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    Had any of the characters been even half as cool as this guy I may have keep reading Or to be accurate I should say I may have read it correctly Which I didn t Instead, I did this notices all the 5star reviews of Bitten clicks confirm order button on BookDespository.com waits by mail box for about 40,000 years receives Bitten does happy dance like a happy thing in a happy place with a happy hat begins reading page one of Bitten 18 minutes later ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz etc.Following day continues reading Bitten fixes toothpicks to eyelids in order to avoid boredom induced coma Some time later has been reading this motha effing story since the beginning of time Assumes is on page 82,476 looks at page number Page 183 WTF flips to final chapter Absorbs general gist of things curses all Goodreaders

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    How can I write this review without sounding like I m about to start stalking Kelley Armstrong I loved this book I loved all the characters in it It was well written, with engaging, interesting characters The plot was fast moving and interesting I never got bored, I never felt like it was dragging and the story was a PLEASURE to read.This is what reading should be Turning from page to page, absolutely and completely emotionally invested in the characters and feeling like you re right there, experiencing things through their eyes, their fingers and their brains even.This book, to me, equals The Hunger Games and that s VERY high praise I think I may actually enjoy it than the Fever Series though I don t want to go saying anything I can t take back I m off to read the next books, hoping against hope that this one wasn t a fluke and that they are as well written and incredible as this one was If they re not, I think my heart is going to break

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    You know when you don t really expect to like a book based on the fact that you re prejudiced to its contents For example, thanks to Twilight, I am completely Team Vampire and I m terribly ashamed at having brought Twilight up, trust me so anything Werewolf ish automatically sets off some inner resentment Knowing this book was about werewolves just made me go blegh but I was suddenly determined to give it a chance, and so I did Oh My God FANTASTIC I was utterly absorbed by this book from the first page, completely mesmerised by the characters playing out on the pages before me I was mentally crying as I neared the final page, torn between needing to finish and wanting it to last forever and ever This book is thrilling, entertaining, hilarious it had me in hysterics , steamy, sexy, tragic it s honestly just a rollercoaster of adjectives Elena is the most amusing narrator I ve come across in a long time, whether she means to be or not She is truly a unique voice and I wished that Armstrong had continued the series from Elena s point of view because I m IN LOVE with her Really, even when I wanted to strangle her for stupidity, I loved her I could say that about Clay, too GOD, I loved Clay, even when I hated him These are those rare types of characters you never want to let go once you ve found them Honestly, I could ramble for ages but I m trying to contain myself Trust me, if you have any doubts about reading this, just push past them and give this book a go You can t go wrong.

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    This might be the best first in series I ve ever read I have favorite series, and this is definitely one of them, but most of the time my favorite book in the series is not the first one This one is I love Elena I love Clay I love them together, and I HATE them separated I love their issues, and I love their issues getting resolved even I can t think of a single think about this book that I don t like.ALSO Clayton Danvers might be my all time favorite book boyfriend 1 He s a friggin HOT werewolf.2 He has no problem being in a relationship with a strong female.3 He is the epitome of all things loyal.4 He would do anything, A N Y T H I N G to keep Elena safe rescue her I m talking you d have to kill him to stop him, and he s damn hard to kill 5 He mates for life.6 He s a good dad.7 He s refreshingly forthright.I could go on and on, and on I love him than Curran Lennart I didn t even know his last name until I just looked it up I love him than Trent Kalamack More than Eric Northman More than Ricky bo and Cuffs Alistair More than Edward and Peeta.Get it

