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[Epub] ➞ Thief of Hope  By Cindy Young-Turner – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Thief of Hope , meaning Thief of Hope , genre Thief of Hope , book cover Thief of Hope , flies Thief of Hope , Thief of Hope 34068cb423b63 Sydney, A Street Urchin And Pickpocket In The Town Of Last Hope, Has Managed To Evade The Oppressive Guild For Years, But There Is No Escaping Fate When She S Sentenced To Death For Associating With The Resistance After She S Rescued By A Wizard, Sydney Is Forced To Accept That Magic Long Outlawed Throughout The Kingdom Of Thanumor Still Exists, And The Tuatha, A Powerful Faery Folk, Are Much Than Ancient Myth And Legend When The Wizard Offers A Chance To Fight The Guild And Bring Willem, Bastard Prince And Champion Of The Tuatha, To The Throne, Sydney Embraces The Cause As A Way To Find Her Own Redemption But Sydney S Fear Of The Guild, Distrust Of Authority, And Surprising Connection To The Tuatha Threaten Willem S Success Can She Untangle The Strange Threads That Entwine Her Life Not Only To The Fate Of The Kingdom, But Also To Willem Himself

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    Please note Originally read in October 2011 updating the formatting and adding disclosure.Book Info Genre FantasyReading Level Older Young AdultRecommended for Anyone who enjoys a good storyTrigger Warnings Violence, sexDisclosure I received a free e copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.My Synopsis When her guardian, Edgar, is murdered by the Guild when she is 15, Sydney is left to survive however she can in Last Hope, a city at the edges of the kingdom of Thanumor The Guild has been strangling all independent businesses, and Edgar was trying to organize people to put up a fight against them he was caught and hung by Schrammig, the executioner and assassin of the Guild Sydney ends up stealing and occasionally working as a prostitute in order to survive she also must always be alert for Guild officials, as she believes Schrammig is still after her However, one night she is unable to resist stealing a couple silver pieces from a Guild official that came into the tavern she was at, and he discovered the theft and came after her When she is taken to the forest and left to die, she meets Oryn a wizard who says he has been watching her, and now he wants her to join in to fight against the Guild, and help the illegitimate son of the deceased king, named Willem, to take the throne of Thanumor and get rid of the influence of the Guild Will she have the courage to stand for what is right, rather than taking the path of what is easy What part could she possibly play in this game of princes, soldiers and wizards And will she be able to stay that one step ahead of the Guild if she joins in with the rebels My Further Thoughts I really enjoyed Thief of Hope It is fast paced while still giving good character and plot development, and was a lot of fun to read It is pretty dark in places, and I wouldn t recommend it for young readers without a parent s vetting it because it has some pretty violent scenes, but I was impressed with its realism and clear eyed vision of how things would really be in that sort of situation A lot of fantasies sort of gloss over some of the unpleasant truths, but Thief of Hope told it like it really could be, and provided a great adventure in the process There are a lot of hidden depths in the characters some are only hinted at, some are explored fairly thoroughly The story is told exclusively from Sydney s point of view, so we don t know anything until she learns it, which I liked Nothing against multiple points of view, but it is easier to keep track of things in a complicated plot when you don t have to remember who knows what at any given moment This is definitely a book I highly recommend to people who like a good story pick it up and read it right away

