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Sátántangó quotes Sátántangó, litcharts Sátántangó, symbolism Sátántangó, summary shmoop Sátántangó, Sátántangó 53c2976a Already Famous As The Inspiration For The Filmmaker B La Tarr S Six Hour Masterpiece, Satantango Is Proof That The Devil Has All The Good Times The Story Of Satantango, Spread Over A Couple Of Days Of Endless Rain, Focuses On The Dozen Remaining Inhabitants Of An Unnamed Isolated Hamlet Failures Stuck In The Middle Of Nowhere Schemes, Crimes, Infidelities, Hopes Of Escape, And Above All Trust And Its Constant Betrayal Are Krasznahorkai S Meat At The Center Of Satantango, George Szirtes Has Said, Is The Eponymous Drunken Dance, Referred To Here Sometimes As A Tango And Sometimes As A Csardas It Takes Place At The Local Inn Where Everyone Is Drunk Their World Is Rough And Ready, Lost Somewhere Between The Comic And The Tragic, In One Small Insignificant Corner Of The Cosmos Theirs Is The Dance Of Death You Know, Mrs Schmidt, A Pivotal Character, Tipsily Confides, Dance Is My One Weakness

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    I am reading Satantango at my parents house A communist block of flats, tiny cubicles with thin walls, through which the noise of a Tv set penetrates from my neighbor upstairs Later on, my mother comes in my room and falls asleep on my bed Poor mom, she is always so tired Soon, the muffled noise of the Tv intermingles with my mother s snores I am expelled from the depths of evil I leave behind the colony, the putrid rooms, the decay I come back to my banal reality I glimpse at the half eaten cake, the orderly room, my warm feet I hold the book open with my toes, fingers plucked deep in my ears Slowly, word upon word, I can hear once again the rumbling of thunder, the incessant tapping of rain Shadowy hands pull me once inside the sickening gloom and despair I am back in the colony, caught up in a maddening Satan s tango.Back to Bucharest, I finish the novel Rain has followed me around, accompanying my reading of Satantango I couldn t have arranged for a better setting for this bleak, absurd novel, which dragged me through a world in a deepening state of decay Civilization seems to have been erased, people decimated by an unknown plague, with only an isolated community which survived an apocalypse.For a long time, I had no notion of time and space, nor of the purpose of me being there No explanations, no causes, only a sour taste in one s mouth, as a sign of impending death The few people left in the colony retreat, powerless, in the face of an abstract disease, incapable of defending or saving themselves Everything around them crumbles and rots Paint flakes, roofs collapse, mold creeps along walls, furniture and clothes Unseen spiders weave their cobwebs in silence, trapping objects and beings alike in silvery cocoons, in an attempt to preserve, to hold the world still It is a life adrift, Sodom and Gomorrah on a smaller scale men crave for their neighbors wives, young girls sell their bodies, the school master no longer teaches the young, the doctor no longer heals the sick Nothing works any the mill and the shops are deserted, the fields are abandoned The only one standing is the tavern, where people gather to drink and dance madly until dawn The inhabitants dream of escaping, of leaving their colony behind Thoughts of starting a better life elsewhere fade away the minute they take shape They place their hopes in an outward salvation One day, a tragedy befalls them, followed by a miracle witnessed by few, but they can t read the signs their minds are too numbed, their souls too hardened to understand And when the much awaited savior arrives, they abandon every shred of reason and follow him blindly In his hands, the once hopeless puppets return to life, as he infuses them with hope and renewed energy Docile, they walk the road their master puppeteer has chosen for them.Krasznahorkai s prose has a hypnotic, overwhelming power I allowed myself to be carried away by his words, by the rhythm of his long, winding phrases Slowly, I immersed into the suffocating world of the colony I could sense the moans of collapsing houses, the lament of an eternal rain, the weaving of cobwebs, the advancing of mold I could almost smell the heavy stench of mud and putrefaction, oozing from the crumbling walls and the skin of their helpless inhabitants In twelve steps of a dance executed in circle, the narrative opens and closes with the mysterious ringing of bells Behind a window, safely tucked under blankets, there is a hand that writes in notebooks Reality and imagination commence to overlap it is either a descent into madness or an ascent towards truth Spoilers below, most likely In so many ways, Satantango is not a dystopia It is, in effect, real life Crude, unforgiving life, in which we can bring the apocalypse onto ourselves through our ignorance, indolence and depravity Page after page, I started to realize that the unnamed plague, the unmentioned disaster did not happen from external causes The so called catastrophe was brought by the people themselves, through their laziness, vice and fatality Dehumanized, hopeless, they linger in a state of lethargy their will is paralyzed It is the kind of disease that is eating them from the inside they have condemned themselves Instead of relying on their own powers, they hope for salvation from elsewhere they ultimately subject to a higher will, because it is always easier to be led than to lead Ironically, the salvation they await for could mean, in the end, a further downfall.

