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10 thoughts on “Prince Miros Capture (The Royal Captive #1)

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    This is a very short capture submit story obviously not written for us fantasy purists This is a story written for those who just want to read about unbelievably hot men with unbelievingly huge penises having forced sex with other unbelievably hot men with even bigger penises If you re just looking for the sex, this book is your cuppa For me, the whole thing was like Spartacus on steroids with some Caligula thrown in for the kink Unlike Caligula which was just over the top, Prince Miro s Capture was just over Rule of IMPORTANT thumb If you re going to write in a fantasy setting unless it s urban fantasy make sure you don t jar the reader out of it through modern language jargon usage It can still be erotic.Unfortunately like Twinkies and Lay s Potato Chips, I have to see how poor Prince Miro fares I m holding out hope that the subsequent books in the series will be better.

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    now, I guess I m not one to judge fantasy cultural conventions, but damn if Miro wasn t wearing some pretty skimpy armor in the beginning Unless he actually had on that we were told about But I mean Breastplate and loin cloth Oh, and some greaves Stillkind of makes me think of this magic of google Yeah, it s not armorClose enough DOr maybe like this then again when the guards are stringing him up right on the battlefieldExhibitionist bondage Kinky, guys Real kinky.Meh The MC talks about his own beauty, but he does it so subtly I didn t have than a passing moment of pause when it came up.I also feel the need to mention that I have something against sticking stuff into the actual penis itself I feel that is very dangerous and highly potentially harmful and all that shit.That awkward moment when I m sitting here wondering if all this is physiologically possible instead of in horror over the torture as I m supposed to screw societal constructs And no offense to TheFountainPenDiva, but I fail to see how that s a problem DEvery serious reader needs some book porn now and then.

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    2,5 starsNeko light with girlie bits.Very kinky Well written,very short and too expensive I don t know what got into me Neko by P.L Nunn

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    JUST LOOK AT THE COVER HOW COULD YOU NOT READ THIS and oh to touch it I would I read the whole series and it was believable, sad and a challenge to read, I am not into m m sex but this poor prince had not choice it was survival and was not good for him. Tia a slave was his only happiness in life during this whole ordeal of being held captive by King Jai and his family they were brutal to him used him like a piece of trash but the whole family of Jai s seemed harsh.The end was good for Tia and Miro and unexpected The book covers are enough to make you want to read this series lol I mean look at that body. but the series is in 6 books and can also be bought in 1 3 and 4 6 releases e books so it may cost less to buy it that way I liked the story it did have a good storyline even though it had a lot of sex but was realistic for the times it was to be written for..a Good read..

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    2.5 starsNot sure if this is a monthly series or what It s VERY short Anyway, it is part 1 of 2 that I have found so far, and the story just stops, then continues in the next part.Could be a pretty kinky BDSM m m f book if it were re written and compiled into one volume. I would certainly encourage the author to do so.Part 2 is a continuation of this first part, but it doesn t finish the story, either, so there must be coming sometime.

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    It s okay and very hot as far as at goes, but the price is way out of proportion to the amount of text you get I.e., way too expensive But I bought it And the next one, just as short and just as expensive.

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    Total PWP This review is for the whole series, which taken together is about a whole book Not much depth of character but a decent plot It really is all about the kinky sex and humiliation.

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    Terrible To me this is just trashy So are the next two,couldn t force myself to pay for the rest.

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    it s a very short story 13 pages and it was as bad as I thought I read it because I love to read bad BDSM books It was very funny

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Prince Miros Capture (The Royal Captive #1) summary pdf Prince Miros Capture (The Royal Captive #1) , summary chapter 2 Prince Miros Capture (The Royal Captive #1) , sparknotes Prince Miros Capture (The Royal Captive #1) , Prince Miros Capture (The Royal Captive #1) c56a394 WARNING Contains Bondage, Submission And Domination Themes That May Be Offensive To SomeIn A World Ruled By The Sword And Brute Strength, Prince Miro Battles His Father S Archenemy, King Jai, In Single Combat He Is Soundly Defeated Instead Of Killing Him, King Jai Demands The Stunningly Handsome Prince As TributePrince Miro Is Stripped, Cruelly Bound, And Publicly Humiliated In Ways He Would Never Have Imagined But What Mysterious Decorations And Fate Does The King Have In Store For The Prince S Hard Cock, Firm Balls And Tight, Virginal Passages This Is Volume One Of The Royal Captive Series

  • Kindle Edition
  • 30 pages
  • Prince Miros Capture (The Royal Captive #1)
  • Aphrodite Hunt
  • English
  • 19 July 2019

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