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  • Paperback
  • 323 pages
  • Into the Darkness
  • Barbara Michaels
  • English
  • 04 April 2019
  • 9780425128923

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    For a change, there is never anything supernaturally suspected in this novel, nor do we have the huge, rambling Victorian house There s of course the trademark cat that gets in the way, coupled with typical character humor It s almost of a Elizabeth Peters mystery than a Barbara Michaels one, so don t go in expecting the typical Instead Michaels seemed to want to focus the energy she usually spends on ghosts in mansions on the mystery of old jewelery Not as fun to me, but still a worthy venture She seems to have either thoroughly done the needed research, or else has knowledge about jewelry as much as she does houses, cats, the supernatural, and Egypt You will know on old jewelry and rose gardening by the time the book is through, yet thankfully it s not given in a preachy manner, and only a need to know basis.Blessed with a fiery, feisty, conscience plagued heroine, the mixing pot of people was fun as always Meg s nasty temper and sharp tongue seemed lovingly adored by her hysterical relative Cliff, while her softened attitude never seemed to ruffle the mysterious partner, Riley The grandmother was an enjoyment to read about, too, as her eccentric personality brought a smile to my face.Into the Darkness is blessed with an array of background characters, many not what they seem Meg s background and relationships were far from socially normal, which was a surprise It s refreshing to read about a flawed character since it makes them seem real There s the touch of personal tragedy involved that was just sad, and that s how the novel opens With a horrendous memory no child should go through, let alone remember so many details of.Mystery wise, it s a rich one I sadly guessed before the novel was through It was tightly woven, though, so many may not gauge the culprit I just used the ol Agatha Christie trick of guessing who it was least likely to be The pace is pretty swift and it was hard to grow bored, and for once Michaels concentrated on romantic build up This was a blessing and there was actually gasp some sexual hints Truthfully I wasn t entirely sure who she d end up with, and I would have been happy no matter which she chose Never has she indulged in subtle kissing or mild erotic thoughts freely, which is a shame for perverted readers like yours truly.It s an enjoyable book but, again, don t go in expecting the typical gothic, fog enshrouding tale Instead read it for what it is a light mystery with cute characters, a strong heroine, and a plaguing history The story just wasn t as interesting as most of her other stuff, without the layers of detail and deception I admit liking her other themes , but this one s still a keeper.

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    Meg Venturi is called back to her small hometown when her grandfather Dan dies Unfortunately for Meg s plans to leave as soon as possible, it turns out that Dan left her half the family jewelry business, which Meg has been trying to leave behind because of a family tragedy when she was very young Even worse, the other half of the business belongs to enigmatic, terse Riley, who turns out to be a genius in designing jewelry but suspected by half the town of having murdered Dan.This is one of my favorite Michaels books Meg is a great heroine, smart, stubborn, and often cranky, and the romance works for me really well The plot moves right along to a tense ending in which Meg gets to be the courageous rescuer And I love the jewelry and gemstone knowledge and lore throughout ever since I read Into the Darkness and learned about regard rings, I ve wanted one that spells out my name.

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    Barbara Michaels pens two kinds of thrillers lackluster and dull with unsympathetic characters, and sparkling, vivid and populated by real people This, thankfully, is one of the latter, a delightfully twisted mystery that sparkles as much as any of the gems.Whether the author is writing as Barbara Michaels or as Elizabeth Peters , you are likely to get strong and interesting characters At heart, this mystery has a lot in common with the gothic romances I read in my youth except that the heroine s grandfather was popular instead of universally hated by the villagers I enjoyed the painless lessons on jewels particularly since I also find diamonds boring Heroine Meg has four men to consider Nick, her current boyfriend from New York Cliff, her handsome stepcousin Darren, the old schoolmate become family lawyer and the aloof, mysterious Riley, widely believed to have murdered his benefactor, Meg s grandfather The old hand at gothic romances will be looking for the clues that will spell out which of these men is the blackguard in disguise and will probably still be surprised in the end There s a Old Family Scandal that needs to be revisited, a housekeeper who loves to play the roles of certain famous fictional housekeepers including the infamous Mrs Danvers , an old fashioned gentlewoman of a grandmother, and a treat of a cat unless you re a cat hater There are other characters with their own stories and personalities I ll leave you to make their acquaintance in your own good time Notes Meg s grandfather s opinion to the contrary, it takes courage to seek therapy It takes courage to try again if the first professional you turn to doesn t work out For those who have read many of the author s books under both names, I should explain that INTO THE DARKNESS is really in the Elizabeth Peters style so they won t read this book with the wrong expectations, as I did.

