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When She Woke quotes When She Woke, litcharts When She Woke, symbolism When She Woke, summary shmoop When She Woke, When She Woke 302b1b9c When She Woke Is A Fable About A Stigmatized Woman Struggling To Navigate An America Of A Not Too Distant Future, Who Embarks On A Path Of Self Discovery That Forces Her To Question The Values She Once Held True And The Righteousness Of A Country That Politicizes FaithBellwether Prize Winner Hillary Jordan S Provocative New Novel Is The Fiercely Imagined Story Of A Woman Struggling To Navigate An America Of A Not Too Distant Future, Where The Line Between Church And State Has Been Eradicated And Convicted Felons Are No Longer Imprisoned And Rehabilitated But Chromed Their Skin Color Is Genetically Altered To Match The Class Of Their Crime And Then Released Back Into The Population To Survive As Best They Can Hannah Is A Red Her Crime Is Murder

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    I wish I could write two reviews for When She Woke, one for the first half of the book and another for the second Unfortunately, this is not one of those books that I can say starts off not so good but finishes on a high note on the contrary, the first half was one of the strongest dystopian openings I ve read in a long while and the second was just, well a mess.The first half of this book was at least a solid four stars It was well paced, fast without feeling rushed, and it was very clear to me how such a society could easily be developed I don t know how many times I ve criticised dystopian books because of their lack of explanation, it s almost as if the author doesn t know themselves how their imagined society would have come about This isn t the case in When She Woke It isa story where the religious right in the US have basically taken over Abortion is now illegal and women nearly always stay in the home in order to most effectively benefit their husbands This is all very The Handmaid s Tale ish Then comes the whole The Scarlet Letter side of things I have never read that book so I cannot compare the two, but all you need to know is that criminals are chromed a colour to match their crime and released back into a society that shuns them It sounds a little ridiculous but I found it rather easy to believe in.Hannah has had an abortion and therefore is chromed red for murder I found so many elements of the first half appealing, Hannah s fear of those around her, the religious guilt she feels over the abortion itself, but also the lingering idea in the back of her mind that maybe her punishment isn t fair after all It is essentially about trying to forgive oneself first and foremost before you can expect forgiveness from anywhere else and I like that notion There s also a touch of romance in this book, but it is told in a few flashbacks and doesn t swamp the story because Hannah has bigger concerns right now It s also gritty and rather unpleasant at times but, I have to admit, I quite like this in books so it didn t bother me.What did bother me was the stupid second half of the book It s so disappointing when a book lets you down and you can feel the stars start to drop away with every page you read I m going to list it in points what I found to be wrong with the second half 1 Religious Propaganda I m not entirely sure what the author was intending by turning the book into a godfest but the second half of the book was ALL about religion In the first half it was subtle, it looked at both sides of religion and didn t seem to push for one or the other But the general message of the book seems to be that life is pointless without religion, that without God life is meaningless Perhaps you agree, but I don t and I don t want religious ideas spoon fed to me.2 Rushed Pacing Everything seemed to blow up all of a sudden that resulted in a series of near captures, near rapes, sexual encounters and though a lot of time must have passed, it felt so rushed that the characters seemed to go across the United States in an unbelievably short amount of time It was a bit of a mess, to be honest If you like those books that are like nearly captured oh my god, run and the next minute nearly raped oh my god, run this will probably suit your reading needs than mine.3 Hannah s Contradictory Character In the first half, Hannah seemed to resent the restrictions of her religion, openly criticises her upbringing and especially the gender double standards, female subserviance, etc In the second half, she is repulsed by gay people and says she never doubted that a woman is supposed to be subservient to her husband Um, actually I think you did Several times, in fact.4 view spoiler Lesbian Sex Scene This was really, really strange and out of character It just didn t make sense to me, it took Hannah a matter of hours to go from being grossed out by the thought of a lesbian being anywhere near her, to having sex with a woman It felt terribly forced and unnatural and completely not necessary I know the whole point was supposed to be her coming to understand that her beliefs about gay people were wrong, but why did she have to become sexually attracted to a woman to understand this Couldn t she have come to accept Simone without going down on her Just sayin hide spoiler