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    Sydney is a nineteen year old orphan of unknown parentage, but she was brought up by Edgar who had the misfortune to be hanged four years before for working against the all powerful Guild She makes a living by picking pockets in the town of Last Hope As always in these cases, I wonder why Edgar, who seemed like a nice enough chap, made no better provision for her, and how it is that there are no respectable jobs she could be doing, and how come she appears to have no other friends apart from a prostitute and a boyfriend who d like to pimp her out Luckily, just as she s about to be hanged herself, she s mysteriously taken off to the Wizard Tree and rescued by surprise a wizard And from there on, the story becomes a race to vanquish the evil Guild and their even evil overlord Schrammig in order to put the king s bastard son on the throne.This is the fantasy equivalent of easy listening music charming, comfortable and conventional Wizards are nice people apart from the evil wizard, of course who can do pretty much anything the plot requires without apparent effort, while not being able to do anything which would make life too easy The bad guy is an appropriately nasty character we know this because he has a scar oh yes, and he drags people off to be hanged, as well There s the Guild which has monopolised all business and is, it seems, very unpleasant There s a nice friendly ex knight and a grumpy monk and a surprisingly ladylike wizardess, who is determined to go off to war, but cries as soon as anyone gets hurt There s a hereditary monarchy with male primogeniture There s an organised religion which has a single capitalised god, churches, abbeys and monks who wear brown robes There are towns which appear to be almost entirely populated by thieves and prostitutes, and are filled with markets and taverns Vast amounts of stew are consumed So far, so traditional.Our heroine, Sydney, is an odd mixture of feistiness and timidity, who seems to go along with the vanquishing scheme because that way at least she gets fed regularly Well, I can see how that might be an attraction if you ve lived on the streets Her only problem is that she s easily distracted No sooner is she given a task to do by her new friends than she finds some other urgent errand to do first, and then another, and then A bit of a loose cannon, really Willem, the king s bastard son, is exactly the sort of strong, upright character you d expect He strides around making promises of treating everyone fairly when he s king, and says I give you my word or Trust me and people believe him There are a lot of things taken on trust here The most interesting character to me was Vadnae, the rather prissy wizardess, constantly dismayed by mud and rain I was also interested in the mysterious Tuatha elves, basically , who were a small but important part of the story As the plot gets going, Sydney and pals are chased hither and thither, escaping by the skin of their teeth from the bad guys always half a step behind I wasn t quite sure how they managed to do that, but never mind Each time they escape, they stop and talk things through Whenever they meet potential allies, they stop and talk things through again, explaining just how nasty the bad guy is, and how awful life is under the Guild, without ever filling in the details of what, exactly, they do that s so bad apart from randomly hanging people, that is But it must be pretty bad, because people are starving as a result and living in vermin infested hovels and so on I had some logic issues Why exactly is Willem trying to kickstart his revolution by rousing the downtrodden hovel residents of Last Hope anyway Wouldn t it be simpler and easier just to drum up an army from his supporters This is, after all, the traditional way to get yourself onto a disputed throne And if you manage to drum up a bigger army than your rival, yay, you win Plus, aspiring kings don t go off alone with pick pockets, they tend to have hefty bodyguards around them at all times, as a precaution against assassins So I had trouble with the whole idea of Willem crawling through the tunnels below Last Hope in the first place All it needed was one startled local to put a dagger through him and game over And why exactly was Anaria making stew in the middle of the night And why the agonising over the risks of trekking through the Wastes, when Rolf had obviously just made that journey safely Confusing.The writing style is clean to the point of terseness I would have preferred just a little description here and there, to flesh out the scenery a little One thing that I found irritating the author rarely uses he said , she said Instead, characters do something tap a finger, toss their hair, quirk an eyebrow and then speak I understand the logic of not overusing said , but I find it less intrusive than all this restless action These comments are not criticisms, rather personal preferences that occasionally intruded on my enjoyment of the story.Eventually we meet the mysterious Tuatha and from then onwards the book becomes a bit of a page turner Whenever magic is involved the strange marble, the very spooky shadow creatures, Sydney s dreams I found myself totally engrossed I never quite understood why Sydney was so important to everyone, but I guess it doesn t really matter The magic was very convenient at times, so that whenever Sydney got into trouble which she did quite often, usually after saying airily Don t worry, I can deal with X , a helpful wizard or magic marble or some such would miraculously rescue her Sometimes she got other people into trouble, too usually after saying airily Don t worry, I ll keep you safe But despite all that it was good, exciting stuff.I find this a very difficult review to write On the one hand, I understand what the author was trying to achieve, and the book is technically impeccable It pushes all the right buttons But somehow I never quite felt the sort of emotional engagement that I m sure was intended Willem strides about making promises but we never see him in truly king like mode, apart from a brief swordfight Sydney herself too often makes bad decisions and ends up needing to be rescued The question of who to trust was a major theme, yet everyone trusts Willem unreservedly, and Sydney too, for that matter The children seemed to be there purely to create artificial tension and tug at the heartstrings There were some great moments, and the ending was note perfect, but all too often characters spoke in platitudes We can t allow this to happen, we owe it to X to do this, I promise you he ll pay for his crimes Or this Willem gives me confidence, Erik We should believe in him And ourselves It s the only way we re going to win Honestly, if I were a Last Hope resident, I d need than that to persuade me to take up my pitchfork against armed and trained soldiers.For all that certain aspects didn t quite work for me, this is an entertaining and fast paced read, which I enjoyed a great deal, especially the Tuatha and the strange shadow beings Recommended for those who like very traditional and uncomplicated fantasy Three stars.