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    A lot of authors tend to rely on supernatural abilities to make their fantasy and paranormal characters appealing to us foolish mortals who seek our escapes amongst their pages But Kelley Armstrong s werewolves in Bitten must rely on grit and personality alone, because aside from having the ability to Change their shape, they don t have any bizarre powers They aren t immortal, they can be killed just as easily as any other non supernatural creature and it doesn t take a silver bullet to do it they could be gored by a deer, hit by a truck or even strangled or have their throats slit by a human psychopath The abilities Armstrong s werewolves were granted were surprisingly believable, even without that total suspension of reality that is required to read a book about werewolves or vampires or the Fey They were stronger than the average human, able to run harder longer, bench press and do pushups And they could heal faster, but healing wasn t an instantaneous process, it still required rest and time And even though there was a slight psychic connection between the alpha and his pack, it was no eerie than the close bond between a set of twins or best girlfriends or a married couple so in tune to each other that they frequently find themselves dialing the phone to call the other at the exact same time It was Armstrong s ability to subtly draw you into the werewolves world that sold me hook, line and sinker Like so many others who read urban fantasy and paranormal romance, werewolves have not been my favorite characters Vampires, yes Other fantastical beasts, erm, okay, but only if there s a vampire somewhere in the book But werewolves Eh Pass Fortunately, the high ratings this book has received practically forced me into giving this book a shot And frankly, I loved it Elena Michaels is one of the most intriguing heroines I ve encountered in quite some time She is the only female werewolf in existence and in the history of the Pack She was raised human and after losing her parents in a car crash, was in and out of foster homes for her entire young life She suffered the unwanted attentions of her foster fathers and grew up wanting nothing than to have that normal human life a good career, a caring husband, a home But when she was bitten by a werewolf during college, everything changed and her dreams for a normal life were ripped away from her because suddenly she was faced with violent urges, a ravenous appetite and the need to periodically change form and run as a wolf through the night Obviously the latter is hard to do in a big city like Toronto, but after gaining some control over her other half, Elena tries to make it work She takes a job as a journalist with the newspaper, has a wonderful human boyfriend named Phillip who is kind and considerate and buys her flowers, and she quietly appeases the werewolf inside her by sneaking in between meals at street vendors so her live in human boyfriend doesn t notice her above average appetite and she sneaks out of the apartment at 2 a.m to stalk and scare local security guards a sad excuse for an all out deer hunt, but she makes do But then she receives an urgent message from Jeremy, the Pack leader, and Elena can t ignore it her Pack is in danger Elena leaves Toronto and flies to a remote area in upstate New York where her Pack is headquartered And there she finds Clay, just as she left him, waiting for her, still in love with her Like Elena, Clay is also a dark, tortured hero And the relationship Armstrong weaves for the two is both passionate and painful and oh so wonderful, and the fact that the relationship was second to the urban fantasy plot of an all out werewolf battle for territory didn t make it any less satisfying No spoilers here, so I won t say anything else, except that I highly, highly recommend

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    I first read this book when it came out and loved it It was one of the few books I d read that focused predominantly on werewolves I ve read MANY since and so I went back and reread this because I was curious if it would hold up against the masses Oh boy It did Let me just say that out of all paranormal books I ve read, Clay has to be one of the sexiest, if not the sexiest male character I m not sure why exactly, maybe it s because nothing about him is really overdone, a lot of his appeal is in his silence He doesn t have to build a monument to himself and then stand on top of it screaming that he s an alpha like some characters With him, you just know it And you want it BAD.

