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    When producing listening to modern abstract music electronic, tape, or computer produced, I often compared the experience to abstract painting a nondidactic experience that required an open creative interpretative mind on the part of the audience But how then does an abstract painter explain his her own work, when audience expectations may center around a tangible reality than music presents It seems that the painter requires even lawyering to convince a skeptical audience Sometimes the discussion of thematic intent, aesthetics, philosophy etc range so far afield, so far beyond what appears on the canvas, that it seems like only so much mental chewing gum for over clocked brains in a desperate search for meaning and self justification The most astute observation in the book, and one to which I can much relate few modern painters can sustain the feeling that hey have truly possessed their work or experience Certainly Marcus Rothkowitz was preoccupied with Greek mythology, modernist psychology Early Christian thinking as he examined the human experience, but fortunately the relative simplicity emotive accessibility of the paintings belie the tortured overintellectualization, self doubt melancholy that no doubt were contributing factors to his suicide.

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    Read about 80 85% skimmed some of the factual biography at the beginning Lots of good reporting research on Rothko s life and inspirations with good quotes from him and a variety of contemporaries The book explains the philosophical basis and goals of his art in fascinating and even moving ways, though I don t feel well versed enough in Rothko criticism or the various philosophers referenced primarily Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Schopenhauer, and Heidegger to evaluate the arguments But I thoroughly enjoyed reading them, and had a moment of real profundity spirituality when I allowed myself to buy in Made me think a lot about how with art of all forms that s the key let yourself buy in when you can even if the reasons premises aren t logically airtight life is fun that way.

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    I was first interested in Rothko based on his images My interest increased when I discovered he committed suicide These two things led me to want to read about him This book was quite interesting to me Living through the great depression and WWII and exploring creating art during the height of Existentialism was all fascinating His political activity and the art organizations he formed and his focus on values were all elements that made for a very interesting character This was a good read.

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About Rothko download About Rothko, read online About Rothko, kindle ebook About Rothko, About Rothko d69c8937bcf0 As The Washington Post Says, Dore Ashton Brings The Reader To The Very Core Of Mark Rothko S Art She Draws On Her Countless Interviews With The Artist Giving Little Credence To The False Mythology Surrounding His Work To Take Us To The Heart Of Rothko S Painting, Showing Its Derivation From His Reading, Travel, And Thought