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    This is a long review, because it is a long and awesome story Thief of Hope is the stunning Epic Fantasy debut work by Cindy Young Turner and her first book in the Kingdom of Thanumor Series She is already writing on the sequel Thief of Destiny , the continuation of Sydney s and Willem s Story.19 year old Sydney lives in Last Hope, a town where life is anything but hopeful An organisation, called The Guild, is trying to take up the reign with not always fair means Sydney always tried to stay under their radar, but a little mistake puts her upfront with dire consequences At the last moment, she is saved by an old wizard, named Oryn but this is just the beginning of a journey which will first take her away from Last Hope before ultimately to come back to free the residents from oppression by The Guild Along the way, she meets new friends and enemies alike and the key to the mystery of her birth and ancestry Will Syndey find the answers she is looking for Can she find the strength in herself to accept her destiny Above all, it was very interesting to read about Last Hope, the town the real mystery evolves around It is personalised like a living person who stands on the utterly wrong side of life So while it stands for everything that is and went awry in the Kingdom of Thanumor At the same time, it is the last outpost where the Guild was not able to take full control Further, Last Hope is protecting an ancient secret which conceals incredible possibilities and is linked to Sydney s birth Not worth mentioning, what would happen to Thanumor, if this knowledge and power falls into evil hands.Oryn, the wise and old magician, knows all about this and that is why he assembles a group of fugitive from various social stations There would be the dishonored knight Gregor, who only wants to follow the rightful king, Oryn s own granddaughter Vadnae as the last magician, the monk Erik, who questioned his elders and wants change in the order and finally Sydney, the Thief of Last Hope Later, Rolf, the messenger and Willem, the bastard son of the king also join this little group All characters get sufficient attention, we get to know them in detail and see changes in them through their journey Nevertheless, the narrative stays always focused on Sydney s and Willem s welfare So, they are obviously pictured as the main protagonists The story revolves around them with all its side characters getting their scenes at the right moment, even the bad ones like Schrammig Everyone tells their side of the story in third person what allows the reader to see their feelings and thoughts about the happenings.Especially for Sydney the involvement in this group is hard to accept since she is still reeling from a loss four years ago, when her mentor and father figure Edgar was hanged by the Guild Since then, her social standing changed drastically In order to survive, she became a thief Not something Edgar would have liked, she knows And it is this knowledge and guilt which hinders her to fully explore her possibilities as a true leader of the Rebellion She needs to overcome those to become the Hope in an otherwise bleak surrounding But the change in her person does not happen until she meets Willem, his personality and fighting spirit impress her He is as young as Sydney, but is already steadfast in his believes and goals.Together, they need to unveil the mystery of Last Hope, lead a rebellion and figure out their feelings for each other That is a guaranty for fast paced action, sinister people and lots of magic with a bit of romance thrown in.I believe, the Story is for mature youths, because of some adult content and the graphic descriptions of death But both is very well written and blends perfectly into the storyline I would say, those descriptions are even needed since they create determinedly the atmosphere for the book, the medieval setting helps as well.This book is easily read without worrying for the end, because it has not a cliffhanger and finishes the main problems in a satisfying way Still, it leaves enough uncompleted threads for further sequels, so e.g the mystery of a special Tapestry in Oryn s home is not revealed.I am eagerly anticipating the next installment.