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    This one s been hanging around for a while, since it was recommended to me sometime last year I saw that kiwiria loved it and remembered that I had it, so thought I should get onto it sooner rather than later To be honest, the fact that it s about werewolves put me off I greatly enjoyed Kerri Arthur s Riley Jensen Guardian series the main character is a werewolf , and Kresley Cole has some wonderful lycanthrope characters whom I love, but generally they don t hold the attraction that vampires do Well, I really should re think that now.Elena Michaels is an orphan with a horrible past of foster families and abusive foster fathers since her parents died in a car accident when she was little Meeting and falling in love with Clay, an esteemed anthropologist doing a stint of teaching at the University of Toronto, was the first time she could be herself, and he was the first person she could be honest and open with Until she s bitten by a werewolf and becomes the first female werewolf ever, and forced into a life she did not want, with the Pack.Ten years later, she s carving a human life for herself in Toronto as a journalist, living with her boyfriend Philip, and forcing herself not to Change until she can t help it When she does, she goes out in the early hours of the morning and chases security guards in the car parks, and rabbits in the ravines Her attempt at fitting in with humans comes to a jarring halt when the Pack leader, Jeremy, asks her to return to Stonehaven in New York State There s a killer on the loose in the town who s obviously a non Pack werewolf, a mutt, leaving the mutilated bodies on Pack territory and bringing the police to their doorstep.Returning to Stonehaven, Elena finds herself fitting into old patterns without fear of exposure or judgement She still yearns to be human, or at least, to fit in in the human world, but the situation is becoming threatening and her Pack brothers are losing their lives and the enemy wants her.While the Prologue was necessary in setting up the main character and narrator, Elena, and it worked well written in present tense gives it that timeless quality I found it a bit boring and was worried I wouldn t be able to get through the book It wasn t long before I was completely riveted though.It comes down to Elena herself, I think She s tough, she s bitchy at times, she s smart, yet she has this aloof, lonely quality that adds a touch of vulnerability and really made me feel for her without being told to The way she describes her past and how she dealt with it, the way she over thinks her way through the world of humans, concentrating and always thinking, what would a human do Even though she used to be human, she s not any Then there s her relationship with Clay, which is what really drives the whole story Clay is an interesting character with at least three noticeable sides cold killer eager, childlike boy with a wealth of feeling and borderline genius He s moody but predictable, dangerous and lethal but oh so loving and loveable I just loved the fact that he wasn t easy to sum up, that he was complicated More than that, though, the plot was exciting and even though, after the prologue, the rest of the book is written in past tense, it still has that now feeling where the narrator, Elena, isn t giving hints as to what happened later, but narrates as if she has no idea either That gives the story a great deal of suspense and tension.For a debut novel, this is a bloody good novel The writing quality is very high, the character development is wonderful, the plot is absorbing, never boring, and the moments of humour are very adult and speak to a level of intelligence that most popular fiction aims below It s an intelligent, mature book, very hard to put down, and I m very keen to read the second book featuring Elena, Stolen.

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    I m sick with a cold flu thing so I m not sure how good my judgement is right now, but I definitely found my new book boyfriend here His name is Clay and he s a sociopathic werewolf He hates humans and kills them without remorse But, he is also willing to kill anyone for the woman he loves Isn t that romantic He s so sweet aww, you are kinda cute with your little noseless face, aren t you So, this book is about the only female werewolf in existence, Elena She s not happy being a furry and left the pack to live a human life She found a nice mellow man and is trying to pretend that she is a nice mellow woman But, you can t keep a good furry down Yeah, the human experience may be a little over ratedElena gets called back to the pack to help hunt down some rogue werewolves who are killing people Being back home reminds her of her wild side, plus there is the matter of a very alluring sociopath, so go get your freak on, girl