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    This was a four star book until the last 80 or so pages, and then it lost its way So 3.5 stars it is The novel starts off strong with a tale of private shame made very public, and gleeful cruelty masquerading as religious piety I saw some spooky parallels with the way Warren Jeffs was controlling the FLDS Church a few years ago Jordan takes the basic themes from Hawthorne s The Scarlet Letter and brings them into the future with the addition of abortion and extreme fundamentalist rule Hannah Payne Hester Prynne and Aidan Dale Arthur Dimmesdale have had an affair She s a young innocent parishioner He s a married preacher with a huge following and a spotless reputation Hannah has aborted their love child Instead of a scarlet letter, she is punished with a scarlet body In this version of America, most criminals serve out their sentences among the general populace rather than behind bars Their skin is melachromed red, yellow, green or blue, depending on their crimes Being marked in this way makes them outcasts, subject to derision, physical attacks, and even death threats Prison would seem a merciful punishment After her initial chroming and public humiliation period, Hannah stays in a halfway house meant to prepare her for re entering society as a Red She then makes a series of stops along a sort of futuristic underground railroad Here is where the novel begins to go off the tracks, so to speak It slowly collapses on itself with a tedious journey and a rushed ending that is too inconclusive to warrant the buildup The quick foray into lesbianism is awkward and unrealistic, and thus feels obligatory rather than purposeful.I was disappointed that Hannah didn t emerge strengthened by her ordeal I think Jordan hoped to show a transformation from a mousy, obedient evangelical girl into a fearless, bold, and resourceful woman Whatever transformation does occur is too fast to be plausible Hannah never quite reaches the state of maturity and self knowledge we might wish for her She s left mired in that late adolescent stage of defiance versus dependence I do recommend the book, despite my middling rating Just don t expect a strong finish to match the powerful beginning.

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    If you must read one book this year, make it WHEN SHE WOKE Hillary s mom

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    Hillary Jordan has raised a red flag about how the powers of American religious extremism might change our world Set in the not too distant future, When She Woke WSW is an update of The Scarlet Letter TSL , accompanied by a healthy dollop of The Handmaid s Tale THT.In a theocratic USA, Hannah Payne is punished for having an abortion by having her entire body turned red In this new America many crimes are punishable by melachroming, or coloring a person s entire body, a much larger version of the scarlet A that Hester Prynne was forced to wear The result of this is an entire class of people who are socially cast out for being melachromes Which makes one think of Russell Banks recent look at ostracism in The Lost Memory of Skin Hannah is a sympathetic character, but one filled with contradictions Having been raised in a strict religious household she always did as she was told and did not look beyond the confines of her environmental box But once she comes to a sense of her sexual romantic needs and desires, she breaks out in a big way, sleeping with the charismatic, megachurch reverend hottie Hannah manages to find someone willing to help her and has an abortion, for which she is sentenced, among other things, to 16 years with red skin, and the resulting public shunning While this book is focused on social commentary, it is hardly cold and removed Hannah journeys from ignorance and passivity to strength and control of her own decisions References to The Scarlet Letter permeate the tale I have listed a bunch at the bottom of this review, but they include spoiler material Suffice it to say, for now, that references to TSL are many There are some that might slip one s notice, and I am certain that I missed a fair number, but short of sitting down with a copy of TSL and going through both books side by side, I will make do with what I spotted.Jordan says that she was not looking to mimic TSL, but to riff on it In fact the initial notion for the novel came from a family