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Stories I Only Tell My Friends txt Stories I Only Tell My Friends, text ebook Stories I Only Tell My Friends, adobe reader Stories I Only Tell My Friends, chapter 2 Stories I Only Tell My Friends, Stories I Only Tell My Friends ce8899 A Wryly Funny And Surprisingly Moving Account Of An Extraordinary Life Lived Almost Entirely In The Public EyeA Teen Idol At Fifteen, An International Icon And Founder Of The Brat Pack At Twenty, And One Of Hollywood S Top Stars To This Day, Rob Lowe Chronicles His Experiences As A Painfully Misunderstood Child Actor In Ohio Uprooted To The Wild Counterculture Of Mid Seventies Malibu, Where He Embarked On His Unrelenting Pursuit Of A Career In Hollywood The Outsiders Placed Lowe At The Birth Of The Modern Youth Movement In The Entertainment Industry During His Time On The West Wing, He Witnessed The Surreal Nexus Of Show Business And Politics Both On The Set And In The Actual White House And In Between Are Deft And Humorous Stories Of The Wild Excesses That Marked The Eighties, Leading To His Quest For Family And SobrietyNever Mean Spirited Or Salacious, Lowe Delivers Unexpected Glimpses Into His Successes, Disappointments, Relationships, And One Of A Kind Encounters With People Who Shaped Our World Over The Last Twenty Five Years These Stories Are As Entertaining As They Are Unforgettable

About the Author: Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe is an American actor Lowe came to prominence after appearing in films such as The Outsiders, Oxford Blues, About Last Night, and St Elmo s Fire On Television, Lowe is known for his role as Sam Seaborn on The West Wing and his role as Senator Robert McCallister on Brothers Sisters He currently appears as a main cast member of Parks and Recreation in the role of Chris Traeger.

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    Okay, I have to say that I met Rob in Arizona in the early 90 sand I was very surprised then at how charming, self deprecating and intelligent he wasand, yes, beautifulThis memoir reveals all of that, although thanks to SNL and West Wing, his wit and intelligence have already been revealed The best review that I read of this book said that it was a love letter to his wifeand it is He has matured and I very much enjoyed his look back at the journey thus far.I also listened to the audio, which is basically Rob telling you the stories himselfand the man is a brilliant mimic you have to hear him do all the famous voices.

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    If there s one thing I dislike about celebrity autobiographies, it s the amount of affectation and pretension that exist within the pages While Rob Lowe s memoir certainly contains a lot of name dropping, I couldn t really hold that against him after all, if you re telling the story of how you worked your way up in Hollywood, it d be hard not to mention the names of other famous people you met along the way.I haven t seen much of Lowe s work I ve probably seen two or three of his movies, and none of his TV shows I never crushed on him as so many other women have and obviously still do So I came to the book with very little knowledge of him or his life It was interesting to learn about his childhood However, I find it hard to believe that a young boy as good looking as Rob had trouble getting girls to pay attention to him Maybe it s because he was so serious about acting from an early age, everyone thought he was gay he does mention that his classmates called him faggy for wanting to act.Lowe manages to tell the story of his climb to superstardom without mudslinging his fellow actors in the industry I found that refreshing, because so many other celebrity authors tend to bad mouth people they ve worked with or met in the past, all for the sake of selling a book.Rob Lowe seems like a decent, stand up guy who owns up to the mistakes of his youth I think it s true that beautiful people are often judged harshly because people think they get everything handed to them on a silver platter But Rob has proven that he s earned his position in Hollywood through a lot of hard work, rejections and tough lessons learned on the price of achieving success at so young an age So while I might ve previously dismissed Mr Lowe as just another pretty boy, I m now curious to watch his films and see his talent for myself.

