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The Glitter Dome summary The Glitter Dome, series The Glitter Dome, book The Glitter Dome, pdf The Glitter Dome, The Glitter Dome 4fd9be8148 A New York Times Bestselling Police Thriller By The Author Of Harbor Nocturne Two LAPD Detectives Look Into The Murder Of A Hollywood Studio Boss It S The Wildest Bar In Chinatown, Run By A Proprietor Named Wing Who Will Steal Your Bar Change Every Chance He Gets On Payday The Groupies Mingle There With Off Duty LAPD Cops, Including Homicide Detectives Martin Welborn And Al Mackey, Who Get Assigned The Case Of A Murdered Hollywood Studio Boss Who May Have Been Involved In Some Very Strange And Dangerous Filmmaking Hilarious At Times, Heartbreaking At Others, This Book Was Likened By TheNew YorkDaily News To A One Two Combination That Leaves The Reader Reeling

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    HRF Keating claims this as Wambaugh s finest work of fiction in his rundown of the best 100 works of crime and mystery the former policeman turned author famed for his realistic portrait of the boys in blue as something less than heroic being something of a literary sensation in the 70s when coppers were still considered to be choirboys which is infact one of Wambaugh s other titles as opposed to flawed human beings sometimes incapable of resisting a bribe, of falsifying evidence to make their job easier and other reprehensible acts from such trusted public servants.It s a little old hat now but that s not why I only found this to be an OK read My major problem is that Wambaugh seems to be playing it for laughs, always ready to highlight the absurd behaviour or the humour of a situation OK, I get it, cops are people too and we all like a joke every now and then at work, but every single second of the day Really It s an episodic novel, following several different types of police in LA after the murder of a high powered movie executive and Wambaugh writes with the kind of bitterness and unsubtle insights that can only come from a man who s witnessed the behaviour first hand and been screwed over by The Business.The incessant jolly boys game playing is especially disappointing after a wonderfully, brutally bleak opening chapter of a cop drinking himself to oblivion plagued by his own insecurities and failings and seriously contemplating the taste of his gun barrel If he could have kept that attitude throughout I might have been thoroughly depressed but boy would I have enjoyed myself immensely.

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    I ve been reading a lot of mysteries these days off this 100 best mysteries of all time list by H something something Keating Some of them have been ok and some less than ok but this was the first one I hit where I was like, oh, maybe Keating and I just have really different taste in books Because this was terrible Just stupid and obvious and trying to be funny but not funny and no attention to language and really boring characters and just went on and on and on and on like, there was nothing whatsoever good about this book It sorta felt like a Thomas Pynchon novel, that kinda wacky shenanigans kinda thing, only written by a not very bright 7th grader who was neither inventive nor funny Then I read about the guy and it turns out he was a cop Well, case solved I guess Not sure what s up w Keating

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    This is my first Joseph Wambaugh novel and I loved it At times I cringed and other times I laughed out loud.The crime at the heart of the novel takes a backseat to the characters that are trying to solve it I will without a doubt read of this author s books.

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    I was far too young when I read this book Sixteen year old girls should not necessarily dive into the hard, gritty, dysfunctional world Wambaugh s characters inhabit My memories of the book, which I haven t picked up since I closed the cover on the last page almost 20 years ago, are of sharp, cold details, like the color of an old stain in a bare mattress and the acrid stench filling a small, derelict room They are snapshots from a nightmare, rendered so crisply and vividly I still remember them today.

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    Wambaugh brings noir to the LAPD The 6 detectives in this novel try to solve the murder of an important Hollywood studio boss, but they cannot determine who committed the crime among a number of possibilities The tone is bleak as the detectives drink, cheat and lie their way through life.

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    Joe Wambaugh s version of the Hollywood revenge novel The tone shifts from The Choirboys bleakness to outright nihilism Hardly a sympathetic character to be found.

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    Good stuff I think I ve been kicked out of that bar

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    You just can t go wrong with Joseph Wambaugh The book got off to a slow start, but with characters like Poor, Old Cal Greenberg, the Weasel, the Ferret, and Flameout Farrell, you can t help but laugh and soon get involved The story centers around a murdered Hollywood producer and a mysterious production company, but fans out from there From the Glitter Dome a bar where the cops hang out to the Hollywood precinct where the cops work , it is a wild ride Wambaugh can bring you to tears and on the next page make you laugh out loud Never a dull moment with his well developed characters that s for sure.

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    Read a scene Laugh Turn the page Feel guilty that you laughed Page after, hit you in the gut like a heavyweight boxer and makes you put the book down and catch your breath Page after that, you laugh again This book did that to me It hit me hard and turned me into a Wambaugh fan Search as I might, I could never find another book that could slap me around like this one did Very dark Hardcore crime fiction.

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    What lots of readers don t realize is that Wambaugh s books are very much non fictional, and the dark events are disturbing to them But, he uses the often times laugh out loud humer, which surgeons, medical examiners, and murder detectives use to stay sane Unfortunately alcohol and drugs are also used for the same purpose, but citizens pretty much keep their heads in the sand about it.I admire Wambaugh for it.

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