conversation about drug abuse An uncle suggested that drugs should be made legal, but should turn users bright blue The stigmatization notion stuck, if not necessarily the drug idea.I have not read or seen an interview in which Jordan talks about the influence of The Handmaid s Tale, but there are plenty of obvious connections there as well A widespread fertility crisis of uncertain provenance, here called the scourge, has made procreation problematic As with THT, a terrorist attack provides the justification for a theocratic national takeover An underground group, the Novembrists, serves a role similar to that of the Mayday Movement in Margaret Atwood s work There are , but you get the idea just a maybe here, but the Octobrists in Russia were not a revolutionary group but one that wanted to restore a constitutional monarchy I wondered if Jordan had them in mind, as her band of merry rebels professes a narrow interest and not a revolutionary one I seriously doubt she was referring to the indie band We are feminists, not revolutionaries, one of them says, as if feminism were not revolutionary.The story is fluid, and keeps one involved, even though it is clear that this is than just a this happened then that happened novel One can relate to Hannah as someone who is abused by the system, and we can root for her as her recognition of the massive hypocrisy all around her grows, and she struggles, not only to grow as a person, but to fight back, to survive and maybe thrive despite her encumbrances.That works, but only to a point I felt that Hannah s journey took too much of a detour in the final sections of the book Not enough to kill the book for me, but enough to make me wish Jordan had not wandered so far afield with her characters as to challenge our willingness to suspend disbelief So be prepared.This is primarily, IMHO, a political novel, and as such there are some contemporary allusions to go along with the classical lit references The prison in which Hannah is detained is in Crawford, TX Maybe all the brush has been cleared by now In a fundamentalist half way house for released prisoners the residents are referred to as Walkers, which certainly reminded me of a certain Texas Ranger Congress has passed a Freedom From Information Act, and Enlightenment at a half way house includes forcing the women to watch gory presentations on abortion, including talks by people whose parents had tried to abort them, and damaged them instead These reflect the view that many of us share, that there is much to fear from the darker and dimmer elements of the religious right Could it happen here You betcha It does not take a lot of imagination to believe that those who, at recent 2011 Republican debates, clearly favored allowing the uninsured to die, who applauded the execution policies prevalent in Texas, who believe that all the unemployed are personally responsible for their own lack of work, who would love nothing than to construct a death dealing electrified fence on our southern border, and who favor the murder of abortion providers, would be than happy to dust off their white sheets and mark for life any who do not adhere to their peculiar philosophy There are underground railroad references aplenty as well, which nicely connects the new slavery to the old.One gripe I had with the book was that Jordan sometimes felt it necessary to take the reader by the hand and explain her imagery to us One theme of the story is boxes, limitations Here is Jordan going too far There is spoiler material in the quote You have been warned I could write a book on the subject One by one She conjured all the boxes she d been put into The good girl box and the good Christian box The confines of her sewing room above the garage The Mistress box, played out in the boxes of all those indistinguishable hotel rooms The sweltering room in apartment 122 The jail cell, the interrogation room, the witness box at her trial The bad daughter and fallen woman boxes Her red body in the mirrored cell on the Chrome ward, a box within a box within a box The enlightenment room, Mrs Henley s parlor The locked rooms at the safe house and at Stanton s The wooden crate And now, for the second time, the trunk of a car In another scene, one character is washing another s hair, pouring water over the cleanee s head Jordan felt it necessary to refer to this as a strange form of baptism Duh uh Do you have to spell that out There are other times when this is done It strikes me as a miss by the editor, but who knows Still, a pet peeve for meOverall, this is a pretty good read, with an engaging primary character, a bit of action, and a lot of social consciousness It might be of particular relevance for younger sorts who might not have read The Scarlet Letter or The Handmaid s Tale One of the nice things about books that so overtly reference prior work is that