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    Just brought this one home yesterday Yes, I have 4 papers due Monday Yes, I have a full time job and two children with many end of year activities But I also have a weakness for celebrity biographies the trashier the better and come on It s ROB LOWE I m thinking he s got some stories to tell Plus, the back cover photo iswellinspiring Pure eye candy and the reading is pure mind candy Awesome.Well, I m finished Rob, what can I say You dishedsort of Although the celebrity stories were fun, the Aw shucks I m just a geeky guy thing didn t quite work for me Dude, you are one of the hottest men ever in life It s just a fact And to pretend that your beauty hasn t affected your experience in life is just silly Sure, I accept that beautiful people can feel insecure and have problems But I don t buy for one second that it was just happenstance that you ended up where you did People are drawn to you because you are drop dead gorgeous You can t tell me in one sentence that you were such a geek that Malibu high school kids wouldn t let you surf what They had access to the whole ocean and the ability to keep you from it and then share the story about how you lost your virginity when you were seduced at 14 on that same Malibu beach Those two things do not compute, Rob.Typical of most celebrity bios, Rob glossed over some of the unsavory aspects of his past He barely discusses Melissa Gilbert, although he does acknowledge that he didn t treat her well Still, according to her book, he knocked her up and left her, which is bit crappier than he admits to And he also barely mentions his sex on tape scandal from 1988 I didn t know anything about it, so I looked it up on Wikipedia I wouldn t judge him too harshly for most sexy hijinks sure, banging two women, one of them a 16 year old, on videotape is undoubtedly unsavory, but I think it was consensual A 16 year old is young enough that she hasn t outgrown stupid, but old enough to say yes and mean it But the part that is repugnant is that Rob was having sex with a woman or women with one of his friends taking a turn as well Not as a threesome but as a bonding experience That goes past unsavory to flat out wrong.The sex scandal prompted Rob to go to rehab for alcohol abuse He claimed to love rehab, which struck me as especially self involved Isn t it supposed to be painful to work out your addiction by figuring out what makes you tick Not for Rob, who enjoys getting to know himself this way He s just such a fascinating guy after all In a self deprecating kind of way.I m sounding harsher than I mean to about this book Rob doesn t seem to be a bad guy And his stories and observations about the people he came into contact with were interesting He opens the book by gushing about Robert Kennedy Jr in such a way that I thought this was an introduction to the book by someone else, written about Rob I think he was trying to show that he was subject to hero worship and being upstaged by a better looking man just like an average Joe What it demonstrated to me, though, that he had to compare himself to someone who was not only good looking but was American s form of royalty to top himself.I guess I just can t quite forgive him for not being Sam Seaborn.

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    This was a surprisingly enjoyable read I generally avoid celebrity memoirs, but I saw a nice excerpt from Rob Lowe s latest one, Love Life, about how emotional he was when his son went away to college, and decided to give his first autobiography a chance.I am a child of the 80s, so I grew up with Lowe s movies and those of the so called Brat Pack The Outsiders was popular when I was a kid, Stay gold, Ponyboy and I also loved St Elmo s Fire and About Last Night Lowe s book had good behind the scenes stories about those movies and others, and he was frank about his womanizing and drinking problem back then One sobering story occurred when Rob was about 14 and he met John Belushi at a party When Belushi heard that Rob wanted to be an actor, Belushi said, Stay out of the clubs Rob wrote, I should have listened Instead, I got my first agent Lowe also describes how he got his start in acting, and his early friendships with Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Tom Cruise, C Thomas Howell, and every other 80s movie star you can think of One of my favorite chapters was about making The Outsiders, and how close the cast became during a long shoot in Tulsa, Oklahoma Unfortunately, a lot of Rob s scenes were cut from the 1983 movie, but 20 years later, Francis Ford Coppola made a director s cut that restored a lot of that footage, and was faithful to the S E Hinton novel.Rob admits he had a reputation for partying in the 80s, but his redemptive moment came after he met Sheryl, the woman who has been his wife since 1991 He went to rehab and maintained his sobriety, and he has continued to do good work in movies and TV I thought he was great on The West Wing and Parks Recreation Overall, this was a nice, diverting read an excellent start to summer.My rating 3.5 stars rounded up to 4

