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[Reading] ➹ Ammie, Come Home Author Barbara Michaels – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Ammie, Come Home, meaning Ammie, Come Home, genre Ammie, Come Home, book cover Ammie, Come Home, flies Ammie, Come Home, Ammie, Come Home 96c6b75efcfbb It Begins As A Lark A Harmless Diversion Initiated By Washington, DC Hostess Ruth Bennett As A Means Of Entertaining Her Visiting Niece, Sara But The S Ance Conducted In Ruth S Elegant Georgetown Home Calls Something Back Something Unwelcome And Palpably Evil Suddenly Sara Is Speaking In A Voice Not Her Own, Transformed Into A Miserable, Whimpering Creature So Unlike Her Normal, Sensible Self No Tricks Or Talismans Will Dispel The Malevolence That Now Plagues The Inhabitants Of This Haunted Place Until A Dark History Of Treachery, Lust, And Violence Is Exposed But The Cost Might Well Be The Sanity And The Lives Of The Living

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    I read this book first when I was about 12, was deliciously creeped out, and immediately searched out every other ghost story Barbara Michaels had ever written I ve re read it countless times, and it s become a definite comfort book for me as much as any book can when it also creeps me out every time.But ohhhh, am I grateful that the gender relations in this book perfectly normal for the early 1970s, when it was written so I am definitely not criticizing Barbara Michaels for this now feel so dated There were a couple of lines that made me stop in this latest re read and just take a moment to be thankful to have met my own life partner in the early 2000s instead of 30 years earlier

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    The ghost story is solid, although I m only rating it a three stars for overall enjoyment.Ammie, Come Home is one of Barbara Michael s most liked and popular ghost mysteries Ruth lives in a historical home in Georgetown, and has never been bothered by hauntingsuntil now, that is The reasons for the hauntings showing up now rather than earlier is part of the mystery.It s refreshing that Michaels doesn t only stick to young, perky characters to lead her books Ruth is a forty something year old woman with a bad divorce in her history, and the male lead is a fifty year old something wearied teacher Together they make a unique couple, and I think that Michaels put in some of the anticipation of romance relationships convincingly than some of her other stuff Usually she doesn t have any making out type scenes, but she inched towards that line this time.Her niece and boyfriend bring forth interesting complimentary characters as is a usual trope with Michaels, you have two skeptics arguing, one young and open minded with views, one older and a bit condescending of the other younger generation Even if she uses this stereotypical pairing often, it always works as a good sounding board and a way to bring in different tensions for the haunting.The supernatural element is high and I enjoyed the history and background for the ghosts , as well as the solving Fans of hauntings and the paranormal should get a kick out of the story, although be warned this isn t meant to be horror toned at all Rich in atmosphere both old day and new Michaels weaves a potent spell of feeling the scenes when the ghosts appear and understanding the background of the haunting.I think it s a little lackluster because it seems to be missing some of the urgency of some of her other novels, so pacing lags a bit Also, while I always loved Michaels unique writing voice, here the sedateness of her tone is emphasized by story line.

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    Really dated dull There s no zip to the haunting seance the maiden aunt heroine was obnoxious, a limp dishrag of judgmental old ladyship made all the worse because she claims to resent being thought of as old when she s only 40, but everything out of her mouth is blabbering about the young their miniskirts, psychedelic shops, casual hair STFU The young heroine, Sara, had no personality the old professor love interest for Aunt Ruth gag was ultra annoying in his blustering blah blahs The only one I could stand was Bruce, Sara s boyfriend he was somewhat rude, but he also had a modicum of intelligence, despite being young having a beard disagreeing with the Vietnam war What a horror of wasted youth eyeroll Seriously, this sucked.

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    Just the right level of creepy.

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    This is a re read for me, of course any one of Barbara Michaels books would be But what with being sick this weekend, I felt myself in profound need of a comfort read, something that wouldn t engage too many of my weary brain cells, yet keep me occupied nonetheless So to my stock of old favorites I went.It s a bit hard for me to grasp that this book is forty years old as of this year a part of me still remembers reading Michaels for the first time in high school, sharply and clearly, like I d only just now put the books back on their shelves And yet, it s been long enough since I ve read this one that not only had I forgotten most of the plot and the characters, I d pulled away from it enough that I could definitely see its dated ness Much of this is in the trappings the styles of the clothes the characters wear, the references to the Beatles, to hippies, to protest music and recreational drugs and less in the plot But a lot of it is also in the plot characters who are otherwise rational people stumbling across a genuine occurrence of the supernatural and having to figure out how to lay ghosts to rest is certainly a hoary old standby any way you look at it.But the fun with Michaels is, she just does these sorts of plots so well Dated ness aside, this book gets points for having the POV character be the fortysomething aunt figure, not the twentysomething pretty young thing Which of course also means that the primary romantic figure is the fiftysomething rugged guy, rather than the twentysomething, overly affected, foppish bearded youth Yet these four characters, as the central core of the action, play off one another very well as they work together to ferret out the cause behind the haunting of Ruth Bennett s house So yeah, not Michaels shining best, but fun all around Three stars.