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    krasznahorkai s hard at work on the next few in the series 2 Beezelbuballet 3 Mephistophelesamba 4 Azazelambada 5 Antichristarantella 6 Luciferumba 7 Belialimbo 8 Asmodeusalsa

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    For a rainbow chaser and flower collector, satan tango is not exactly the kind of event to spend an many evenings on The brightness is pleasing odour and the not so brightness is forever under verdict But there I stayed lurking under the disturbing, frequently tingling, always jagging edges of this strange melody oozing from the tango being played in a far land in Hungary In an unknown, abandoned terrain, the devil strikes my world with a soft morning hoot, a touch so ethereal, so cajoling that I should have upped my antennae at that very instant But instead, I treaded idly on his tune I had nothing to worry, my strong mind for support Extending my hand and touching a dilapidated dream, trudging on the solidified ground of incurable despair and casting a long glance on overstretched alliances, I jingled along the bewitching tune wherever it took me Like a seasoned Pied Piper, the all powerful Irimi s suspended the bleak kaleidoscope of life with the vigor of a rising sun and I stood, peeping into the rustic juxtaposition of synthetic hopes, unaware of the shaking soil beneath my hoisted feet The satan tango was leaving rapidly changing colors on the bodies of all under its hypnotic vibration, a few villagers with unusually twinkling eyes to be precise But I was definitely not getting swayed in the virulent air engulfing the invisible specks of remnant desires The villagers fought and prayed condemnation, they drank and hoped redemption, they cheated and bargained life, they suspected and ordained clarity, they voyaged and visualized tomorrow And all this while, I walked safely on a parallel track, overseeing their devious twitches enraptured by the tango s strings, smirking at their unbelievable gullibility rupturing their faint blue veins I knew the tango was going to recede after spraying a noxious plume of immobilizing staccato , sucking all the music from their souls and then, perhaps, I might serve as a timely messenger in curtailing Irimi s similar tango sessions in the fertile vicinity of other vulnerable simpletons But that tango something about it was anomalous The dark rhythm, the haunting splendor, everything decomposing yet rising in penultimate glory The unknown, like a blithe promise, was finding its pieces in the grey outlines of life a life weeping to shed pungent rashes from its skin, both self inflicted and gifted on the occasions of experiment and discovery Whyi sthat tunequali fying to be strungona guitarand played atthe resurrection Whyist he shrillvoiceevo king a suppressedmelodyenwrapped deepwithin me one thatis anoutcomeo f a beingunbiasedly erected, letting goodandsat an settle like sandandwaterin a mortalcontainer WhenIrefuset oletgo something uncomfortable in my heart simplybecauseIha vegotten usedtothedev iation andthe ludicrousmusicarran gementofthe tangoreinforcesth ose aberrationslike theywereasprec iousas conformities We havereachedajun ctionand I cannotseet hevillagers any But I run into a path whichthrowsme back sinceit isamirror Nothingisvis ibleinitswomb exceptforareflection Andthatdoes looklikesome thingI know ameshoffine whitelines, criss crossingth ebareblack background, drawingvarioussub lime andgrot esqueimageswith itssliveringbrush, fillingthemir rorasfastason ecanimagine, constructing anmulti dimensionalpic turethat I am abouttoenterin to beforetheweb view spoiler The scintillating writing skills of Krasznahorkai deserves a special mention You might be reminded of the melody of a guitar strung on dope hide spoiler

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    A Tale of Prophesy, Foreshadowing, Coming, Death, Resurrection, and Testament and it is not the Bible But scary and dark as it is, Satantango got many points right that the Bible didn t because it is told in too many contradictory voices, like a random stampede A tango is danced with structure, with different orchestrated movements leading in one direction, even though the dancers step back occasionally, following the music of the Pied Piper summoning humanity to create a meaningless yet passionate act of artistic performance.The true power is in the discovery that words can interfere with reality Charismatic leaders can wake up the dull sleepers of a village and stir its inhabitants into action It creates sexual desire and violent needs, it is a source of confidence and humiliation Following the storyteller, history moves forwards and backwards until the circle closes but it never really does, even though the book closes on that note And it is not a circle at all, but a spiral, and it keeps winding