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    This book was life changing for me It s a Happy Life is comprised of motivational sections that want to make you want to get up, and make your dream happen, and amazing stories set in the Middle East I highlighted a lot of passages in the book, especially the parts about being easy on yourself, and learning to take a break Dr Edwards focuses on learning to be happy with yourself which was a big inspiration for me The stories were mind boggling, as Dr Edwards and his team were arrested by the Turkish police over 50 times It has definitely made for some very good stories I highly recommend this book.

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    Dr Edwards skillfully entwines the persecution and struggles of living as a Christian pastor in the Middle East and his thoughts and strategies for living a happy life in It s a Happy Life.Whether it was eating cake in jail, or bomb threats, the secret to happiness lies in knowing that you are loved and accepted I found this book to be a thrilling memoir self help book that helped change my worldview The book was a nice easy read, and yet very deep, with practical steps to living a good life.

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    I got this for free in a Goodreads giveaway and I am glad of that because I HATED this thing and would be angry if I had shelled out any money for it The description makes you think that you will be seeing ways to make things happen in your life and self help material for creating an exciting and adventurous life Unfortunately, this is only your typical christian mythology It is poorly written and all the advice you get is to read the bible, pray, recite verses, etc Readers are essentially told that some mythological god is out there who will tend to things for you Nonsense If you like for a writer to encourage you to turn your life over to your imaginary friends in the sky and trust that something that does not exist will carry you, you ll probably like this but I am an Atheist who makes things happen in my own life If you want someone to proselytize to you, you ll get it here On the other hand, if you are like me and want to make things happen for yourself and actually accomplish the things you want in life, pick up a copy of Wishcraft How to Get What You Really Want by life coach Barbara Sher to learn how to discover what it is you WISH to accomplish in life and CRAFT a step by step plan for getting it Don t bother with this thing Off to the garbage can it goes.

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    Although I am not a Christian, I approached this book with an open mind Surprisingly, I found it inspirational Thrilling The life of the author, set in the Middle East, intrigued me Dr Evan Edwards has been arrested by the Turkish police and military over 50 times According to the book, the author has given out over half a million Turkish New Testaments in a Muslim country a feat at that I found the book to be fast paced as the author describes his many arrests at the hands of the Turks Although I don t agree with the author s religious beliefs, this book is a hopeful book It filled me with hope that I can carry on despite the everything coming against me.

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    I just finished reading this an excellent read The author starts out the book with his escapade of eating cake in jail From then on, the author tells stories of being arrested by the Turkish cops, with his insights on how you can be happy in life.

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    Didn t finish it No flow Needed either of his story of being in a Turkish prison Or on the keys to living a good life.

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