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    Admittedly, I ve never been much of a reader In the past ten years I have probably read no than 5 or 6 full length novels that I did so for leisure and not school or study I suppose I never really had the patience or attention span to commit to fictional narratives I am currently between jobs and constantly looking for new hobbies to enjoy in my spare time, so I decided that I wanted to give reading another go and find a new book to sink my teeth into A couple of weeks ago I was at the store, browsing the shelves waiting for something to jump out at me One book in particular caught my eye, its ghostly blue and white cover adorned with the words The Colour Of Death instantly creeping under my skin The title alone intrigued me, so naturally I flipped the book over and read the blurb on the back cover, as you do This only strengthened my interest so I went ahead and bought it This book has single handedly rekindled my addiction to reading The term page turner is thrown around a lot these days, but to me, never so has it applied so literally to one novel Perhaps it is because I am an inexperienced reader and I have little to compare it to, or I m just not yet at the stage where my standard is at the level of say, A Song of Ice and Fire, but I truly adore this book Only one page in and my commitment was already sealed, as I discovered that one of the characters in the story has the rare mental ability, or as those with it would say, gift, of synaesthesia My mother proudly possesses this phenomenon and some of it has worn off on me, so establishing this connection, the deal was sealed The main character not the one with synaesthesia , forensic psychiatrist Dr Nathan Fox, is given a tremendously intriguing backstory, emerging through a brilliantly provocative and tension filled prologue describing a traumatic event from his childhood Straight away I became emotionally invested in Nathan as a character and wanted to follow his journey When he happens across a unique young lady with an extremely rare form of synaesthesia who is involved in the exposure of a terrible crime, it is determined that she has suffered amnesia and the story becomes instantly complex and holds your attention in a vice like grip, not letting go for a second I found myself becoming quite emotionally attached to these two characters and the tender yet difficult relationship between them Having lost her identity and being nicknamed Jane Doe by the police department, the girl struggles with her unique gift of sensing and envisioning past moments of death within the walls of the rooms in which they occurred When she becomes the only link between several strategically planned and carried out murders, Dr Fox must help her make sense of her ability and uncover her past, while also unravelling the mystery of his own.Where the story goes from here is best left to be discovered Suffice to say, there are thrills and spills a plenty, twists and turns that will give you goosebumps and moments where you either gasp in shock or cheer with delight I was up until 3am one night because I simply could not put the book down Author Michael Cordy s choice to write from the viewpoints of numerous characters, including the antagonists, is definitely polarising I however believe this to be fascinating and perversely intriguing as these subtle, brief insights into the villains motives attempt to explain and justify their reprehensible actions It provides a third dimension to the narrative, and reinforces your support of the two protagonists The Colour of Death is an absolute roller coaster ride of a read It will make you think, it will make you learn, but most importantly it will make you feel This is an exceptionally character driven, high concept novel, and one you simply must experience for yourself A true gem.

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    3.5 piacevole thriller da leggere con tutti gli elementi del genere

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    I was really engrossed in this book at the start as we first meet Nathan Fox as a young boy when his mother, father and young sister are brutally murdered during a gas station robbery but Nathan can t remember anything about the traumatic incident or why his life was spared.The story then moves 19 years to the present day as Nathan is now a psychiatrist helping people though he can t help himself with his loss of memory He is detached and has learned to distance himself from pain and loss.He is then entrusted to a young woman who has total memory loss and, because Nathan is the right colour of indigo, she trusts him and no one else I found this side of the story very intriguing as both the woman and Nathan shared a special kind of sense..Nathan could feel someone else s pain and Jane Doe had other senses as well, which are slowly revealed and which could be the reason for her memory loss.The story becomes even intriguing when a series of murders occurs and Jane s picture is found with the victims and she is persuaded to use her other senses to help identify the killer..the police are sceptical but Nathan believes in her.I liked Nathan and so did Jane who thought he was a hard man to get to know well even if you were a friend, though she doesn t find him aloof or cold, he was too compassionate I liked their developing relationship, it seemed real and natural.Up to this point in the book I was getting involved with the characters and enjoying the storyline but when it moved on to a cult who lived deep in the woods and who s charismatic leader has three beautiful devoted wives I m afraid my interest started to wane a little.It was still quite gripping but it wasn t the same book for me and I found myself not rushing to finish it to find out what was going to happen From Carole s Book Corner

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    A woman with total amnesia and synaesthesia The mixing of senses colour as smell, touch as hearing, etc falls into the care of a psychologist, Nathan Fox Together, they unlock her amnesia and ease their own painful pasts.For a book that started out with an interesting premise synaesthesia this fell apart very quickly Cordy seems to have no idea what pacing means, and the book is the same speed all the way through generally, books accelerate as they reach the climax, but not this one The pacing was constant, and at times it crawled.The characters were two dimensional, and the villain a cardboard cut out of a monster Plot twists were easy to guess fifty pages before the reveal Dialogue was clunky and clich d I mean who says to someone else in the last years of the 20th century the setting , Come and not Come on Who says, Stop them, you fools and expects to be taken seriously Cordy s research into synaesthesia is solid enough I asked my wife, who has it, and she agreed , but in other places it falls down NO ONE puts tape around a body in a murder scene

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    Abandoned unfinished.

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    I started this book with a lot of excitement and momentum carried me through almost to the end The start is interesting, it is a thriller with a twist and a lot of details about energy and Chakras thrown in.Though I enjoyed the book, but towards the end, I found the book too predictable.Though the book started with a very interesting concept, But over the pages it became too predictable, almost like reading script of a mediocre reading a Bollywood thriller The central characters could do no wrong and evil ones had no reason to do anything right.I would recommend reading this book, though The author apparently did good research to elaborate so well about ancient Indian healing, but still wish the end was different.