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    Blog Bookstagram Goodreads TwitterLinkTree Club Club BookstagramI m going to start off by saying this is my all time favorite series of books for the adult mind I love a lot of series, but I read this one when I was in high school which, I shouldn t have honestly and INSTANTLY fell in love with it.Why shouldn t I have read it then Well it is 100% an adult book It has graphic scenes, sexual and bloody and probably shouldn t be read by a fifteen year old I was tired of reading the high school equivalent reading level though, and my Kindle recommended this series to me so I bought it and I was hooked Even though this is in the erotica category on some pages, this is not an erotica It has sexual content, but I wouldn t go as for as that.I have said many a time that I am very in love with weird books Well, this is one of those books It s a werewolf book DON T STOP READING I PROMISE IT IS DIFFERENT THAN BOOKS YOU ARE THINKING OF THAT WE SHALL NOT NAME ON HERE.This book was originally published in 2001 four years before werewolves started to become popular Kelley doesn t glorify them as some books, she actually inputs how their instincts change, how the change from both forms is actually super difficult and agonizing Elena is the heroine in this book She is a werewolf Not by choice though, she was bitten Bitten by someone in the Pack I would say She left the pack to try and get her life back on track and do things her own way.The Pack the law and order of the werewolf community in America I have read the rest of the series a long time ago and I believe there are different packs in different countries that keep order Mutts those werewolves that aren t in the pack and are usually out killing, raping and eating anything that they see Very out of control and wild.The Pack Jeremy The leader of The PackClay His body guard wolf than human Nick s closest friendNick Womanizer follower Clay s closest friendPeter Nick Clay Logan s age another friend and pack memberAntonio Nick s father Jeremy s closest friendLogan Elena s only friend when she left the packShe s the only female werewolf to live through the change into a werewolf Most have died and the hereditary wolves can only be male So she is very wanted by all werewolves because of, you know, their nature to want to find someone who is their equal.The story starts out with Elena in Toronto with her live in boyfriend Philip The only person that makes her feel human He doesn t know her species and she plans to keep it a secret from him for forever, which isn t easy.She gets a call from Jeremy, the Pack leader, saying that he needs to talk to her and its urgent.After a few phone calls back, since Philip insist that she calls back someone she claims to be her family she s an orphan which has a back story of its own , she gets annoyed and she flies out to New York to see what is up.There s a mutt killing on Pack territory That isn t acceptable Jeremy enlists her help without her say so She helps though because she feels she owes Jeremy everything Things go scary wrong and the Mutt behind everything MY WORD.Read this book Kelley Armstrong is one of my favorite authors She knows how to grab your eyes and ears and not let go She has written other series and I plan to read them all Her writing style is glorious I feel it is harder to write in first person like she does but, as I have said before, she does it flawlessly Women of the Otherworld Series 001 FW GR Bitten 002 FW GR Stolen 003 FW GR Dime Store Magic 004 FW GR Industrial Magic 005 FW GR Haunted 006 FW GR Broken 007 FW GR No Humans Involved 008 FW GR Personal Demon 009 FW GR Living with the Dead 010 FW GR Frostbitten 011 FW GR Waking the Witch 012 Spell Bound 013 Thirteen

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    A warning to the reader, don t pick this book up if you cannot devote hours to reading it You will be completely absorbed into this tale of a woman who happens to be a werewolf, and isn t completely happy about it Elena is a fascinating protagonist, not all bad, but not all good either She has an animal side to her that she has suppressed, but when dead bodies start turning up, killed by what is clearly a werewolf, she can no longer hide from her werewolf origins Another thing that makes this book so fantastic is Clayton Danvers That man is dangerous You wonder how Elena can stay mad at him, although he really did her dirty you have to read it to find out The pack dynamics are interesting As the only female werewolf, Elena is cherished like a beloved sister and daughter But to Clay she is and will always be his mate, even if she runs away again If you are looking for an urban fantasy book written like mainstream fiction, or a good fiction book that is very much urban fantasy, or a really incredible werewolf novel, you would probably just love this book.

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Bitten download Bitten, read online Bitten, kindle ebook Bitten, Bitten bc7dae44c848 Elena Michaels Is The World S Only Female Werewolf And She S Tired Of It Tired Of A Life Spent Hiding And Protecting, A Life Where Her Most Important Job Is Hunting Down Rogue Werewolves Tired Of A World That Not Only Accepts The Worst In Her Her Temper, Her Violence But Requires It Worst Of All, She Realizes She S Growing Content With That Life, With Being That PersonSo She Left The Pack And Returned To Toronto Where She S Trying To Live As A Human When The Pack Leader Calls Asking For Her Help Fighting A Sudden Uprising, She Only Agrees Because She Owes Him Once This Is Over, She Ll Be Squared With The Pack And Free To Live Life As A Human Which Is What She Wants Really