its path around and around, to the tune of the tango Satan is a brilliant dancer.Satantango reminded me of my favourite ABBA song when I was a child, addictive and fairylike, only it lacks the passionate eros of a Latin dance Krasznahorkai added that flavour in Satantango They came from the hillsAnd they came from the valleys and the plainsThey struggled in the coldIn the heat and the snow and in the rainCame to hear him playPlay their minds awayWe re all following a strange melodyWe re all summoned by a tuneWe re following the piperAnd we dance beneath the moonWe re following the piperAnd we dance beneath the moon for himAnd we dance beneath the moon Sub luna saltamusThey came from the southFrom the west and the north and from the eastThey waited for the manLike a parish is waiting for the priestLonged to hear him playPlay their minds awayWe re all following a strange melodyWe re all summoned by a tuneWe re following the piperAnd we dance beneath the moonWe re following the piper

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    Lunatics in Charge of the Asylum Satantango is an allegory of the decline of the Communist state into a sort of primitive capitalism The mouldering, almost derelict estate with its confused and despairing residents, looking toward a de industrialized East, all hoping to move West as soon as they scrape the funds together The remnants of a police state that is no longer subject to the authority of the police but to its former informers The drunken villagers who desperately desire a messiah in whom they can believe The new regime is established by The law of relative power This literal pecking order is now The law of the land The people s law You are to adapt yourselves to the new situation Is that clear , commands the Orban like or Putin like figure of the secret policeman The populace are helpless They are slaves who have lost their master but can t live without what they call pride, honor and courage So They are waiting They re waiting patiently, like the long suffering lot they are, in the firm conviction that someone has conned them But they ain t seen nothin yet.The Laurel and Hardy duo of Irimias and Petrina are the new entrepreneurial hucksters, the corporate pioneers, fledgling merchant bankers facilitating the transition to freedom They don t know much about anything but they know the right people The Captain of the Secret Police gives them their special mandate You ve been summoned because you have endangered the project by your absence No doubt you have noticed I ve not given precise details The nature of the project has nothing to do with you Their job is to execute, not to plan but their discretionary power is effectively unlimited The project itself remains mysterious, just another long con perhaps.Irimias and Petrina are the influence peddlers who threaten to blow everything up piece by piece if their influence is ignored They are irrational, hair trigger bullies Yet they are idolized by the country folk who are willing to sacrifice their meager mostly Ill gotten gains to these characters who appear resurrected from the long dead They may be anachronistic jokes, but they re all that s available In the land of the blind etc This new regime is one of numbers rather than ideology, or is it an ideology of numbers In any case, the landlord of the bar knows the score The greater the significance of the numbers the greater my own significance And so the satanic dance begins in all its gauche splendor within the village bar Meanwhile, outside in reality, it continues to rain and the world turns to yellow mud But that doesn t compare with the rain of death in the heart Consequently everyone stays drunk as long as possible It s a strategy which makes a great deal of sense in the circumstances It helps to mitigate the pervasive stench.If you think you d like a spicy allegorical goulash of Samuel Beckett and Tennessee Williams with a soup on of Kafka, this might be your cup of tea or bowl of paprika as the case may be.

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art k s yleyelim, kitab n ba ndaki 1.5 sayfal k b l m ile sonu bire bir ayn Biz bir s r ey oldu unu san rken ki olurken her eyi yine en ba a sar yor Evet, en ba a sar yoruz ama art k en ba ta oldu umuz umutsuzluk d zeyinden daha derin bir umutsuzluk d zlemine ge iyoruz ve belki de sonsuza kadar gidecek bu sarmal her tamamland nda biraz daha dibe bataca z Kurguda kullan lan modernist m dahaleye besledi im hayranl k, derindeki anlamla da rt nce ortaya vmelere doyamad m bir eser k yor u saatte ahs ma bir mikrofon uzat lsa ve 20 Y zy l n en iyi 100 eseri sorulsa eytan Tangosu nu da kesin eklerim listeye Geldik 1.kitab n ge ti i g n ba tan sona ku atan, S k l yor yani Estike nin hikayesine levsiz k y n aile olma erefine nail tek evinin hayat kad n Bayan Horgos ve ocuklar en k k k z olan Estike, k yl