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Katharsis. O uzdrowicielskiej mocy natury i sztuki summary Katharsis. O uzdrowicielskiej mocy natury i sztuki, series Katharsis. O uzdrowicielskiej mocy natury i sztuki, book Katharsis. O uzdrowicielskiej mocy natury i sztuki, pdf Katharsis. O uzdrowicielskiej mocy natury i sztuki, Katharsis. O uzdrowicielskiej mocy natury i sztuki a1367b839c The Ancient Greeks Used The Term Catharsis For The Cleansing Of Both The Body By Medicine And The Soul By Art In This Inspiring Book, Internationally Renowned Cardiologist Andrzej Szczeklik Draws Deeply On Our Humanistic Heritage To Describe The Artistry And The Mystery Of Being A Doctor Moving Between Examples Ancient And Contemporary, Mythological And Scientific, Catharsis Explores How Medicine And Art Share Common Roots And Pose Common ChallengeAs Szczeklik Explores Such Subjects As The Mysteries Of The Heart Rhythm, The Secret History Of Pain Relief, The Enigmatic Logic Of Epidemics, Near Death Or Out Of Body Experiences, And Many , He Skillfully Weaves Together Classical Literature, The History Of Medicine, And Moving Anecdotes From His Own Clinical Experiences The Result Is A Life Affirming Book That Will Enrich The Healing Work Of Patients And Doctors Alike And Make An Invaluable Contribution To Our Still Expanding Vision Of The Art Of Medicine Drawing On Mathematical Ideas, Physics, Music, Mythology, Clinical Science And Clinical Practice, Szczeklik Never Forces The Issues Or Compels He Approaches The Questions Of Pain, Suffering And Death That Confront The Doctor Daily And That The World Regards As Terrible, Futile, And Destructive Here He Stresses The Immense Value Of The Experienced Doctor In Helping Patients In The Loneliness Of Pain Niall O Higgins, Times Higher Education Supplement

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    In the forward to this book by the late, great poet Czeslaw Milosz, he writes There is a mysterious connection between the human organism and some spiritual energies, thanks to which science alone cannot answer many of our questions about ourselves So perhaps Dr Szczeklik is right to use the word katharsis, or purification, and go back to ancient Greek drama This way of referring back to the ancient world makes us think of the age old continuity of the medical profession, which quite possibly derives its high standing from its permanent place on the border between life and death As one might expect of a poet, that pretty much says it all One of America s most prominent doctors strongly recommended this book to me the doctor s wife is a well known humanities scholar, so when he told me that this book is a deeply cultured reflection on the mysteries that a doctor confronts in his career I was eager to read the book.I ve read it twice now, and I must say that the first time I was a little disappointed Yes, it is an elegant, interesting, gracefully written meditation on the mysteries of life and death, the blankness of suffering and extinction and the human desire to envelop those experiences with meaning and morality But it is not some kind of intellectually persuasive argument that takes one through a chain of unbroken logic.Thinking about the book and my reaction, I realised that the answer probably lies with Polanyi s concept of tacit knowledge Polanyi demonstrates that most of what we know we would struggle to communicate intellectually, from something as simple as a tennis swing to our judgments about the most difficult and stressful situations.The real value of this book, I have realised, is that Dr Szezeklik, after a lifetime of healing and failing to heal, of saving lives and witnessing death, still believes in the spiritual and intellectual and emotional connections with illness and death, and he sincerely believes in the transcendent meaning of what we experience in life.This must have been what impressed the American doctor who told me about the book CATHARSIS is not some kind of logical juggernaut it is an elegant and cultured report back from the mysterious ground between life and death.

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    I had no idea from the outside of this book what it was about After Chapter 1, I still had no idea It was not until around Chapter 2 that it started to make sense, and to become an enjoyable read The author writes about medicine, but he places it within several realms mythology, history, philosophy, religion, and his own experience, almost as if he were locating it on a dimensional graph It is easy to think about medicine as being completely scientific, especially with the advent of evidence based medicine I am going to be chewing over the multiple meanings and currents I have found within this book for quite some time.

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    A medical professor describes what he sees when looking at medicine through the glasses of mythology and art The description is very compelling, unusual and showing a new and rich perspective I recommend, my mum a medical doctor and very pragmatic person calls bullshit.

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    Medicina Humanismo Historia Mitolog a

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    Si quieres leer algo de esoterismo, este no es el libro libro culto.

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    A very thought provoking book, which combines both aspects of modern medicine and Greek mythology, showing the deep roots of the medical world Szczeklik s language was very easy to follow, I learned new things in every chapter and his stories were fascinating to read about which really embraced the idea of seeing medicine as an art in the most beautiful way.I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the history of medicine as we see it today or any future medics This book is stunning an eye opener on to the deep ethics and philosophy of medicine.

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    13 14.02.2014Mi o si czyta o Po czenie mitologii, filozofii, historii medycyny.Pi kne wydanie, grube i solidne kartki, wklejone kolorowe ilustracje, adna twarda oprawa z obwolut A mi o postawi na p ce Na pewno przeczytam te Kore i Nie miertelno .

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    I opened to the forward and read this sectuib and knew I had to have it Dr Szczeklik s book tells us about the art of medicine He admits that it is a skill derived from magic and that it is actually hard to define, because elements of both science and art are inseparably combined within it.

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    Czytam Kore , ale nie ma jej tu w spisie ksi ek.

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