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Forbidden (The Demon Trappers, #2) summary Forbidden (The Demon Trappers, #2) , series Forbidden (The Demon Trappers, #2) , book Forbidden (The Demon Trappers, #2) , pdf Forbidden (The Demon Trappers, #2) , Forbidden (The Demon Trappers, #2) bdb1042f94 Riley Blackthorne Is Beginning To Learn That There Are Worse Things Than Death By Demon And Love Is Just One Of Them Seventeen Year Old Riley Has About Had It Up To Here After The Devastating Battle At The Tabernacle, Trappers Are Dead And Injured, Her Boyfriend Simon Is Gravely Injured, And Now Her Beloved Late Father S Been Illegally Poached From His Grave By A Very Powerful Necromancer As If That S Not Enough, There S Ori, One Sizzling Hot Freelance Demon Hunter Who S Made Himself Riley S Unofficial Body Guard, And Beck, A Super Over Protective Friend Who Acts Like A Grouchy Granddad With All The Hassles, Riley S Almost Ready To Leave Atlanta AltogetherBut As Atlanta S Demon Count Increases, The Vatican Finally Sends Its Own Demon Hunters To Take Care Of The City S Little Problem, And Pandemonium Breaks Loose Only Riley Knows That She Might Be The Center Of Hell S Attention An Extremely Powerful Grade Demon Is Stalking Her, And Her Luck Can T Last Forever

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    RATING 5 TEAM BECK STARS When Forbidden , turned up on my doorstep, 10th August, I did my Team Beck happy dance I read it immediately, and then was embargoed until 3rd September by Oz publishers, couldn t say a word But , now I can I just LOVE this series I absolutely adore Beck Jana is making us readers work for that relationship we are hanging for, and rightly so.For some daft reason I thought it was going to be kind of smooth sailing for Beck and Riley in Forbidden I thought they would be hanging out killing demons, Riley learning from Beck, cashing in, squabbling, being stubborn with each other..errr nope Well they were being stubborn and squabbling. but , I do understand why Jana took the path she took.Simon and Riley s relationship takes an interesting turn I felt frustrated with Simon, but I understand that Simon s faith is so strong that nothing can come between him and his belief in God I did feel a little sad for Simon as he needed somebody to blame Beck..ohBeck Great writing on Jana s behalf, but bad..bad. Beck To boot he has now broken a cardinal rule not to piss off a Hunter, me thinks there is going to be some troubles for Beck in Forgiven Did somebody deserve a slap from me just to clarify, not Jana oooOOOooo girlfriend you did not just go there shakes head The I was wanting Riley and Beck to throw themselves at each other, bang around off the walls like the frustrated characters they are, the I knew it wasn t the time Riley and Beck are just not ready for each other Beck is being the father big brother figure not admitting to what s buried under the surface and Riley can act like the wise ass little sister as they are both so stubborn If Beck s not growling at Riley, then she is being sarcastic and growling back at Beck, their communication skills kind of suck It s going to be an eruption worth waiting for when these two get a clue.The title for us Aussies and the Brits, Forbidden , means many things in this book Jana really throws in some curve balls My heart went out to Beck when he needs Riley s help That would have taken a lot for him to swallow and ask To me that said an awful lot about his trust he has in Riley.Bff Peter, plays a much meatier role in Forbidden , he is coming into his own, stepping it up I love that Riley has her little chicky friend down at the cafe as Riley has a lot of male influence in her life Mortimer is a great character He is what he is, but he has class about him He is a good guy, I think Riley needs somebody to trust help her when she is going all Nancy Drew Mortimer does stick his neck out.Ori, Ori, smexi Ori I can say no Riley finds herself a most unlikely ally, you are going to love him He is in Ninja stealth mode.From one odd relationship to another one..the grumpy bugger has decided to lighten up a little.In Forbidden , loyalties are tested, there is lust, action and you get sucker punched a couple times You realise how lonely Riley really is She just wants to find her father She doesn t complain about the cards she has been dealt She will do whatever it takes for the ones she loves Her own safety doesn t really enter into the equation She just wants to be accepted by the boys club that is the Trappers Guild.Jana is bringing in some paranormal influences It will be interesting to see where she goes with this.The way Jana ended Forbidden , I thought the wait for this book was hardooo nooooo. wait until the end of this book are you in for some surprises, the wait is going to drive me all outback feral You won t be able to help feeling frustrated that you don t have Forgiven to crack open immediately In a few years , how lucky will the new readers to the series be when they can just read them one after the other, no waiting.Lucky much.FAVE QUOTES Beck blinked a couple times before his eyes narrowed I m the guy ya have to deal with if ya think you re goin out with her You didn t tell tell me you had a brother, Ori said, looking over at Riley. Look, dumbass, Beck growled, I don t know what your game is, but you re not playin it with her He scowled Like you re a good judge of character Your first boyfriend was an abusive bastard and the last one was a self righteous prick So where do you fall on that scale Ori enquired.