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    Un libro che mi ha lasciato poco per il tempo che mi ha preso Scontato e privo di spessore A tratti banale.

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    From the back coverIn a residential neighbourhood of Portland, Oregon, an unknown young woman uncovers a shocking crime by inexplicably sensing the evil within its walls To the police, she is a mystery She can t even tell them her own name They christen her Jane Doe.Suffering terrifying hallucinations, Jane is assigned to Nathan Fox, a forensic psychiatrist struggling with his own demons Together they must piece together the jigsaw that is Janes identity.Then a sequence of brutal killings terrorizes the city and Fox learns that Jane is the only cryptic link bewteen the unrelated victims To solve the murders, Fox must discard his black and white preconceptions, look beyond the spectrum of normal human experience and confront the dark truth of her pastand his own.My reviewThis is my second read from the Transworld book group and what a brilliant choice The action starts right away in the prologue and by the first chapter I was hooked Nathan Fox Dr and Jane Doe are our main characters and we are introduced to them straight away For Nathan a doctor who is committed to his patients but wont let anyone get close to him after the horror he experienced as a child and losing his family.Jane Doe we have to find out about her as she does herself, having no memory of why she saved the girls or even who she is or anything about herself except for a special genetic condition she has that scares her and shows her so much horror Between the two of them they work together to discover what is going on with Jane and her extraordinary hallucinations and before long they are tangled up in a web of murder and horror Can Dr Nathan Fox find the key to helping Jane Doe remember who she is and what is has to do with these killings.I loved this story, for a short while I thought I was going to not understand the condition Jane has as it is a bit complex but Michael Cordy explained it so easily in the book I got to learn about a new condition and understand it with ease The book goes at a great pace and there is plenty of questions raised throughout the book I love this with novels however hate that not every question gets answered, not in this case, Right up to the end your kept in suspense and then everything is explained, with an opening for a follow up maybe Some of the scenes especially near the end are quite horrifying and uncomfortable to read Delaney and Jane Doe scene but it does not take anything away from the story This was my first Michael Cordy book and it won t be my last, I hope they make this into a series 5 5 for me, a fantastic read, fresh and different and I stayed up all night to get it finished as I couldn t put it down.

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    Received from and reviewed for Transworld BooksIn Portland a young woman is irresistibly drawn towards a house She can sense the evil in the house, but can t make herself turn away Using an axe she breaks into the house and singlehandedly puts a stop to the evil lurking inside, injuring herself in the process.When the police catch up with the young woman she turns out to be a mystery Not only can she not explain how she knew what was going on in that house, she doesn t know who she is, where she came from or anything else about herself.Dr Nathan Fox, a forensic psychiatrist with violence in his own past, is asked to talk to the girl and see if he can help her retrieve her memories and find explanations for what she did As he works with the girl, Fox finds himself fascinated, both by the girl and the powers she has.At the same time, downtown Portland is rocked by the violent murders of underworld figures And somehow the murders appear to be linked to the young woman the police have christened Jane Doe.Now Dr Fox not only has to treat the young woman, but also finds himself trying to keep her safe.When somebody turns up claiming to know the girl and eager to bring her back home that should mean the end of Nathan Fox s involvement with her However, it turns out that it is only the start If past events were dark, what is yet to come is far darker still, and beyond anything those involved could have imagined.This is a very interesting thriller Since I don t want to spoil the story for anyone, I won t go into the concepts the author uses, but they are fascinating and original.The book starts off as a very fast paced thriller, and ends in the same fashion I did find some of the parts in the middle a bit slow and drawn out Partly this is the result of the concepts the author uses, concepts which do require explanation and expanding upon, and as such to some extend necessary However, it did mean that while I couldn t stop myself from turning the pages at the start and finish of the book, I had no such difficulties mid book.That s not to say that I would discourage anybody from reading this book It is always good to come across a thriller with an original premise, and this book certainly has that It also has nice characters and a mostly thrilling and gripping story.The book ends in such a way that the author could easily revisit these characters again in the future If he does, I will be among the first to read the sequel.

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The Colour of Death summary pdf The Colour of Death , summary chapter 2 The Colour of Death , sparknotes The Colour of Death , The Colour of Death 6aa15bd In A Residential Neighbourhood Of Portland, Oregon, An Unknown Young Woman Uncovers A Shocking Crime Scene By Inexplicably Sensing The Evil Within Its Walls To The Police, She Is A Mystery She Can T Even Tell Them Her Own Name They Christen Her Jane DoeSuffering Terrifying Hallucinations, Jane Is Assigned To Nathan Fox, A Forensic Psychiatrist Struggling With His Own Demons Together They Must Piece Together The Jigsaw That Is Jane S IdentityThen A Sequence Of Brutal Killings Terrorizes The City And Fox Learns Jane Is The Only Cryptic Link Between The Unrelated Victims To Solve The Murders, Fox Must Discard His Black And White Preconceptions, Look Beyond The Spectrum Of Normal Human Experience And Confront The Dark Truth Of Her Pastand His Own

  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • The Colour of Death
  • Michael Cordy
  • English
  • 15 June 2017
  • 9780593060674

About the Author: Michael Cordy

MIchael Cordy s first novel, The Miracle Strain, about the search for the DNA of Christ, was published in over twenty five languages and forty countries It reached the top five in the Sunday Times Bestseller List and became a bestseller around the world Disney bought the film rights for 1.6 million.Another five novels followed Crime Zero, Lucifer, True, The Source and the latest THE COLOUR OF