they present us with an opportunity to brush up our knowledge of the classics EXTRA STUFFI presume that closer study will unearth such refs, but this is what came to the surface for me There were too many to put them all into the body of the review, but I can contain them no than Executive Officer Kane on the good ship Nostromo could contain what was inside him.The Scarlet Letter references I found The primary characters names share the same initials of their tSL counterparts Hannah Payne Hester Prynne Aidan Dale is Arthur DimmesdaleThe red of Hannah s skin is a public sign of her crime as Hester s scarlet letter A was hersHester is impregnated by a charismatic reverend ditto for HannahHannah and Hester both refuse to divulge the men responsible for their conditionsJust as Hester was made to endure three hours of public shaming on a scaffold, Hannah must endure a month in what is, to her, solitary confinement in a section of the novel titled, The Scaffold but which is, to the world, the fodder of reality television, as her cell is under video surveillance, and streaming, twenty four seven, a modern form of public humiliation One can imagine which network that would be on.Hester was a seamstress ditto HannahJust as Hester embroidered a stunning A for her clothing, so Hannah uses her skill as a seamstress to create beauty in an object meant to induce shame Both acts incur jealousy and disapproval.A life affirming rosebush outside a prison gate plays the same role here that it did in the earlier work.The hypocrisy of the powers that be in WSW match those of the early American versionBoth Hannah and Hester grow from na ve young ladies to strong, self directed womenBoth Hannah and Hester question their religious beliefsAs for The Handmaid s TaleIn addition to the parallels noted in the text of the review,In THT, the heroine gains the friendship of someone whose knowledge and attitude help her come to some new realizations In WSW, Kayla serves that role A theocratic death squad called The Fist might correlate with The Eyes in THT They both travel in a large vans and do the leaders dirty work Stretching a bit, The Fist might also echo The Black Hand, a Serbian terrorist organization that, like The Fist, organized into cells of three to five members Unlike The Fist, The Black Hand helped start WW I by assassinating the archduke Who knows, maybe The Fist was responsible for nuking LA in this one.OthersThere is a nod to Oliver Twist, another person victimized by a hypocritical society When Hannah is being released from her month of solitary, she is crudely propositioned by a brutish guard named Billy Sikes, recalling Fagin s thuggish enforcer The meager portions provided at Hannah s halfway house had me wondering if someone would be elected to ask for Aidan s alias for trysts with Hannah is Edward Ferrars, a character from Jane Austen s Sense and Sensibility.Aidan refers to his wife, Alyssa, as his Elinor, the woman Edward Ferrars rejects in order to honor a promise he made to another young lady, in this case, Hannah.There is a love scene in the dark that made me think of Beauty and the Beast, but I am not completely confident of thatThe Novembrist members all use noms de guerre taken from famous historical Americans The so called Sanctity of Life or SOL laws make one think of a widespread meaning for those three letters.Other Items December 28, 2018 A Woman s Rights a collection of articles that look at the nation wide right wing attack on abortion rights Serious stuff, worth checking out

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    This book started out good, but was really just a poor man s A Handmaid s Tale The final nail in the coffin was the contrived lesbian experience near the end because gaining religious and social freedoms and becoming a feminist apparently changes your sexual orientation as well 2 stars for the good idea, but overall disappointing.

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    A quite good sci fi novel, When She Woke tells the story of a future United States in which crimes are punished by chroming According to what the offense is your skin is dyed that color Hannah Payne the Scarlet Letter is paid homage to throughout refuses to divulge the name of her lover or her abortionist, so she receives the maximum sentence, 16 years with her skin dyed red and she must survive somehow out on the streets as a pariah in the ultra religious society that the U.S has become Anyone can attack her and get away with it, the police won t protect her.What was different about the story is how someone who is a part of the system reacts when they are kicked out of it She is a person who questioned the world somewhat as a teenager and young adult, but eventually just became a part of it When arrested and vilified, Hester must begin growing and stretching her worldview.