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    Loved this book But honestly, waiting to March 2012 is going to be a killer Seriously considering dialing up the big Prince L and bartering my soul for an early copy of Forgiven to appear on my door stop That s how good this was, minus the parts where I wanted to drop kick Riley in the face, but then again, that what s I sort of love about her.

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    My oh my, my heart hurts for Denver Beck Good Lord and damned Lucifer for all that is HOLY Book 2 of The Demon Trapper s Daughter opens with heartache and pain as Riley Blackthorne struggles with the loss of so many fellow trappers at the Tabernacle The last trappers meeting at this abandoned church was fatally interrupted as Hell s demons attacked, penetrating through the protective ward Was it compromised holy water or did Riley s reanimated father betray his own kind Soul Thief takes you for a helluva ride in this sequel as Riley Blackthorne comes to terms with the loss of her sweet boyfriend, Simon, now turned paranoid cold as ice I don t trust anyone EX, embraces a dark Fallen angel i.e., Ori , and realizes Beck s feelings for her far exceed just the typical boy girl attraction of I m totally turned on by you.Riley is one word kickass She s a magnet for all of heaven s saints and hell s fiends Caught in between the battle between good versus evil and lost in the midst of an ancient war between archangels and Fallen, Riley is no ordinary 17 year old teenager She s made a deal with Martha, an angel from above, whose motive has yet to be revealed And even though I screamed a ginormous HELL TO THE NO , she made a deal with Lucifer himself, the Prince of Hell Oh no she d i d n t Simon he s gone haywire Something came undone in his head heart the minute he recovered from his injuries sustained during the Tabernacle attack He s suddenly no longer sweet and loving Somehow, he became this bipolar freak who thinks Riley should no longer be trusted and is to blame for the demons victory during the attack Crazy how he thinks she sold her soul to Hell when she made a pact with Heaven to save his sorry behind Ori okay, told you in my Forsaken review that there was to him than meets the eye and that I had an inkling I knew what he was Sure enough, I was right But, I was mistaken in not seeing his darkness as he is a Fallen Eeeeek Seriously, as sexy handsome as he was, I knew he couldn t be mortal The whole midnight black hair and bottomless dark eyes that should have given him away The ultimate bad boy and he surely is I m so pissed Riley gave her VG to Ori.arrgghh That had BECK written all over it YES, I m so upset But hahaah, I m happy Lucifer bounced in and turned Ori to statue He deserved so much worse than that Beck my hero, even though he hasn t saved Riley just yet yeah yeah, Ori saved her twice from that Grade Five demon but his intentions were impure Beck s loving heart is so pure it s full of light, and that s all that matters My heart keeps breaking every time Beck and Riley are in the same room because every cell in my body is screaming, THESE TWO SHOULD BE TOGETHER But they don t act upon the sparks flying between the two of them and yes, she s 17 and he s 22, but in my head, the loss of both her parents aged her to age 25 already He loves her so but can never have her that is the mantra he lives by, and it torments me so Forgiven TBR Winter 2012 better bring these two together, or ELSE The or else was meant for you, Jana.yes, the author Duh duh dum Obviously, I am crazy about this particular series it s urban fantasy like you ve never read before Such an EPIC success it s all because of Beck Totally five stars

