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Jane Carver of Waar (Jane Carver, #1) quotes Jane Carver of Waar (Jane Carver, #1) , litcharts Jane Carver of Waar (Jane Carver, #1) , symbolism Jane Carver of Waar (Jane Carver, #1) , summary shmoop Jane Carver of Waar (Jane Carver, #1) , Jane Carver of Waar (Jane Carver, #1) 0a6be211 Jane Carver Is Nobody S Idea Of A Space PrincessA Hard Ridin , Hard Lovin Biker Chick And Ex Airborne Ranger, Jane Is As Surprised As Anyone Else When, On The Run From The Law, She Ducks Into The Wrong Cave At The Wrong Time And Wakes Up Butt Naked On An Exotic Alien Planet Light Years Away From Everything She S Ever KnownWaar Is A Savage World Of Four Armed Tiger Men, Sky Pirates, Slaves, Gladiators, And Purple Skinned Warriors In Thrall To A Bloodthirsty Code Of Honor And Chivalry Caught Up In A Disgraced Nobleman S Quest To Win Back The Hand Of A Sexy Alien Princess, Jane Encounters Bizarre Wonders And Dangers Unlike Anything She Ever Ran Into Back HomeThen Again, Waar Has Never Seen Anyone Like Jane Before Both A Loving Tribute And Scathing Parody Of The Swashbuckling Space Fantasies Of Yore, Jane Carver Of Waar Introduces An Unforgettable New Science Fiction Heroine Nathan Long Is A Screen And Prose Writer With Two Movies, A Saturday Morning Adventure Series, And Several TV Episodes To His Name His Official Website Is Sabrepunk

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    There are two groups of readers for this book those who have read Edgar Rice Burroughs A Princess of Mars, and those who haven t If you haven t then you may or may not like this book, depending on your tolerance for old school sci fi adventure tales Because Jane Carver of Waar is not even a little bit subtle about the material it s imitating it s quintessential high concept science fiction, that concept being what if John Carter was a chick And of course, if you have no familiarity with the Confederate gentleman turned warlord of Mars, then Jane Carver has to stand on her own and you re not going to get a lot of the jokes That said, it s fun and fast paced and Jane is kind of awesome in a ridiculous pulp fiction way, but you re only going to love it if you can get into planetary romances with swashbuckling sky pirates and alien hotties wearing nothing but jewel encrusted dental floss.There is, however, a modern sensibility to this novel Jane gets to team up with a couple of mostly naked princes to her immense gratification, Waarian men wear as little as the women And Jane is an unabashedly lusty lass and for all that, it takes her quite a while to get some If you have read the Barsoom books well, then, this book is a treat There s always a risk in reading something that is a parody tribute to a classic work either it will be too earnest and just read like a cheap knock off, or it will be too acerbic in its satire, or even mocking, as if to make readers who love the original, however cheesy it may be, feel like saps Lev Grossman s The Magicians is one of the biggest offenders in that regard Jane Carver of Waar is a shameless imitation, but it s a loving one Jane, an ex Airborne Ranger biker chick, gets popped off to Waar through a magic cave in just the same way John Carter went to Mars, and the adventures that follow are pretty much a mirror of those of everyone s favorite Virginian The Orans are purple instead of red, and instead of initially being captured by green skinned Tharks, Jane is captured by tiger centaur Aarurrhs Exactly like John Carter, Jane finds that Waar s lower gravity gives her superhuman strength and the ability to leap great distances.There are some divergences because of Jane s sex She doesn t have a princess to rescue instead, she befriends a hapless Oran prince named Sai, whose beloved Wen Jhai was bride napped by another Oran noble Sai is honor bound to meet the dastard s challenge and steal his fiancee back the only problem is, the other guy is one of the greatest swordsmen on the planet, and Sai is, well, kind of a wimp And a coward They make a cute couple, and when Sai s best friend, Lan, joins in the fun, the three of them go from one adventure and narrow escape to another in pursuit of Wen Jhai.Jane, being a woman, notices all the sexism that John Carter didn t see fit to comment on in his own adventure, and has great fun shocking and scandalizing everyone from the Orans to the Aarurrh She s a crude, brazen Valkyrie, but she also gets her butt kicked fairly regularly Her adventures are perfectly in keeping with the Edgar Rice Burroughs tradition, but told with a 21st century viewpoint.Edgar Rice Burroughs fans can read this book without fear that it s making fun of our beloved John Carter It s almost a worthy sequel to the Barsoom series If you haven t read the originals, though, you may well find this book fun, but I d really recommend reading A Princess of Mars first so you ll catch all the references and winks.

