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Thongor of Lemuria files Thongor of Lemuria, read online Thongor of Lemuria, free Thongor of Lemuria, free Thongor of Lemuria, Thongor of Lemuria b9ae0590c Thongor, Swordsman And Adventurer, Faces His Greatest Challenge In This Thrilling Action Packed Novel Of The Rough Hewn Civilizations Of The Earth S First Continent, The Lost Lemuria Amid Untracked Jungles, The Fearsome Heritage Of The Not So Long Gone Age Of Dinosaurs, Thongor Faces Fierce Beasts And Savage Beast Men, Confronts Hidden Cities Of Magic And Mystery, And Fights To Rescue His Princess From A Network Of EvilIt S High Adventure In The Manner Of Edgar Rice Burroughs And Otis Adelbert Kline

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    Carter envisions a prehistoric Lemuria that acts like a sword and planet world that tells a sword and sorcery story The fantastic elements are weird science and mesmerism and the like, but the inhabitants have a low technology mindset It s an intriguing concept but one incidental to the action, as the author drives the story from set piece to set piece.Despite the title, the writer of the back cover of the Berkley edition correctly identified the highlight of the book the vampire king scientist Xothun who ruled the lost ruined city of Omm for a thousand years, and now that he has depleted his slave population feed stock, it is time for him to expand his empire To my annoyance, in the book this particular piece has an equal weight with all the rest.And reading the chapter title Attack of the Cannibal Trees stopped me a moment these trees eat other trees How long does that take There were several little details that stuck out in like fashion, from how lightning behaves when it strikes an airplane to the outright statement that digestion is a slow, chemical combustion.

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    So bad it s good Note I recommend reading the book aloud in the most profound voice you can conjure.

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    Well, this second book is a VAST improvement on its predecessor, but I m not sure that s a good thing The 1st Thongor book is SO badly written its hilarious, this one s just bad.It s a swashbuckling barbarian fantasy adventure in the vein of Edgar Rice Burroughs, but rather than being a homage its far simply ripping off It s as if Carter has taken the entire cast of the 12 Marian books by Burroughs including villains creatures and thrown them into a single novella The names all sound like they re from Burroughs but we re never with characters long enough to care who they are other than funny names on a page Not that you have time to sit and reflect on who s who because the pace is so frantic that the character you were thinking about is long gone and another villain has appeared Nothing is explained and creatures are just thrown in randomly.I was also deeply annoyed with the climatic battle we re following 2 sets of characters Thongor who ends up at the mercy of evil vampire Xothun and his powerful magnetic ray in the lost city of Om and princess Sumia trapped in a siege situation of her home city which has been taken over by evil wizard Himog Thoon and his smoke of madness, and evil yellow druid Vaspas Ptol Hajash Tor leads an army to take back the cityThe city, and Sumia are saved by Thongor who gets back his airship and steals Xothun s magnetic ray and rides to the rescue knowing exactly what is going on with his princess Hold on a minute 5 pages ago he was miles away in the lost city of om at the mercy of the zombie commanding vampire lord who d foiled his ring of invisibility We only hear in flashback how he was able to escape and come and aid the princess Swizz That s just rubbish.Thongor of Lemuria is derivative and poorly written pulp trash Its breakneck speed and dashing exploits make it entertaining but it s not great The one redeeming feature are the villains Thalaba the destroyer is really creepy his form of torture to infect victims with his disease Also rather liked the vampire king Found Sumia s proposal to Thongor at the end amusing too This still has the monogamous moral fibre of Burroughs stories which is absent of so many later such works in the genre.If you want a hero driven by the force of his iron thews look no further than Thongor, a bizarre cross between Conan and John Carter but never quite managing to live up to either.

