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    In the course of this book, the heroine hated on mocked sneered at constantly cheerleaders, pretty girls, cheerleaders, pop music, cheerleaders, Britney Spears, cheerleaders, Christina Aguilera, cheerleaders, make up, cheerleaders, sequins, cheerleaders, the color pink, cheerleaders, happy people, cheerleaders, hot boys, cheerleaders, dating, cheerleaders, jocks, cheerleaders, looking good, cheerleaders, fashion sense, cheerleaders you get the message.Stupidest book ever And not even because of the underage CIA spies cheerleaders thing.

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    Rating 3 5Toby Klein never expected that one little invitation to join varsity cheerleading squad would change her life completely But as she soon finds out these cheerleaders are not your typical girls They are undercover government operatives Toby can t turn down the opportunity to join them and soon she finds herself with a makeover and doing things she never though she would, like breaking into the enemy s office and falling for a guy.This was a really fast paced and fun read It was everything you can expect from the blurb It got 3 star just because I feel like it is aimed for younger readers But otherwise it was a great way to spend my time while walking my dog The audio narrator did a pretty good job, considering there were so many girls she had to portrait It has been quite a long time since I listened to this one so I don t remember any comments I had in mind But if you are into spies and high school drama you might want to give this a try.

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    Perhaps I would have liked this book if I hadn t read the Gallagher Girls series Ally Carter Similar idea high school girls training to be secret agents Except that in this book, it s all about perfection Perfect hair, perfect accessories, perfect make up, perfect wardrobe Complete makeovers and everything pink Pulling off missions by flaunting their bodies and flirting Cheerleaders are untouchable head of the social hierarchy, vice principal obeying their every whim, homework completed for them Neat concept but I didn t like the approach.Oh, and Noah The book would have gotten another star if I hadn t been forced to put up with him.

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    Actual rating 4.5Not all books need to be poetic works with deep meaning Sometimes what you need is light and fun and trashy.

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    I AM OFFICIALLY IN LOVE WITH JLB I m in daze of re reading a bunch of books I previously enjoyed, and after going through the many JLB books I ve already read, I decided to get on this series and it Was Awesome Basically, at Toby s school, the cheerleaders rule with their perky happiness and sociable intuitiveness, being called the God Squad for a reason which is why Toby is so surprised when she gets an invite to join In code Multiple codes, actually which the hacker in her automatically figures out with intrigue And as it turns out Those perky blonde cheerleaders who seem completely brainless and shallow They re operatives in a top secret program that trains cheerleaders to undergo undercover missions because really, who would suspect the cheerleaders who jump and cheer and sell delicious yet awfully named cookies Yup Cheerleader spies It was laugh out loud funny and kiss my ass epic Toby our amazing third degree black belt computer hacker with sarcasm was so cynical and anti cheerleader that her constant inner horror about all she had to do as a new member of the God Squad left me constantly giggling We re used to reading about girls who want to be popular or at least enjoy it, but this isn t Toby at all She may be tiny, but she s snarky, she s a computer genius, and she threatens football players on a regular basis for beating up her flirtatious younger brother I want her to be my new best friend There s a small budding romance going on between her and Jack, which is super funny to watch because she s a threat prodigy but a flirt fail as in, she kicks than she bats her eyelashes Which I guess works because it manages to turn Jack on, but I digress Jack and Toby, no matter what she tries to argue JLB always has the most brilliant ideas that are ten million shades of original such as Tattoo and The Naturals and this is no exception Her research about everything spy related was flawless Her terminology was spot on I wouldn t be surprised if JLB was a secret spy because she really knows her stuff My only complaint is that I always wish in all her books that she goes personal with the characters and the story Sure, I had fun with all the reactions and interactions and personalities and etcetera, but when her stories constitute as really good, they good be FAN FLIPPING TASTIC with a little better execution Other than that I will always, always be looking out for anything JLB writes Always And you should too

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    Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadToo.comToby hates cheerleaders She could care less about the God Squad, the most popular girls in school Then she finds two coded messages in her locker inviting her to try out for the squad At first she thinks these messages are a joke, but then curiosity gets the better of her The first meeting is just an introduction to the squad, without practicing At 5 30 the next morning, she attends her first practice Toby is not a morning person her snark and wit come out full force at the thought of actually joining the squad There s to this bunch of cheerleaders than meets the eye and Toby is about to find out the uniqueness of the squad PERFECT COVER, the first in THE SQUAD series, takes everything you think you know about cheerleaders and turns it upside down Jennifer Lynn Barnes creates a new series full of surprises, wit, and a heroine who fights her destiny.

