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Captivating pdf Captivating , ebook Captivating , epub Captivating , doc Captivating , e-pub Captivating , Captivating 8701855fedd Every Woman Was Once A Little Girl And Every Little Girl Holds In Her Heart Her Most Precious Dreams She Longs To Be Swept Up Into A Romance, To Play An Irreplaceable Role In A Great Adventure, To Be The Beauty Of The Story And Yet How Many Women Do You Know Who Ever Find That Life Most Women Think They Have To Settle For A Life Of Efficiency And Duty, Striving To Be The Women They Ought To Be But Often Feeling They Have Failed Sadly, Too Many Messages For Christian Women Add To The Pressure Do These Ten Things, And You Will Be A Godly Woman The Effect Has Not Been Good On The Feminine SoulThe Message Of Captivating Is This Your Heart Matters Than Anything Else In All Creation The Desires You Had As A Little Girl And The Longings You Still Feel Are Telling You Of The Life God Created You To Live He Offers To Rescue Your Heart And Release You To Live As A Fully Alive And Feminine Woman A Woman Who Is Truly Captivating

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    As requested, I ve decided to review the book Captivating, by husband and wife team, John and Staci Elderidge Just how much of this book actually comes from Staci, and how much she was forced to write by her chauvinist husband is unclear But she s credited on the book jacket I guess that s worth something.Well, where to begin How about with the book s premise we women, like Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella, are waiting for a man to rescue us from our sad sack, self esteemless lives How does a man do this By telling us that we are beautiful.I am not making this up.Basing our feelings of self worth on a man s evaluation of our physical appearance How new How revolutionary John and Staci, I ve been searching for the meaning of life for years, and you ve finally shown it to me I just need a man to tell me that I m beautiful, and suddenly all that stuff about the fallen state of the world, my own inherrent sinfullness, and the ramifications centuries of patriarchy will just pass away Wow I feel like the mystery of my female soul has just been unveiled I d much rather have my future husband save me with his salvific love than Jesus, with that whole death on the cross atoning for my sin thing What a bummer And how violent We women hate blood.Sigh I am tired of pop culture being repackaged as Christian truth If I you want to unveil the mystery of your soul, good luck St Augstine tried to do the same thing about a millenia ago What did he discover Self knowledge, like all other forms of knowledge, is corrupted by our sinful nature Our souls are a mystery to us Know thyself comes from the Greeks And the Bible Trust the Lord your God will all your heart, and lean not upon your own understanding.

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    Dear Whomever May Be Concerned,Today I started my girlfriend s favorite book Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge There are three things that I have learned in the past two hours of reading and thinking 1 Emily is an amazing girl and I m pretty much the luckiest guy on Earth to have her 2 Guys suck at understanding girls Being one of those guys who thought he understood girls in high school arrogance is quite embarrassing I just would like to say to every guy out there WE SUCK AT UNDERSTANDING GIRLS Growing up I thought because I understood the two concepts Girls like bad boys And Nice guys finished last I could fully understand the concept of the girl s mind Man was I wrong 3 The women s heart longs to be romanced As guys we FAIL Epic giant fail I look around and I see guys in my generation looking at porn and degrading women in their mind than I see men buying girl s roses and trying to win their hearts Men were created in God s image but women were taken from men therefore also created with God s image Often times we make women feel like they are not skinny enough or too emotional but sometimes we need to be thankful that they exist God knew exactly what he was doing when He made women Kiss your mom on the cheek Tell your girlfriend she s beautiful Treat the women around you with respect Stop looking at porn because it degrades women and turns them into objects rather than sisters in Christ Most importantly start meditating on the fact that the heart of a women is a reflection of the heart of God.sincerely,a humbled Asian boy struggling to be a man of God

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    Polarizing For people who hate Biblical stuff, this would be a lost idea.For people who hate the notions of the stupider romantic traipsing as well.The hardcore feminists, for them there will not be enough pitchforks on Earth to deal with this book The balanced out ones might enjoy it, a lot, especially in some places.For people who look for reading some soft a bit inspiring stuff, fluffy and comfy reading a winner Especially if they can disconnect the rational part of their brain for a time.

