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Fill My Stocking: A Christmas Anthology pdf Fill My Stocking: A Christmas Anthology, ebook Fill My Stocking: A Christmas Anthology, epub Fill My Stocking: A Christmas Anthology, doc Fill My Stocking: A Christmas Anthology, e-pub Fill My Stocking: A Christmas Anthology, Fill My Stocking: A Christmas Anthology 862427fdce1 Fill My Stocking Is A Collection Of Christmas Anecdotes, Stories, Poems, And Sketches From Alan Titchmarsh, Beautifully Illustrated With His Own Watercolour Vignettes This Anthology Combines Well Known Favorites With Titchmarsh S Own Self Penned Festive Pieces, And Collected Together For The First Time, This Is The Perfect Stocking Filler For His Legions Of Fans

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    Absolutely wonderful we sat round the table before Christmas several evenings, myself Ed Cara just before she left home we each picked out our favourite bits of the book Very good book to have around at Christmas to keep dipping back into.

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    A wonderfully funny and witty book that deserves to be filled exactly in any stocking.

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    A great little book Read it every Christmas for some fond memories and traditions.

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    This a fun and entertaining Christmas read It has become a tradition for my wife and I to read it to each other as the holiday approaches.

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    Wonderful book A book that you will want to re read every year Really gets you in the mood for the festive season Can be shared with the whole family.

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    Some really nice extracts from good books but too much of A T s own writings for me personally.

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    Just the sort of book that appears on the shelves around Christmas time This is a collection of all sorts of chrismassy pieces, from quite famous poetry and quotes, to carol lyrics, to bits of humorous verse and plays by Titchmarsh himself Probably my favourite bit was the PC version of Snow White I was snorting aloud with laughter as the 7 Dwarfs or vertically challenged persons were renamed Happy, Special Needsy, Sleepy, Hypo Allergenic, Bashful, ASBO and Paramedic the latter because with the busy, stretched to the limit NHS, it would be wrong to suggest that Doc s can be at one families beck and call all the time.The perfect time of year to read this enjoy the bit of fun

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    Not normally a fan of Alan Titchmarsh s writing, I chose this because, he has compiled a volume of poetry and prose on the subject of Christmas Yes, there is some of his own work but, there are also pieces by Shakespeare, Gervase Phinn, Keith Waterhouse and, John Betjeman An excellent compilation that you can dip in and out of.

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