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Swimming Pool Sunday files Swimming Pool Sunday, read online Swimming Pool Sunday, free Swimming Pool Sunday, free Swimming Pool Sunday, Swimming Pool Sunday fcd7c883b One Shimmeringly Hot Sunday In May, The Delaneys Open Their Pool To The Whole Village For Charity Louise Is There With Her Daughters, And While The Children Splash And Shriek In The Cool Blue Waters, She Basks In The Sunshine, Attempting To Ignore Her Estranged Husband And Dreaming Of The New Man In Her Life, A Charismatic Lawyer The Day Seems Perfect Then A Sudden Shocking Accident Changes Everyone S Lives Forever Recriminations Start To Fly Whose Fault Was It Louise S New Lover Insists That She Sue The Delaneys Her Ex Husband Isn T So Sure Opinion In The Village Is Split Old Friendships Start To Crumble New Ones Are Formed Will The Repercussions From The Accident Ever End

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    It s not a perfectly constructed story, but is was a surprisingly good read It s a pre Shopaholic novel written under her real name, and when I saw it on my e book library site, I knew I had to read it.MW beautifully captures the undercurrent of this small village near London It s the story of two families who are both touched by tragedy The Delaneys, Ursula and Hugh, have lost their younger son and are still grieving his death His widow Meredith is living with them and has truly become their daughter The Kembers, Louise and Barnaby, are a younger couple who are going through a marital crisis Their younger daughter Katie has an accident at a charity party hosted by their acquaintances, the Delaneys This sets up the central conflict of the story.Louise and Barnaby are manipulated into a lawsuit against the Delaneys This highlights and exacerbates the existing conflicts and miscommunications within their marriage Fueled by gossip and rumors, the villagers are drawn into this tension and end up taking sides Cassian, definitely the villain of the piece, has ulterior motives His relationship with Louise has been noticed by the village, has caused the rupture with Barnaby and he is now taking advantage of Louise s vulnerability It s a very ambitious story I wish some of the other characters and plot lines were fully developed For instance, the Delaneys also have a family friend, Alexis who represents them in the lawsuit, but does not really seem to do much in the case He is also the object of Meredith s interest but this relationship is never acknowledged Instead he ends up in a romantic relationship with a young concert pianist with her own issues Frances Mold, the vicar s wife acts as a kind of counselor and mediator, but again she is left out there I don t know if their stories are picked up in other books, but the atmosphere created here is nicely done I will definitely be reading of these as they become available.

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    I am a huge fan of all books by Sophie Kinsella I have read every one of her books on than one occasion I was getting a little tired and impatient of waiting for her to release another book so I decided to visit her website to see if there was any information as to when she is due to release another book and what I found out to my surprise is that she writes under two names Sophie Kinsella and her real name Madeleine Wickham I have now slowly started making my way through the books by Madeleine Wickham and I loved Sleeping Arrangements and Wedding Girl and have now picked up Swimming Pool Sunday to read The books written under Madeleine Wickham are a completely different style of book compared to Sophie Kinsella books I think they feel mature and of a believable storyline but they do not hold the humour factor which the books by Sophie Kinsella have Having said this I still have enjoyed both styles of books PLOT Louise and Barnaby Kenmber have recently split up Their two children Katie and Amelia still live at home with mummy Louise and Barnaby comes to see the girls once a week When he arrives to take the girls fishing the girls do not want to go as it is the same day that Ursula and Hugh Delaney open up their swimming pool for all of the village to come for the day to raise money for charity Although Barnaby is not happy about this it is what the girls want to do so they all head off to the Delaney s As the day begins to draw to an end Barnaby expresses his anger to Louise about not being able to spend enough time with the girls and it is whilst this happens that Katie has an accident and is rushed to hospital in a coma fighting for her life The new love of Louise s life is Cassian who works as a lawyer and he insists straight away the best thing to do for Katie s sake is to sue the Delaney s for the accident Trouble is the Delaney s and the Kenmber s are friends and have had enough tragedy in their lives Will Katie be ok and will the Kenmber s decide to take their friends to court My Opinion As i mentioned this is a different style of writing compared to Sophie Kinsella books There is no humour in this book at all Aside from the plot I mentioned above there was also a side storyline about an older man Alexis who is friends with the Delaneys, who begins to have a relationship with 18 year old Daisy who has just moved to the village I didn t really feel this fit into the book I would have much preferred if they took the side storyline back into the relationship with Louise and Barnaby before they split so we could get to know their characters a little I don t feel as though we was given enough connection with Louise she came across as quite a cold character so I didn t connect to her and feel the emotion we should feel for this lady who could be losing her daughter Before the accident the two sisters Katie and Amelia had such a close bond so Katie s accident must have affected Amelia in a big way this was slightly touched upon and I enjoyed this part of the book but I do think this could have been used a little This book in my opinion is not a challenging read and the storyline slowly paces along I do feel that this is a book which will be forgotten about in a few weeks as there was nothing shining about this book Unfortunately this book is not in the same league as the previous Madeleine Wickham books or Sophie Kinsella books It will not be a book which I shall read again and also not one which I would recommend in a hurry Alos on my blog

