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[BOOKS] ⚡ Undying By Bernadette Azizi – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Undying, meaning Undying, genre Undying, book cover Undying, flies Undying, Undying 343e29ad72f0b Breaking All The Rules Of Life, Love And DeathPrepare Yourself To Be Engulfed In Two WorldsOne Within Catherine S Dreams, The Other The Life She Is Living Catherine Will Be Left To Navigate Her Way Through An Eerie Sequence Of Events That Threaten Her Both Emotionally And Physically In Pursuit Of The Mystery That Surrounds Her Love For JamesCan She Figure It Out Before It S Too Late Or Will History Repeat Itself

10 thoughts on “Undying

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    An absolutely AMAZING novel, the Characters and Plot added such intrigue, CANNOT wait for the next instalment

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    Great Book

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    Well well well Bernadette Azizi that was a fantastic novel it was such an exciting book.

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    It took a long time and about half way through you figured out what was going on and when you did you just wanted it to finish because you got it Not quite sure I got some of the ghost links Next one comes out in 2013 and I m guessing I ll read it just to see what happens next.Not bad for early teenage reading.

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    Really enjoyed this, couldn t put it down.

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    Someone has joined Goodreads just to spam strangers about this book yay Not.

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