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    It s one of my greatest frustrations that Canadian Literature has become almost synonymous with the name Margaret Atwood Every reading list that I ve ever seen about Canadian Lit has been dominated by Atwood The Handmaid s Tale , Alias Grace , Oryx and Crake , etc It s not that there s anything wrong with enjoying Atwood, although I can t name many people that do , it s just that her work offers a very limited scope on what Canadian literature is all about What about Aboriginal authors like Thomas King Or Mordecai Richler, who writes about growing up Jewish in Montreal We have best selling authors like Michael Ondaatje, and then there s my all time favourite, where have you been all my life Timothy Findley End Margaret Atwood rant Not Wanted on the Voyage is a retelling of Noah s Ark Except calling it a retelling wouldn t be fair to the author Findley takes the story about Noah s Ark that was spoon fed to us when we were kids and he completely reinvents it In the beginning, we are introduced to Yaweh a.k.a God However, in Findley s version, he isn t the almighty powerful God portrayed in the Bible Instead, he is tired, lonely, and depressed about his relationship with mankind So he asks his devoted follower, Noah Noyes, to build an ark At the heart of the novel, we have our two protagonists kind hearted, compassionate, Mrs Noah Noyes, and Mottyl, her blind cat The name of the book refers to Mottyl, who becomes a stowaway on the ship Most of the story is told through her perspective The ark is boarded by Noah and his family, and the animals enter the ark in pairs From here, the shit show begins.There s something very bizarre and beautiful about this book, even by Findley s standards Findley takes the biblical world of Noah and mixes it in with fantasy In this world, animals can talk, and unicorns are no bigger than dogs In this world, a man s skin is marinated until it turns blue, and Lucifer is a cross dressing angel Aside from the whimsical aspects of this book, there s also a really dark, sombre side.Noah is depicted as a sadistic, power hungry man He is unwavering in his faith in Yaweh, but obsessed with his quest for knowledge Usually, religion and science are pitted against each other In this case, Noah commits atrocities in because of them Findley writes about men s destructive tendencies in pursuit of religion, power, science, etc Noah dehumanizes his shipmates, and you can see how later on in the novel, some of the humans digress into animalistic habits There is also an environmentalist message that highlights men s relationship with animals, and how humans are always exploiting their resources Not Wanted on the Voyage is not for the faint of heart There are several scenes in the novel that are really disturbing But, if you want a good thought provoking novel, or even just a good adventure, this book makes a very good, very hard to put down kind of read.

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    Joan Osborne asked in song What if God was one of us Just a slob like one of us Findley offers an answer with his repackaging of the Noah s ark fable Yaweh, an ancient, self obsessed and venal god, takes human form and visits Noah Arriving with his entourage of servants and lackeys, Yaweh makes it known he will wipe out humanity The crime Dissing the creator As his longtime confidant, the 600 year old Noah falls all over himself to do Yaweh s bidding, in turn demonstrating that his own personality is an extension of Yaweh s He slaughters animals, terrorizes his wife and family, all in the pursuit of mindless worship of Yaweh.Lucifer, in the form of a woman angel Lucy , sides with the terrorized wife and animals, continuing to seek a better life than what Yaweh and his lackeys have to offer The book ends on a downer The captives on the ark Noah s wife, Lucy, a few other humans and the animals eventually over power Noah and take control of the ark, but both Lucy and Noah s wife have all but given up hope for the development or evolution of a humane society In Lucy s words, the Ark s voyage will never, never end.Overall, a wonderful portrayal of the dehumanizing effect of the mindless, juvenile, but widely accepted, worship of gods who are extremely aggressive, violent, and self obsessed traits we would consider sociopathic in human beings.

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    fantastic deliciously anachronistic and playful and yet deadly serious findley wrote biblical people as PEOPLE, and not as eons removed, idealised prophet gods, as they naturally come across in the bible he wrote angels as having fears and loves and moral scatteredness he wrote singing sheep and a drunken piano he wrote protagonists i didn t always like or agree with, and antagonists i could understand he wrote well and simply i m looking forward to finding of his books i thought this one was particularly brave as brave as having faith in the truth of every word of the bible, i suppose you could say.