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    Love Sophie Kinsella, hated this book There was a whole sub plot that had nothing to do with the book Some major events were completely glossed over, and I really had no sympathy for the main characters.

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    If Goodreads would let me I would give this a 3.5 rating One shimmeringly hot Sunday in May, the Delaneys open their pool to the whole village for charity Louise is there with her daughters, and while the children splash and shriek in the cool blue waters, she basks in the sunshine, attempting to ignore her estranged husband and dreaming of the new man in her life, a charismatic lawyer The day seems perfect Then a sudden and shocking accident changes everyone s lives forever.I had my doubts about this based on the ratings and reviews but being a Sophie Kinsella fan and crazy, no matter what, I was determined to read all of her books This was a lot better than I thought it was going to be It was a story of fear, betrayal, and greed and I liked it.

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    This book is based around a family the Kempers The parents Barnaby and Louise have recently seperated and Louise has started seeing another man a lawyer Cassian The Kempers have 2 children Amelia and Katie who live with their mother On a hot Sunday afternoon, the Delaneys host a pool party for the village to raise money for charity One of the children are injured in the pool and this starts a long complicated story with the Kempers deciding to sue the Delaneys who are actually thier friends I enjoyed this book a lot The story line was easy to follow without being too predictable It portrays how friends and families are changed when something like this happen I felt for Louise, who gets caught up with her relationship with Cassian and the legal battle and then feels unable to tell anyone how she really feels about what is happening Poor Amelia, she gets left out as the family focus mainly on Katie as she is unwell in hospital This is a slight insight to how a sibling of an unwell child feels and how they can be left out against the parents best intentions Daisy, a young girl plays a small part in this book and she is a likable character, young and naive Alexis role in all of it is also intersting ad grew to like him by the end of the book.Another great Kinsella book A good read, insightful and interesting.

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    I m conflicted about this book on one hand I loved it but on the other hand I hated and was irritated by it.I found myself hating so many of the main characters for being stupid and naive but this is how it happens in life sometimes.Louise irritated me, Ursula irritated me.The only character I loved and wanted to know all about was Meredith She seemed as the only sane and real person.I love all the other Madeleine Wickham s book as Sophie Kinsella but i wouldn t recommend this one to anyone, unless you want to read a book about how one person by having good looks and pretending to like you can manipulate you and estrange you from your friends the whole Louise and Cassian story line.

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    Interesting bookI didn t expect the story line from the summary for some reason But it was definitely different The only complaint I would have, is that the writer would glaze over the most anticipated parts Like she would build up to this moment, and then end the chapter Then we wouldn t get to be there in the story when it actually happened We d hear a bit about it retrospectively or a rumor about it from someone else Still love this writer though Her writing keeps me captivated and turning pages even if its a plot that I probably would not choose to read about.

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    I am torn on this book This book is not like any Madeleine Wickham AKA Sophie Kinsella book I ve read To me it was a hard read, very slow and not her normal fun style I ve read all her books and they have the same feel This one is different.

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    In this retelling of Dickens Bleak House Wickham really has it in for lawyers and law suits Although not as perfectly integrated as say Clueless, Wickham does a nice job with a familiar and classic storyline In case you doubt the connection Jarndice the DelanaysEsther Summerson MeredithLady Deadlock SylviaTulkinghorn CassionRichard Carstone the KembersAda Clare DaisyPlus I know there are characters I m forgetting because I haven t read Bleak House in a long time.I m glad I read this after the disappointment of the last Sophie Kinsella, Surprise Me I ve always liked Wickham just as well, although she isn t as funny Here she displays some subtle humor and a great deal of warmth I really liked it, so I m going up from three stars to four.

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    KINSELLA DOES IT AGAIN Is there any end to Sophie Kinsella s storytelling abilities She weaves subplots and evokes varied emotions with grace and wit I also get a kick out of her uniquely British language It brings me back to her every time I can t say I m a big fan of Women s Fiction, or less kindly referred to as Chick Lit but I appreciate a story that takes me out of myself if only for a few hours

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