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    I have continued to read this book, against my better judgment, and I have become increasingly uncomfortable with it Not only does it heighten your emotions in order to incite a reaction, it has taken scripture reserved for Israel and applied it to me That is ludicrous Also, as an editing side note, when referring to any member of the Trinity in second or third person, it should be CAPITALIZED Oh and the audacity to ask God to show me how He loves me, come on The question should be how have I glorified You, Father How am I loving You today Am I living in a manner that brings You praise These are the questions a daughter of the King should be asking, would you ask your best friend to prove his or her love for you NO You would love them so their beauty is evident to those you come in contact with This book really irritates me So as I am reading I am becoming and disappointed with the premise of the book Chapter 3 is extremely judgmental I don t know if I will finish it, but who knows maybe chapter 4 will be better

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    I avoided reading this book for over two years now because I always thought it was going to be a fluffy girly book But it surprised me.I really enjoyed reading it When someone makes fun of this book, he she are almost always referring to the part where Staci Elderidge talks about the three things that women desire I can t even remember them all buteveryone makes this book sound fluffy But really, the heart of this book is talking about why we have such extreme womenwe have rollercoaster emotional women and we have hard as a rock emotional women And both are unhealthy to the extreme because both have been hurt regardless of the way they are now The roots are the same Being hurt So anyway, Staci and her husband talk about how our past can and will heavily influence who we are today and the book points out many ways to get to the core of our own roots in our lives It s solida solid book to read for women.

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    I could not get through this book The authors are blatantly ignorant of things they pretend they are experts on such as art When they talk about Adam doing the action and Eve standing around, they obviously failed to look at all into history They insist that the tone of these pieces they refer to transcend boundaries of culture, but all of the art they re referring to is Catholic and European They really needed to study art history and the concept of the male gaze before making sweeping generalizations The tone of the authors is smug and snooty Who s buying all the romance novels Not me You know this to be true Oh, do I I don t appreciate an author telling me how to feel They re stance is that they re right you are the student and they are the teacher If you don t fit their mold something is wrong with you as a woman They advertise and quote themselves way too much Buy our guided journal we wrote Make your friends but the book too and read it together Look what John wrote in Wild at Heart They base what women want off of what little girls want Apparently the only thing girls want to do is put on skirts and twirl in front of Daddy and grow up to be a princess When I was a kid, I wanted to be a janitor or a farrier, and I was inexplicably uncomfortable with my dad until I was 12 seriously, no abuse or anything Our relationship is healthy and normal now am I broken Sure, I want to get married someday NOW, but the thought was never entertained when I was a child This quote drove me insane nature is not primarily functional Nature is primarily beautiful It suggests that a woman s first job is to be beautiful and not functional Have the authors ever considered how vultures pee on their feet Is that beautiful first or functional Do they know WHY sunsets are so many colors Nature s beauty is within functionality, and we see beauty in nature because we recognize God s glory in it It is a call to worship and heralds the glory of its Creator The most grievous fault of thIs book, and John s book Wild at Heart come to think of it, why did Stasi need his help but he didn t need hers is that it is a slap in the face to the creativity of God It pigeonholes women into one box and men into another The people who don t fit in either box They re just wounded The God I know is just not that bland The authors claim that there is no blueprint for a woman right before they outline one I cannot recommend this book to anyone and I wish I could give negative stars.

