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❮Reading❯ ➽ Spider’s Revenge Author Jennifer Estep – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Spider’s Revenge, meaning Spider’s Revenge, genre Spider’s Revenge, book cover Spider’s Revenge, flies Spider’s Revenge, Spider’s Revenge 4d763bbbeb77d Old Habits Die Hard And I Plan On Mur Der Ing Some One Before The Night Is ThroughKilling Used To Be My Reg U Lar Gig, After All Gin Blanco, Aka The Spi Der, Assassin For Hire And I Was Very Good At It Now, I M Ready To Make The One Hit That Truly Mat Ters Mab Mon Roe, The Dan Ger Ous Fire Ele Men Tal Who Mur Dered My Fam Ily When I Was Thir Teen Oh, I Don T Think The Mis Sion Will Be Easy, But Turns Out It S A Bit Prob Lem Atic Than Expected The Bitch Knows I M Com Ing For Her So Now I M Up Against The Army Of Lethal Bounty Hunters She Hired To Track Me Down She Also Put A Price On My Baby Sister S Head Keep Ing Bria Safe Is My First Pri Or Ity Tak Ing Mab Out Is A Close Sec Ond Good Thing I Ve Got My Pow Er Ful Stone And Ice Magic And My Irre Sistible Lover Owen Grayson To Watch My Back This Bat Tle Has Been Years In The Mak Ing, And There S A Chance I Won T Sur Vive But If I M Going Down, Then Mab S Com Ing With Meno Mat Ter What I Have To Do To Make That Happen

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    1.5 starsThey say repetition is the key to learning if that is the case I am now an expert in all things Gin Blanco I m so frustrated by this book The repetition has spiraled out of control Since Estep loves to repeat herself, let me say it again, the repetition has gotten OUT of CONTROL.I know Gin is an assassin, I also know that she carries five Silverstone knives I know where Gin carries these knives I know Mab killed Gin s older sister and Gin s mother I know Mab burnt the spider rune into Gin s hands and I know Finn loves his chicory coffee just like Finn s dad Fletcher I cannot tell you how much I know about Gin, about Bria, about the dwarfs, the giants, about Mab, about Owen, about the damn restaurant, about everyone else because frankly, I do not want to relive the story over again Trust me, I know already and I don t want to subject one reader to one regurgitation of the facts.The farther we get into the series, the worse the repetition gets Not only does Estep repeat information from the previous books but also she repeats information from earlier in the book I swear, towards the end of this book, I was actually on edge because I was afraid that if I heard one line just one time, I was going to throw my Mp3 player across the room.The actual length of the actual story is like a short story If you take out all the repetition, you barely have a book Regardless of my love the actual story, if you are only giving me 50% of a book, I m not going to enjoy the 50% that is basically repetition My name is Michelle I am a frustrated reader And I m only telling you once.

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    My name is Erika I m glad this story ARC is OVER I wrote a in depth review Ok so I may have ranted a little at Badass 3.5 stars or grade B Want to know what I love about the Elemental Assassin series 1 Kick ass heroine named Gin like the liquor, who will Un apologetically kill you and smile about it2 Awesome secondary characters who are all necessary to the plot and health of the story3 Cool Fight sequences4 I like the Elemental Magic aspectWant to know what drove me absolutely crazy 1 Constant RepetitionI love Ms Esteps straight forward writing style It s descriptive without being flowery It gives you enough information to keep you turning the pages and move the story along But geezus please, please, please, please stop with the repetition If I had to read about how Gin was an assassin, former assassin, retired assassin or how she hadn t killed anyone for money in a while, was working pro bono or how Mab had killed her family, how everything was always her fault I think I was going to throw up Seriously, for crying out loud write some new material Stop just recycling the same shit every book As to the final showdown, it was pretty cool And gross I m glad that it s over and done with though I just hope that the next book doesn t constantly tell me about how Mab went down in flames.

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    Weekly UF buddy read with Buddies Books and Baubles4.5 We are Finally Here StarsFinally Finally Finally This is the book were shit goes down and stuff really starts to happen.This is the book that was intense most of the way through and I couldn t put it down.This is the book that didn t only use threat of rape for a plot pointThis is the book that I thought our heroine might not get out of alive yeah I know there are a ton books so it was unlikely but you know what I mean This is the book that we get the backstory of SophiaAnd THIS is the book with the I love you moment I ve been waiting for.FINALLY It took 5 books to get to one that I really enjoyed from start to finish and didn t want to strangle Gin at some point But finally we are here Now if the momentum can just keep going on.

