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Explosive Eighteen summary Explosive Eighteen, series Explosive Eighteen, book Explosive Eighteen, pdf Explosive Eighteen, Explosive Eighteen d3c6175596 Bounty Hunter Stephanie Plum S Life Is Set To Blow Sky High When International Murder Hits Dangerously Close To Home, In This Dynamite Novel By Janet Evanovich Before Stephanie Can Even Step Foot Off Flight From Hawaii To Newark, She S Knee Deep In Trouble Her Dream Vacation Turned Into A Nightmare, She S Flying Back To New Jersey Solo, And Someone Who Sounds Like Sasquatch Is Snoring In Row Worse Still, Her Seatmate Never Returned To The Plane After The LA Layover Now He S Dead, In A Garbage Can, Waiting For Curbside Pickup His Killer Could Be Anyone The FBI, The Fake FBI, And Guns For Hire Are All Looking For A Photograph The Dead Man Was Supposed To Be Carrying Only One Other Person Has Seen The Missing Photograph Stephanie Plum Now She S The Target, And She Doesn T Intend To End Up In A Garbage Can With The Help Of An FBI Sketch Artist Stephanie Re Creates The Person In The Photo Unfortunately The First Sketch Turns Out To Look Like Tom Cruise, And The Second Sketch Like Ashton Kutcher Until Stephanie Can Improve Her Descriptive Skills, She Ll Need To Watch Her Back Over At The Bail Bonds Agency It S Business As Usual Until The Bonds Bus Serving As Vinnie S Temporary HQ Goes Up In Smoke, Stephanie S Wheelman, Lula, Falls In Love With Their Largest FTA Yet, Lifetime Arch Nemesis Joyce Barnhardt Moves Into Stephanie S Apartment, And Everyone Wants To Know What Happened In Hawaii Morelli, Trenton S Hottest Cop, Isn T Talking About Hawaii Ranger, The Man Of Mystery, Isn T Talking About Hawaii And All Stephanie Is Willing To Say About Her Hawaiian Vacation Is It S Complicated From The Hardcover Edition

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    Okay, I admit it I m a Stephanie Plum sucker I read Smokin 17, and until the last chapter of the book, SWORE that I d no longer be running out to get the hardcover edition of another Stephanie Plum book as soon as it was released, Instead,I d be looking for the paperback at one of the used bookstores I frequentI love Janet Evanovich s writing style, her dialogue is hilarious, the characters are great, and reading the latest installment is like going home to visit with old friends well, old friends that NEVER change but still a fun read I ve voiced my complaints in reviews for past Plum novels about the marked lack of forward progress and character development Well, at the end of Smokin 17 Evanovich presented herself with the perfect opportunity to go a little outside the box and move the story forward Stephanie gets a trip for 2 to Hawaii the cliff hanger at the end of the book is who s she gonna bring Ranger or Morelli I know, I know, pretty lame for a cliff hanger, but when it comes to Ranger Morelli, I m a cheap date.So I, still firmly in sucker mode , preorder the book, blurb unread, and anxiously wait for it to arrive only to find drum roll please..Stephanie coming home from Hawaii getting off the plane in New JerseyThus missing a fantastic opportunity for Evanovich to get Stephanie outside of her comfort zone, maybe get a little in depth with the hottie she brought with her no such luckI Am Beyond Pissed.This seemed to be the travel season for several of my favorite series, most notably Eve Roarke In Death series by J.D Robb N.Y to Dallas the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs River Marked While missing the supporting cast of characters in these series, we got much in depth with the main characters and there was some definite personal growth going onNot so with Explosive 18.Never it seems with Stephanie Plum I guess the same jokes situations scenarios car mishaps Grandma Mazur Lulu eating jokes are going to stay firmly placeand getting a little less funny with each subsequent incarnation.I was in love with this series It was one of my favorites Then, somewhere around Fearless 14, I started getting the feeling that Janet Evanovich was phoning these books in.Okay, reality check here Stephanie Plum s a bounty hunter A really inept bounty hunter A really inept bounty hunter that someone s always trying to kill, maim, run over or blow up She has a really close friendship with Ranger a totally bad ass bounty hunter with his own security company, who would be MORE than happy to provide weapons self defense training I m sure What does Stephanie do Absolutely nothing She still keeps her gun in the cookiejar, her stun gun is never charged when she needs it, and her pepper spray is usually empty She stumbles into situations becomes a damsel in distress and then Ranger pulls her ass out of the fire yet again I swear, Rex the Hamster has better honed survival instincts than Stephanie Her mother has every right to be worried about her she SHOULD get a job at the button factory.As for the man issues just for the record, I m definitely Team Ranger Morelli Stephanie have history, they know everything about each other and they re comfortable BUT who s always there for her when she needs him with cars, assistance and saving her life Ranger Plus, as an added bonus, he s got that whole dark, hot, mysterious bad boy thing going on Actions speak louder than words, after all..Will I read 19, 20, 21, etc Probably I m hooked Will I run out and buy it retail hardcover or paperback No way.I hate to say it, but the Stephanie Plum series has been downgraded to my Used Bookstore Shopping List