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    Thief of Hope continues a trend that I ve noticed of late a female protagonist as something of a chosen one , with a mysterious past that lends her to great things Hard to criticize the trope when I ve written my own take on it, and honestly I think the idea is still fresh enough to offer interesting takes on it Thief of Hope is one such book While superficially the character of Sydney bears a resemblance to Vin from Brandon Sanderson s Mistborn series, Syd is a very different person where Vin finds a side of herself that she never expected in courtly society, Syd doesn t seem nearly as comfortable in it, which makes a whole lot sense to me than Vin suddenly taking to a highly superficial, fake atmosphere with very little trouble.Of course, I m not here to talk about the two characters in comparison, simply to state that Young Turner s character, story, and world are very much their own thing Since we ve discussed Sydney some, let s dig into plot first Sydney starts the story as a common street thief, albeit one raised by a man with a strict code of ethics, one who became something of a hero to the people Sydney fears that she s strayed far from Edgar s principles and betrayed his method of raising her, even as we see that she has her own code of ethics driving her onward Syd s journey truly begins when she robs a representative of The Guild, something of a socialist worker collective that has seized control of the government and run amok, its original goals twisted by the top party members This brush with the Guild leads to her discovering that magic is still alive and well in the world, that there is an active resistance to the Guild, and that her own mysterious heritage will push her onto the central stage of the coming conflict The story is a good one, and I especially enjoyed the peeks at the lives of the Tuatha, or Fairy Folk More of their culture and story would be appreciated in the sequel, along with the story of the Shadow Folk, but I feel that Young Turner gives us just enough here to whet our appetite I m quite satisfied with what I received on them, for now.For better or worse, Young Turner devotedly sticks to Sydney s point of view through the events that follow I found myself a little bummed at points, wishing that I could witness some of the other events that were going on maybe some of these could make interesting short stories , and while the pacing slowed a bit here and there, it was never enough to keep me from reading onward.Young Turner s strength lies in her characters and their interactions, and they shine through here Even the subtlest of interactions is laced with meaning and feeling these characters hesitate and stumble, they feel awkward in the presence of others and don t know how to deal with certain situations There s a particularly poignant moment toward the end of the book that I d love to share with you, but unfortunately it would be too big of a spoiler.All in all, I found the book very enjoyable and have already started the prequel novella, Journey to Hope, which I hope to review soon.

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    Sydney knows a thing or two about life on the streets After her guardian Edgar is killed for his work with the resistance she flees her former home, living on the streets and relying on her own wits and people like her dubious on off lover Zared to survive When she is captured and sentenced to death she is saved by a wizard who opens her eyes to a world of magic she thought no longer existed in Thanumor She also becomes aware of her own connection with faery folk the Tuatha and the bastard Prince Willem He seeks to claim the throne of his deceased father and bring the reign of the oppressive Guild to an end She struggles to see her value among a group of wizards, warriors and monks but her association with Edgar means than she ever thought.The book starts by setting up Sydney s past, then moves to the present and her perspective She s a young woman who has had to do things she s not proud of to survive Last Hope is a tough place that is only kind to the privileged few As the story progresses she is judged by others who haven t lived a life like hers, and connects strongly with those who have She also finds that a lot of what she had believed about her past was not true and has to reassess her own image of herself I found her likeable and was also drawn to other major characters in the group supporting the would be king I thought even the villain of the piece was well developed, and avoided becoming a caricature with just a hint of what might have shaped him.The tale moves at a good pace, with lulls in the actions as the group stop briefly to plan and regather their thoughts This contrasts with the moments of peril, and the battles and killings raging around them The tone is dark but with definite moments of hope They face Schrammig, a fearsome individual who has caused untold misery but Syd finds herself having to decide whether she lowers herself to his level to avenge the deaths of so many.This is a novel that has heaps of potential for a sequel or sequels However unlike some fantasy sagas there is a very definite end to this book and it feels like a complete story, rather than in need of a second volume I would love to see the development of certain relationships, see of a focus on some of the characters in this book and find out about Sydney s heritage and abilities Thanumor is a world that isn t all that different to our own, although with a historical feel to it While magic and the supernatural have an important role to play in the story it isn t too fantastical and a lot of tale depends on very human relationships and struggles Perhaps that is why I enjoyed this fantasy novel so much.

