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[BOOKS] ✮ Căderea Constantinopolelui Author Vintilă Corbul – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Căderea Constantinopolelui, meaning Căderea Constantinopolelui, genre Căderea Constantinopolelui, book cover Căderea Constantinopolelui, flies Căderea Constantinopolelui, Căderea Constantinopolelui 8ae5353a81f83 C Derea Constantinopolelui, Romanul Lui Vintila Corbul, Este Bestseller Absolut In Rom Nia, Numai Primul Tiraj, In Anii , Fiind DeDe Exemplare Caderea Constantinopolelui Este Numele Sub Care E Cunoscuta Cucerirea Capitalei Imperiului Bizantin De Fortele Imperiului Otoman, Sub Comanda Sultanului Mehmed Al II Lea Ca Derea Constantinopolului A Nsemnat Nu Numai Sf Rsitul Imperiului Roman De R S Rit Si Moartea Ultimului Mparat Bizantin, Constantin Al XI Lea, Dar Si O Victorie Strategica De O Importanta Crucial Pentru Cucerirea Estului Mediteranean Si Al Balcanilor De Catre Otomani

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    Un roman istoric bine scris i bine documentat din p cate, episoade evident propagandastice precum cel n cursul c ruia la ntrecerea de arme dintre cei mai de seam cavaleri ai lumii c tig numai rom ni, ba chiar unul dintre nving tori este un ran f r experien militar , care tocmai s a dat jos de pe cal, f r odihn dup nu mai tiu c t traseu parcurs, i care nfr nge f r efort un adversar mult superior ca dimensiuni fizice, ridic semne serioase de ntrebare nu numai asupra acestor episoade, ci asupra verosimilit ii ntregii pove ti.Poate c episodul amintit este real, fiind men ionat n vreo cronic dar cum nu am nt lnit astfel de aventuri, p n acum, dec t prin legende istorice sau, mai des, prin basme , mi rezerv, p n la proba contrarie, dreptul de a m ndoi de istoria prin ochii lui Vintil Corbul.

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    2017 another reread hard to count how many times I read this fairly long novel 1000 pages and still as absorbing, brutal, engaging, impossible to put down with so many characters that stay with you for a long time, some despite appearing on a few pages at most moments that stood out this time, the several pages talk with a mouse meditation of Richard 2 in his prison cell at Pontefract, the Byzantine noblewoman taking her 4 year twin granddaughters who are wondering why they have to wake up so early, to see their first and last sunrise before poisoning them and committing suicide with her husband, a high minister, when the Turks enter the city, the death of Irina and the highly deserved death of her treasonous Senator father, the many scenes of ferocious battles during the siege proper etc etc 9see below for an earlier review still accurate 2014 another reread this one should be 15th, 20th who knows but after visiting the walls and the superb Panorama museum in front of Topkapi Gate St Romanus of Byzantine times where the moment of the fall is immortalized in a 3D painting with replicas of original weapons and clothes scattered on the floor around the circular huge painting still one of my top all time favorite novels and the visit to Istanbul and walking on the walls and seeing the Turkish perspective just added to it a lotEpic and awesome starts with Bayazid beheading the knights caught at Nicopole in 1396 who did not have the money to ransom themselves, while the richer ones are shamed into watching and it goes for almost 700 awesome pages of the next 57 years of the Byzantine emperors traveling and sending embassies to Western Europe to no avail we meet all the luminaries of the day from the kings of England and France to the German Emperors to the Italian leaders this part is unmatched in any historical fiction I ve read the second volume, shorter at maybe 400 pages has the siege itself, where the fates of the many characters from the last part of the first volume when the action moves to the present plays out no sentimentality there and a very bittersweet endingSpies, action, romance and of course the battles, while the characters just shine, notably the Romeo and Juliet like Leandru Commen of the very patriotic and noble family of the former imperial line, not so wealthy any and supportive of the Union with Rome as the last chance of survival and Irina Kalamides, of the upstart but rich Kalamides clan whose father is the main highly placed agent of the Sultan, hoping for a plum position after the fall, but sending his wealth to Italy just in case too the corrupt but peace loving grand vizier Khalil, the sultan Mehmet and his entourage, the guard Captain de Briene, and the underworld of Constantinople charactersI read this book tens of times since I discovered it maybe 30, maybe 35 years ago and I always took a copy with me everywhere I moved, including when I came here from Romania As an aside the style of the author is not dissimilar with GRRM s in ASoIaF, with the story told from many pov s we get into their head, though here they do not have chapters, but paragraphs pages and this leads to memorable lines, like one young rich French knight meditating on his folly when seeing his blood brother and best friend from early childhood being led to the scaffold by the Turks and he could just watch impotently in chains or the mighty Emperor of Germany giving an audience to the Pope s envoys and despairing for it to end so he can scratch the itch from some lice in his underwear, or King Richard II musings in imprisonment at Pontefract, this all from the first 1 200 pagesHere is a blurb translation The Fall of Constantinople, Vintila Corbu s novel was the number one bestseller in Romania under the communist regime and possible today too btw only the first edition in the 70 s, selling 192,000 copies The Fall of Constantinople is about the capital of the Byzantine Empire conquered the Ottoman forces, under the command of Sultan Mehmed II This marked not only the end of the Eastern Roman Empire and the death of the last Byzantine emperor, Constantine XI, but also a crucial strategic victory for the Ottomans which led inexorably to their conquest of the East Mediterranean, Balkans and a lot of central Europe note that Vintila Corbul, 1916 2008, left leaning lawyer and writer from a rich aristocratic family before the communist regime was banned from print for decades after the communist takeover which murdered his adoptive or possibly real father, a Romanian general whose war memoirs are fictionalized in his awesome Gallop in Hell the regime forced Mr Corbul to take dangerous factory jobs until he became almost blind and only chance allowed him to write again only to become the biggest Romanian bestseller in both novels and movie scripts in the relative thaw of the late 60 s and early 70 s as he was just a master storyteller he left Romania in 1979 and lived and wrote in France from then on, while after the fall of communism he visited often until his death in 2008 Outside this duology, his other masterpiece is the sadly unfinished series originally only a double trilogy out of at least 9 volumes planned afaik about a rich 19th century family The Sunderland Beauclair Dynasty in 6 volumes that end in major cliffhangers, though it is true that in modern volumes he recounted snippets about the fate of the family across time and there is even one partly funny, partly serious book with main heroes from today s family descendants rud to be based on family lore as his mother was related to the American Rockefeller family and his father was from the old Romanian nobility that series was published in communist Romania from the mid 1960 s till the author s departure in 1979 and with its naked worship of capitalism and risk taking was a shocking read for me when I first discovered it in the early 80 s as nothing like it had been allowed to be published in those times usually the books with action or translated from the west were from an anti capitalist perspective

