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    First posted on my blog, Legacy of a Writer.Misty Moncur s debut novel, Daughter of Helaman turned out to be a very enjoyable, engaging read I liked the time period that the book was set in a kind of fantasy biblical time period Really neat I loved how she incorporated the lifestyle of the characters into the story I felt like I was literally sucked back between a forgotten chapter of the bible The characters were all very likable Keturah made for a very strong heroine and her confusion uncertainty with her relationships with Zeke and Gideon added to the story Though, just to say, I am totally for Gideon Overall, I didn t really feel like I really got to know the other characters, besides Keturah But Daughter of Helaman is a rather short read 198 pages and things were always happening between the pages Still, I would ve liked to gotten to know her family a bit better and maybe even got inside Zeke or Gideons head.While overall I enjoyed the book, there was one thing that slightly bothered me throughout the book It had a bit of a modern feel to it in places Some things the characters say, and some of Keturah s view points and arguments as to why she a girl should be allowed in the militia of boys, are words and thoughts people use today But that might just be picky ol me, and other readers might not even notice or be bothered by it.From start to finish, Daughter of Helaman was a very enjoyable read There never was a war or battle , as I thought there would be Mainly, this debut book sets the stage for the other books that will follow in the series But while there was no intense battle scenes, the plot still keeps you reading.

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    Win a copy until June 6, 2011 on our site is a strong willed girl who believes she has a heart of a warrior So when her brothers and closest friend Zeke begin training for war under the leadership of Helaman, she begins training of her own Hiding away in the forest near the falls, she strengthens herself with a sword, an axe, the cimeter and a bow The village would say that a young girl of the age to be betrothed has no place wielding a sword Her mother would have her doing women s work and staying out of harm s way But Keturah is determined she will soone be the only daughter of Halemana to step onto the field as a stripling warrior She will defend her country and her kin with no regard to what others may say.Misty Moncur takes a story from the pages of scripture and infuses it with vivid color This is a story set in the Ancient Americas but made for our time A tale of faith and courage, of following your heart against all odds Youth and adults will feel torn as Keturah between Zeke,her childhood friend whom she loves and Gideon, warrior of little words who would challenge Zeke s hand I was impressed with the way the author made the story of the armies of Helaman and made it come to life I am holding out for a book two to answer the unresolved pieces of plot behind Keturah s heritage, her choice in love, and the action in battle Daughter of Helaman is a book I would recommend to all readers who enjoy ancient American history, adventure and Book Of Mormon heroes with true courage.

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    I had a difficult time getting into this book, having just come off a massive dose of romance novels Boy,I am so glad I stuck with it By about 30% sorry, I read it on a Kindle so I can t tell you pages I was hooked I loved Keturah, she is my kind of female I am just like that, wanting to be doing something that others tell me I can t based on my gender I loved the struggles she was going through, and thoroughly enjoyed reading the battle training The love interests were fun as well It really felt good to read a story that could possibly have happened, set in a time frame that I have learned about my whole life Helaman has always been one of my heroes, in fact I have that Who s your hero poster on my wall that is Helaman and his strippling warriors I really felt good reading the spiritual parts of the book as well While someone not familiar with the Book of Mormon might not understand a good portion of the spiritual parts of the book, or why the older generation refused to go to war, I really think this is a book that anyone can enjoy.I felt her confusion about her desire to serve in the militia, as well as her conflicting feelings for Zeke and Gideon I could have passed out when she had to help her mother sew up a loved one s leg, and when the raiders came I couldn t stop reading to save me My heart was pounding as if I was really there At the end, I felt the same rush of joy and pride that she felt when she was proclaimed Daughter of Helaman If you enjoy LDS fiction, then this book comes highly recommended from me

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    I didn t realize until I went to write this review that this was the first in a series I was disappointed that there wasn t the closure that I wanted, but I m sure it will all be resolved in the third book, which has already been published.I enjoyed the character of Keturah She is a head strong young woman who knows her heart and mind She doesn t take the easy, safe, or conventional route She knows that she is meant to fight in a war, but now she needs to convince every one else of that fact.This book is set in Book of Mormon times A fight between two enemies is about to take place It was very interesting to read a book from the perspective of a character set during that time I hadn t imagined what it must have been like for mother s and warriors in the story of the Stripling Warriors I came to love the story a little by reading this book of fiction.Misty Moncur does a great job of writing Her story is clean and well written She was able to pull me into the story and become invested into the characters.The love triangle was what I wanted closure on Does Keturah choose the friend she has always know or the soldier who is willing to help her train and follow her heart Not an easy decision, even though I have a favorite I really wish I knew how it ends up now instead of sometime in the future It is Keturah s path to find her future It will be interesting to follow her on the rest of her journey.

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    I really liked this book It was interesting and I think Moncur did a really good job of portraying the Nephite culture Of course, everyone who rights a Book of Mormon novel, will portray the land differently, so far I ve loved everyone I ve read about She has also done a good job with the love triangle I m really interested to see how that will develop Keturah was also a very interesting heroine I loved her whole warriorness, and that she wasn t ALL tomboy, and still liked house work an so forth I thought that was good She was fun to read with With all books, there are things I disliked, and so it was with this one But I did really love it I m eager for the next installment.

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    Absolutely loved it I couldn t put it down And when I did it was all that I though about I thought it was an intriguing plot A girl with a dream and passion big enough to go against the expectation of everyone and even the desire of her mother to push herself, work hard, and train so she can contribute to this righteous cause of protecting her people and caring for those around her despite her gender Her confusion for her feelings for these two boys is almost aggravating because both are such good guys in different ways The ending, yes, it s annoying when it ends in mid storyline but it makes the anticipation for the next book even greater, making the book when read even better I can t wait I ll try not to go crazy before then.

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    I thought this book was great right from the start I enjoyed imagining what life was like for every day people during the Book of Mormon times The story moves quickly and I couldn t put the book down.

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    Omg, wow The writing was amazing I loved this book immensely I can t wait to read the next one TeamGideon

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    I really liked Keturah She reminded me of my daughter But, it was difficult realistically to believe that a young woman would have gone to battle with the Stripling Warriors I think it would have been difficult enough for the young men to go to war This is what really threw me about the story I did like the other characters who did seem real.

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    I really like this story because it is about a strong female character who wants to chose her own way and not what other people think she should be I didn t know it was a trilogy so that surprised me as I got near the end But, I am glad the story will continue.

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Daughter of Helaman (Stripling Warrior, #1) summary pdf Daughter of Helaman (Stripling Warrior, #1) , summary chapter 2 Daughter of Helaman (Stripling Warrior, #1) , sparknotes Daughter of Helaman (Stripling Warrior, #1) , Daughter of Helaman (Stripling Warrior, #1) 1cfc698 Fighting In Helaman S Army Is Keturah S Deepest Desire Certainly If God Can Protect A Boy, He Can Protect A Girl Too But Making It Into The Ranks Turns Out To Be The Easy Part, And When Lamanite Raiders Come To Her Village, Keturah Must Put Her Skills To The Test With Danger At Every Turn, This Book Will Keep You Caught Up In The Fray To The Very Last Page

  • Paperback
  • 201 pages
  • Daughter of Helaman (Stripling Warrior, #1)
  • Misty Moncur
  • English
  • 10 September 2017
  • 9781599554976

About the Author: Misty Moncur

Misty is the author of the stripling warrior novels, a Latter day Saint young adult series about a group of young Ammonite warriors in 60 BC With action, adventure, and romance, her characters will inspire you and your teen reader.