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    It is always difficult to review a comic strip, and I think a one panel strip with no set characters is even difficult to discuss as opposed to a regular strip, but I ll give it a try To begin with, if you don t know what The Far Side is, then your life is going to improve a bit from having experienced it, unless you have absolutely no sense of humor at all, in which case you probably won t like it Gary Larson has an unusual mind and puts a different twist on the common and uncommon alike Each one picture entry stands on its own, and many will connect with the reader in terms of culture, myths, etc.This is the first collection of strips from Larson, and as such looking back on it now, I would say that this is not Larsen at his peak, but at the same time there are still plenty of laughs contained in this book and it is certainly not a poor collection So while none of my favorites for The Far Side series is included in this particular collection, there are some very good ones here You learn what happened to unicorns, how the wife of a werewolf feels in her old age, and a bit about Santa s relationship with his reindeers, just to allude to a few of the strips included All in all there are 200 strips included.

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    15th book read in 2018.Number 328 out of 675 on my all time book list.Very funny, but some jokes where dated or not funny.

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    The scene An abode A closed door A man we cannot see except for his legs protruding from behind a couch lies lifeless, probably dead, on the floor A talking parrot perched in a cage next to the door, squawks, Knock knock Hello, is anybody in there Knock knock This is the twisted genius of Larson I read this, the first of The Far Side collections from 1982, in one sitting at Half Price Books tonight, along with his second collection from 1983, Beyond the Far Side If I d been able to take notes I would have shared of these gems with you.Needless to say, this is my kind of humor, so much so that when my friend Tom, who was also in the store perusing the books with me, told me he liked Larson s humor because it was sick I looked at him quizzically Sick, hmmm, I never thought of it that way This gives you some indication of how naturally skewed is my worldview.

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    The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes hold up amazingly well Came across my old Far Side books and am going through them, CH next up, after grades are in.

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    The Far Side ran in my local newspaper when I was young and beautiful and impressionable I found it the other day as I ve been packing my bookshelves for a move to a new house Wow Still as warped and funny as ever Very enjoyable.

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    Far Side is the best strip ever created puts our world to shame.

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    3.5Had some good funny moments, I liked the dark humor.

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    1984 Jan 012012 July 21After the long slog through the ghost stories, I wanted something quick and zippy and fun So I snagged a whole slew of Far Side books at the library, confident that not only would I read them, so would the kids And so it came to pass Veronica and I reading books side by side and sharing selected cartoons with one another And Tash ran off with another volume at bedtime Even at his worst Larson amuses me no end.Library copy.

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    Things just aren t funny like the farside Supposed to be a parody, and it does make me laugh but I see some valid truths in these pages as well reminds me of the adages it s important to learn to laugh at yourself, don take life too seriously

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    The first in a series of The Far Side booksgranted not every cartoon is excellent but so many are that I think this book deserves 5 stars I love Larson s drawing style and brilliant and hilarious observations so neatly captured in one sentence or two.

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