lerin ifadesiyle akl melekeleri yerinde olmayan bir k z ama biz o ak ll k yl lerin ne mal oldu unu biliyoruz zaten Ya ad iddet, a a lanma ve zorbal ktan git oyun oyna ka n pe inde ilk olarak k r olmaya al yor, herkesin birbirini g zetledi i yerde g rmemeyi se iyor Bu giri iminde ba ar l olamay nca ise kimsenin onu g remeyece i kutusuna s n yor G rmeme G r nmeme abalar n ger ekli i a ma, d na kma iste i olarak okumak laz m ve ama onu da kutusundan kart p m dahaleye a k hale getiren ey para a ac oluyor Hayalini kurdu u a a hayallerde kal nca kendini sokaklara at yor, meyhanedeki Tango yu camdan izlerken doktorla kar la yor, o da onu tersleyince meleklerin aras na giden yolu irade bir m dahaleyle k salt p bir ato nun i inde huzurla uyuyarak melekleri beklemeye ba lar Eh art k kitab n tek masumu da olmad n g re, b y k eytan da sahne alabilir.T m g n ku atan, hikayesi ayr anlat da kesi en ve anlat n n dram esinin en g l hissedildi i Estike nin hikayesi olmasayd ne olurdu peki Asl nda hi , yani kitab n konusu diyece imiz olaya do rudan bir etkisi yok bu hikayenin Ne k yl gitmekten, ne rimais plan ndan ne de olaylar sonsuz bir girdap halinde boka sarmaktan ba ka bir u ra a ge ecekti Hikayenin devam a s ndan sahip oldu u temel i lev rimais in manip lasyonuna kurban gitmek, k yl lerin ikna olma s recini k saltmaktan tesi de il Ama belki de masum l ler zerinden yap lan ideolojik m dahale ve y nlendirme eytan n kurtar c pozisyonu i in evrensel bir ihtiya olsa gerek, ge elim r mcekler i tutmaya devam ediyor Mekan meyhane, ki iler k y halk , durum berbat, onlar bir arada tutan dur durak bilmeden t kenen umutlar Umutsuz insanlar n oban rimais yani Mesih, onlar Kenan lkesine g t recek kurtar c y bekliyorlar Bekleyi , eli kiden azade de il, neyi bekledikleri de siliniyor bazen iyor, dans ediyor ama yine de hareketsizler r mcekler a lar n rmeye devam ediyor, bekleyi uzuyor, eytan Tangosu na ba l yorlar, Estike camdan onlar izliyor, g rm yorlar ve kurtar c n geldi ini bilmekten ok tahmin ediyorlar Sanki bu kusursuz, ok zel ve g r lmesi neredeyse olanaks z a zarar g rmedi i s rece ke fedilmesi m mk n olmayan sakl izbelerinde yere yap m halde her k p rdan tan, her t rt dan haberdar olmalar nemliymi cesine. De indik biraz, bitirelim Kitap boyunca etraf m z saran metaforlar n ba nda r mcek a lar geliyor ve bu bizi birka okumaya g nderiyor Evvela, site ve insanlar g r nmez a larla d zene ba lanm , ku at lm , k st r lm varl klard r Bu a n nas l kuruldu unu g rmez, hatta kurucular da ortada yoktur ama o a yerli yerindedir Y k m n ve r menin fark ndad rlar bu ne kokusu b yle kurtulmak isterler ancak bunun i in sergiledikleri her y rtma abas a n i inde ger ekle tirildi i i in asl nda k p rt s z ve hareketsizidir, bir yan lsamad r kinci olarak bu a dan ka arak, yeni bir site arayarak kurtulamay z zira a esnektir, onu her alt etti imizde yeniden kurulur ve bu da bizi sonsuz bir emberin i ine hapseder orada eyler dururuz ve trajedi olarak ba layan trajedi olarak sona erer A lar ayn zamanda hakikatle aram zda perde i levi g r r, g r a m z bozar ve eytanlar kurtar c , g e y kselen masumlar sakat olur Yanl anla lmas n, dini bir s r g r nen ve g r nmeyen metafora ra men bu bir ahlak hikayesi de il, ahlaki yarg lar n, yarg lamalar n bu tangoda yeri yok, bu tam da bug nde i inde bunald m z, ka amad m z, punduna getirip aldatamad m z, her sabah ba tan kurulan kaderimizin hikayesidir Ve elbette yanl anla lmas n, bu her sat r na kefil oldu um bir edebiyat olay , y zy l n ba yap tlar ndan biridir, meselesini anlama, anlatmaya al rken muazzaml n skalamak istemem.Yorulmaya ba lad m, h zlanay m ki yazarda h zlan yor 2.kitapla birlikte Geri d n ler, dola malar son buluyor ve o m kemmel sona do ru fora yelken gidiyoruz.2.kitap, 6.b l m rimais in, tanr n n defterden sildi i kuzusu hakk nda yapt konu ma ile ba l yor Konu man n b t n , demagoji tarihine alt n harflerle ge ecek cinsten, neler s ylenmiyor ki ama biz uraya dikkat kesilelim, y ld z m z n en sonunda y kselmeye ba lamas i in sonsuza kadar i imizde duracak rimais zeki adam, k t n n zaferinin ko ulunun iyinin yoklu u oldu unu o bilmeyecek de biz mi bilece iz.5.b l m, hicret haz rl K yl evleri bo alt yor, e yalar n topluyor ve geriye kalanlardan kimse faydalanmas n diye her eyi y k yorlar Ama hal, gemileri yakt k geri d n yok hali de il rimais siz dostlar m bu saatten sonra zg rs n z dese de daha derine bir a a ba lanacaklard r.Laszlo, bir r portaj nda Kafka olmasayd yazar olmazd m, diyor Yolculu un istikameti olan ato nun s rekli t rnak i inde olmas bu sevginin en g r n r hali Kafka n n ato su s rekli etraf nda dola lan ama bir t rl i ine girip huzura eremedi imiz yerken burada ato kap lar n hemen a yor ama huzur hak getire Umudun ato su, siteden farkl de ildir, k ve r meden pay n d eni alm t r ve a dan ka arak zg rle emeyen k yl ler a daki fantezi d nyalar n yeni mekanlar na ta r R