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    Unconventional novel and an unconventional vacation Jeremy writes with an mind bending process he seems to not want to leave you at rest until you re dumbfounded by the story We all need a vacation but where and who you spend it with is the big question I am still bit puzzled as this wacky story does not leave you with a clear picture I suppose watching fight club years ago did not either The protagonist is slightly insane then again maybe even the author I gathered that info from his twitter feed This is my second novel I have read of his I prefer Cursed by Jeremy this was a bit too bizarre for me maybe not you Surreal fightclubesque Even now, as i m writing this, as i m attempting to block out the images, they re popping and bursting inside me I see the faces I see the eyes What is this I say.This is everything Mary Shelley s monster did that she was too afraid to write down This is Hemingway s shattered romanticism.This is Mr Hyde s nightmare This is the world, she says.There s something worse than being tortured in hell It s being in hell, and left alone to Watch And I thought I knew guilt

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    Jeremy Shipp has a unique and entertaining writing style The 164 page VACATION demands the reader s attention and should perhaps not be read just before bedtime or while operating heavy machinery In fact, a second reading may be required to fully enjoy appreciate the story But it is definitely worth the effort Shipp s surreal and eery vision of the future or maybe an alternate universe seems to drift seamlessly between dream and reality The tale of the battle between the haves and have nots and the duping of an entire populace through Potemkin villages scattered about the globe challenges the reader, but, is not incomprehensible as some reviewers seem to think And, it appears that even the readers who are confused by the book still thoroughly enjoy it Vacation is often thought provoking, frequently disturbing, and continuously enjoyable.

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    An incredible first novel from Jeremy Shipp Aspects are reminiscent of Chuck Palahniuk and Philip K Dick, but Vacation stands on its own as everything that s right with modern sci fi and bizarro A quick read, Shipp cuts to the heart of the story and his characters, accomplishing with choppy sentences and embedded commentary than volumes three times the length An absolute must read for fans of avant garde literature.

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    Vacation PenaltyPeople love vacations, need vacations, jump at the chance to take vacations The blossoming thoughts of laughter and fun and mystical locales unseen sparkle with possibility in the mind s eye The rush to get there, wherever there may be, casts a thrilling tenor to the days and weeks leading up to that moment of departure It is this event, Bernard Bernie Johnson thinks about a brief time, a moment really, subsequent to his conjuring a quick rundown of his accomplishments and placements in the academia hierarchy, to summarize it thusly, Writers may think their words are important, but I m the one who decides what those words mean Whose words are worthy A summation which in itself does not sound such a bad lot It is the tag line that raises the red flag, I m a literati god Then why aren t I as happy as an endorphin pumped clam immediately followed by him swallowing a Pax pill Seems old Bernie is an unsatisfied customer, an unhappy camper, a thirty five year old sufferer of the malaise of modern man Mid life, unfulfilled expectations, caught in the snare of impending end game defeat, it is no wonder that Bernie finds the incessant need to obsess, lament, and pop Pax pills in rapid succession, in short, do everything within his power to end his dismally perceived downward spiraling arc Settling on a vacation, the generous corporate sponsored yearlong vacation, appears the most lucid idea he s had in some time Even his twenty one year old girlfriend, Hillary, agrees, If there s anything you want to do with anybody, you should be able to do it I won t be mad Which to Bernie sounds rightly as not so much permission to him, but to herself It is this series of events which bring him to a room of triple mirrors, literally and metaphorically, where he slips into his tourist gear, metamorphosing instantly into a adventuring persona to become the, justified voyeur, emerging finally fully outfitted into the light, where he is greeted by a rather shapely female backside, only to find on alarmingly quick examination, that this particular pleasing attribute belongs to none other than a former male student of his in transsexual form Thus concludes the chapter one setup A series of fairly conventional middle age malaise elements with a few surprises, one of them a bonafide shocker, tossed into the mix So at this point, the tale seems to have played out for us before even gaining speed enough to blast into chapter two A rush to judgment in this case is of no benefit With chapter two, the tale takes a hard left, turning from conventional disgruntled academic professional on redemptive vacation quest, to Escape From Terror Island It is at once clear that the shock potential of this tale has just begun Perhaps it is an ode to pop culture Perhaps it is an elegiac riff on the culture of the spectacle Or better still, perhaps it is merely Shipp s attempt to show us that whatever our self imposed torments, self flagellations, self directed smackdowns spurred by self perceived failures, there remains one clarifying conclusion to consider it could be worse Unwilling anti hero, Bernie Johnson, comes to appreciate this perspective as his vacation from the dark side commences No tour guides, no on site experts, no ameliorative of any kind Just a skidding step off a precarious edge which sends him tumbling into an abyss of horrors unimaginable in content or scope This tale with adopted tag, Literary Science Fiction, missed the boat on that count It may indeed fit the Science Fiction motif in a sense, maybe even if one were to liberally apply it, the Literary tag to a small degree But the tag decidedly absent which I believe sums up this tale most comprehensively is Bizarro For one tired of the same ol same ol , the predictable plotlines, the genre distinctions that fall flat, the tired unfunny comedies, the reigning flavor of the week memoir, look no With adventures that charge the senses and blast open the cerebral networks with unexpected thrills, Shipp s tale of Bizarro proportions, Vacations, may be just the ticket to soothe those tired eyes and beleaguered genre sensibilities.