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    Rob LoweRob Lowe, born in 1964, writes about his personal life and career in this memoir It s not only an engaging story, it s a good primer for aspiring young actors The takeaway be bold, work hard, and avoid scandals.Lowe has been a devoted husband and father for nearly three decades, but Rob s bad boy antics as a young man almost derailed his career At the age of 24 Rob made a sex tape with a 16 year old girl The videotape went public when Rob s movie Bad Influence was opening and Lowe writes, The unrelenting media scrutiny and fallout from the videotape debacle overshadowed Bad Influence completely Isolation and excessive drinking followed, and though Rob had worked extensively in Hollywood and had campaigned for many Democratic candidates no industry or political friends reached out.except for his chum Jodie Foster Luckily, appearances on Saturday Night Live revived Lowe s career, and a stint in rehab and support from his future wife Cheryl Berkoff put him on the right track.Rob Lowe with his friend Jodie FosterRob Lowe with his wife Cheryl Berkoff and their sons Matthew and John OwenLowe grew up in North Dayton, Ohio and became interested in acting as a child Young Rob tried out for everything, and took any parts he could get in community theater and college plays Lowe looked at each performance as a step on a ladder that would lead him to his future By then Rob had been traumatized by his parents divorce, and was doing everything he could to block out the pain Young Rob LoweBefore Lowe started high school his mother moved the family Rob and his brothers Chad and Micah to Malibu, California Rob Lowe with his mother Barbara and brothers Chad right and MicahRob soon started hanging out with his neighbors Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Sean Penn, and Chris Penn Even as young teens, the boys made their own movies, which was good experience for the future To advance his career Rob got an agent, and notes, I made sure I knew my lines, gave my character a point of view, and kept it honest I still do that to this day At 15, Lowe was cast in the television show A New Kind of Family , and Rob s striking good looks made him an instant teen heartthrob The cast of A New Kind of Family Young girls flocked to the show and Rob s first fan letter was from a convict who wanted a photo of Rob in his skivvies Thinking back to those days Rob recalls, I don t know it yet but I will come to learn that being charged on the African Savannah by a rhino is only fractionally dangerous than being bull rushed by a gang of 14 year old girls whipped into a lather by hormones, group think, and an overdose of Tiger Beat magazine Lowe had some fun show biz experiences during the run of the show, and even met Cary Grant He tells a story about going to visit his friend Jennifer, and being surprised when her father Cary Grant answered the door Grant gave Rob a glass of milk and some shepherd s pie his wife made, then sat down with the teens to watch Rob s television show Later Grant complimented Lowe, saying he was reminiscent of a young Warren Beatty Cary Grant with his wife Barbara and daughter Jennifer A New Kind of Family didn t last long, and Rob auditioned for lots of parts he didn t get He observes, There is very little rhyme or reason as to who gets what in Hollywood There are plenty of dedicated talented actors destined for jobs they hate, chasing in vain a dream that will never come About himself, Rob says, I d had just enough success to keep me chasing the dream but not enough to insure a career Living in Malibu helped Rob s career, but it wasn t all fun and games Rob had to work mundane part time jobs between gigs, and wasn t in the cool clique at school In addition, Malibu had malignant undercurrents Lowe mentions dangerous roads where truck drivers were killed, two kayakers being eaten by a great white shark, and a surfer who disappeared after a beach party Rob also recalls his classmate Shane, who snorted rat poison thinking it was cocaine his acquaintance Sam, who crashed his bike and impaled his head on a tree a boy who went scuba diving, caught his hand in a lobster trap, and ran out of air and a teenager who died from a self inflicted shotgun blast To add to the drama, AIDS first became a scourge in the 1980s When Rob was 17, Francis Ford Coppola decided to make The Outsiders , from the book by S.E Hinton about the clash between the disadvantaged Greasers and the entitled Socs pronounced soshes Lowe got the part of Greaser Sodapop Curtis , the brother of the main character Teenage Rob LoweA large section of Lowe s memoir is about The Outsiders , including the try outs, the filming, and the screening Lowe notes that every young actor in Hollywood auditioned for the movie, and some came dressed head to toe in full Greaser regalia.Rob had a great time hanging out with The Outsiders cast, which included C Thomas Howell, Matt Dillon, Ralph Macchio, Patrick Swayze, Emilio Estevez, and Tom Cruise In the evenings the boys would drink, party, and pick up girls though Rob s girlfriend Melissa Gilbert waited for him back home The cast of the outsiders Patrick Swayze, Emilio Estevez, Matt Dillon, Ralph Macchio, C Thomas Howell, Rob Lowe, and Tom CruiseRob Lowe with Melissa GilbertIn fact Lowe was a chick magnet throughout his teens and early twenties, and had innumerable one night stands as well as romances with actress Nastassja Kinski, Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Fawn Hall of Iran Contra fame , and others Rob Lowe with Nastassja KinskiRob Lowe with Princess StephanieRob Lowe with Fawn HallFollowing The Outsiders , Lowe was on a roll, and made one movie after another He notes, With the reaction to The Outsiders , the release of Class , and the pedigree of a project like the The Hotel New Hampshire I find myself in the heady, pressure filled bullseye of the star making machine I m either offered parts or in conversations on most movies, but on the other hand I m not even considered for certain others because I ve already been discovered and a director doesn t want to use another director s big find Lowe felt he had to keep pushing because a career can lose momentum in a minute Lowe s next smash hit was St Elmo s Fire , which starred a brigade of young talent Lowe explains how the movie led a magazine to coin the term The Brat Pack St Elmo s Fire was about to open when a journalist came to interview cast member Emilio Estevez, who was an up and coming auteur Estevez invited the St Elmo s cast and the journalist to the Hard Rock Caf for an evening of food, fun, and frivolity Lowe recalls, It was a wild time The place was pretty chaotic, with sexual possibilities everywhere, and lots of food and kamikazes The journalist scrapped the article about Estevez and wrote a scathing piece for New York Magazine, focusing on the dinner he d attended The writer described the obnoxious exploits of a pack of interchangeable pampered spoiled vacuous attention seeking actors who were long on ambition and fame, but short on talent or humanity He called the actors The Brat Pack , and the term became an instant classic The core members of The Brat Pack came to be Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, Mare Winningham, and Ally Sheedy The Brat Pack Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, Emilio Estevez, Mare Winningham, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, and Anthony Michael HallBrat Packer Molly RingwaldMost performers have ups and downs in their careers, and in the late 1980s Lowe experienced months with no decent movie offers He observes, When this happens you need to find a way to stay in the conversation and reinvent yourself Thus Rob agree to participate in a musical number that opened the 1988 Academy Awards in which he d sing and dance with Snow White For various reasons, the routine was a train wreck..and was soon followed by the sex tape debacle Rob Lowe with Snow White at the 1988 Academy AwardsLowe was a full blown alcoholic by then, and his career might have ended badly However rehab and marriage to makeup artist Cheryl Berkoff helped Rob reinvent himself Lowe went on to appear in many television shows and movies, and finally landed the role of Deputy White House Communications Director Sam Seaborn on the political drama The West Wing Lowe elaborates on that experience and relates many stories about the smash hit, which he left after four years because of a salary dispute and creative differences Lowe went on to do other work, including steady roles in Californication , Parks and Recreation , and other programs..but that s outside the scope of this book Rob Lowe as Sam Seaborn on The West Wing with Martin Sheen left and Richard SchiffRob Lowe in Californication Rob Lowe in Parks and Recreation In the memoir Lowe writes about his family troubles explaining that his mother was chronically ill with what she thought were allergies and his father was geographically distant and relatively uninvolved Rob Lowe and Chad Lowe with their mother BarbaraRob Lowe with his father Chuck LoweRob also mentions his political activism and the many famous people he s met, who hail from all ranks of government and show business Lowe makes it clear that the best things in his life are his wife and two sons, who bring him great happiness and joy.On the downside, Lowe glosses over the sex tape peccadillo and doesn t even mention the nannygate accusations that made the news Everyone has a right to privacy, though, so nuff said.Lowe is a good writer and I enjoyed the book Recommended to fans of celebrity memoirs.You can follow my reviews at

