traditional in their approach to gothic lit That being said, Vanish with the Rose wasn t one of her better attempts, IMO The premise was there for sure a young female attorney travels to Virginia to find out what happened to her missing brother She adopts a professional disguise posing as an expert on roses so that she can meet the family who bought the stately Colonial home where he brother was working before he vanished months before Sounds perfect, right And normally I d agree Michaels is a good writer no doubt about that She creates subtle paranormal atmosphere with a good dose of scepticism, witty characters you get fond of, and a neat ending calculated to satifsy.except this one didn t satisfy me.Somehow, every element that she manipulates so skillfully fell flat The spooky elements were so lacking as to be almost non existent The characters were one dimensional and not very likable It was hard to get a picture of them in my mind, and at times the male and female characters became interchangable in my mind There was an over abundance of profanity g damn which didn t add anything to the plot and is a curse word I personally despise to hear or read I m no prude, and I cuss then I should, but in my lexicon that word and the c word is out Finally, the ending was frankly depressing, which isn t usually how Michaels rounds out her books I guess there was a reason why this one hadn t stayed in my keeper bookshelf so long ago.But don t let anything I say sway you from trying Barbara Michaels if you re thinking of doing so She s a fantastic writer and I still love her to bits and only wish she d finish up with the Amelia Peabody series and get on to something elseanother gothic, perhaps

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    The heroine s objective in passing herself off as an expert in old roses is not clear until about 1 2 of the way through the book unless you read some of the reviews at the front of the book.The old estate in located in Virginia, where a couple that recently hit the lottery jackpot bought the house from an aging single lady with an eye to restoring the house and the grounds Only later do we learn that Diana s brother disappeared after living among the townsfolk for a brief period of time, and Diana wants to know what happened to her brother.Good characters, interesting plot twists, and lots of people to cheer for The person ultimately revealed as responsible for the disappearance of Brad Reed is a surprise and the mystery is neatly tied up at the end.