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    If you like my review, go like it on would you Maybe JE s publishers will see it So, here I am again I swore I wouldn t read another Evanovich Plum Novel after my last review of 17, I swore tooth and nail to my husband, my mom, and my blog readers that I wouldn t read it SoI went to the library I really just had to know if it was as bad as the previous one After being teased that she might make a decision in 18, I let my small curiosity overshadow my intellect.Remember back in the day of the early awesome plum books, where Stephanie felt BAD for kissing Ranger when she was dating Morelli Remember back in the day where she swore she would never be like Joyce the whore Remember Well, it seems Stephanie has inhaled too many donuts, smoke fumes from her cars always catching fire, and hair spray, because after she slept with Ranger and Morelli on back to back nights in 17, cementing her in my hoochie hall of fame She is now sleeping with both men regularly in 18 How many times was it 3 or so with Ranger 2 or 3 with Morelli and then I m sure her and Ranger had sex in Hawaii than we were told I mean, dudes it s Rangerand Hawaii I would Well, I would if I wasn t conflicted or dating another man, but hey, that s me I have morals and scruples and a code of non whorism.I wish Joe had caught Steph having sex with Ranger in Hawaii That would have been good I also wish we got to see Joe and Ranger fight That would have been panty melting too But No.Picturing Lula in all black with painted on pants and boob squish, does make me laugh I did laugh a little But it doesn t make up for the complete 180 degree turns every character in the Plum series has taken Her mom is a lush, Steph is a whore, Ranger has no sack, Joe lost his possessive balls too, Lula still thinks too much about food, but she at least strives to be bettersometimes When it s easier It seems that after 18 books, Ranger and Morelli have lost their balls Huh Who would have seen that one coming Heh, I said coming Did Stephanie here that She probably is one of them right now, and while in the throes with whomever it is, is secretly wondering how long she has to wait to sleep with the other one so she doesn t seem tacky Should she take a shower first Nah Why bother She is just going to get sweaty again.I jest Sort of I know, If I get so angry about the direction, why do I keep reading I keep hoping things will change and they have Finally, they have Only for the worse I remember thinking, why does she keep getting back with Joe She should give Ranger a turn Only, not this way Why can t she have a relationship again For a whole book, let her be with Ranger Then at the end, have Joe tell Ranger to meet him at midnight, in the dark park, alone with no guns Only fists YAY Pulease.Janet Evanovich What on earth are you doing to your characters They have completely morphed into pod people They have been replaced with robots Lula got on my nerves She reminded me of Boomer from ESPN with his Whoops with her Bams So, once again we are left on a cliff only this time I am not falling I am going to back away, gracefully from the edge, and bow down to the awesomeness that Stephanie used to be, and keep her alive in my memories.I am getting off the crazy train If I want to read cars getting blown up, her sneaky snarkness, and some hot glimpses of two actual menI ll read the early plum books.