yalar ve sanr lar e li inde biten b l m, kitapta en sevdi im yerlerden biri oldu Kar m zda sadece hakikati de il fantazma d nyalar da km , orada dahi mutlulu u bulamayan bir topluluk var, g l Halisc i su kenar nda kambur bir c ce koval yor, Schmidt kar s na sahip olmak i in sald r p avucunu yal yor, okul m d r bir erkekle p yor, bayan Halisc hafif me rep Bayan Schmidt i y k yor ve nesabaholuyorduneak amsadecebite viye afaks k yoryadag nbat yordu.4.b l m, hicret eden k yl lerin ard ndan yola d en irimais, Petrina ve sanyi nin cennete gitmek mi kabus g rmek mi karar veremedikleri, Estike nin g e y kseli i ve olay n inkar n i eriyor, kabusa s n p planlar na devam ediyorlar.3.b l m de kabusun sabah nda k yl leri rimais i beklerken y k lm halde buluyoruz Doland r ld klar ndan emin olduklar an kurtar c geliyor, Kafka n n dedi i gibi Mesih geli i beklenmedi i andan sonraki anda zuhur ediyor Umutlar ye eriyor lakin Futaki de her eyin nafileli ine uyan yor, zaten ikinci b l mde ad n n yan na tehlikeli ibaresi bu y zden vuruluyor Bo unal n fark nda pe ine d yor kurtar c n di erleriyle birlikte ve bir bir veda ediyoruz hepsine, umudun uzatt i kenceleriyle ba a ba a b rakarak te elde edebilecekleri tek Kenan 2.b l m, yine polis merkezindeyiz rimais in raporuyla cebelle iyor memurlar Genel r me, yozla ma ve k ten muhbirlerin dil bilgisi de pay n al yor i te, i karart c bir s ratle d en genel seviyenin su g t rmez yeni bir kan t olarak kar lan yor rapor rimais in ihbar raporuyla birlikte site halk devletin kay tlar na da ge iyor ve a g r nmez kalmaya devam ederek biraz daha s k la yor Site halk y rtmak a y rtmak i in kt klar yolun sonunda denetlenebilir nesnelere d n yorlar Bu b l m ayn zamanda Lucas n kemiklerini s zlatan resmi kurumsal edebiyat n bir parodisi olarak okumak da m mk n Raporun diline dair memurlarca yap lan bulan kl k, anla lmazl k, sallapatilik, kas tl ya da bilmeyerek yap lan st n rtmeler d nemde ger ek i ki olsa olsa resmi rapor ger ek ili i olur merkezler taraf ndan edebiyat d g r l p sadelik ve anla l rl k ad na edebiyat n ruhuna el Fatiha okunmu tur Memurlar n, raporu sadele tirme abalar bu anlay n tipik bir taklididir ki asl nda yapt klar n n bir i e yaramayaca en ok da onu d zeltenler taraf ndan bilinmektedir.Ve geldik sona, tur tamamlan yor, ember kapan yor ve ba a d n yoruz Site ye d ar dan bakan, r meyi kay t alt na al p, belle e s nan doktorun evindeyiz r mcek a lar oraya da sirayet etmi yoklu unda Site bo alm , kap lar s k lm ve ortalarda kimseler yok te tam bu esnada, kimseler g r nmezken defterini a yor ve not d meye ba l yor Kas n ka yor, geriniyor Odada geziniyor, yerine oturuyor Delirmeyle tanr olma aras nda karars z, ancak ve ancak ifadesini bulan eyler meydana gelir diyerek tanr anlat c konumunu i gal ediyor Neyin oldu unu de il neyin olmas gerekti inden bahsetti i bu hal, o m kemmel sondan nce beni arpan ey oldu Burada yine an sesleri duyuyoruz, en ba ta alan m yeni bir an m bilmiyoruz bir nemi de yok D ar k yor, ba tan beri duydu umuz an seslerinin geldi i yerde bir delinin T rkler geliyi l klar ile an al n duyuyor Macar tarihinde T rk imgesi hakk nda konu man n gere i yok san r m Evine d n yor, d ar da g r lecek bir ey yok, tahtayla kap lar ivileyip ka d n ba na ge iyor ve kitap bitti i yerde yeniden ba l yor Na izane fikrim, ayn yere d nsek de bunun sonsuz bir d ng oldu u ve her seferinde daha da d t m z y n nde.Ama bo verelim imdi bunlar , umar m kitab okumadan bu yaz y okumazs n z, umar m elinizdeki i i, g c , kitab b rak p hemen okursunuz ve kitab okuduysan z e er s yledi im her eyin ok znel bir bak a s n n r n oldu unu bu kitaba ba lamadan nce hakk nda bildi im tek ey Bela Tarr

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    Satantango by Laszlo Krasznahorkai has received numerous great reviews and write ups but for me this was a very depressing and claustrophobic read Longlisted for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize in 2013 but it was the cover that caught my attention as I browsed in a book shop and I am a sucker for a great cover In the darkening embers of a communist Utopia, life in a desolate Hungarian village has come to a virtual standstill when the charismatic Irimias long thought to dead returns home.When I started this novel it felt like someone had torn out the first 50 pages of the book and I had to figure out who the characters were and what exactly was going and to be honest the further along I read the frustrated I became and at the half way mark I decided I couldn t take any of this depressing and bleak novel no mather how much of a masterpiece it is considered in Hungary.Another major issue I had with this book was there was no paragraph breaks which makes it very difficult reading and along with poor characterization and no sense of time or place this one was a non runner for me and sadly goes on my very small DNF list.