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    Man, I d hate to get on the Spider s bad side Mab s obsession with that prophecy kind of made it self fulfilling, and I m completely okay with that Looking forward to seeing where the story goes now It s like Supernatural the main storyline was over five seasons in, but it s still going strong Can t wait to see Gin helping people for a living I love the great characters

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    01 06 2016 BR with my fellow UF fans over at BBB.

    Possible spoilers ahead.

    I was Gin Blanco, Genevieve Snow, and the Spider Easy wasn t in my vocabulary It never had been.

    Finally the battle between Gin and Mab has arrived And it was E P I C

    Mab Monroe had decided to up her game against the Spider She has hired bounty hunters to track Gin down, and she has put a price on Detective Bria Coolidge s head Now Gin not only has to keep out of the hands of the lethal bounty hunters, but she needs to keep her baby sister safe, and finally kill Mab Even if that means dying herself.

    Luckily Gin is not alone, and all her friends showed their support and loyalty, reminding her that they were there for her and that the battle with Mab included all of them by her side I just love all of Gin s friends, and I m so very happy that all of them appeared in this book

    Spider s Revenge was action packed from start to finish, and I freaking loved it Gin was just as awesome and kickass as always, and her battle with Mab was scary and amazeballs There were some very nail biting moments, and near the end I was so worried that Gin might just not make it out alive

    I m a growing boy, Finn said in a sincere tone I need my vitamins Bria snorted The only thing that s growing on you, Lane, is your ego Finn sidled up to my sister and gave her a dazzling smile Well, other things of mine also tend to swell up in your presence, detective

    Bria and Fin finally having their moment, alas it was off screen, but I m so glad The banter between these two are hilarious and I just love them

    Sophia has been a big mystery to me, and I m so glad that finally we find out a little about what happened to her And my heart just broke for her It s horrific what was done to her, and what she had to survive I really hope that Gin will get revenge for Sophia soon

    I know, Gin, Owen rumbled in a soft voice I know And I love you too And now that I ve got my arms around you, I m never going to let you go Good, I said Because I don t ever want you to

    On the romance front Gin is struggling with voicing to Owen how she really feels about him Owen has definitely become a favorite of mine, and I just adored how he was always there for her, and how much faith he has in her These two are so wonderful together, and I am loving their romance

    This is definitely my favorite of the series so far I just love all the characters and my bloodthirsty heart just loved all the violent scenes D A definite must read for all UF fans

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    Every time I start a new Elemental Assassin book, it s like visiting an old friend Not that I m tight with any killers But these books are so familiar, inviting, exciting and fun What s They are consistent The series has a tone, a voice, that never wavers And from the first page of each installment, I am back in Gin s world, like I never left.Fans of the series have been waiting for this book from the beginning We ve known for a long time that Mab Monroe is the woman who killed Gin s family the woman who set in motion the life changing events that turned her into an assassin Now Gin is finally poised to have her revenge and kill her nemesis One of the things that surprised me, though, is that Gin s efforts begin on page 1 From the start, our Spider has her crossbow in hand, ready to fire But, as Gin likes to remind us, luck is rarely on her side The hit doesn t go according to plan and her attempts only ratchet things up another notch.Ashland is crawling with bounty hunters, targeting not only Gin, but her baby sister Bria too And with that risk, there can be no waiting Gin has to step up her game and finally strike down Mab before she loses the last living member of her family There were so many things I loved about this book The action is awesome The characters are wonderfully fleshed out Their voices are so clear, I feel like I know them We re treated to great nuggets of backstory Including the recounting of what happened to Sophia all those years ago We ve got progression in Gin s relationship with the amazing Owen And of course, the big showdown which doesn t disappoint.There are only two things that keep me from shouting from the rooftops One, Estep does tend to repeat details Like the fact Mab is the most powerful elemental born in 500 years I think we got that nugget 3 or 4 times Granted, I read an advanced copy and perhaps all those references won t exist in the final copy But it bears a mention The second issue what I ll refer to as Bria and Finn s big mistake I won t spoil the details, but the pair makes a major error in judgement that just didn t work for me Their lapse felt out of character for both of them, given the circumstances they were in It felt like a plot device than a natural progression, and it bothered me.But and this is a big BUT neither issue would keep me from recommending this book Gin is such a great character She is smart, brave, loyal and strong Estep never shies away from the fact that she is a killer but there is never any doubt that she is also a heroine Even though I know there are installments in the works, this book could have easily served as an end for the series I felt so good when I finished triumphant And I loved reading that last line My name is Gin And I kill people You re damn right 4 1 2 stars ARC Provided by author for review