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    If you ve ever seen old Hollywood sci fi or fantasy movies, you ll remember a habit of making magic, spirits, and futuristic rays out of simple stuff like a Tesla coil, smoke, spotlights, projection, and matte paintings The idea was to create something completely extraordinary but presenting fairly mundane things with a little panache and showmanship In Thongor of Lemuria , Lin Carter somehow manages to do the exact opposite He turns a universe of fantasy and high adventure into lame and thoroughly explained parlor tricks This book includes a vampire king or blood drinking mad scientist , who lures Thondor s flying ship in with a mysterious device, which is later used for another purpose What super science has this immortal devil brought to bear What unthinkable magic is at play It s just a magnet, folks Luckily for the reader, Thongor of Lemuria is a full blown pastiche, which means Lin Carter puts a Conan ish character in a series of Barsoom ish and Amtor ish situations If he tapped a well other than Burroughs and Howard I must have missed it The result is bloated passages of description and no shortage of barbaric finery , swords and diet sorcerers, and an overpowered hero whose power is unnecessary since hetends to just escape by coincidence, the actions of others, or simply because the villains aren t all that good Sometimes Carter comes close to the feel of the writing he s trying to emulate, but he can t re create Burroughs dramatic plotting or Howard s fiery mad poetry I actually tried to start this book twice, the first time was about 9 years ago That time I put the book down when the narration decided to give us the sea monster s viewpoint while it s deciding whether to eat the Nemedis I only powered through the drawn out tired escapes at the beginning of the book this time because I have read worse ones since Oh This is a sequel, by the way, to The Wizard of Lemuria , although it s hard to tell at first since Carter has pulled the trick of introducing a character with a ready made history built it, not to mention implying sequels and prequels that he never got around to writing He s got his princess already on his arm and a comrade in tow, so the adventure separates them for new perils Three different kingdoms are thrown into the mix, none of which linger on the page long enough to really distinguish themselves In many ways, this is all standard Lin Carter fare Not quite as good as Jandar of Callisto , not as bad as Tower at the Edge of Time or Time War The same bad habit is at work, where the world is wonderful and twinkling and the hero has a very easy time and is pampered along the way, with peril at a minimum You d think a psychic immortal vampire king, to whom super science is merely a toy , would present of a challenge to a barbarian hero, but no I ve got Lin Carter on the shelf and I will most likely be reading it, if only to justify the insane amount of book buying I do.

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    A lot happens to Thongor in a week First his flying ship is struck by lightning As he fights its descent to the sea with the help of his two companions, the lovely Princess Sumia and Karm Karvis, a hungry sea monster stalks the ship After fighting that off, Thongor and crew land in the jungle where Thongor goes hunting only to be distracted by a hungry saber cat and cold conked by an apeman Meanwhile, his friends worry and try to track him, only to be caught by carnivorous plants, and then rescued by another party of carnivore apemen And that s all before noon on Monday.Thongor and the Dragon City harkens back to the pulp writers Robert E Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs Eventually Thongor must escape from a forgotten city lorded by a vampire scientist in order to stop a siege between two warring city states The book is filled with narrow escapes, cliffhangers and weird science.Carter may have had difficulty with pacing, opting for break neck , but he has written an entertaining diversion.

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    First cynical thought bargain basement Conan.Secondary, generous thoughts Actually, for what it is, it s not bad at all I could wish that I d read this the right way round, as I wound up reading what I assumed was the first of a series when it was actually the second, but still a decent time passing story well told If nothing else, Mr Carter knew how to work a cliffhanger and keep the reader s interest without seeming contrived modern authors take note, and yes, I m looking at you, Mr BrownI liked the way that Carter s Lemurian age seems to try and bridge the gap between our era of known history and Howard s Hyborean Age.I ll pass on the opportunity to harp on the themes of casual racism and sexism inherent in this kind of story, recognising them as symptoms of the time of writing, and for story s sake, give this a solid 3 stars.

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    This was objectively terrible.

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    Like many others of this era, this is a full on action adventure, sword and sorcery, add a dash of sci fi and edge of the seat what s going to happen next and get lost in the story, for a few hours I think I used to read a book a day in this era of 160 page novels Or are they novellas But I enjoyed this set, alongside, Conan, Dumaresq and John Carter, with my brothers back in the sixties and seventies, bought this in 1995, and read it again last year Thongor, his friend the noble Karm Karvas and his beloved Sumia, Princess of Patanga cruise in their air boat, fighting against a wild storm, and then are beset by a giant Larth and airboat sinks beneath the waves Then another monster joins the fray Onwards to be caught by beastmen , later held by rays of invisible force and trapped by zombie men, always travelling, to the lost city of Omm, and so it goes on with Thongor facing all to win his princess and This does require suspension of disbelief, and of any feminist principles, yes Sumia screams While it may not be great literature, I do believe ER Burroughs is now worth studying and this is quite similar, and great descriptive writing and telling of tall tales as in this genre This is the creator of Conan or one of in his element.

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    There was a timebut I guess it passed I ve tried to read this several times in the last few years, and finally made it two chapters in Thong man reads like a Conan parody He is mighty, magnificent, with iron thews I know that, and about him, because I was told that, over and over I did not finish.

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    The Thongor stories are a cross between the sword and planet fiction of Edgar Rice Burroughs, and the sword and sorcery of Robert E Howard That sounds great, but Carter didn t pull it off as well as I would have liked Still, these are interesting reads and I enjoyed them.

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