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The Ruby in the Smoke summary The Ruby in the Smoke, series The Ruby in the Smoke, book The Ruby in the Smoke, pdf The Ruby in the Smoke, The Ruby in the Smoke 0cac82bdb2 Sally Is Sixteen And Uncommonly Pretty Her Knowledge Of English Literature, French, History, Art And Music Is Non Existent, But She Has A Thorough Grounding In Military Tactics, Can Run A Business, Ride Like A Cossack And Shoot Straight With A PistolWhen Her Dear Father Is Drowned In Suspicious Circumstances In The South China Sea, Sally Is Left To Fend For Herself, An Orphan And Alone In The Smoky Fog Of Victorian London Though She Doesn T Know It, Sally Is Already In Terrible Danger Soon The Mystery And The Danger Will Deepen And At The Rotten Heart Of It All Lies The Deadly Secret Of The Ruby In The Smoke

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    You know this smart and swiftly paced Victorian mystery is written for young adults, right You know that doesn t mean dumbed down or raw, but rather that it should not be cluttered up with obtrusive literariness or head scratching ephemera You say that Pullman struggles with figurative language and that he doesn t find his own voice and I have to say what exactly do you mean by figurative language and how is he struggling with it I saw no such struggle and I read a very specific voice Pullman pulls off a YA adventure without dumbing it down and his voice is clearly an intelligent and political and subtle one perhaps too subtle he up ends various conventions of the genre the heroine doesn t solve the mystery herself it happens off stage highly unusual and refreshing and without melodrama her skills are in accounting rather than detection she lives in the Victorian era and all that implies regarding the status of women yet she doesn t sigh or moon about wistfully over love, she doesn t stress about manners, she is forthright and intelligent and bold without becoming a unrealistic wish fulfillment version of a Victorian heroine she fits perfectly within her time and still manages to stand out in her own particular way.You say the characters are flat and uninteresting I say we must have read different books the characters, both heroes villains, practically jumped off of the page for me, each one a tasty and compelling creation there was a not so underlying theme of the importance of equality and one of the most clever ways that Pullman gets his point across is by bringing together an entirely disparate crew of well realized supporting characters and making them all perform and interact as equals that was a lovely thing to behold and it was made so heartwarming yet without sickly sweet sentiment the book makes equality feel like the most natural thing in the world You thought the central villain was dull that vicious old lady is one of the memorable villains I ve experienced in young adult fiction mad, bad, and dangerous to know cruel and cunning and given a particularly surprising and compelling backstory You say the heroine isn t much of a role model I must beg to differ sure she does a questionable thing or two does she need to be perfect don t challenging times mean a person has to do a challenging thing or two, something they very well may regret is it the opium that bothered you well it bothered me too just as it clearly was intended England s sickening role in the opium trade with China bothers me and it certainly bothers the author thus no punches are pulled I applaud that did you not understand that you were actually picking up a book by Phillip Pullman and not by the Lollipop Guild

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    i read this trilogy approximately 7.5 million times when i was younger so good and it taught me all i know about opium use no kidding.

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    With a subtitle of A Sally Lockhart Mystery, one might expect the first installment of said series to be about a girl who restores pinched puppies to their rightful dowdy owners And you wouldn t be wrong The Ruby in the Smoke introduces Sally, a self made woman already at 16 years old, with an accidental death and a call to action Her father has died under mysterious circumstances, and it s up to her and eventually a merry, ragtag band of comrades including an equally quickwitted young photographer to avenge his death and put a whole host of non puppy related things to rights.What s , the books are set in 19th century London This makes the book extra engaging for two reasons 1 Sally s quick thinking, independent woman ways get her branded a heathen from the very start It makes it harder for her to succeed in any endeavor outside of lacing up a corset, and when she does tenfold it s all the cheer worthy and inspiring 2 Old timeyness factor Peeps be wearing waistcoats.Overall, this is a fantastic start to a series about the strength found in resourcefulness, self discipline, and friendship forged on the path to bringing down a wicked opium lord.

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    I m a big fan of Pullman s His Dark Materials trilogy, so I thought I would give this a try Heck, I even liked the Golden Compass movie two words Daniel Craig This is what librarians call young adult literature i.e for teenagers As such, I find it a bit disturbing I m a far cry from a book burning censor but this heroine is not my idea of a role model Set in Victorian London, Sally Lockhart is an orphan of course who falls in with a Dickensian cast of characters to solve her father s murder She packs a pistol and dabbles with opium, but has to get a man to purchase them for her It doesn t even occur to her to try to solve the riddleshe s too busy embarking on a career as an accountant She s also rather too quick to tell all her secrets to everyone she meets And pretty much everyone ends up conveniently dead Oh, dear Where is Nancy Drew when we need her Pullman should stick to insulting religion.