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    We discussed this book last night at book club.It certainly was one to get me thinking I was brought up Catholic The kind of Catholic who went to church every Sunday and participated very much in church activities, never questioning, just doing For me it was just something I did Like brush my teeth.Then I went to university and moved away from home, but I still went to church every Sunday on campus I took a class that first year, intro to comparative religion It really opened my eyes, it really made me start to question and try to understand some things about my religion, that I had never done before.Needless to say, I stopped going to church But I still get Catholic s guilt I guess it is in my blood.This book is a retelling on the Genesis story about Noah and the ark It was dark, and well written It affected me A lot I couldn t sleep sometimes It really changed my idea about the whole story.I used to think of it as a cartoon, everything happy happy happy on the ark going to the new world But then when you think about it, I mean, really think about it It is terrifying You have these animals stuck in the dark without proper anything for a long time praying for it all to be over.Noah is a dark, scary man, and now that I think back it all makes sense.There are some disturbing scenes But I think life was distributing back then.Read it, then talk to me about unicorns.

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    It s one thing to know, intellectually, that life as described and prescribed in the bible would have been unimaginably brutal, particularly for women, but quite another thing to know viscerally through the experience of narrative Likewise, you can know that petty, tyrannical god who bargains and pouts and punishes, spurting out arbitrary violence and horror, without knowing him as a character who comes to visit I also liked the ahistorical mix of everything languages, time periods, cultures, songs, mythical and real beasts I think this must be the mental world you need to live in if you are to take the kind of stories I was taught as a child seriously and literally.

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    I always forget how fascinating and distressing this book is I have read it several times and each time it pulls me quickly into the desperate tyrannical world of Dr Noyes and his subjugated family The narrative provided by both humans and animals is full of emotion and provokes a much deeper reaction than just another story about a boat and a rainbow.

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    Not Wanted on the Voyage is the story of the great flood and the first time the world ended It is the story of who went on the ark and who was left behind It is also the story of a divided family of Noah, the tyrannical patriarch and God s magician of his sons and their wives Japeth and his victimized wife Emma Shem the Ox and Hannah the survivor the inventor Ham and Lucy the enigmatic disturbing woman who is not what she seems And finally it is the story of Noah s wife, Mrs Noyes, who desperately battles to save the magic and mystery of the old world, and of Mottyl, the blind cat who sees all Weird book As Fuzzy points out, it is Timothy Findley, so that does go without saying, at least a little But still Weird book Between the sadistic Noah, the fallen angel posing as a woman apparently no one particularly questions the fact that she is over 7 feet tall and has webbed hands and feet , the son whose skin is permanently dyed blue from being marinated by cannibals, and his wife who gets her virginity taken from her with the horn of a unicorn still attached to the poor creature, I might add it s pretty weird The portrait of God, as an ancient, and in fact dying, old man, with tattered clothes and matted hair and a beard full of old food and whatnot was also interesting.The book does, I suppose, raise some valid points, though The fact that, just because God tells you to do this doesn t mean that bringing your entire life onto a big boat and watching while the entire world drowns except you isn t scary as all hell, for example And the appalling conditions such a task involves You simply can t bring that many creatures onto a boat, no matter how big, for an indefinite amount of time, and not end up with horrendous stenches, food shortages, and even a number of deaths So it was interesting to see those things presented in a slightly realistic fashion than is usual All in all, though, can t say as I much cared for it, really.

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    Having read and disliked The Telling of Lies , oh, I don t know, in that year known as Y2K that seems so long ago, I anticipated a rough relationship with this book, another choice for Canada Reads 2008 I was so so so wrong Like the computer glitch that was said to be capable of ending the world, the distaste never arrived The lovely feline on the cover was the initial reason I carried this book everywhere I went, but soon I was so engrossed in the story that I was reading it in every spare minute of my day In Findley s Voyage rain falls like oily pine cones, animals talk, unicorns are not as big as I had thought duh and Lucifer didn t fall from Heaven, but rather escaped I loved this book and I will continue to love it and that fabulous cover 2010 update I still think about this book ALL the time My understanding of the story of Noah is forever entangled in its utterly bleak vision of the world The ending will never leave me.

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    I m hesitant to call a book like this one of my favourites I love a tale about a popular story that takes a different point of view or twist, and the narrative itself was constantly enthralling and a joy to read My main beef with this book is that something violent happens to one of the female characters, possibly the most horrible thing I ve ever read happening to someone, and I almost put the book down right there and didn t finish reading I guess it s a good indication of how much I love this book that I decided to finish.

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