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    I already knew I liked this series but I think after this fifth installment, it is safe to say that I completely love it now.Without giving too many spoilers away for the book nor the series I would like to say that the closeness this tight group of friends has, truly is what makes this series so great These bunch of friends turned family are just so memorable and lovable that it is hard not to get wrapped up in them at all times They are the type of people that everyone wants by their side and I truly couldn t love them than if they were very much real and very much my own.And trust me, things were amped up in this installment The friends, the battles, the feelings, the danger, all of it It was hard not to forget about everything else I had to do that day and not want to spend every single minute reading instead I loved every minute of this and can truly say without a doubt, this is quickly becoming a favorite of mine I just love all the characters and Estep s writing so much and can t wait for .

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    4.5 stars From the first page this was non stop action Gin finally sorts out her feelings for Owen and she has her showdown with Mab A lot of things were wrapped up in the heart stopping conclusion and I was glued to my ebook for the entire journey I love Gin she is so tough on the outside yet so vulnerable on the inside She has finally found her family and will defend them to the death Their love and support for each is other is strong and unbreakable, and it gives Gin the strength to do the seemingly impossible go after Mab Each book gets better as I get to know the characters and this was the best so far.

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    Spider s Revenge is book five in the Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep Possible Spoilers WOW, we are finally at the big showdown between Mab Monroe and Gin Blanco This battle has been a long time coming The wait has well been worth it Estep doesn t waste anytime jumping into the think of things and keeping readers in suspense until the final page I ve been devouring the books in this series Estep world building is superb and her kick ass herion is out of this world bad ass I love all the secondary characters as well Their is just so much to love and capture you in the Elemental Assassin series I also love the first person POV writing style and the non stop action.In Spider s Revenge we get to see a new side to our fearless assassin which is to be expected when everything she holds dear is on the line We see that Gin s infamous patience slip s a few times and with that mistakes happen I can understand it because so much time has gone by and built to this moment, it s hard to hold back when all you want is Mab dead I have to say that I love the relationship with Owen He, to me, fits Gin He accepts who she is, maybe cause he has had to do some not so great things, but also he supports her and if he can will come for her Seeing Gin deal with all her different kinds of emotions towards Owen, family, and friends was a fabulous addition I will say I did have a few teary eyed moments one was when all her friends and the people she has helped rally behind her and refuse to let her take on May alone Watching her realize that she is not alone had me going awww Another moment, which I loved, was her near death experience with her mentor, Fletcher Lane He s dead, but he has does play a pivotal roll in Gin s life It was exhilarating to see her finally get to ask all those burning questions she has Last, we finally get to find out what happened to Sophia and her mangled voice Spider s Revenge ends one storyline, but we know it s not over for Gin and her gang Their is still to come I can t wait to read on.Rated 5 Stars

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    Spider s Revenge is the fifth book in Jennifer Estep s Elemental Assassin series The main protagonist is Gin Blanco, a semi retired assassin with the ability to use the elements as weapons, known as the elusive Spider Gin owns a BBQ joint and moonlights as an assassin whose objective is to take down the nasty Mab Monroe, the mob boss of the Ashland underworld and the one who made Gin an orphan at thirteen by killing her parents and youngest sister The fifth book is what I call the Return of the Jedi book It brings everything to an explosive conclusion because this is where Gin and Mab finally come face to face with one another.Gin comes across as a solitary character, but through the course of the past four books, that has changed Gin has an extended family and friends Gin is now in a relationship with Owen, a rich business man with a shady past who understand her and accepts her for all that she is Gin has come to the conclusion how important Owen is to her Finn, who s Gin s brother in her heart but not of her blood, is her ultimate backup and has a James Bond type of appeal to him Plus an addiction to hickory coffee Flynn is a character full of possibilities, especially when he sets his sights on Bria Snow, a detective and Gin s missing sister There s just enough sparks between these two and a nice conclusion to their attraction, where you can t help but want to see of I m hoping Bria and Finn will have their own book, or at least a short story.The title says it all with this latest by Jennifer Estep A major story arc has finished here but some things remain open The fighting scenes are some of the best Jennifer has written and there are a few surprises ad twists I feel this is the best book in this series and I can t wait to see what s left for Gin and her crew, especially in regards to Gin s unfinished business with her former lover, Donovan Caine, who may or may not appear in the next book.If you haven t read Jennifer Estep s Elemental Assassin series, what are you waiting for Spider s Revenge has the best of everything from a heroine with major balls and a romance I ve become addicted to Team Owen and Gin for the win

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