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    This is really a feel good book The different chapters start with an entry in the school log, thus recounting a whole school year The writer clearly cares deeply about children and their parents With lots of humor, but also discrete and serious, we get a sketch of some wonderful characters I doubted between a 3 and 4 star Finally I decided on the 4 star, because the book really felt a bit magical a combination of melancholy, humour and a cast of everyday heroes.

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    As both a contemporary of Jack Sheffield and a retired primary head teacher myself you might expect me to give five stars to this book just for its nostalgia value ,but NO it if far than this As a gently humorous read it has a lot to teach us of community and its positive influences on children then and now.Jack Sheffield is the head of a rural school in a Yorkshire village and this is his first year of headship.Excerpts from the school logbook begin each chapter but soon we realize that there is richness and detail in the part the school plays in its community.Community is about listening and paying attention to each others needs and responding with tolerance understanding and appreciation of difference Jack Sheffield is a keen observer and listener and paints a vivid picture of all the children, staff, pupils and villagers as they live our their lives in the late 70 s.The capacity of this community to teach values to children with a sense of welcome, fun ,and purpose is poignantly focused in the story of Ping a vulnerable Vietnamese Boat girl who arrives at the school for three weeks and leaves a mark which has an impact on many she leaves behind in the years to come.These days we hear a vastly different story about schools through the media and based on targets and test results but we do not hear enough about those schools were Jack s values are still alive and kicking Here children learn in a supportive atmosphere where the greatest seeds of all are nurtured and where children leave with a thirst and enjoyment of life and learning.Thank you Jack for a great read.Mister Teacher the second in the series arrived yesterday.

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    This book is a mixture of the writer s memoirs, with a bit of late 1977 78 news and cultural points of reference, covered in a thick sauce of nostalgia The characters are often caricatural, and the events related are somewhat humdrum, if occasionally mildly humorous Needless to say, I will not be reading any other novels in this series.

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    A very charming book about a head teacher s first year in a small village school.I plan to read the other nine books in this series.

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    Loved it

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    I m part of the Transworld book group and was sent this book to review by Transworld.I really loved the idea of this book, and had high hopes for it before I began, but for some reason, it just didn t quite live up to expectations.The book is semi autobiographical, and chronicles the first year of Jack Sheffield s role as Head Teacher at Ragley on the Forest primary school in North Yorkshire There s a whole slew of colourful, larger than life characters, and life in the tiny village of Ragley seems idyllic The school children are, on the whole, quite adorable, and I enjoyed the gentle, anecdotal style the book adopts However, despite all that, there were a few little niggles nothing major, but enough to pull me out of my enjoyment of the book, nonetheless The fact that the book is semi autobiographical based on real events had me wondering on a few occasions how much had happened and how much of it had been embellished although we all get the idea of where the book s going perhaps not a problem for some people, but for me personally, I would have preferred a straight up memoir, or a straight up fictional story something in between didn t quite cut it The dialogue too, is a little contrived in places, and I found myself cringing on a few occasions.On the whole, however, I did like the book I perhaps wouldn t actively seek out the rest of the series, but this is an easy read and I m glad I finished it.

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    This was my third book for the Transworld Book Group challenge, I was really intrigued by the synopsis and as I want to read a little non fiction this semi autobiographical book seemed like a good step to take.The book covers a school year, each chapter starts with an entry from the school log book and then proceeds to tell the story behind the entry Whilst many of these stories are funny and thoroughly entertaining, dotted throughout the book are a few touching and emotional stories I found that I enjoyed the amusing stories but it was a couple of the touching stories that I carried on thinking about long after I put the book down.Jack is a great narrator, and way into this small village, but it is the other characters who really steal the book away There are both adults and children that delight, it would seem mean to pick out any favourites.My only slight niggle was that Jack occasionally made comments that felt very modern in both their thinking and the language used I think though that it is because I previously worked with schools that this grabbed my attention, most readers wouldn t notice this.I really enjoyed this book, I know that there are a further four books in the series and I m sure that with time I ll be reading them all.

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    A sticker on the front of this book said if you like Gervaise Phinn you ll love this and to be fair the books are very similar in style and subject A gentle tale about a young headmaster and the village school he works at in the late 1970s I enjoyed the book because it really conjured up the day to day life of a school throughout the seasons and also introduced a series of amusing characters and sub plots apart from the school I think it appealed to me because I trained as a primary school teacher and have spent quite a lot of time in schools as an adult maybe it would be less interesting to those without that insight Possibly not quite as good as Gervaise but still very entertaining and I will most certainly read the other books in this series.

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    Teacher, Teacher by Jack Sheffield is the first in a series of books depicting the time back in the late 70 s when Jack took on the responsibility of becoming Headmaster at a little primary school called Ragley School.It s 1977 and Jack starts his first day at the School near York in North Yorkshire In charge of approximately 80 children and a handful of Teachers, catering personnel and his extremely organised secretary Vera Jack starts each chapter covering the full academic school year with the official log from the School Log book and then writes what really happened from his own personal log book A semi biographical book, these are true and often extremely funny accounts of the goings on in this very Yorkshire school in a tiny village Everyone knows each others business but just sometimes they need a helping hand.A gentle fun read Something you can pick up and put down when you have a quiet moment Really well written and was lovely to get to know some of the people involved and how their friendships developed and how the Children progressed.I read this as part of the Transworld Book Group Challenge.

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    This is semi autographical book where Jack Sheffield becomes the new headmaster of a little village school in Ragley, North Yorkshire It tells the story of his first year in the form of various anecdotes It is an easy read and is a heart warming book Each chapter is effectively a different short story and they vary in success Some are very funny, some are heart warming whereas others feel a bit pointless It really is a varied book and if every chapter was as good as some of the best ones, I would have given it a higher rating.The characters are mostly are largely likeable and easy to get to know, although some of the parents feel like very stereotypical locals Mind you, they may be based on genuine characters from Sheffield s career so it s not his fault if sometimes people live up to their stereotypes An enjoyable read which doesn t take very long with some very funny moments and some chapters that are probably worth skipping.

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Teacher, Teacher! summary pdf Teacher, Teacher!, summary chapter 2 Teacher, Teacher!, sparknotes Teacher, Teacher!, Teacher, Teacher! 3e1895e It S And Jack Sheffield Is Appointed Headmaster Of A Small Village Primary School In North Yorkshire So Begins Jack S Eventful Journey Through The School Year And His Attempts To Overcome The Many Problems That Face Him As A Young And Inexperienced HeadmasterThe Many Colourful Chapters Include Ruby The Stone Caretaker With An Acute Spelling Problem, A Secretary Who Worships Margaret Thatcher, A Villager Who Grows Giant Carrots, A Barmaid Parent Who Requests Sex Lessons, And A Five Year Old Boy Whose Language Is Colourful In The Extreme And Then There S Also Beautiful, Bright Beth Henderson, Who Is Irresistibly Attractive To The Young HeadmasterWarm, Funny And Nostalgic, Teacher, Teacher Is A Delightful Read That Is Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better, Whatever Kind Of Day You Ve Had

  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Teacher, Teacher!
  • Jack Sheffield
  • English
  • 14 November 2019
  • 9780552155281

About the Author: Jack Sheffield

Jack Sheffield born Jack Linley, 1945 is a British author who wrote a series of books of fiction about the headmaster of a village school in a fictional Yorkshire village The stories are set from the late 1970s to the early 1980s and attempt to portray life in Yorkshire as it was at that time.He was trained as a teacher at St John s College, York and later became head teacher of two schools in