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    Warning Due to the heavy religious tone of the book, this review is going to be religious in nature and will in large part be a discussion of my faith If you re offended by this, please feel free to skip reading this particular review Some books disturb you psychologically For authors like King and Koontz and Barker, that psychological fear is their bread and butter, and many of us will pay good money to be frightened But then there are the books that disturb you on a moral level A spiritual level And often, though I m sure not always, these books are not written with marketing in mind These books are written because the author has something to say and will burst if they don t get to vent their anger and concern and fear onto paper, and it doesn t really matter to them if no one ever reads a word of it But books like this, like 1984 and The Scarlet Letter, Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451 and The Handmaid s Tale, will always be picked up but a like minded reader and passed on to like minded friends, and perhaps even friends whose minds have rusted shut at the hinges, hinges that creak open reluctantly with every page they read Because the unknown is always questioned and feared, and what greater unknown is there than the future If we read to know that we re not alone, we also read and write to know that we re not alone in our questions and our fears.When She Woke disturbed me on a moral and spiritual level Here is a society where religion is king, and has begun to mandate law I m a Christian I believe that God is real, that He created everything that exists, that He is involved in our lives, that He sent His Son to die so we could have freedom and eternity, that life is sacred, that I have been blessed beyond measure, that He has been there with me in my darkest hours and that I will never have to suffer anything alone I believe all these things with all of my heart And yet the only thing that scares me as much as a world where religion is outlawed is a world in which religion is THE law God created us with free will, with the inalienable right to choose for ourselves whether or not we will follow Him, and that s a right that no government on earth should have the power to take away To quote the book itself You don t have to stop thinking and asking questions to believe in God, child If He d wanted a flock of eight billion sheep, He wouldn t have given us opposable thumbs, much less free will I m not going to get into the plot of the book itself here, though I will say that the comparison made on the back cover claiming the story is The Scarlet Letter by way of The Handmaid s Tale is completely accurate It was a well written, thought provoking story that will stick with you long after you finish the last page, and I m glad I read it I will say, however, that this book made me incredibly sad Please be aware that this was not Christian fiction, but is instead a book that portrays Christianity as one of its villains It s hard to see your faith twisted in such a way that it ruins the lives of others, even if those lives and others are fictional Christians can be some of the most unforgiving and judgmental people on the planet, which has to infuriate Jesus He spent His time with fishermen and tax collectors and prostitutes and beggars, with the poor and the broken and those rejected by society He was despised by those who should have recognized Him, and He died for it Thankfully, that death couldn t hold Him and He rose again three days later, but that doesn t negate the pain and torment He endured at the hands of the very people He had come to save And if He had chosen to come a couple thousand years later, I think He would have met the same fate it just would have been televised Todd Agnew wrote in one of his songs that My Jesus would never be accepted in my church the blood and dirt on His feet might stain the carpet Harsh, but true Jesus told His disciples on the night of His arrest, A new commandment I give to you Love one another As I have loved you, so you must love one another By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another John 13 34 35 THAT is supposed to be how the world knows we re Christians Not by the words we spout or the bumper stickers on our cars or the way we look down our noses at others And I hope and I pray every single day that people see the love of Jesus in me when I interact with them, not judgement or hatred Because Jesus doesn t hate God doesn t hate God is love And if we remember this, if we do our best each day to live this, then the future forecast in this book will never become a reality.For of my reviews, as well as my own fiction and thoughts on life, check out my blog, Celestial Musings.

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    Oh dear A dystopian novel with echoes of The Handmaid s Tale which I love and The Scarlet Letter which I haven t read sounded promising It was dreadful.I m not a big fan of How to write checklists they re usually far too prescriptive, and very negative a list of don ts However, I found myself wanting to shriek Show, don t tell every few pages I kept reading only because I had time on my hands and thought it could only get better it didn t.PLOT BY NUMBERSHannah is a good ish , 26 year old Christian girl, whose only vice is secretly making beautiful, slightly immodest, clothes, that she only wears in secret The story opens as she wakes after having an illegal abortion all abortions are illegal , having been recoloured as part of her punishment The story is a daisy chain of clich s a fertility pandemic superclap , an illicit affair view spoiler with a married priest hide spoiler