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    3.5, if half stars were possible.It held my interest, but it s not one of the author s best works Still, it served its purpose of providing light entertainment That said, it s not the lightest light entertainment , either Specific Tidbits with SPOILERS view spoiler I enjoyed the gardening aspect of the book, since I m trying to get my own garden into order Nothing on the scale of the gardens in the book, of course, but it s than enough for me Especially since I don t employ a gardener I do wish you d stop using me as a home for abandoned cacti I hate cacti I don t like them, either They re scary It is later than you think That was a popular motto for sundials why, she could not imagine who wanted to be reminded, when he strolled through a beautiful garden, that his own existence was scarcely less ephemeral Tempus fugit wasn t much better, especially for people who were probably only too well aware of the rapid passing of time Fortunately there were a few cheerful mottoes Count only the sunny hours , for instance Yes, sunny hours for me, please I don t need a reminder of mortality At one point, Diana is giving the animals their nightly medicine Heartworm pills for all the dogs, as a preventative measure What, every day Maybe it just happened to be time for their monthly dosage, because I ve never heard of heartworm medicine that had to be given daily That would be very inconvenient The bit about the world s largest rose bush planted in Arizona in 1885 was so intriguing I had to look it up online Amazing that nightmare indicated there was something particularly nasty in the woodpile of her subconscious Heh It would have been an amiably attractive face had it not been for her eyes cold as muddy brown ice and piercing as twin gimlets Ah, my favorite Brown eyes mud, of course Sensitive Who, me Emily is suffering a breakdown of some sort over the continuous noise of demolition Her husband notices this and closes the windows My question Why were the windows open to begin with, when there was demolition work just outside Wouldn t they be closed in anticipation of the noise not to mention dust A man about to run a piece of heavy machinery is warned to watch out for the dogs that are loose Diana adds a warning about the cats, but no You don t need to worry about them they have sense enough to get out of the way Uh, yeah Sure That explains why cats are never run over by cars A dog s face is capable of only limited displays of emotion, but Baby s showed as much terror as a dog is capable of showing This is the second time I think that I ve seen this author write about the limited facial expressions of dogs Now, I ll grant you that they are limited in comparison to humans, but dogs actually have very mobile faces, and someone who spends much time with them can learn to read their expressions fairly accurately Just sayin There s heavier cursing in this book than in most of the Barbara Michaels gothic novels I ve read to date I m not sure why It was published in the 90s, so maybe she thought the cursing was necessary to modernize it Maybe I m not cut out for country living You get used to it At least most people do Mary Jo s face softened Poor Andy never has, not really He covers up well, and he ll do what s necessary, but he hates the whole scene hunting, trapping, the way some of the people around here neglect and abandon pets This is set in Virginia, right Or somewhere in that part of the country You can argue that hunting and trapping are an element of country life , but the suggestion that country folk are the only ones who neglect or abandon pets is frustrating There s plenty of animal abuse in cities, too Also, though I ve never gone hunting myself, I fully believe that if it s done the right way, an animal killed for food by a hunter is treated with greater respect and has lived a better, natural life than most of the ones that end up in grocery stores and restaurants Anyone who eats meat is being hypocritical if they have a problem with food hunting Trophy hunting is another subject altogether There are a lot of people calling a woman lady Enough that it caught my attention I know it s supposed to be a joke, but Mary Jo calling Walt an ignorant redneck because he didn t understand a reference to Miss Havisham Obnoxious I didn t really like Mary Jo as well as I feel the reader is meant to I was beginning to think we wouldn t have the typical Barbara Michaels reference to Egypt mummies in this book, but I should never have doubted The air in the shut off stairwell is as stale as some old tomb Later, there are the mummified bodies of long dead insects , and Diana reflects that she has seen mummies in museum cases that looked better than the dusty, dirty, cobwebbed Andy The costume curator volunteer at the little historical society museum or whatever it was tells Diana that she doesn t get that many sympathetic, intelligent visitors No, not out here in the sticks eyeroll I had to smile when Diana described her multitude of problems as all the standard plot cliches of contemporary thrillers As long as you know you re doling out cliches Rudbeckia plain old black eyed Susan is a vulgar sort of flower, not suited to a formal garden apparently I won t argue the point about its suitability for a formal garden, since I m not especially interested in or knowledgeable about formal gardens, but to call a flower vulgar strikes me as pretentious You don t like a particular flower Fine, but please don t call them vulgar How silly Mercurochrome It was obviously an antiseptic, but I ve never heard of it before We used iodine, rubbing alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide, when I was a kid His Aunt Bertha is so cheap she buys her kids clothes at Goodwill Well, let me just add another underline to the don t like Mary Jo sentiment Seriously, though Mary Jo, as we are so frequently reminded, works hard for her money She juggles multiple jobs to put herself through college, and when we get a description of her own clothing, it s clear that she doesn t have much to spend Why would Mary Jo, of all people, feel the need to vocally judge someone else for buying second hand clothes If they re clean and in reasonable condition, what difference does it make where they come from What a snob Cats always pick the laps of the people who don t like them Oh That doesn t make much sense When Diana comes back, at the end of the book, she looks at the garden and sees two giant magnolias that are raising stately branches above flower beds filled with bright blossoming annuals This is a really nit picky observation, but I ve always heard observed that flowers and grass don t do well under Southern magnolias Too much shade, too much root competition Also, I don t think it s at all easy to transplant a large magnolia But whatever Carry on Dream a happy dream of an Insta Garden with magical flowers that flourish in dense shade while contending with bullying tree roots How do you think Papa would have reacted if he found his blossom of Southern womanhood in the arms of a dirty foreigner Um, what This is the kind of thing that crops up in Barbara Michaels books a little too frequently Did she have a problem with the South Because it certainly feels that way, sometimes Disappointing Now, I m not saying that Papa wouldn t have had a problem with his daughter having a relationship with a foreigner especially since the foreigner in question was a poor and lowly workman but the whole blossom of Southern womanhood thing really puts a special twist on it So wealthy, snobbish, controlling Yankee Papa would ve been totally ok with his blossom of Northern womanhood falling in love with a nobody Yeah, I m sure he would ve been overjoyed at the prospect of such a son in law Why does a happy ending have to be two people falling into one another s arms True, but kind of funny coming from this author and particularly so when spoken by a character on the very verge of well, falling into another character s arms When Andy asks Diana why she chose him which was a surprise, because it felt like she was leaning toward Walt the whole time she answers that he makes her laugh His reply So does Zero Mostel Huh This was written in the early 90s That actor died in the 70s Andy is 25 or so, which means he would ve been a young child when Mostel was still alive and making movies Not exactly a topical reference, in other words Is it just me, or was that a very odd thing for him to have said ETA Ok, just remembered that they watched The Producers at some point in the book So it s not quite so out of the blue bizarre, I guess, but I still stand by my initial reaction that it was a weird thing to say The joke about the long showers and the water conservation So romantic I like Andy and could ve liked him with Diana if he d seemed less like a brother Mary Jo s destined match during most of the book but that was kind of gross, to be honest It wasn t the best note to end on, that s for sure The ghost story explanation was something of a let down As I ve seen others comment, it s thin at best Though it s implied, there s also no explicit answer to who was scamming Miss Musser and certainly no resolution comeuppance on that score Then we have Larry getting the blame for Brad s murder, from everyone but a few in the know Not very nice I guess it s supposed to spare Diana s mother, but what about Larry s family I guess they don t matter Brad s murder Larry s suicide Diana s father s suicide The book s a downer on several fronts But since none of it seems real, it s easy enough to not care much, on way or the other hide spoiler

