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The Boy Who Met Jesus explained The Boy Who Met Jesus , review The Boy Who Met Jesus , trailer The Boy Who Met Jesus , box office The Boy Who Met Jesus , analysis The Boy Who Met Jesus , The Boy Who Met Jesus 43f6 It S The Greatest Story Never Told That Of A Boy Who Met Jesus And Dared To Ask Him All The Questions That Have Consumed Mankind Since The Dawn Of Time His Name Was Segatashya He Was A Shepherd Born Into A Penniless And Illiterate Pagan Family In The Most Remote Region Of Rwanda He Never Attended School, Never Saw A Bible, And Never Set Foot In A Church Then One Summer Day InWhile TheYear Old Was Resting Beneath A Shade Tree, Jesus Christ Paid Him A Visit Jesus Asked The Startled Young Man If He D Be Willing To Go On A Mission To Remind Mankind How To Live A Life That Leads To Heaven Segatashya Accepted The Assignment On One Condition That Jesus Answer All His Questions And All The Questions Of Those He Met On His Travels About Faith, Religion, The Purpose Of Life, And The Nature Of Heaven And Hell Jesus Agreed To The Boy S Terms, And Segatashya Set Off On What Would Become One Of The Most Miraculous Journeys In Modern History Although He Was Often Accused Of Being A Charlatan And Beaten As A Result, Segatashya S Innocent Heart And Powerful Spiritual Wisdom Quickly Won Over Even The Most Cynical Of Critics Soon, This Teenage Boy Who Had Never Learned To Read Or Write Was Discussing Theology With Leading Biblical Scholars And Advising Pastors And Priests Of All Denominations He Became So Famous In Rwanda That The Catholic Church Investigated His Story The Doctors And Psychiatrists Who Examined Segatashya All Agreed That They Were Witnessing A Miracle His Words And Simple Truths Converted Thousands Of Hearts And Souls Wherever He Went Before His Death During TheRwandan Genocide, Segatashya Continued His Travels And Conversations With Jesus For Eight Years, Asking Him What We All Want To Know Why Were We Created Why Must We Suffer Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People When Will The World EndIs There Life After Death How Do We Get To HeavenThe Answers To These And Many Other Momentous, Life Changing Questions Are Revealed In This Riveting Book, Which Is The First Full Account Of Segatashya S Remarkable Life Story Written With Grace, Passion, And Loving Humor By Immacul E Ilibagiza, Segatashya S Close Friend And A Survivor Of The Rwandan Holocaust Herself, This Truly Inspirational Work Is Certain To Move You In Profound Ways No Matter What Your Faith Or Religious Beliefs, Segatashya S Words Will Bring You Comfort And Joy, And Prepare Your Heart For This Life And For Life Everlasting

  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • The Boy Who Met Jesus
  • Immaculée Ilibagiza
  • English
  • 07 February 2019
  • 9781401935818

About the Author: Immaculée Ilibagiza

Today Immacul e is regarded as one of world s leading speakers on peace, faith, and forgiveness She has shared her universal message with world dignitaries, school children, multinational corporations, churches, and at many conferences Immacul e works hard to spread her message and to raise money for her Left to Tell Charitable Fund which directly benefits the children orphaned by the genocide.I