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    Laszlo Krasznahorkai s first novel Satantango certainly plays hard to get This cagey, fractal narrative divided upon itself and reassembled, almost like a cubist painting delights in disorienting the reader and forcing him to roll up his intellectual sleeves and get down to business Published originally in 1985, during the decline of European communism, and finally appearing in English translation this month, Satantango offers the story of a Hungarian collective which, despite its formal dissolution, fails to disband Its inhabitants decrepit, despairing, and utterly purposeless wait around for some sign or impetus, enduring yet another oppressive rainy season without hope or certainty Krasznakorkai visits a number of their stories glancingly a reclusive, alcoholic doctor who documents the goings on in the village from the scrupulous vantage of his window a couple of swindlers who attempt to steal the community s profits from the sale of its livestock an earthy, sensual wife who either beds or frustrates every man in town if only perhaps because of her lack of any formidable competition an abused and disturbed little girl who tortures and kills a cat in a desperate attempt to feel some mitigated sense of power and a religious fanatic who decries the decadence of this strange, withering community.Everything changes with the return of Irimi s and Petrina, two members of the collective who were reported dead eighteen months before Their reappearance, by virtue of its mystery, signals an almost religious awakening for the villagers, who are fortified with a renewed hope for what feels like one last push to achieve freedom from their dismal inertia But is Irimi s a savior or charlatan Satantango is a challenging but rewarding book Krasznahorkai likes nothing better than obscuring certain details of the plot to reinforce the otherworldliness of the narrative Several questions remain unanswered ultimately to the benefit of the novel, I think but they will frustrate readers expecting a forthcoming plot The style long, unbroken paragraphs, without a lot of introductory exposition tends to keep the reader off balance and will discourage the less committed reader, but those who are in it for the long haul will find this oblique, haunting novel well worth their attention.A gospel of despair, Satantango, I think, qualifies as a minor masterpiece Hypnotic, bewildering, and unsettling, it nagged at me even when I was away from it Sometimes I would wonder, Why do I feel bothered on edge And then I would recall a feeling or image that Krasznahorkai left me with That s the strange power of the truly accomplished writer not just to tell stories, but to imprint experiences, sensations upon his readers, so that even when we forget the particulars, we remember the effect vast and overpowering.

