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    This book is a uncompromising punch in the face to bad theology, bad thinking, and bad culture Here comes the cold water The book launches with a fair and open discussion of roles in marriage In case anybody out there is afraid of even talking about roles in marriage, rest assured Dr Lewis fairly gives both the culture and tradition enough time to say their peace Nevertheless, be prepared to have your eyes blown wide open Launching from this consideration of roles in marriage, Dr Robert Lewis passionately and yet surprisingly unpretentiously conveys to the reader a keen understanding of the key issues that plague society today, and yesterday In the context of these issues, Dr Lewis annihilates the shoddy ideas about marriage purveyed by both the culture AND tradition I found this book to be without question the most comprehensive, balanced, and informative consideration of marriage roles I have ever encountered Lewis doesn t just challenge today s society he has made a case against a fraudulent and stupid cultural mindset that has existed, largely unchallenged, for millennia Using statistics, rational thought, and refreshingly accurate interpretation of supporting documentation, Dr Lewis puts the limelight on the failings of the current paradigms regarding marriage, and in response, he gives the fresh air people are gasping for absolute victorious truth You don t have to be a Christian to understand or even enjoy reading this book everything is supported by obviously well researched relevant clinical and demographic information from wide ranging sources I might argue that many Christians would be shocked about how little they knew about marriage as God intended it to be before reading this book I come from a family where I lacked an involved father figure and I was raised by a dedicated single mother I was shocked at times by what he said Dr Lewis work helped me understand a lot about my own life I implore societal leaders, mothers, fathers, and ANYBODY who wants to lead a fulfilling life to read this book it will re shape your ideas on how to achieve fulfilment and a balanced family life, and you will never regret it Lewis speaks boldly and without excuses You may not like what he is saying, but I challenge anyone to disagree with him on a non trivial point Lewis bases his instruction on timeless truths, and it shows Dr Robert Lewis has written THE defining book on marital structure and the functional operation of a marriage, as well as on the support systems for marriage i.e church, counsellors, friends The mindset produced by the knowledge in this book raises the bar for the outcomes of marriage to what God always intended them to be fulfilled lifelong couples, successful and happy individuals, and glorious children, all which lead to substantial learning about oneself and about God As Denis Rainey says at the start of the book This book will challenge your ideas about Traditional Marriage I see Mr Rainey, and I raise him this is some HOT, HOT, SAUCE This is a must must read, and my new favourite book ever, but if you don t like the heat, stay out of the fire I m positive that if you read this book, it will convince you to take action It will put the reasoned desire in you to move your marriage to a whole new level In that case, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the other book I just read Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas If this book turns your idea of marriage from a skateboard to an Indy racer, Thomas book will take your fast machine and put Space Shuttle booster rockets on it If you only ever read two books on marriage, choose these two They changed my life Danny Vanderbyl Ontario, Canada

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    We used this book in our small group We have been going over it since the beginning of fall A very decent book It is a good starter book for new small groups and has enough content to assist with some challenging and profitable discussions while not being too difficult The world cries role less marriages are the way of the future, but if God has clearly defined the roles of husband and wife, then this way of thinking is wrong I recently spoke with a friend at work who spelled out her marriage in terms of no defined roles She claimed how great it worked, and claims to follow God to honor Him in her marriage She had no idea that was contradictory This is a good book to recommend to someone who has not considered roles in marriage and it s easy to read through short chapters.

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    Sound, biblical, applicable, readable stuff highly recommended to anyone considering marriage, in order to engage your hopes and questions with Christian truth Lewis develops a model of manhood and womanhood, and their unity in the sacred institution of marriage, that goes beyond the selfish, narrow categories that our culture offers us Against both gender equal and traditional understandings of marriage, Lewis suggests the biblical model is one which both preserves the headship of the husband while also emphasizing the sacrifice and service he must render servant leadership , as well as the necessary and natural complementarity of man and woman as one flesh Thanks to God for Robert Lewis

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    Rich with Scripture, statistics, and personal experiences, Rocking the Roles examines the roles and responsibilities outlined in the Bible Not only did I discover a lot of useful information about myself, but I also learned about the specific steps I need to take to be a better wife I also gained a deeper understanding of my husband and the pressures that he faces Needless to say, this book has changed my life for the better.

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    Excellent book on roles in marriage the biblical foundation of living in those roles supporting your mate in their role Every couple should read this it would be great if this were read early on in your marriage Hubs I both loved it feel like it offers such a clear picture of the foundation your marriage should build on Loved it we will re read this every so often, it s that good

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    Hubby and I have read this multiple times and used it in bible studies as well A GREAT marriage book We read this at the very start of our marriage and it really laid a great foundation for us If I recall, it is an easy read, to the point and some real gems of advice

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    Favorite quote submission is not the wife s role, but her response to her husband s role Submission takes little initiative and would be unexciting to a woman Her role is much dynamic and creative Brittany paraphrase

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    Nothing really new or groundbreaking here Pretty basic stuff Long winded at times.

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    I really like this book It explains the Christian roles of marriage in an easy to understand way.

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    Very good beginning looking forward to finishing and forming better opinions on this topic.

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