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    In many ways this book could almost get a 5 star rating from me There are just a few sour notes.What is it are they The author s views pop out now and then at annoying times giving Jane a discordant self righteous sound that is at odds with the character Too bad about that My take of course and some might not even notice what annoyed me Other than that what we have here is a fun action read Take the general idea and plot of ERB s Mars Barsoom John Carter Replace John Carter with a big, buff, BA redheaded biker chick, revamp the races and creatures of Barsoom, call the world Waar and you ve a rip roaring, page turner of a proverbial thrill ride This book is another of the brain candy genre that is a highly rewarding way to burn a few hours Good for adventure, good for laughsa little on the crude side language wise with some gratuitous sex but not as much as I expected , this is a fun read Jane is not long out of stir and she accidentally does something that will give her hard timeand lots of it On the run she goes into a cave John Carteresk and finds herself swept away to land naked on a strange world From there she confronts social problems as well as physical danger and she does it with humorand violence.I must admit to some laugh out loud moments here I love Jane s similes and metaphors he was as scary as a three year old with a butcher knife Lots of good turns of phrase, lots of good plot twists Funny without becoming parody I plan to read the next.Recommended with the caveat that there s a lot of rough language, crude situations and attitudes All that said I ve known Jane or at least people like her and generally there s honesty and a certain openness below that roughnessthough some of their friends will kill you for breathing wrong Know your people.As I said, recommended Enjoy.

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    There s a dark underbelly to the Barsoom novels and inheritors Their high honor and romance and focus on essentially upper class matters the warriors and princesses hide the stratified and ossified society behind all this And stratified societies, especially feudal ones, rest all their weight on the lowest members Stripped of John Carter s class blindness, you see the ugliness behind the high drama and matters of honor and courtly romance.The gender inversion of replacing John Carter with Jane Carver has effects that percolate through the story She s big and odd colored and can throw a man through a wall, but this doesn t protect her She is a woman and an outsider in a completely sexist and classist society whose machinery is the domination and abuse of its lesser members She s still vulnerable, still a person that an upper class twit would feel within his privilege to assault as desired, or for others to loathe or disparage John Carter rose in society despite or because of his differences, but Jane Carver would be best served by leaving it and joining the pirates.

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    I got this book on my nook during a free book friday special and I have to say, if I knew I would like it so much I would have paid money for it As is, I totally plan to get the next one coming out this November I have read alot of reviews that comment on how it is just a gender reversed John Carter and a rip off or parody but really it is soooo much than that I will refrain from comparing the similarities of the two book series and instead just say that if you like a good tough gal story with than a few crotch jokes and a non stop action feel, this is the book for you Jane is not a damsel nor is she exactly a feminist icon but she is strong, independent, a little horny, and than a little prone to punching first or crushing balls and rarely asking questions later It is what it is and if you can get over the pedigree of the material I think you will find it is a pretty good yarn so get over it and just give it a read.

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    IN A NUTSHELL I tend to judge books based on how they make me feel and I had a GREAT time listening to this audio book Jane Carver is a tall red haired muscled bad ass biker chick with a potty mouth, a brave impulsive heart and I have a crush on her The world building was solid, the story and plot exciting and easy to follow with descriptions vivid enough that I had no problems picturing the planet WAAR and all of it s inhabitants Did I mention how funny it was SUMMARY Jane rebuffs this drunk asshole at the bar and when she leaves he follows her He gropes her while she s trying to get on her bike She sees red and punches out at him He stumbles, so instead of hitting his face she punches him in the neck, HARD..and he dies Witnesses catch the tale end of it and think she just killed him She takes off, with the cops chasing her and ends up running into a cave to escape She ends up traveling to another planet world after touching a glowing stone she saw in the cave Her adventure is epic and HILARIOUS as she tries to help the first creature she found He s a prince He s human except for his purple skin, but there are other not so human creatures around Danger around every corner mostly because this spoiled Prince she s trying to help has a sense of honor that belies common sense and the princess she s trying to help him save is a nitwit as well The first of which is them being captures and enslaved by tiger like creatures.So much happened that I felt like I should be taking notes, but I don t want to spoil anything This book is a parody based on Edgar Rice Burrough s A Princess of Mars , which I haven t read and is supposed to be a classic I ll read that after I finish the 2nd book of Jane s adventures.

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    I so wanted to like this book A saucy redhead, ex Army Ranger, self described biker bitch gets transported to a strange new world where she runs around clad in a chain mail bikini and gets to kick some serious ass What s not to love Seriously Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to love it, I only kind of liked it It was good, enjoyable, and, at times, funny Ultimately, however, it wasn t memorable If you are looking for a good, fun book to read at the beach it will fit the bill If you are looking for great fiction you may want to look elsewhere.