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    Thief of Hope, Cindy Young Turner s debut novel is pure delightful fantasy The tale takes place in the city of Last Hope in the kingdom of Thanumor The King rules in name only as the Guild, a greedy army has been strong arming the businesses and people of the kingdom Despite conditions the people of Last Hope dream of a new king and overcoming the Guild At one time magic was an integral part of Thanumor, but it has been banned, driving the wizards and fae to leave this realm When the king dies, the Guild appoints one of their own to rule Willem the bastard son of the king, must come forth, battle and reclaim the throne which is rightful his The tale is enchanting and the characters believable.The protagonist is a young woman named Sydney She has never known her mother and was raised by a man named Edgar He taught her everything she knows and she loved him like a child loves her father Edgar worked to resist the Guild and was hanged by their evil leader, a man called Schramming He is a ruthless evil man who is the executioner and assassin for the Guild At fifteen Sydney watched him take and hang Edgar Since that time, Sydney has lived on the streets She has been a thief and a whore to survive She takes a couple of coins from an official and is sentenced to be hanged A promise made to Edgar and a wizard save Sydney from the hang man s noose The wizard takes her into his realm, where she learns that those in the magic realm are ready to assist Willem in reclaiming the throne and that magic will return She meets others who will play a part a monk, an ex knight, the wizard s daughter and a messenger The wizard asks Sydney to help The tale that unfolds is suspenseful and dark as this small group work to regain the city of Lost Hope and eventually the throne.The romance that develops between Sydney and Willem is believable and the journey they face a difficult one The monks and townsfolk of Last Hope are brilliantly portrayed and you get caught up in their fears and emotions The wizards good and evil are both frustrating and delightful as they speak in riddles and truths Sydney is vital to their success, then anyone realizes She thinks she is nothing than a thief and a whore but she will soon discover that she is so much .I want to thank the author for providing this ARC in exchange for my unbiased review.

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    In the middle of a civil war a young urchin, Sydney, suffers a life filled with poverty and pain She s never known her mother or father, and the only man that loved her was murdered by Schramming, leader of the Guild The Guild has the city of Last Hope by the throat Business can t survive and the people suffer.In the streets of Last Hope, Sydney wanders the back alleys in search of herself She turns to theft and prostitution as a means of survival Betrayed by a con man, she enters into the drug world before discovering the scales of justice that must rule her life, along with a touch of magic that lives unrecognized within her heart.When Sydney steals a few coins she is sentenced to hang by the Guild, but the wizard Oryn saves her life He takes her into his realm where she meets Willem, the bastard son of the king who is ready to take down the Guild and assume the throne.Sydney begins to understand the power that was hers all along She must learn to trust Willem if she is to help him In turn, Willem must learn to trust Sydney if he is to take the throne Their loves grows, so sweet and sensitive you can almost touch it Sydney assists him in reclaiming his throne bringing magic back into a world bereft of hope sob THIEF OF HOPE lives up to its name The novel sucks you in and never lets go This is only the second fantasy novel I ve ever read I can say with full confidence that Young Turner has a gift with words, dragging you into her character s emotions and connecting them with your soul.THIEF OF HOPE is fast paced, the action starts in the first chapter and never stops Young Turner has created a medieval world somewhat reminiscent of Tolkin s novels, yet unique enough to be called her own.There are a few graphic sex scenes so THIEF OF HOPE should be considered for older teens I must say, however, this novel is appealing to not only teens, but adults as well.Congratulations on a a debut novel that exceeds all expectations.