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    Allah m eytan Tangosu nu biraz nce bitirdim ve yazar n son b l mde indirdi i yumrukla sersemleyip, bir s re anlams zca kitab bitirmi olman n getirece i tatmin duygusundan da yoksun kafamda sorularla bo bo etrafa bak nd m Ne diyece imi bilemiyorum Asl nda bu yle bitirince direkt olarak yorum yapaca m eserlerden biri de il Biraz zerine al mak gerek Metaforlar ve ayr nt lar g sterdi inin tesinde neleri anlat yor kafa patlatmak laz m Fakat bazen bir eseri bitirdi inizde, onun hakk nda birileriyle acilen konu ma ihtiyac hissedersiniz ya eytan Tangosu da tam olarak onlardan biri i te Biraz rp n p uan bu eseri okudu unu bildi im birka arkada m taciz ettim ama hen z sonland rmad klar ndan istedi im fikir al veri ini yapamad m Dedim en iyisi bir kafamdakileri yazay m, rahatlayay m eytan Tangosu asl nda yabanc s oldu um bir hik ye de il nk 1994 senesinde Bela Tarr taraf ndan kotar lm uyarlama filmi iyi bildi im yap mlardan bir tanesidir Klasik sinema esteti inin son kalelerinden biri olan Bela Tarr zaten tart lmaz bir y netmendir Onu ve filmlerini konu mak sineman n i erisinde olan biri olarak s kl kla ger ekle tirdi im bir ey Genelde Torino At isimli filmiyle tan n yor ancak ba yap t Satantango dur 7,5 saatlik s resiyle ve a r aksak ilerleyen devinimleriyle o u seyirciyi korkuttu undan belki de, ok ne kamam t r ama nefis bir yap md r Yani bu filmden kaynakl hik yeye a inayd m ve kitap T rk ede bas ld ndan beri de hep okumak i in bir itki ar yordum Sonunda ve iyi ki okudum.Krasznahorkai, eytan Tangosu nu 1985 senesinde kaleme alm lkesinde kt nda belli tart malar yaratm olan kitap, Bela Tarr n uzun u ra lar yla film haline getirilince 1994 te d nya izleyicisiyle bulu unca kitap daha ok tan nm ve okuyucular n daha ok ilgisine nail olmu ok ilgin bir ey belirtmek isterim ki eytan Tangosu Krasznahorkai nin ilk roman Evet, bir debut ve nas l bu kadar yetkin ve etkin, hayret verici do rusu Roman ok yo un, zg n ve zeki bir akl n elinden kma kurgusuyla edebi anlamda hayranl k uyand r c Modernist roman n g zel bir rne i olarak kabul edebilece imiz kitab n, modernist hamleleri i titreten cinsten Ses ve fke mi dedik misal ya da Benim Ad m K rm z n n sonunda konu an Orhan Pamuk mu O hesap bir g zellik yap yor roman n n baz noktalar nda Krasznahorkai Ve bunu ilk eserinde yapabilmi olmas beni a k as en ok etkileyen eylerden bir tanesi Bir dil ustas n n yazd klar n okur hissi baki ve g l yken bunu bu kadar erken ba arabilmi olmas sadece hayranl k uyand r c Roman m z Macaristan ta ras n n bir k esinde kendi r m l ne hapsolmu bir site de ge iyor Buradaki site asl nda Sovyet lerdeki kolhozlara denk d en bir olu um Elbette oradaki kooperatifler gibi buradaki site de i levini yitirmi , minik bir hapishaneye d n m , i inde ya ayanlar yla tam da ta rada bulabilece imiz bir devinimsizlik i erisinde varl n s rd r yor Bu sitenin ya ayanlar zenle se ilmi , Tanr n n efkatinden mahrum kalm , aciz ama bir o kadar da yozla m ve daha fazla yozla maya a k birey olmaya ok uzak insanc klar Bay ve Bayan Schmidt, Doktor, Futaki, Meyhaneci, Halicsler, Kramerlar ve di erleri Krasznahorkai bize ilkin bu insanlar n, site i erisindeki ya amlar n anlat yor Sitedeki her ayr nt s n g sterdi i r m l k ve koku mu lukla bir yandan da Do u Avrupa alegorisi sunuyor Birbirlerini s rekli evlerinin pencerelerinden izleyenler, s rekli olarak ba kas n n e leriyle cinsel ili kiye giren ya da hayalini kuran kad n ve erkekler, v cudunu satan minik k zlar, g ve para kurtulu i in ailesi de d hil ait oldu u yeri satabilenler vs Anlayaca n z son derece koku mu biz yozla ma h kim siteye Ve bir beklenen oldu unu g r yoruz Irimias Asl nda beklenen do ru kelime de il, hi beklenmiyor ama yarataca etkiyle gizliden gizliye o olsun olmas n bir benzeri de olsa her daim beklenen bir yandan da Ba nda tac dirili ten gelen sa misali Nihayetinde de geliyor Kitap bu noktadan sonra ba ka bir ak a giriyor ve anlat n n zerinden de sis perdesi bir nebze kalk yor Bu sis perdesinin as l oldu u ilk b l m n b y s de temel olarak anlat m nda yat yor nk burada epizotlar okurken asl nda ayn zaman n i erisinde s z ld m z anl yoruz Zaman belki bizim i in dakikalarla ilerliyor Bir geli me kaydedemiyor gibi bir hissin i ine d p, Laszlo nun bizi hapsetti i o zaman n i erisinde sitenin ve insanlar n her haline ve ayr nt s na h kim oluyoruz Irimias n geldi i yerden sonra hikaye daha aksiyonel Yine kimseyi l mc l