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    This is such a bittersweet story Although a very easy read, I took it in short stretches, because of the pain underlying most of Segatasha s story Segatasha of Kibeho was only 14 when he first heard Jesus speak to him After that, his life was never the same.You might think and I might as well that it would be wonderful to hear the voice of Our Savior, see His Face too and ask Him all the questions burning in our hearts And yet, what did such privileges cost Because everything in life comes at some expense Segatasha paid with the loss of his deeply rooted connection to family Jesus sent the boy out to preach his repentance message to the surrounding areas, even to other countries other than his native Rwanda Segatasha s family was hurt, confused and felt rejected by him in the beginning, suffered the loss of him personally as well as his manual labor, greatly needed by the growing family Later they became overwhelmed by the hoards of sightseers who overran their farm in search of the boy, his belongings, them, and or any souvenir they could steal Eventually things got so bad Segatasha s family had to move It was many years before they regained any sort of quiet life again Segatasha was lost to them forever.There were other dangers and inconveniences Segatasha encountered during his travels Jesus frequently asked for seemingly impossible or dangerous tasks, like walking into known hostile or forbidden areas, partially to strengthen Segatasha s faith, but also to teach those around him Jesus always promised to be at his side through everything and He was Many flocked to hear this young boy speak and thus many lives were changed for the better thanks to Segatasha s acceptance of his mission This is a story within a story, the author, Immacul e Ilibagiza, telling us of her earliest experiences of the visionaries at Kibeho and her especial fondness of Segatasha She reveals his story through her return pilgrimages to Rwanda after the 1994 genocide which he predicted through the revelations of Jesus His sweet face on the cover haunts me Needless to say, his messages were not heeded and Segatasha was just one of the than a million casualties in the Rwandan genocide in 1994.

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    Favorite quote A LONG ONE Jesus knows us all to the very depths of our souls, all our dreams and worries, all hopes and fears, all our goodness and all our weakness, He can see our sins and faults and wants nothing than for us to heal our hearts and cleanse our souls so that we can love him as immeasurably as he loves us When he sends us suffering, he does it only to strengthen our spirits so we ll be strong enough to fight off Satan, who wants to destroy us, so that one day we can bask in the glory of his presence forever When I was with him, I never wanted to leave If he asked me to come and be with him now, I would leave this world forever without the slightest hesitation To be near him is to live in love no words need be spoken In his presence your soul is at peace and completely joyous Know his love is real, and that it is eternal and ours to have if we love him and do his will on Earth Ask him into your heart, and all his graces are yours He will refuse you nothing If you were able to know only one truth in your life, you should know this truth Jesus loves you.

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    Loved this lovely account of a boys encounter with Christchokengtitiktitikchokeng 61a sermon of simple and powerful grace believe in the Lord, and let everything you do in life be motivated my faith and love Jesus said to me I will find the hearts of everyone who believes in me and follows my commandments no matter which Bible they read or which religion they belong to.When I come looking for my children, I will not only look in the Catholic Church for good Christians who do good deeds and acts of love and devotion I will look across the entire world for those who honor my commandments and love me with an open and sincere heart it is their love, not their religion, that makes them true children of God Tell this one truth to all those to whom you speak of in my name Believe in me, and in whatever you do in life, do it with faith and love.Those who do know of God, who have been taught of God s ways, will be held to a higher standard for to those who much have been given, much will be expected No one is forced to believe in God, but still, God lives in every person s heart just follow your heart to God s love Those who live in love will hear God s voice, because God s voice is a voice of love.

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    Really amazing supernatural story about the apparitions of Virgin Mary and Jesus in 1982 in Kabeho, in which they are warned of the genocide to occur 12 years later in Rwanda I d never heard of these miracles before so really interesting.

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    I read Immaculee Ilibagiza s book Left To Tell in 3 hours and was so fascinated by her story that I was excited to find out she s written a couple other books I put this on my to read list a while back and finally had the chance to read it.This story is about the boy Segatshya who grew up on a poor farm in Rwanda He heard the voice of Jesus talking to him in 1982 without ever knowing who Jesus was He was illiterate and practiced paganism in his village though not devoutly He had no idea about anything in regards to Jesus, but somehow he started to not only hear Him, but saw visions of Him I will say that at first in reading this I was hooked immediately to his story because I met Jesus in a dream when I was 4 or 5 and he healed me of my than partial deafness that I had as well as my terrible speech abilities I therefore am open to accepting that Jesus appears to people since I literally saw Him myself However, although these things were incredible to read about, I had a terrible time accepting this story simply because he states that Jesus said that all religions if they do right are following Him, while when Jesus was on earth, He stated that HE was the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE and that you could ONLY get to God the Father through believing in Him Jesus also was very blunt with the Pharisees about not recognizing Him as the son of God based on all their knowledge that they should be accepting of Him I don t think that Jesus calling those who rejected him the sons of devils would slide away because a 12 year old boy stated that Jesus said all religions can go to heaven That doesn t coincide with scripture So I am skeptical Plus I have a hard time with holding up Mary as if she is God herself when she was a vessel to bring forth the King The story was good and I definitely don t doubt Segatashya s belief in Jesus, I just don t know if who appeared to him was Jesus.however, his words were prophetic by warning the people to clean up their act or there would be blood and machete deaths everywhere, considering the genocide that happened there in 1994 Definitely was an interesting story.