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    Cindy Young Turner has written a book that is catnip to the fantasy lover I found Thief of Hope intriguing on multiple levels We follow along with a young woman, Sydney, who is the heroine of the story She doesn t know who her parents are and has been on her own since Edgar was killed Edgar is a man who took her in as an infant and raised her as his own Sydney lives in Last Hope in the Kingdom of Thanumor Last Hope is where the lowest of the low reside They are ruthlessly controlled by The Guild who make the lives of the inhabitants a living hell.What I loved about Sydney is that she isn t overly strong or have any major superpowers that give her a get out of jail free card She does have some abilities, which I won t tell you about, but she doesn t have magic hands or anything What she has is a strong will to survive She has done things she isn t proud of, but what is a girl of 15 to do left alone with no one and no money Instead of letting this crush her spirit, it gives her a steely resolve to avenge the death of Edgar Schrammig is the big baddy who killed Edgar and I enjoyed how Cindy wrote him I do love a well written bad guy.This book is chocked full of rich characters well drawn that I can t line them all up and tell you how wonderful each of them are I will say that there are shadow people interesting , Fae, wizards, and all sorts of magical beings.The story also has two love interests for Sydney that are believable, each with their own vulnerabilities and character flaws that make them the richer for it I didn t want this book to end, BUT Cindy is writing away on a sequel right now called Thief of Destiny So while I m sad at the moment, hopefully soon I ll have another wonderful book by Cindy to read.If you like fantasy then you will love this book.

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    Thief of Hope by Cindy Young Turner ReviewBy MommaG on May 2, 2013When I started Thief of Hope, I thought it was going to be typical fantasy genre as the adventuring group quickly shaped up to be fighter, mage, thief, and cleric The author, Cindy Young Turner, kept the story from being stale or too cookie cutter with the character development Readers discover that the main characters are not predictably one sided individuals motivated only by virtue or for the greater good.The heroine, Sydney, is flawed and so like a real person Sydney makes both poor choices and honorable ones throughout the story when confronted with issues of love, family, and the corrupt government in her country She is a compelling character because it is not always easy to anticipate what she will do next and that keeps the reader intrigued and wanting There were several nights after my kids were in bed that I kept on reading just one chapter, then just one chapter.because I wanted to see what Sydney was going to do when certain plot points unfolded I winced along with her bad decisions No, Sydney he s no good for you and cheered for situations that worked out well for her.This setting for this novel takes place in a country in which a magic has been outlawed so further interest is added for readers as they discover along with Sydney about magic, exiled wizards, and magical beings all wrapped in a scheme to rebel against the governing council known as The Guild There are adult themes so I would suggest you preview the book before passing it on to any young adult readers.What does Momma G Think MommaG gives Thief of Hope by Cindy Young Turner 4 cookies

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    You know, I get so excited when I get to write a good review for a debut author And this one right here This is going to be a GOOD review Thief of Hope is the first book in a series about our main character, Sydney, our champion, Prince Willem, and the Fae folk, the Tuatha.This is the part where I geek out a bit and tell you that I LOVE anything to do with the Tuatha You see, in two MMO s I ve played one I currently play , my main character has been Irish and has had Fae blood.The Tuatha de Danann are a big part of Irish folklore, so I was very excited to see Ms Young Turner using them in her book In many ways, this book reminded me of Brandon Sanderson s Mistborn series although it s pretty much COMPLETELY different.It was mostly Sydney a tough street urchin with a mysterious past who reminded me of Vin Sydney is a wonderful character I loved her so much She s just so REAL, y know It s refreshing to read a fantasy novel where the main female character isn t a Mary Sue Willem is very swoon worthy, with his blonde locks and understanding ways Oh, it was hard to read some scenes where Sydney realizes that she..Ack Spoilers But one of my favourite characters was easily Oryn He s SO Gandalf like, with his disappearances and cryptic speech Thief of Hope is NOT written like a typical debut novel The world is written perfectly, the scenery is beautiful, the characters are vivid and fresh, and the battle scenes had me holding my breath with anticipation and worry I can t WAIT to read the second book in the series, and I truly hope we learn about the Shadow Folk, and the Tuatha as the series progresses I highly recommend Thief of Hope to all adult fantasy lovers It s SO GOOD

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