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    Ammie, Come Home I always enjoy Michaels Peters stories She writes really well and does a great job with setting up the atmosphere whether it s in the deserts of Egypt or an old southern historic home This was my second time reading it and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time The ending seemed a little anti climatic though but that may just be because it was a reread and I already knew what to expect It s really a good ghost story it has seances, possessions, hauntings etc I mean what can you ask for I recommend to anyone who is the mood for a little paranormal suspense I read this for 2016 Halloween Bingo Read w BL Friends square

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    Rating Clarification 4.5 StarsSure it s dated, but to me this is classic Barbara Michaels at her very best I read this as a teen over 30 years ago, and have picked up again and again over the years It still has the power to creep me out even after all these years and after all these re readings

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    I m sort of at a loss as to what to say I don t have any deep feelings regarding the book other than I liked it fine I was a completely horrible, awful buddy read participant I started this yesterday afternoon and was so afraid of getting spoiled on any of it that I steered clear of all discussion It was also such a breeze to read that I just pushed through full throttle to the finish Perhaps if I were in tuned to everyone s thought s, I would have cultivated a couple of my own

    As a ghost story, I thought it was well written and eerily creepy I particularly liked how all of my imaginings of the house, the events, the garden, all took on that particular color of daylight that early winter has a sort of golden color that goes bluish once the sun sets So many little things that could easily be overlooked, such attention to detail from the papered walls to the laid out silver to the wind and overgrown garden really pulled a time gone by forward to set a perfect stage.


    When it came to the characters and the mystery itself, I only had one small complaint I really hate it when the reader sees the clear path while the characters are still dithering It seemed obvious to me what would happen to Pat, from the first heart attack moment when he clearly felt it deeply The thought to break down the cellar door took the long way around.

    At the same time to give credit, I thought the bit about the bible working against the ghost rather than the crucifix due to Douglass protestant belief to be rather clever.

    There was some blatant social commentary about the 60 s that I only really grasped because it was so obvious That and my viewing of Hell House not a few days earlier had me grinning at some idiosyncrasies familiar to the time period ectoplasm from the hands and the use of hypnosis in particular Still, I m sure I missed loads

    Overall, I enjoyed the book and am happy it was chosen as a buddy read as I m not sure I would have discovered it myself otherwise.

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    Barbara Michaels is a new to me author, and one whose other works I will definitely be looking into.This was a wonderfully creepy book, and scary without being gory though, I m not one who minds gore What we have here is a good old fashioned ghost story, and Ms Michaels pulls it off beautifully.The novel was originally published in 1968, and in some ways is incredibly dated, but yet still stands the test of time.I loved, loved, loved the fact that the main protagonist the book actually features four was a 40 something year old woman, Ruth Who has a love interest in the form of a 50 year old man, Pat So often, the other two protagonists, Sara Ruth s niece , and her boyfriend, Bruce both around 20 years old would have been the main characters, as opposed to the older couple As someone who in Ruth s age range herself, I found the switch completely refreshing.I liked all four of the main characters, though, I struggled a bit with Pat, at first until view spoiler I began to suspect that perhaps Pat was being affected by something in the house What initially got me thinking that way was when the cozy moment he was sharing with Ruth suddenly became quite frightening He kept saying he didn t know what had come over him Then I remembered he d had a physical reaction to the cold spot in the house the night of the seanc My suspicions only grew the further I read and disturbing behavior began to make itself know laughing at the priest being scared and so on I was so relieved to find out my suspicions were correct, because there was no way I could ever rooted for him otherwise hide spoiler

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    Great ghost story which would now be considered vintage It was written nearly 50 years ago, but is still SO good and enjoyable I actually liked that it mentions all the current trends of the day late 60 s It s not a time period that I have read a lot of books set in It also was gratifying that the main lead characters were middle aged It s set in Georgetown and also references civil war and revolutionary war time periods It was the perfect book for me, especially since I was vacationing and could veg out with it I can t wait to read the next book

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