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    If you d told me at the beginning of sopho year that I was going to end up a government operative, I would have thought you were crazy, but if you d told me I was destined to become a cheerleader, I would have had you committed, no questions asked At that point in time, there were three things in life that I knew for certain 1 I was a girl who d never met a site she couldn t hack or a code she couldn t break, 2 I had a roundhouse that could put a grown man in the hospital, and 3 I would without question chop off my own hands before I d come within five feet of a pom pom.I loved this one I just loved it We clicked right from the start The premise Practically perfect, an unlikely girl, Toby Klein, is invited to try out for the cheerleading squad Her invitation It contains a code, and that s not the only suspicious thing going on Yet before she knows quite how and why it s happeningToby Klein isin facta cheerleader True, she s not your typical cheerleader None of the girls on the squad arewhich is why they make perfect undercover agents for the government I don t want to reveal too much But I do want you to know that this one is pure fun, and thoroughly satisfying I know I can t guarantee that YOU will love it as much as I did Reading is too subjective to make promises like that But I do encourage you to pick this one up and give it a try It s a paperback original and it s worth every penny of the 7 Becky Laney of Becky s Book Reviews

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    Ok, let me start this review of by saying that I actually really love some of JLB s work The Fixer and the Naturals series which is why I decided to read as many of her books as possible I was really excited for this series because the premise sounds great I mean cheerleaders as government spies Sign me up Sadly, I was disappointed.Don t get me wrong, there were a few things that I liked.Some of the characters especially Lucy, Zee and Tara were cool and their base sounded amazing, but that s sadly about it There were just a lot of things that irked me about this book The biggest issue I had was with the main character Toby She was just so judgmental of the other girls and just felt like she though that she was better than any of the cheerleaders Mainly because she wasn t one of those girls that wear tons of make up and have only like 3 braincells since they always smile and cheer etc No, Toby isn t that kind of girl She is better because she can be violent, wears combat boots and doesn t think of the cheerleaders as gods etc Plus she doesn t have any real experience with boys She is such a special snowflake rant overI have big issues with shaming of any kind and so I really hated that portion of the book I could have dealt with it if it was executed better It would have been such a great possibility for character development, but in my opinion that opportunity wasn t really used I think that that s what the author really wanted to do, but it just didn t ring true in my opinion It just feels like Toby still mostly looks down on the others and I don t feel like she has changed much.Those are just some of the things that annoyed me Also what was up with Toby s brother And the whole dating thing was just ugh All in all, I d give it a 1.5 to 2 stars Not really sure at this point Definitely won t reread this ever.

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    Tasers and bulletproof push up bras In practically the same sentence So wrong So, so wrong Between this book and The Naturals series, it s safe to say Jennifer Lynn Barnes has a little obsession with teenagers working for CIA FBI but The Naturals is waaaay better, just sayin.Toby Klein is a sopho student who doesn t fit in with anyone else She s her own persona and doesn t follow highschool rules Until she s invited to join the Cheerleader team a group of people that Toby hates She then finds out that the Cheerladers are actually undercover CIA agents helping protect the USA from terrorism, bomb attacks and It s up to Toby wether or not join the team or live her life as an outsider.I really liked Toby at the beginning She was witty, funny and didn t take anything way to seriously She seemed to think for herself and stand up for what she believed But then, she met The Squad and long gone was the Toby I liked, replaced by a I ll do whatever these strangers tell me Toby Yeah, not a fan.This book was full of clich s, like Toby liking the type of guy she used to dislike And then the group of cheerleaders was any typical group of girls in any YA book there a bitch one, a nice one, a quiet one, a pretty one, etc Whatever happened to originality There s also a profiler kuddos to Cassie and Dean, I m guessing.I gave this book 2 stars because I felt a bit old for this type of story If I were fifteen years old, I d have loved this book Not the best Jennifer Lynn Barnes book, but not the worst The Naturals is so good, tho And makes sense Cheerleaders working for the CIA, REALLY.

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Perfect Cover download Perfect Cover, read online Perfect Cover, kindle ebook Perfect Cover, Perfect Cover 9d855e39c74f Bayport High Operates Like Any Other High School Jocks At The Top, Outsiders At The Bottom, And Everyone Else In Between Enter Toby Klein, A Sopho Computer Hacker Who Doesn T Play Well With Others She Has Zero School Spirit, A Black Belt In Karate, And What Her Guidance Counselor Calls An Attitude Problem She S The Last Person You D Expect To Be Invited To Join The Varsity Cheerleading SquadBut Things Are Different At BayportBayport S Varsity Cheer Squad Is Made Up Of The Hottest Of The Hot But This A List Is Dangerous In Ways Than One The Squad Is Actually A Cover For The Most Highly Trained Group Of Underage Government Operatives The United States Has Ever Assembled Athletically, They Re Unmatchable, Though They Make It All Look Easy On The Field Mentally, They Re Exceptional But With One Flash Of Their Gorgeous Smiles, You Ll Completely Forget That Socially, They Re Gifted, So They Can Command And Manipulate Any Situation And Above All, They Have The Perfect Cover, Because, Beyond Herkies And Highlights, No One Expects Anything From A CheerleaderToby Klein Might Not Seem Like The Most Likely Recruit, But She S Never Been One To Turn Down A Challenge If She Can Handle The Makeover, Bayport Hight May Just Have Found Its Newest CheerleaderPretty, Popular, Armed, And Extremely Dangerous Meet THE SQUAD