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    Fun, from cover to cover, pretty much sums this book up Jane Carver of Waar was a sci fi adventure, wrapped up in a fantasy adventure and covered with a thick, juicy layer of Wild West adventure with a cherry on top That s three different types of adventure for the price of just one book Where I come from we call that a pretty good deal.Jane s a big, strapping, ass kicking red head who s mystically transported to a different planet or dimension She s barely figured out how to walk without falling when she jumps into her first frying pan The remainder of the book is spent going from frying pan to fire, back to frying pan, over to other fires, frying pans and the occassional broiler Much of the time the fires she s getting herself into are because she s trying to keep her friends, a namby pamby high faluting local aristocrat who s mooning over his kidnapped love, and his friend, another aristo type, who s also high faluting but not nearly as namby pamby.The chapter titles have great names like, Deathmatch , Pirates , Betrayed , Lockdown and such Each title just whets the appetite for the fun awaiting you in each chapter Yes, it s fun Really.I would have liked to have learned a little about her background how did she get to be a Ranger, for example, would have been interesting to know, but hey, I haven t gotten too far in the second book yet, and I hope to hell the author is working on book 3.I ve never really known a biker chick or biker guy for that matter who lives the biker lifestyle as does Jane I know guys with bikes, but they re your middle aged guys who are afraid of getting old types I saw the Wild Ones with Marlon Brando and I ve watched a couple of episodes of Sons of Anarchy, so I pretty much know zilch on the biker lifestyle That being said, I can t imagine anyone, biker or non biker, who uses colorful metaphors, similies and idioms to the extent that Jane does had a funk like a week old dead cat , There was no way out unless I could fly over the walls like goddamn Peter Pan and, one I still haven t figured out, These guys had all the class and sophistication of rubes at an Arkansas cooch show It might be a minor quibble that in his enthusiasm to make Jane colorful, the author went over the top with some of it After all, who the hell says rubes nowadays, but that was all part of the fun In reality, it s a minor quibble that s actually not even a quibble at all Forget I said it I m done here, and in the words of Jane, Come on Sai, let s skeddadle.

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    Really a 3.5 star rating, but I couldn t honestly rate it as 4.This pastiche of the Burroughs Barsoom stories is quite clever, but I m not sure that anyone who has NOT read any John Carter stories will find it to be as amusing Substituting a female biker and ex soldier for the John Carter character takes the story in fun directions, but one of the problems is that by making her so competent in exactly the same areas as John Carter, the author missed the chance to distinguish her In some scenes, the only thing setting her apart is that she is crass and vulgar compared to John Carter, who was at heart a gentleman as well as a warrior.There were some genuinely moving moments in the story, but one of them is diffused by the statements early in the book which make the reader question Jane s self image Also, she describes herself as an ex soldier who has had special forces training, but somehow apparently never went on missions where she had to kill anyone, or even think about it, which came across as odd.Still, after reading this book, I do want to track down his other works and see if I like them.

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    I pretty much ignored Edgar Rice Burroughs series of Martian adventure books They struck me as mere swashbuckling fantasy, not science fiction, and I was a bit of a snob about science fiction I guess I still am, but boy, was Jane Carver of Waar a fun read Which, I guess, means one doesn t have to have a grounding in Burroughs John Carter books to appreciate what Nathan Long is doing with Jane Carver She s a gas, very like some biker chicks I know in real life, and I d want her on my side in a Hells Angels bar.If you re ready for a break from serious reading but don t want your intelligence insulted, you could do worse And who knows, a little fun reading might help you keep your sanity in the Trump era.

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    If I could I would give this book two ratings The first would be on its own 3 stars , and the second would be as a sort of parody to the John Carter stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs 4 stars , which is how I ran across it.Jane s on the run from the law for a murder she didn t mean to commit when she finds herself transported to Waar where her Earthly muscles grant her superhuman strength Here she teams up with two nobles from Waar to right some wrongs and, hopefully, get herself back home But one noble is a coward and the other isnot quite what he seems snicker The trio bounces from one melodramatic dilemma to another until the somewhat unexpected conclusion.On its own, this book is average The tough biker chick Army ranger persona is different, but it doesn t always work At times it s funny, and at other times it just seems a little silly The plot is, truly, melodramatic So much is over the top that it reads a lot like a 1960s dastardly villain plot It s fun, but on its own it would just be too long and too much of the same.As a sarcastic send up to the fantasy books from the Golden Age, this book is almost spot on and is guaranteed to make you laugh There are so many nods to the thinking of that time and so many winks at John Carter that you can t help but like it What is missing to make it a 5 star book in that regard is that you lose the feeling that you re on a different planet a lot of the time Whereas Burroughs always reminded the reader that John Carter was on Mars and things were different, it s sometimes pretty easy to forget that Jane Carver is on Waar and instead picture her on Earth rather easily.If you like Burroughs or even love his work , this book will be good If you are not familiar with any of the John Carter books, Pellucidar books, or Carson of Venus books to name a few , you might still enjoy this book, but it s not going to become a permanent addition to your bookshelf And if campy fantasy books are not your style, stay far, far away.

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