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    I like Stephanie Plum, I really do, but this series has failed to make any forward progress for at least ten books now It s the same story over and over and over again It s getting kind of pathetic that Stephanie can t pick a man And we know that Lula s fat, and wears tacky clothes, and eats than most circus animals We don t need constant reminders Please, please, please add something fresh to this series to keep the reader interested

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    After 18 books in this series, I can t always give out a 4 just because I laugh so hard I nearly pee myself Evanovich has to work harder and harder to keep the high mark stars but in all honesty, this was a hysterical edition in the series.I read it about 5 years ago but still have vivid memories of many character escapades And when it s a trip to Hawaii partly , who wouldn t love it I m going back to add small review and thoughts on any book I never actually wrote up a review for And this is one of them.Reading about Stephanie Plum s inability to accurately describe someone in a picture she saw briefly is pure gold She is so goofy sometimes I can t believe she hasn t gotten herself wasted at this point by some of the criminals she s dealt with over the years.And Lula is my favorite character, at least whenever she appears prominently in a book Watching her training, and eating, is laugh out loud funny I always picture Gabourey Sidibe playing her not sure why, but that s who s in my head.I m not a huge fan of Joyce but we all need a Moriarty of sorts, right For those who haven t read the series, Joyce is a fellow PI and former girlfriend of Stephanie s on off again relationship with Joe Morelli.I think I stopped here with this book and still have the last 4 or 5 to catch up on The series stalls every so often, but within each book, there s a treasure of fun somewhere hidden if not the entire thing They can be read in 3 to 4 hours I would like to listen to one if they actually make an audio book I wonder what accents everyone has, given it takes place in Newark, NJ.Basically, you ve got a woman everyone finds something they love about, but also a few annoying habits You may want to date her, but then you d want to kill her She s a good bestie, but even then, too many favors just to keep up with her antics.Nonetheless, it makes for a fantastic read So if you ve never read the series, don t start with this one Go back to 1 and give it a shot And then tell me if you re a Ranger or a Morelli fan I d pick Ranger, btw isn t it always better when the object of your affection also scares the hell out of you About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by polldaddy poll 9719251

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    Here s the thing I love Janet I love the Stephanie world, I really do.However after 18 books a lot of things are starting to get very old Let s start with Lula s eating habits It s getting really annoying, book after book, listening to her bitch and moan about what she eats, what she doesn t eat etc etc Either stick the girl on a complete diet or shut up about her eating habits I really don t care that she s about to get sick after eating 10 cream filled donuts She s a pig and it s getting disgusting Then she gets sick and after a few seconds immediately starts stuffing her face again because she thought she was over it Lula and her over dramatization of EVERYTHING She s worse then a soap opera half the time OMG A cats ashes fell on me I M BREAKING OUT IN HIVES OMG THE OLD GUY WHO CLAIMS TO BE A VAMPIRE JUST GUMMED ME I CAN FEEL MY TEETH GROWING Seriously I ve read Bronte novels with less drama then Lula.Stephanie Her love life, lack of common sense, and the incapability to do her job are past being cute Yes, she s torn between two men and the chase is fun It s even fun now that her and Ranger are hitting the sack a lot often But the whole her mother grandmother trying to fix her up all the time..it s old It s done Apparently they haven t gotten the memo yet that Stephanie isn t going to end up with some other guy they throw her way She s in love with Morelli, she s in lust with Ranger Her common sense and incapability to do her job go hand in hand.Let s take the newest book for example shall we Stephanie is chasing after a purse thief That s right ladies and gents A Purse Thief A whiney, child of a purse thief who believes he can just take anything he wants because mommy didn t tell him no enough as a child So what does our darling, clueless Stephanie do She takes her purse with her while she s trying to bring the bad guy And what happens children He steals her purse and then steals her car.And if once wasn t bad enough SHE DOES IT TWICE Because clearly, she didn t learn her lesson the first time around And then he continues stealing her car until she s forced to trade it in for a different one because he has the keys to her RAV4.Also, the whole I can t ask Ranger help because he ll see me as weak thing is past its prime He sees you as weak and he always will That s why he protects her as much as he does, because Stephanie cannot hold her own Not even against a purse thief.You don t like guns Well, get a different line of work You don t charge your stun gun I have no sympathy for you when you get kidnapped You don t want to call Morelli or Ranger for help because you can t keep your vagina in check not my problem.Stephanie is no longer a novice bounty hunter I would never call her an expert one, but she s been in the game long enough to know the basics Even Joyce knows how to handle herself when she s going after FTAs then Stephanie does and this is what Stephanie does for a living.I really hope Janet starts progressing the character in the next book After 18 books, it should have started already.