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    Before I read this book, this was my entire conception of Rob Lowe so I was definitely surprised to run across an excerpt of this book in Vanity Fair and realize that Rob Lowe used to be a bona fide star in the 80s WHAT.This book is downright hilarious for any number of reasons, but it is also surprisingly fun to read The section on the making of Francis Ford Coppola s The Outsiders takes up about 1 4 of the book, and it s absolutely fascinating If you aren t interested in reading this whole book, I d really suggest reading the excerpt published in Vanity Fair Child actors, the Brat Pack, teenage Tom Cruise turning down roles because the part doesn t work for him it s awesome.As for the rest of the book, Rob Lowe is a decent writer, and he has some great stories to tell He tries to paint himself as a winning, sincere kid from Ohio who never really gets into the politics of show business, a characterization that falls somewhat flat given that he spent his teenage years next door to the Sheens and the Penns in Malibu It seems like he wants to resist name dropping, but he li ter ally cannot help himself When he gives in, he knows how to name drop in one way My agent sets up a meeting with a girl who s tearing up Broadway We talk Sarah seems nice I know she ll have great success I say goodbye to Sarah Jessica Parker BOOM Rob Lowed As the book progresses, you get the sense that he blames studio politics never himself for the gradual decline of his acting profile He also brings up this sentiment a few times too many When you hear a star is difficult or a diva or demanding, there are a few possible scenarios The most likely, however, is that he or she has been surrounded by people who don t give a shit about the project at hand, and whose sole creative agenda is to cover their asses and save a nickel whenever possible The star is the only one with the power to stand in the way of mediocrity and expedience, and often when they do, they are scapegoated.So even though he skips over some of the interesting chapters in his life like the fact that he was one of the first stars to have a leaked sex tape I felt like I got a pretty good sense of Rob Lowe from this book He s earnest, mildly grating, and well connected The pacing of this book might be totally out of whack West Wing fans will be disappointed , but you can t argue with midnight Paris hangouts that include Bill Murray I also laughed out loud every time Tom Cruise reappeared For example I do manage to spend time with Cruise, who is shooting Risky Business in town, but since both of us are so busy, it isn t the same Also, Tom has a new perspective on his acting style, telling me, I want to spend time hanging with you but Joel his character doesn t Finally, here s a gif of Rob Lowe from his sex symbol days WHAT S UP SODAPOP