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    How absolutely cool is the premise of this book In this dystopian society, skin is genetically mutated a certain color to paint convicts to represent their crimes Red skin means murderer In this society, red skin also means someone who has had an abortion, a procedure that has been deemed illegal now that Roe V Wade has been overturned This novel had the potential to be as frightening as Atwood s The Handmaid s Tale, a novel that didn t seem entirely far fetched when it was published, and still does not in a world where women still have to fight for their right to have complete control over their bodies I think books of this nature are especially important given the current fight over birth control that has cropped up as candidates fight to challenge Obama in this year s election People like Rush Limbaugh really exist There are groups of people out there who want a world like this one to be the one we live in Books like this one are almost realistic fiction when you think about it like that Terrifying.The novel starts out strong Hannah Payne has recently been transformed to become a Chrome, her skin mutated Red, to represent her crime of abortion She must live her days on camera inside of jail, where her every move is being broadcasted to people at home for their entertainment Experiencing with Hannah her first moments as a Chrome, alone in solitary, is deeply intimate Because of her perceived crime Hannah is subjected to humiliation and psychological torture It was very interesting and painful to be inside of Hannah s head as she dealt with this experience.Hannah is soon released and dropped off in a religious facility aimed at curing women chromes and bringing them back to the light of Jesus or whatever This section of the book actually wasn t half bad There were definitely some great points made using Hannah s experiences in that facility perhaps Jordan should not have been so heavy handed with the message and allowed the evil characters to be humanized a bit A particularly frightening thing about this facility was that Hannah and others were forced to create and carry around dolls that represented the child they aborted Once Hannah leaves the facility things get a little far fetched She joins a sort of underground program put in place by those that oppose the new government and after that it is one unbelievable situation after another Hannah s narrative is also a little weird She still considers herself a murderer, even if she doesn t believe she deserves all of the ways she s been treated, and that is never resolved I also didn t buy her loyalty to the father of the fetus, or why she would put entire groups of people at risk just to see him one last time Also, there is a brief segue into lesbianism that would have had meaning if it had, well, meant anything at all and didn t seem to be just a convenient plot point to represent Hannah s supposed awakening I think this book would have been far better served if it had focused on Hannah being made an outcast by society as a whole, and the treatment she would have received trying to live a normal life as a Red, in a world where abortion is legally viewed as murder.I m mixed on whether or not I d recommend this one It was a fairly enjoyable read, the idea of chromes was fantastic, the feminist themes were important, but in the end it fell short of everything it was trying to accomplish I d much rather recommend The Handmaid s Tale instead.

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    Bullet Review Ykldfhakjdhakjliiu4eo843You know, up until the last, what, hour of this audiobook, I was fully intending to give it 3 stars It has its faults, but you know, it tries It s no The Handmaid s Tale , but it tries.And then we have to go and have that censored scene And gorrammit, that ruined the message of the book for me RUINED.Message 4 starsCharacters 2 starsBook up until last hour 3 starsBook after THAT SCENE 1 starFinal Rating 1 starMaybe if you haven t read 1984 or The Handmaid s Tale or any better dystopian fiction out there, this would be OK And sure, it s better than the sh tstorm of dystopian fiction now flooding the market after The Hunger Games But this is no story about a woman s journey It s a story about a woman whining after a man.And I think because Jordan is a half decent writer with a half decent world is what makes this story even infuriating Because it COULD be good with some minor tweaking It COULD have a fabulous message, empowering to women and men and everyone But noooooooolet s just destroy that in the last few pages because why not Not recommended.Full Review Hannah Payne has now been chromed a process to punish people while alleviating the pressure on the jail system for the abortion of a child she conceived while sleeping with her minister She must struggle through a world that tells her at every opportunity that what she did was wrong while also learning and about herself.I should love this book In many ways, Hannah s journey is not all that different from mine I lived similarly secluded in my evangelical right wing movement, thinking that homosexuals were going to hell, that abortion was murder, and that anyone who didn t go to my denomination of church was ending up in hell You will be glad to know that I no longer believe all those things The book is also fact than fiction, particularly if you are familiar with the Wendy Davis filibuster that occurred in Texas just this past summer Reading about the shunning of women, how few options they have, how they are vilified for trying to make a good life that s enough to make you rage at the system And for that, the book is great.That said, I ended up not liking the book very, very much mostly in part to one final key scene that seemed to ruin the entire