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    EDIT Still frustrated Still love Lula and Grandma Mazur Problem is, I love both Morelli and Ranger I used to lean toward Morelli, but lately he seems sort of apathetic towards any relationship with Stephanie It s Ranger that tries to help her out and take care of her, and he seems genuinely worried that she ll get hurt Morelli just complains that she gives him heartburn This one was still definitely worth reading, though if your looking for closure, it still ain t happening I just want some resolution PLEASE Pick a man Then do another series to find the other guy a freaking awesome woman I m really hoping for some man resolution in this one I loved this series with a passion until a few books ago I used to wait anxiously for the next book in the series I ve now had Smokin Seventeen for a couple of months, and still haven t read it I heard that the Morelli Ranger issue is still up in the air, and that Stephanie is still the same old Stephanie I ve lost my Plum love How many years does this series cover It would be interesting to know, as Stephanie never seems to change And why did I love her years ago and now roll my eyes Hmmmmaybe it s time to have an HEA, end the series, and move on to a new idea Or just choose Morelli and give us a couple of juicy books in which he teaches her to shoot and gives her babies.

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    I liken this series to an original document that you print out all new, and fresh, and perfect And then the copy get s copied, and that copy gets copied and so on until you end up with a faded, scarred, crooked, ghost of that perfect original It s old and it s tired and as much as you used to love it, it s time to let it go and start a new, original, document When I first discovered this series a few years ago, I absolutely loved it I m talking fan girl, crazed, running to the bookstore on my way to work to buy the hardback on the day it came out loved it But now, I m ready to see growth from Stephanie I m ready for the love triangle to be laid to rest And while we re on that subject I m going to go on record and say that I adore Morelli, consider myself a Babecake, but I feel that although I thought differently at the beginning of the series, at this point Joe is not the right man for Stephanie any Stephanie Oh Stephanie Your ineptitude isn t all that funny any It s mostly just pathetic You should be a lot better bounty hunter by now And thankfully Ranger is always nearby to take up your slack Sigh Ranger You re a lucky girl.But, even though I don t love the series like I used to, I still love these characters I still laugh, and I will probably still read this series I ll just get my books from the library instead of the bookstore.

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    I enjoyed this book just like I have enjoyed all the others I find them entertaining and laugh out loud funny.It doesn t seem to bother me, as it does others, that the character Stephanie Plum is sleeping with than one man at a time She s young, not in a permanent relationship and FICTIONAL.

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    Hi My name is Carol and I m a bookoholic.I ve been reading ever since I can remember, but Goodreads seems to be contributing to my disease I can t control myself I m always adding books to my to read list, which is so long that if I stopped adding books today, I d still have three years of books on it Then there is the library, where a drive by is part of my routine It s on the way home from work, so it is really unavoidable If I only make a quick stop to pick up a monthly read, that isn t a problem, is it However, last time I was there I found this little number by Evanovich I swore off the Stephanie Plum books a few numbers ago, but this one it was on the New 14 Day Shelf Why, that s free, not even a rental How could I pass that up After I finished, I felt a little dirty and rather regretful This was a cheap drink bolted down, perfectly serviceable but lacking any soul There are so many better books to be spending time with why do I do this to myself If you read any book between 8 and 17, you ve read this book No drag queens, but there is Joyce Barnhardt on the run, various oddball bondees getting the best of Steph and Lulu, Steph and Lulu ineptly breaking into a house, a bus blowing up, mom drinking, dad grunting, discussion of Lulu s clothes and eating habits, Grandma Mzur at a funeral, Connie running the business, Vinnie, car escapades, a 53 Buick, Ranger in black, Morelli in boxers, Rex and periodic attempts at kidnapping.However, it did make me laugh out loud twice Granted, I was likely delirious after swimming two miles, but I did laugh at a henchman s frustrating interactions with Steph and Lulu specifically, his inept English cursing view spoiler for some reason, Bitching bitches just cracked me up hide spoiler

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    I can always count on this series to lighten my mood put a smile on my face and laugh out loud multiple times I love this rag tag group of friends and family, they never let me down Guaranteed to have a good time just when I need one.

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