bir spoiler ile zmek istemedi imden hik yenin bu noktadan sonraki ilerleyi ine ok fazla bir ey s ylemek istemiyorum Ama roman ritminden hi bir ey kaybetmiyor Bir katran gibi yo un ve yava akmaya devam ediyor B t n betimlemeler bizi anlat lan ana, znel oldu undan daha ok nesnel bir yarg lar zinciriyle ta yor G rselli e ya da eylemlere dair gri alan b rakm yor yazar Hepsini kafam za iziyor Karakterin zihinlerini bize a mayarak bir oyun oynuyor belki de Sadece ok beylik fikirlerini hissedebiliyoruz ya da tan k oluyoruz Ancak belki de yazar tam olarak da bunu istiyor Zira kitab sonland rd m zda bu karakterlerin yazar n anlatt ndan daha fazlas olmad n da anl yoruz ac ac anlarla a lan ve anlarla sonlanan roman i erisinde, dirili , melekler, ncil vs zerine hakikatli b l mler ayr ld n g r yoruz Bu anlamda roman ok zengin Fakat bunlar n do ru okumas i in biraz zerine d nmem gerekiyor, o y zden i kembeden yorumlamak istemem Ama bu anlamda kitap Tarkovski taraf ndan uyarlansayd Satantango dan daha g l bir film ortaya kar m yd acaba diye de sormadan edemiyorum Dini okumas n bir kenara b rak rsak filmin bir de politik bir okumas oldu unu g rebiliriz Macaristan da da t pk kolhozlar gibi tar m i in ba lat lan reformlar n ve in alar n planlan ld gibi ba ar l sonu vermedi i bilinmekte Krasznahorkai de bu kitab yla lkesinin, o zaman n hakim sistemi kar s nda kaybetmi insanlar na muzip ve ta layan bir a t yak yor Ne de olsa hikayenin ortas na kurtulu un ve yeniden ba lang c n simgesi olarak ato yu koymu Direkt olarak Kafka n n ato suna gidebiliriz bu noktada zira olduk a a k bir metafor ato K atoya nas l ula am yorsa bizim karakterlerimiz de tersine bir kolayl kla atoya ula yorlar Ama orada beklediklerinden ok daha farkl bir ger ekle bulu uyorlar K sa s ren fark ndal klar s resince bir uyanma bekliyoruz asl nda ama ato o noktada bir de i im noktas Kurtar c geri d nd nde ve karakterlerimizi geleceklerine teslim etti inde, ato nun ne kadar da Kafka n n atosuna benzedi ini g r yoruz Sistemin y r t c s otoritenin b k lmez g c ne bir kere daha sert bir ekilde tan kl k ediyoruz Hele ki mutlu bir ekilde k lelik i in zemin haz rland ysa, o zaman her ey muhte em bir vuru ve raz geli dans na d n yor Bundan ala sado mazo mu var asl nda Fark ndal k olmay nca her ey do ru mu oluyor G n m z T rkiye sine de burdan baksak mesela Cellad na a k garipler ve otorite, otorite, otorite.Kitab n sonunda da Doktor zerinden ok k bir hamle yap yor yazar Bizi yeniden an seslerine g t r yor ve orada makaray ba a sar yor Ak l almaz bir dekupaj yap yor Son b l m beni ok etkiledi Burada ilahi bir eyden gelen tokatla sersemlemi hissettim O deli ve anlar Kitab n ortas nda vuku bulan ak l almaz olay, Eliste nin y kselen na ndan daha da ok etkiledi Bir nceki b l mde Iramias zerinden kurulan sa metaforunun elimizde tuzla buz olmas da ayr bir g zellikti Belki de sa sand m z asl nda eytan n ta kendisinden ba kas de ildir Roman n ortas ndan itibaren hissetti imiz o fenal k, telememize ra men burada zalimce ger ekle ince, insan n umudunda bir yara a l yor illaki ok uzatt m ve karma kar k bir yaz oldu fark nday m ama kitap da beni b yle bir karma an n i ine att , gitti r mcek a ve tangodan bahsetmedim hen z ama mecalim de kalmad pek Belki daha sonra bir d zeltme yapar m.Herkese tavsiye etmiyorum Okumas olduk a zor bir eserdi Temposu d k, ayr nt lamas ok fazla ve birileri i in hi bir eyin olmad eserlerden biri oldu undan herkese mutlaka okuyun demem Ama modernist romandan ho lanan, biraz zaman e mektense, zaman taraf ndan e ilmek isteyen okur kendisini biliyor, onlar sevecektir O mutlu az nl a tavsiye ederim Sonras nda filmi izlemenize de mutlaka tavsiye ederim yi okumalar.9 10

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    A powerful open text, one rife with both fire and human failures As I quipped early, it s a Faulkner noir in the Magyar mud What ripens and stings is akin to Beckett a waiting for IKEA, with ideological trappings The novel opens essentially with a bell in the night Then it rains The contemporary reader will ascribe a historical arc to the symbolism, unfortunately the novel was written in 1985 INXS didn t script the Velvet Revolution Many phenomenon are repositioned after the fact.The novel in translation appears in the wake of Bela Tate s imperious adaptation The language is a live wire amidst the sodden decay This should be pursued at all costs.

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