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    Color me surprised This autobiography kept my attention and brought me to the edge of tears on at least three occasions There was an air of nostalgia to it with talk of growing up in the seventies and so many eighties movies I had long since forgotten about, but it was also genuinely interesting and surprisingly well written Rob Lowe, an actor worth 30 million, comes across as humble, hardworking, grateful, and relatableno small feat He eluded to his big videotape scandal a few times without ever really directly speaking about it, which I thought odd because he could ve handled it in a sentence or two with the same wisdom and class used throughout Maybe I just missed that part This makes me want to read The Outsiders and find the original movie, the one with all Rob s later cut scenes 3.5 stars

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    I really gained a lot of respect for Rob Lowe through reading this book He s genuine, honest, he talks openly about his talents, his escapades, his addictions, and his insecurities I listened to the audio version, read in his own voice and I feel like that made it personal I listened to it at the same time as I was reading Patrick Swayze s The Time of My Life and while I enjoyed that one also, it wasn t nearly the read that this one is I did however, enjoy the parallels between their two careers, as well as the level of respect with which they both speak of each other.Rob Lowe is clearly an intelligent guy A GORGEOUS guy, who s image and appearance took any spotlight away from his intelligence at least from the public s perspective for many years He s articulate, well thought, and dynamic I was never a swooning fan over him in his heyday but I am now I highly recommend this memoir I didn t want it to end, and would read anything else he writes.

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    Um yeah So I read the Rob Lowe autobiography.Why Perfectly fair question The answer lies in the fact that Vanity Fair ran a long excerpt from it a month or two ago, featuring the segment where Lowe talks about his experiences auditioning for and then appearing in Francis Ford Coppola s The Outsiders And when I read it, I was surprised to find it was good Really, really good Well executed, thoughtful, and offering tremendous insight not only into what was going through Lowe s head at the time but also into what happens behind the scenes when one of cinema s greatest directors brought together a slew of the finest young actors of the 80s It was totally engaging and fascinating enough so that I ordered the book in spite of the fact that I ve never been a big Lowe fan.Unsurprising discovery the excerpt was the best part While the rest of the book is also very smoothly and competently written, it also doesn t come close to matching the insight of The Outsiders section anywhere else over the course of his career he ends up glossing over much of his film career, barely touches on his sex scandal, and even the chapter on his very publicly troubled history with The West Wing goes to great lengths to be bland and positive presumably so as not to ruin his chances of ever working with Aaron Sorkin or the rest of the cast again Which leaves us with a celebrity autobiography that had a legitimate chance to be great but instead settled for vanilla Well rendered and flavorful vanilla, but vanilla nonetheless.

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    I often forget how old Rob Lowe is, and subsequently how popular he was in the 80 s I listened to this on audio, which I highly recommend, and found it really enjoyable Apparently Tom Cruise has always been a bit of a weirdo, no surprise there.

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