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Hearts In Darkness files Hearts In Darkness, read online Hearts In Darkness, free Hearts In Darkness, free Hearts In Darkness, Hearts In Darkness d232daf14 Makenna James Thinks Her Day Can T Get Any Worse, Until She Finds Herself Stuck In A Pitch Black Elevator With A Complete Stranger Distracted By A Phone Call And Juggling Too Much Stuff, The Pin Striped Accountant Caught Only A Glimpse Of A Dragon Tattoo On His Hand Before The Lights Went OutCaden Grayson Is Amused When A Redhead Literally Falls At His Feet His Amusement Turns To Panic When The Power Fails Despite His Piercings, Tats, And Vicious Scar, He S Terrified Of The Dark And Confined Spaces Now, He S Trapped In His Own Worst NightmareTo Fight Fear, They Must Both Reach Out And Open Up With No Preconceived Notions Based On Looks To Hold Them Back, They Discover Just How Much They Have In Common In The Warming Darkness, Attraction Grows And Sparks Fly, But Will They Feel The Same When The Lights Come Back On

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    Huge 5 stars Hearts In Darkness is one of those stories that touches your heart, makes you ponder and leaves a smile on your face for the rest of the day.The novella begins with two people whose outward appearance is as different as night and day Makenna is stylish, tailored, attractive, and well groomed, albeit slightly frazzled On the other hand, Caden is a nonconformist with tattoos, piercings, and a shaved head Within seconds of Makenna entering an elevator that Caden was already in, the elevator stops, the lights go out, and the two are left together in the dark Neither has had an opportunity to get than a glimpse of the other What ensues is a touching, emotional, and highly sensual connection between two people who find they admire each other and have much in common because they are not bound by preconceived notions that all too often blind us all.The author had the ability to easily transport me into Makenna s and Caden s world I loved their banter, their insecurities, their erotically charged chemistry, and their honesty In short, I was highly invested in this book s wonderful but complex characters and in their emotional and extremely sensual story I loved everything about this sweet but highly erotic book I wholeheartedly recommend it.

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    Wait Can you please hold that OMG I always use to hurry up when someone is coming my way to take the elevator with me NOT ANYMORE I use to say reading always teach me something This little story taught me to wait for whoever is CUMing into the elevator I have expectations now and I am so very ready for Caden Wait You don t know who Caden is Let me compose myself I am still affected .This book starts with lucky Makenna trying to catch the elevator where Caden is She is a mysterious red head dressed very business like Caden is the gentleman who holds the door for her And BOOM They are trapped, the elevator stops and everything goes pitch black.Interesting, huh What would you do in a situation like that when you don t even know how your company looks like because you can t see anything Would you reach for a stranger s hand to find comfort I bought this book like ages ago and dammit I should have read this before When I read the premise the first time I wasn t 100% convinced but the author managed to put together a great story Yes, it s hot but it s also sweet and dark and it hurts at times Caden Makenna didn t have an easy life but they have found each other now and they seem to be pieces of the same puzzle Peace was not an emotion with which he was much familiar, but with Makenna, he had it And he didn t know how he d ever give it up I just have one tiny complaint Of course, if not, it wouldn t be me I wish the author view spoiler wouldn t have mentioned he was falling in love with her I know this is fiction and romance but you don t fall in love with someone in one day I get they felt a strong connection but that s it My imagination can make up for what s going to happen between them RANT OVER Sorry hide spoiler

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    5 stars Contemporary Romance NovellaWow What a hot, fun, charming surprise this was Two strangersa tattooed, pierced, skull trimmed, scarred hero who s all rugged bad boy on the outside think Zsadist look alike and sweet, considerate, vulnerable teddy bear gentleman on the inside and a smart, funny, understanding, and genuine heroinediscover and explore a deep connection and explosive sexual attraction while stuck together in an elevator The pitch black darkness hides their physical imperfections and insecurities, which allows them to express themselves emotionally and achieve true intimacy without fear of rejection But will their sizzling chemistry and soulful closeness remain once they re back in the light Caden and Makenna are delightful characters, and the author does a wonderful job, despite the shorter length, depicting a convincing attachment between them It s a great story that I really enjoyed, especially yummy, sweet Caden 5 stars And the studtastic cover hunk is a perfect match for Caden fans self