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    Hold your horses, everyone, the twenty something nostalgia has set in I m noticing a couple of good, classic books for youngsters working their way back under my fictional radar in the last few months I read Ruby in the Smoke when I was about twelve or thirteen, probably lured by the promise of Victorians, intrigue and lady heroes who are good at accountancy I was that kind of child My private games tended to involve a pencil and paper and the question How would I run this as a self supporting enterprise When lately it occurred to me that a story idea I ve been playing with very much harks back to this, I thought I d pick up a second hand copy and see if I liked it as much as I remembered.This is a book for my hypothetical future daughter, for a start Sally Lockhart is a fabulous heroine She s independent and can look out for herself, but she s not particularly streetwise or rebellious or spunky , and that s okay She s got business acumen and staying power but she believes the best of people and makes a quiet virtue of treating them well She s not got weird coloured hair or special skills, she s neither exceptionally well provided for nor rags and scraps poor, she s not a chosen one in any way She doesn t sound like a YA heroine, or at least not the ones I ve read She sounds, in my head, a bit like younger me Naturally I think she s marvellous and I want my hypothetical future daughter to understand that good book keeping and cheerfully volunteering to help with things are also character traits that can go with being a hero Also that if you are going to smoke things, there is a clever way to do it and there is a not clever way to do it.The main villain is genuinely creepy, and gets through dim witted sidekicks at an alarming rate She made a better villain before her reasons were explained why are they so often so disappointing Is it just that when we know a villain s reasons for acting, they cease to be part of that ominous dark cloud of mystery in our imaginations but if I were Philip Pullman, I would have saved the final reveal in the cab for a different book Or at least strung it out a bit It was a little anticlimactic Another thirty pages to build it up into something I cared about a little , and this might have got bumped up another star.I just like anonymous notes and questing and housebreaking in search of mysterious papers and Baker Street Irregulars and people dropping dead in solicitors offices I like sixteen year olds who know how to clean a pistol and also to negotiate contracts I like scruffy photographers who wouldn t get away with being such a low key sort of vaguely love interest if this had been written in 2013, not 1987 I like pirates and Victorian melodrama shadowy villainous foreigners This book did not knock me for six But I enjoyed the hell out of it, and after some of the other stuff I ve been reading of late, it is nice to dive straight back into the middle of my comfort zone and romp around for a bit.

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    Truth be told, I expected something , but it was nonetheless a truly enjoyable read.

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    Actual rating 3.5 5 stars.This is the first instalment in the Sally Lockhart quartet, which is a Victorian era series following amateur sleuth, Sally Lockhart, as she attempts to solve the mysteries of London s dark underbelly, as well as those muddying her own past.I really enjoyed putting my observation skills to the test, along with protagonist Sally, and getting an introduction to the other memorable characters that joined in with her detecting This novel provided a pretty vast cast, but all had their own distinct parts to play in solving the mystery that entwines all their lives, and so none felt surplus to the narrative I also enjoyed this insight to Victorian society and how Sally disallowed herself to become a passive spectator to her fate.I did find, however, that some of the scenes felt a little melodramatic in their construction Cliched characters and a simplicity of statement made this feel aimed at the younger end of YA and, as an older reader, this made it hard to fully resonate with this novel, in its entirety This was certainly fun, with a sprinkling of suspense, but I found it a little sentimental, on times, which hindered me from fully adoring this novel.

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    Sally Lockhart is an orphan during the 1879s in London She begins to discover the truth about her father, while being menaced by some very creepy characters.I enjoyed this far than the Golden Compass books, as the narrative wasn t marred by the high whine of Pullman s anti Narnia axe being ground The narrative voice dips into condescension here and there, but that actually fits period literature for younger readers, and the atmosphere of London s darker reaches was vivid and evocative.It was a fun three hour read, but didn t leave me with the desire to search out , though if they come my way I will.

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    I m a big fan of His Dark Materials and Ruby in the Smoke is set in a similar Victorian world, but without the steampunk or magical elements It s a murder mystery where teenage orphan Sally Lockhart searches for her father s killer and tries to discover his connection to the Ruby of the title and the significance of his last warning to her Beware the seven blessings At around 200 pages it was a quick read The writing is not quite as sophisticated as His Dark Materials , but is still really good and captures the Victorian turn of phrase very well I can see some Dickensian influence and I imagine a bit from Wilkie Collins and Conan Doyle too Occasionally there were a few last minute liberties written into the story to make things work suddenly discovering Frederick is an expert climber is one that springs to mind and there was another one that was to do with the ruby The villain Mrs Holland is a great character, but unlike Mrs Coulter, I didn t quite buy the web of influence and power she seemed to have accrued There were also lots of good London locations and secondary characters I will definitely read the next one in the series.

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    I first stumbled on this as an audiobook, and decided to reread because I needed a book written by an author named Philip for a challenge It was just as much fun as I remembered Very different from Pullman s other, famous series, this one is really a piece of Victorian pulp fiction I will definitely be tracking down the sequels.

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