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    Din punct de vedere istoric nu i se pot reprosa multe, dar din punct de vedere al artei romanului sufera din greu Volumul I este cel mai dens si mai greu de citit, cu mult prea multe intamplari de context a caror prezenta imbacseste povestea principala a romanului si a caror eliminare n ar afecta o cu nimic mai ales cele vreo 150 de pagini de la inceput care vorbesc de Baiazid I ul si de imparatul Manuel Ar putea fi foarte usor transformate in cateva fraze de context Si nu sunt singurele exemple Exista foarte multe personaje secundare si mult prea multe personaje tertiare carora li se dedica pagini intregi unele sunt interesante, altele ar putea disparea cu totul din poveste fara sa li se simta lipsa Actiunea zburda de colo colo, prin intreaga Europa, cu intamplari si cu personaje care nu vor mai aparea apoi niciodata si care nu sunt foarte relevante pentru povestea principala ar fi putut fi si ele rezumate in cateva propozitii, intr o discutie purtata intre personaje secundare sau intr o scrisoare etc Atentia cititorului se pierde printre atatea detalii nesemnificative si personaje istorice In plus, in primul volum este foarte greu sa ti dai seama care este de fapt personajul principal daca este vreunul in afara de Constantinopole.Al doilea volum este mai bine inchegat decat volumul I si povestea curge in sfarsit firesc Contine totusi unele detalii anacronice, dar per ansamblu ofera o lectura buna Pacat ca primul volum nu este la acelasi nivel.

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    A fascinating book with a lot of insights on that period I liked less the high degree of detailed used, but overall a good reading No matter the decade men will do anything for power.

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    One of the best book I ever read

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    Unde poate fi g sit cartea n format electronic sau fizic La chio curi nu se mai g se te

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    Intotdeauna mi a placut cartea aceasta E frumos scrisa, chiar daca acum stiu ca are teribilisme nationaliste, insa ce vrei, e fictiune istorica

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    Superba carte

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    Epic but at times overly descriptive for noninteresting facts Very good mix of history and fiction, wonderfully depicted Constantinople, well documented with a touch of spice Extremely engaging beginning Have patience afterwards, lots if possible.

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    O poveste excelenta ce te tine cu sufletul la gura de la inceput pana la ultima pagina Autorul imbina istoria cu fictiunea intr o maniera incantatoare d nd nastere unor emotii atat de puternice si atat de variate.

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