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    My full review of this book is much longer than GoodReads word count limitations Find the entire essay at the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter.com I m sure some of you must think of it as an insult when I occasionally refer to a book here as weird but believe it or not, so called weird fiction or weird lit is in fact a legitimate genre, originally coined by the Romantic writers of the 1800s to describe the absolute strangest of the moody, atmospheric novels they were all pumping out at the time Let s not forget, after all, that the term romantic has changed quite considerably in our society since those days although now primarily used to describe a gooey love story, in the Victorian Age it meant any story with a gloomy, dramatic, emotional feel, a direct rebellion by that generation against the rational Enlightenment of their parents and grandparents times A direct line can be drawn, weird lit fans claim, from such projects on the fringe of Romanticism including such works as Nathaniel Hawthorne s House of the Seven Gables, which I ll be reviewing here next week straight to such modern genre masters as Stephen King, Clive Barker, Mark Danielewski and DB Weiss, often through such 20th century transitionary writers as HP Lovecraft the first weird author to add a distinctly otherworldly element to the genre and William Burroughs the first to add academic respectability.One such contemporary weird writer, for example, is Californian Jeremy Shipp, a highly respected genre author who has nonetheless spent most of his career so far toiling in the unglamorous world of fanzines and the like ah, but now Vacation is out, his very first traditional full length prose novel, which in a perfect world will finally start helping him get the larger respect he deserves Because frankly, Shipp is about as great a weird author as weird literature gets, even while acknowledging that there are certain weaknesses to the genre in general as well that anyone who is a fan of strange stories and off kilter characters is bound to love this novel, and in fact love it passionately than the current weird authors they only think they love This isn t going to stop many of you from intensely disliking it, don t get me wrong that s the dice roll you always take with genre work, as I m seemingly always saying here, is that by its very nature you are simply going to have a split audience going right into page one but for those who click with stories about the hidden strange details of the cosmos that are very quietly buried among us all the time, you are sure to love this book with the burning intensity that you currently reserve for your Buffy DVDs.Set in a world very similar to ours but not quite the same, the central premise behind Vacation is a fascinating one that reflects our times

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    ONE CAN ONLY PRAY to the Pax dishing government conspiracy theorists that Jeremy C Shipp s inaugural dip in deep end of the novel pool is not his last And if the prayers do go unanswered, those still in the living world just lost the one thing that might make life worth living Vacation is a surreal jaunt skittering across the calm surface of social norms on an ocean that certainly doesn t exist hellbent on splashing waves of ever disturbing rings disrupting the way one thinks As if you could still think for yourself And it deserves a fast read Except that one might miss out on a rather grand experience that begs to be savored like an aged box wine Read it like your life depended upon it Then read it again you ll be both happy and uncomfortable that you did.From the cover snippet It s time for blueblood Bernard Johnson to leave his boring life behind and go on The Vacation, a yearlong corporate sponsored odyssey But instead of seeing the world, Bernard is captured by terrorists, becomes a key figure in secret drug wars, and, worse, doesn t once miss his secure American Dream Yes, that is Vacation all summed up in a neat little literary bouquet garni dunked in a larger world of haggis It is a valid description, but only like the word water can singularly describe the planet Earth There is a lot going on under the verbal covers that make up the 158 pages of Vacation And, while 158 pages may seem short, the world Shipp reveals nestled in those pages is a vast society of organized crime set on one of two sides Either keep everyone from the truth or blast the truth around the world like a revolutionary gunshot The truth is something you ll have to read the book to learn Do yourself a favor Take a blank sheet of paper and your favorite pen Draw ten blank lines randomly on that piece of paper like a fill in the blank test from grade school but without any questions Now fill in those blanks with the most glorious adjectives that one might use to light up sentences meant to describe Vacation Having read this book or not, no matter how creative you might be in choosing these words, you will have done Shipp and Vacation an injustice The only way out of that hole is to buy the book and read it in your sleep And hope the dream machine isn t broken.

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    Obnoxious Hollywood logline The Prisoner meets Fight Club Pretentious expat lit major analysis a surreal sequel to Hamlet Vacation is surreal, hyperreal, political and apolitical, dark, capable and humorous Vacation looks at escapism and denial in society and how hard it is for postmodern man to do the right thing I highly recommend this book Protagonist Bernard Johnson is morose, hyperintellectual and indecisive with a tendency to add import to moments and distance himself from reality by making literary references and examining the analogues of his situation Going from his journey from escapism to the core of reality, from delusion to the moment is highly rewarding with a sense of spirituality and soul that has been discouraged in postmodern and literary fiction A great read, chilling, surreal and majestic.

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    Except for a little jumble confusion in the middle, I loved every bit of this book 4 1 2 stars and I look forward to reading everything else from the author Do not let the small page count fool you This is one of those meaty books that you almost have to slowly read and actually reread many sections Shipp has managed to squish a whole hell of alot of commentary into this book So many truths, especially appropriate for any who enjoy dark humor, though I think I felt sadness than anything else by the end.

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    To be honest I m not sure I remotely know what this book is about, terrorism, drug running, secret gardens, and sex changes, for sure, and the education system, probably, totalitarian societies, no doubt, but beyond that, can t say But who cares, it s really good, and completely absorbing, and so what if Jeremy is obviously a complete wack job, the dude can flat out write.

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    Awesome storyAwesome writingAwesome authorJeremy Shipp is currently taking the world as we know it by storm Or is that, Jeremy as we know him is currently storming into the world Either way, this writer is no storm in a tea cup although I have heard some sneaky rumours that he reads tea leaves for coconut monkeys.Go figure..

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