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    Oh my word, this book was so tedious I was expecting a suspenseful, creepy gothic mystery Instead, what I got was 300 pages of characters doing home renovation, landscaping, making food, cleaning, having long conversations with cringey dialogue, driving, and antique shopping Oh yes, with occasional reference to a possible murder or murders and one character having deja vu visions of the past It was like watching HGTV all day and flipping to a third rate crime procedural one commercial break an hour.If I had realized this was the same author writing under a different name who wrote Crocodile on the Sandbank, which I also didn t particularly enjoy, I probably wouldn t have gone for this one.

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    Been there.Done that.Will not bebuying theT Shirt,the Mugor theBumperSticker.1 Jejune Stair.Clean but withSlang and FoulLanguage over kill.

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    Diana Reed isn t who she says she is She isn t an expert on antique roses the ones that predate the now ubiquitous, ever blooming hybrid tea roses, introduced in 1867 or a garden landscaper Diana Reed isn t even her real name.Diana has maneuvered to get herself hired as a rose expert by the Nicholsons, a family that literally won the lottery and used the proceeds to buy and renovate an 18th century home near the small town of Faberville The Nicholsons bought the home from the senile Matilda Musser, and it was in the last days of Miss Musser s tenure that Diana s brother, Brad Randall, had come to stay at the house, serving as handyman and helper to the 90 something year old lady Until one day, without warning, Brad was gone, never to be heard from again Diana knows her brother would never just disappear without a word And she s staying at the Nicholsons in hopes of finding out what really happened Barbara Michaels pseudonym, along with Elizabeth Peters, for archeologist Barbara Mertz usually pens delightful supernatural romances Vanish with the Rose doesn t rise to the level of the Georgetown series, Be Buried in the Rain, Other Worlds, or Wait for What Will Come Michaels spends so much time on Diana s guilt and Mrs Nicholson s son s goofiness that it isn t until nearly halfway through the novel that we get to the crux of the matter But once Michaels gets going, readers will have a hard time putting Vanish with the Rose down Also, Michaels worst novels like this and The Copenhagen Connection are still much better than the vast majority of other writers best So be sure to save this one for a rainy day when you ll have lots of interrupted reading time.

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    If Michaels set out to write an entertaining and intriguing suspense with a soupcon of the supernatural and a lagniappe of romance, she has succeeded Yes, parts of it are pure fantasy Why would people who had only just met a young woman go away for two weeks on the spur of the moment and leave her in charge The first third of the book Diana is masquerading as an old roses expert and the book is a bit coy about who she really is and why she is there, but not excruciatingly so She also runs into young men right and left and there is enough withheld to not be absolutely sure which she will end up with until the end But what really worried me was when Andy or less moves into his mother s house, who is taking care of the big green dog And what work has Diane actually been hired to do All the garden landscaping appears to be well underway Also, when all four young people decide, for securities sake, to hang out together in the house, it did have a bit of a summer camp feel or Scooby do

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    Classic B Mike But this book totally annoyed me for failing to explain a Diana s narrow escape from the falling gate in the barn, and b whatever scam was being pulled on Miss Musser I suppose that I am perfectly capable of inferring that Pearl and Mr Sweet were robbing her blind of heirlooms and valuables, but that was never made clear But, really, I have no idea what to think of what happened in the barn Was it the ghost How could it have been, though At first I was sure her brother must be alive specifically because it was the only thing that made sense So that bothered me But otherwise it was fine, and the mystery made rather a lot sense than they usually do I thought it was too bad that everyone allowed Larry as odious as he was to take the blame for Brad s murder even dead, that s just not fair to him or his family.

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    Barbara Michaels books are such ridiculous fluff, and I love it This is one of my favorites, but I m not sure I can really even say why Maybe it s that I find Diana s quest to find out what happened to her missing brother Brad interesting, or maybe it s that I like Andy as the love interest I m always a fan of the goofy, funny guy over the usual broody, muscly dude Maybe it s that I find the history of roses kind of fascinating, or that there s a supernatural element to the story that s never completely explained Whatever the reason, it has compelled me to read this book like, six or seven times already It s somewhat of a comfort book for me, which might be weird, but there it is Judge away

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