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    3.5 5I was not very impressed with the first one In fact, I found that it had a lot of the same elements of other books of the same genre A love triangle, no square of a girl who is in a lot of trouble, with a bestfriend who s secretly in love with her then a dog cat relationship with another, only not really And of course the really good guy Old hat, I thought But this second book comes as a great surprise because as it addressed some of those concerns but also brought a whole lot to the story, and then had me reacting in a number of ways Peter, for instance, backtracks and no longer acts like bestfriend denied Yay But a one thing had me going, Then there s Simon who in turn had me had me all, But it s all REALLY good because this time around Beck wasn t sounding like the Backwoods Boy she d come to call him instead he is troubled and confused I think I like him in this installment than I did when he was first introduced His accent isn t that big of a deal because it s how he acted and behaved that had me gritting my teeth and wondering When are you going to get your act together Plus there s the wonderful fact that Riley wasn t the center of his world given that there s a lot going on, a lot to think over a hot reporter for one and demon hunters moving into the trapper s territory for another I liked seeing him be himself where Riley wasn t concerned The one thing that had me trying to remember him was Ori Who the heck was he again But once things were all out well, now. I WANT the next book

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    Loved it Whats not to love about these books One word Beck sigh I love Rileys character, shes feisty but sweet Forbidden does not disappoint, its got everything, romance, action and demons I want a magpie

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    Genauso so gut und spannend wie der erste Teil, freu mich schon auf die weiteren zwei B nde 4,5 Sterne

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    I m probably breaking Goodreads protocol here, but I m actually reviewing this book before I get around to reviewing its preceding book, The Demon Trapper s Daughter, because I think this book gives the reader a lot to chew on, and I wanted to get it down before real life gets in the way.I consider myself a feminist, though I know the label can be a loaded one And God help me if the Beck Riley angle didn t set off some feminist alarm bells for me in the first book By the end of this novel, though, their dynamic takes an interesting turn, and I m not sure what to make of it view spoiler For those of us who haven t finished the novel, say, a few hours ago, Denver Beck trained under Riley s father, Paul, and considers himself Riley s guardian now that Paul is dead He gives her money, protects her, and basically tries to fill the big brother role, with one problem he s attracted to Riley, but has some issues with that And to be honest, these two start out with some major differences in maturity and experience Riley is young, hasn t had many serious boyfriends, and doesn t really recognize Beck as an option anyway.In this book, though, we get to see Beck s glaring problem with women There are women he sleeps with implied to be whores, but not usually stated and there are women he cares for Riley, basically but absolutely DOES NOT HAVE SEX WITH because sex is dirty, dirty, dirty, and there is no in between In fact, he outright states this at one point, after learning that Riley has Dared To Have Sex I m not gettin lectured by some dumbass girl who puts out for demons, he shouted I always thought ya were different than the others I was such a damned fool.And with that statement, we pretty much have the commodification of women s sexuality in a nutshell Virgin Riley is good, but non Virgin Riley is bad, because she s supposed to be better than wanting to have sex, at least in Beck s eyes And naturally, Beck can and does have as many one night stands as he likes hide spoiler

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    As with the first book, I absolutely detest the synopsis Seriously, it doesn t do the book justice at all and just makes it sound cheap The only accurate thing in there is probably calling Beck a grouchy granddad.Bad synopsis and less than impressive cover aside, this is a solid continuation of the story Jana Oliver began telling in Forsaken, and makes for an enjoyable, quick read.Not quite as strong as the first novel, I still found myself intrigued by Oliver s world and her characters, even though I found the plot rather lacking this time around I believe this is just part of the infamous Second Book Slouch that pretty much no author seems immune to But let s take a closer look PLOT 1.5 5As much as I love Riley and her adventures, the series second instalment definitely lacks the first book s fast paced, high stakes plot It picks up right where the first book left off view spoiler after the battle at the Tabernacle hide spoiler

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    Looooooved this book This series is probably my favorite example of YA urban fantasy out there, and this follow up to The Demon Trapper s Daughter is as gripping and original as the first installment Beck continues to be one of my favorite YA guys ever, and I can t believe I have to wait until next spring to read the next one sigh

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    really enjoyed this book

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