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    This was a very inspirational story, and it s motivated me to spend time in prayer I was a little disappointed that information about Segatashya s conversations with Christ were not reported in the book, though I felt Immaculee focused a little too much on her personal feelings about Segatashya and the other visionaries of Kibeho, and she only touched the highlights of Segatashya s life before, during, and after his meetings with Jesus When I finished the book, I was still thirsting for knowledge Maybe that was the author s intent.

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    At first I found this book fascinating, especially since I had never heard of this before After a while I found some of the conversations disturbing and somewhat questionable Is this book fact Not so sure.

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    Me ha gustado la recreaci n que hace la autora de la Ruanda anterior a la guerra Uno puede imaginarse el ambiente en el que transcurrieron los acontecimientos Una Ruanda a caballo entre la belleza exuberante de la selva y el infierno pre b lico de un genocidio que empezaba a gestarse Se trata de unas apariciones poco conocidas en Europa y que no han sido validadas por la Iglesia Cat lica en su totalidad Se agradece el trabajo de la autora por difundirlas Jesucristo elige lo humilde y peque o para su causa Eligi a Segatashya un ni o pobre de una aldea perdida en la selva Proveniente de una familia poco dada a la religi n, era un ni o con un coraz n de oro siempre alegre, responsable, muy trabajador, luchador incansable por su familia Seg n sus propios familiares, un salvador de vidas Entre Segatashya y Jesucristo se establece un di logo amistoso a lo largo de varios a os Entre los mensajes de Cristo est Es su amor y no su religi n, lo que les hace verdaderos hijos de Dios Esto podr a contradir alg n dogma de la religi n Cat lica y quiz s es la raz n por la que estas apariciones a n no son reconocidas Aunque la mayor a de mensajes se ajustan a la doctrina Diles esta verdad a aquellos con los que hables en mi nombre Creed en m , y todo lo que hag is en la vida, hacedlo con fe y amor Y este otro Cuando venga buscando a mis hijos, no solo mirar en la Iglesia Cat lica, en busca de buenos cristianos que hagan obras buenas y actos de amor y devoci n Buscar por todo el mundo A los que han o do hablar de Dios y se les ha ense ado a obrar tal y como Dios quiere, se les exigir m s porque de los que han recibido mucho, se espera mucho La frescura, inocencia y espontaneidad en la que transcurren estos di logos son conmovedores Se tratan temas como el juicio final, el sentido del sufrimiento, el ayuno, el amor, el matrimonio, el noviazgo, el sexo, la priorizaci n de la salvaci n, el pecado, etc Sorprende la evoluci n del vidente Arrancado de un campo de jud as por Jes s, quien convirti al joven pastor en un poderoso guerrero de Dios El final me ha parecido algo abrupto y violento, quiz s porque la historia contin a en otro libro En cualquier caso, el mensaje espiritual es totalmente esperanzador y optimista, digno del que proclama la Buena Nueva.M s opini n en este art culo de mi blog.

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    Fascinating true story about a very poor Rwandan boy who Jesus appeared to many times over a period of months and had conversations with him It does seem hard to believe, but first read Left to Tell by Immacul e Ilibagiza also the author of this book You will fall in love with her and her honesty, bravery and faith After reading her personal memoir, it s hard to not believe what she writes Her writing is honest and raw, and her stories are captivating, all of which holds true with this book.

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    I m very glad I read this book I d never heard of the Kibeho visionaries and am happy to have known this modern miracle It is good to see God working so overtly in the world today That said this had the feel of a newspaper editorial Not my favorite style and difficult to get into Once about half the book is done, Ms Ilibagiza introduces transcripts which I enjoyed much .

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