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    Opening Line Wait Can you please hold that Ah Caden, my new literary boyfriend, how I would love to get stuck in an elevator with you Pierced, tattooed, skull trimmed and hitting all my Zsadist fantasy buttons gah this bad boy had me in bits from page one He s also kind, insecure, lonely and somewhat tortured Yup he s delicious.Wow, this was a fantastic little read that I can see myself coming back to again soon Short, sexy and just oh so good The only thing that could have made this any better would have been a couple hundred pages Although in saying that this is perfectly complete in terms of story and unlike most novellas I never felt that our couple s sexy time was contrived or rushed I just enjoyed them so much I wanted Always the sign of a great story.Makenna as our lucky heroine wasn t quite what I was expecting despite her polished appearance and upper class job she had just as many insecurities as Caden did Will he like what I look like Will he think I m homely Will he want to see me again This is what every girl thinks and made her relatable and much easier to insert myself into her psyche for fantasy purposes later on.One of the things I really enjoyed here was how the author gave us the exact same moment from both POV s Backtracking a conversation or action so that we could get the other persons internal thoughts and reactions to it I ve rarely seen this done before and it was awesome to get both sides I mean how often are you left wondering how he she feels and you re stuck in the wrong head One of my other favourite moments and this is spoilery is when Makenna finally gets to see Caden She exclaims You re freaking gorgeous I loved this because up until the lights went on we the readers didn t really know what he looked like either Of course looks are always subjective but I had thought this was going to be beauty and the beast type story, whereas it was like if The Voice did a dating show LOL that made me laugh Cheers Tell me, Red, you gotta say it out loud I can t see your face or your eyes, and I don t want to make any mistakes here Thanks for the recommendation Tamster290jb5

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    Ohhhhhhhh yeah I defer anyone to be able to walk into a lift elevator and not think of Caden Grayson after reading thisand to prove my point.I will be jumping in every open, available lift elevator to see Obviously this would be purely for scientific purposes only However, if I did find my own Caden, we will be having our own Caden Graysex escapade and you won t be hearing from me for a loooooong time .Five keep that lift door open for me stars.P.s be warned, it ends on a HEA but book 2 is already available Pchokengtitik

    titikchokengs Thank you Denise H., you were so right

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    When total strangers, Caden Grayson and Makenna James, end up stuck together in an elevator that breaks down, somehow there in that pitch black box, they re able to see of each other than if they had met on a bright, sunny day And who knows Had they met under any other circumstances, appearances would probably have kept them apart but with nothing to get in the way, this seemingly conservative businesswoman and this scarred, tattooed paramedic have to rely on their other senses to get to know one another When I read a story like Hearts in Darkness, I can actually believe that sometimes fate will step in and help two lost souls find one another.This is a short, very hot story that had a satisfying happy for now ending, one that made me believe Caden and Makenna would eventually get a happily ever after ending, too.Thanks for bringing this wonderful book to my attention, Juliana, and for encouraging me to read this, NOW, Baba I really, really enjoyed it

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    Good Sam and Red meet in the darkThis was a re read for me and I loved it as much as the first time I read it Hearts in Darkness is intense, thoughtful and beautifully put together story in a little package I have only read one other short story that left me so thoroughly entertained.Makenna had a rough day that got even worse when her phone broke and she realised that the battery had fallen out Caden, had just signed the final papers after his Dad had passed He holds the lift for her He noticed her beautiful red hair and she noticed a sexy tattoo That was alland then there was darkness.Their time together in the lift gives them the opportunity to know each other without the pressures and judgments based on looks Both are concerned that something in their looks would put the other off How amazing that they were given this opportunity Unfortunately as a society, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves and others based purely on looks This book took that away Lucky for them, they liked the packaging too.This was a very HOT read and left me with a big smile on my face This is a perfect example of what a short story should be image error

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    3.5 stars Short and sweet,

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    This short story was a fast paced, steamy as well as hot read The characters were complex and well developed Even though it s only a novella there was quite a lot of depth to be found Also, the sexual tension in the dark was so palpable and well written Amazing what an author can bring to life with such a little read.Caden and Makenna were spending some time in darkness and came back to the light

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