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    This is just as bad as the male version Wild at Heart.This quote from the summary says it all really The message of Captivating is this Your heart matters than anything else in all creation The desires you had as a little girl and the longings you still feel are telling you of the life God created you to live He offers to rescue your heart and release you to live as a fully alive and feminine woman A woman who is truly captivating. I don t agree with any of it and this is definitely not what the Bible teaches

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    I m no woman, and so I have to take all of the you statements in the book as women statements But still, I think this book is insightful, and it helps to provide some biblical justification for many of the misunderstood characteristics, needs, and longings of many women If you re a man, read it only if you have a woman you can talk to about it Ask her questions Tell her what confuses you Tell her what makes sense She ll enjoy it, especially if she s your special lady This book, so far, describes how women are the pinnacle of creation, and they should be cherished as such They are made to be beautiful, and in our fallen world, this gets perverted and abused As a result, women s souls are damaged and their validity is challenged Women are also created with certain aspects of God s personality written on their hearts relationship, love, beauty, and passion Much of what I ve read in this book hasn t been revelatory, but what is helpful is not the what about women s needs desires, but the why Most men know that women want to be told that they re beautiful Do you know why

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    This book came highly recommended by a few friends and a myriad of strangers who had rated the book online I did my best to give it a chance and to read it with an open mind Although I made it all the way through, I gritted my teeth almost the entire time.Countless bad and also secular movie references aside, this book was filled with clich after clich about girls dreams of being fairy tale princesses and the message that women are damsels in distress who need to be rescued by a man John and Stasi Eldredge obviously share poor opinions of women s abilities to take care of themselves, viewing them as fundamentally broken and incapable of having stable emotions Oh, and we re so pathetic as women that we need not even have ambitions, we just need to let things happen to us As a woman, you don t need to strive or arrange you don t need to make it happen You only need to respond Kindle location 2217 Seriously This book might as well have been Stasi s memoir about her neglected, traumatic childhood on which she based the idea that all women have daddy mommy issues that have dragged into their adult lives and impacted them in ways they can t see I felt the whole time that the Eldredges were hoping I would stumble upon some dark, long buried, awful memory of how my parents abused me or didn t love me enough which is not the childhood I experienced, by the way I imagine this book is beyond helpful for women who did suffer from abusive experiences they did not deserve as young girls or teenagers, but this book assumes women had bad childhoods than not.And if that wasn t enough, the conceited, holier than thou tone of the book made me feel as if I am guilty for NOT having had a horrible childhood or having had something awful happen to me Did and do I go through trials in my life Absolutely Did I have a perfect childhood with perfect parents who treated each other like gold and stayed married Nope But I always felt loved and I was blessed to have parents who instilled confidence, strength and a sense of capability and independence in me from a very early age.I won t even go into the poor writing, disregard for scriptural context and or accuracy, calling God my lover or the authors multiple references to casting out demons in Jesus name either That would just be too much.I would give this book zero stars if I could.

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    This book is a grotesque misinterpretation of femininity It reinforces paradigms ages old that a woman s place is upon a pedestal, and that beauty whether in her canoeing skills or her ball gown is her essence It negates the need to dabble on the hearts of wild, wilful, untameable women, simply decreeing that if you re of that ilk, you re broken, desolate and lost.Seduction, within a Christian sense, plagues this book Women are to be pretty and needy and petty in the making to make them alluring, and being alluring, or captivating, is the key It is your duty to make your man feel like a real man, apparently this means not letting him lounge about the bed naked and half covered by a sheet , otherwise you have failed There is no place in this picture for a woman that does things on her own, but then, this book is not targeted at strong women This book is targeted at lost women within the church searching for a sense of self, herein it becomes its own failure.What Stasi Eldredge sees as herself, whether as a woman or a creation of God, is not the essence that makes every other woman whom she is in her heart I am not romantic, I do not like being romanced, and I prefer Stevenson to Austen and Tarantino to Cameron, but that doesn t make me less of a woman I didn t want to be beautiful when I grew up, I wanted to be wise and knowledgeable and I have memories of dressing up as a cowboy or Darth Vader, even vaguely as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, but never a bride or a princess Personally, I feel the greatest misunderstanding in this book is that there is such a severe distinction between the sexes, because honestly, there isn t.Ultimately, Captivating, is a narrow, inconsiderate mess of modern Christian ideology Maybe it can be seen as inspiring to women searching for their identity, but finding an identity in someone else leaves them no healthier than being lost God won t love you any less if your heart is fierce God knows some of us need a fierce heart, and who s to say that isn t alluring

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