message of the book But there were plenty of other key points that drove the rating down, not just the ending.But first, the positives Jordan has a very easy going, readable writing style Jordan s dystopian world made sense I could easily see us reaching the point where abortions were outlawed and the religious right rose up and abolished the separation of church vs state There were a few characters that weren t too bad, namely Kayla and Simone I didn t mind Hannah s development up until about the last hour of the audiobook, of course I could see her slowly open up, to take the people she meets and realize, yes, they aren t so bad, that maybe her previous way of thinking wasn t the only way.But I have far negatives Hannah is an awful character I really, really can t get over how selfish and using she is, nor how blindly passive she is all the while claiming how she chose to do this or that Nearly every person she comes in contact with, she finds some way to soak something out of her father, Kayla, Simone, even Aiden and I do NOT like Aiden And then, Hannah claims to be so active, to make all these choices, but when you boil it down, she mostly just bounces between crazy events The rest of the cast is lackluster The women are incredibly evil or weak, from Hannah s shrewish, domineering hateful mother to Mrs Henley a hateful, beastly woman to the cold, infertile Alyssa to the weak, desperate Becca Not to mention, Hannah makes sure to cast judgment on every one, from how pretty they aren t or how desparate they are She saw a perky blonde news anchor, the annoying type still trying at 40 to be adorable The men are mostly passive and inept Hannah s father and Aiden or, in a couple of cases such as Cole , evil And then you have Aiden, our Love Interest , who is second only to Hannah in selfishness For a man who supposedly loves this woman, why did he never speak out sooner Sacrifice his career, his fame, his reputation to speak on her behalf Oh, no, couldn t do that We must protect the man, the privileged man in this patriarchal society The lesbian experience Really, this was merely tossed in there to be edgy I can t say it enough Hannah never once came across as wanting to be a lesbian or even bisexual, until suddenly, boom, it happened It s VERY insulting, and not to mention, once again Hannah uses someone for her own selfish purposes And then tosses that person aside for Aiden.This is not to say this scene couldn t have worked It could have if Hannah hadn t bothered to go back to Aiden Or if when she did, she realized how she really didn t love him any THEN I would have been OK with this scene But as it is written, it makes me despise Hannah even Aiden is the most selfish, useless, pathetic, cowardly Love Interest I ve ever read I despise the man Time and again, we are led to believe he loves Hannah but what has the man ever done to prove it He said outright in the beginning he d never leave his wife for Hannah strike one When Hannah was arrested, he never spoke out on her behalf strike two Hannah has to drive across country to meet up with him strike three, and you re out The final scene Given the book we re reading, it comes out of nowhere and, for me, completely ruins the message of the book In fact, that ending makes as much sense to me as having the the power of lurve remove the chroming with Aiden and Hannah miraculously changing the government and farting out three babies The book s message feels undermined If this book were really about Hannah s development as a woman, she would grow up and realize how selfish a prick Aiden was How little he sacrificed and how much power he would have to help her Instead, she protects him, the fly protecting the swatter, the subjugated holding up the ones in power You know, what s been going on for the last hundred years.What does Aiden have to lose Nothing He s a male in a patriarchal society Everyone will side with him Poor preacher, being seduced by that vile woman Even today, we see that ALL THE TIME Teenaged girls being blamed for their sexual abuse Adulterers getting off the hook because those vile women in short, tight skirts.Aiden commits adultery, has little regard for his wife, doesn t bother to help Hannah but somehow, he s worth Hannah sacrificing her freedom to see him Even in the end, he doesn t abandon his job to seek her out no, that would be much too much to sacrifice Instead, Hannah has to brave the streets, arrest, incarceration, further abuse, to seek HIM out And after she uses him has sex , she decides that she s outgrown him and needs to leave him.No, Hannah, you don t You have become just as selfish and despicable as Aiden.You know how this book should have ended Hannah goes back to find that Aiden has hopped into bed with some other woman that isn t his wife Aiden isn t there waiting and begging for her he just wants to find a playmate to keep him busy Then Hannah should grow some ovaries and help find Kayla, maybe even get back with Simone and have a real relationship instead of some half assed Lemme pretend to be a lesbian because ooooh, it s edgy and cool but don t worry I m still straight Ultimately, this book is just The Handmaid s Tale and apparently The Scarlet Letter, though I haven t read that one lite It s a very, very weak diluted version of THT, with nowhere near the strength of character or the powerful message or the decency to give us a good, gritty ending.Personally, I don t recommend this for anyone I d rather see people read The Handmaid s Tale But I suppose if you haven t read THT, this has a somewhat OK message with a grain of salt If it hadn t been for that final scene, I would definitely have rated it higher and been a bit generous with my recommendation.

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