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    This was my third Barbara Michaels book and I keep falling in love with them harder the I read For me this book was all about secrets that families keep and the lengths people go to make sure they are never found out The suspense is build up slowly with a few hints of danger and malicious gossip floating around in the air The tension slowly builds until it boils over in a chaotic finale that gives you the pay off you are wanting the entire time you are reading this.Like the other two heroines I ve read in Michaels books, Meg is a strong, feisty indiviudal who doesn t have any problems giving her opinions or holding her own against the rest of the characters She has her own distinct personality that is shaped by her and her own experiences, she isn t overly influenced by her family, eventhough she has a strong sense of loyalty to them I m really looking forward to reading even of her books, though I haven t got one lined up yet So if any of you have a favorite book of hers to recomend, please do so.

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    What a joy to find a Barbara Michaels book that I hadn t read This romantic suspense novel has a bit less woo woo than some of her others, but there are plenty of thrills nonetheless When Meg Venturi s adored but super bossy grandfather dies, she discovers he has left his antique jewelry store jointly to her and his relatively new assistant, Riley Riley is a prickly kind of guy and a lot of the folks in the small Connecticut town are suspicious of him Who is sending rings with a message to the Manor, where Meg is staying with her grandmother, uncle, and cousin Who is making attempts on Meg s life, or at least trying to scare her away A strong willed heroine and a lot of interesting bits about antique jewelry make this a can t put it down read Recommended.

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    I am thoroughly enjoying Barbara Michaels mystery romance novels The plots remind me of Victoria Holt s novels that I read as a teenager Very interesting plots and character development are the backbone of each of her novels and I always learn something newthis novel involves a young heroine whose grandfather dies leaving her his antique jewelry store There is a lot of fascninating information about jewelry design woven into the plot I find myself wishing for rubies and garnets but not diamonds.

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    Very nice romance suspense novel I still don t understand the resolution of the novel but it was such good fun, I m rating it as 4 stars anyway view spoiler I knew who dunnit, but wasn t sure what Meg was trying to accomplish on the day she spent running around town hide spoiler

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    An old 1990 Barbara Michaels I found at the library giveaway, that I hadn t read before It was enjoyable Who is sending antique rings with strangely ominous and threatening messages Where did the ancient royal jewels come from Who is this stranger her grandfather left half his business to Not really a stranger, for some reason no one thinks 3 years is long enough to get to know someone Meg turned her back on the family business, for a ridiculous reason In her eyes her father did an unforgivable thing, and since he worked for her grandfather her mother s father , she turns he back on her grandfather But, she didn t, she grew up in the jewelry business, spending all her time there, learning from her grandfather Later, when learning of her father s sin, she leaves her grandfather s side It wasn t his fault Like Nick, her boyfriend in the start, tells her in so many words, Get over it She can t even accept a present of a snow globe because it reminds her of the snowy night her mother collapses upon hearing of her husband s death, and never recovers to care for Meg I guess there were only two things that concerned me, on very tiny The tiny one was that Meg had turned her back on the family jewelry business, yet she carried a loupe in her pocket The other is the age of her grandmother Her grandfather, Dan, told people he was 82, and his wife was 20 years younger It s written that he was in his late 30s before he married, and later that they were married 50 years Even going by his real age of 90, she wouldn t have been as old as she was made out to be I wouldn t even notice the ages if the characters didn t keep mentioning them

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    A story woven out of romance cliches and inscrutable characters many of whom are dead , that flows like a murder mystery, but ends up oddly compelling and transcendent of genre A poem by Edna St Vincent Millay I know But I do not approve And I am not resigned sets the stage, and no matter how many novelist tropes muddy the waters, the story and the characters maintain a basic purity held together by their focus on grief and grieving In this sense, it is an emotional sequel to Michaels s earlier and rawer Here I Stay IMHO, just a little stronger, a little grounded, than her standard fare.

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