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❴KINDLE❵ ✾ A Little Life Author  Hanya Yanagihara – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 A Little Life, meaning A Little Life, genre A Little Life, book cover A Little Life, flies A Little Life, A Little Life 24bfa5fa303b2 ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR The New York Times The Washington Post The Wall Street Journal NPR Vanity Fair VogueMinneapolis Star Tribune St Louis Post Dispatch The Guardian O, The Oprah MagazineSlate NewsdayBuzzfeed The EconomistNewsweekPeopleKansas City Star Shelf Awareness Time Out New York Huffington Post Book Riot Refinery BookpagePublishers Weekly KirkusWINNER OF THE KIRKUS PRIZEA MAN BOOKER PRIZE FINALISTA NATIONAL BOOK AWARD FINALIST A Little Life Follows Four College Classmatesbroke, Adrift, And Buoyed Only By Their Friendship And Ambitionas They Move To New York In Search Of Fame And Fortune While Their Relationships, Which Are Tinged By Addiction, Success, And Pride, Deepen Over The Decades, The Men Are Held Together By Their Devotion To The Brilliant, Enigmatic Jude, A Man Scarred By An Unspeakable Childhood Trauma A Hymn To Brotherly Bonds And A Masterful Depiction Of Love In The Twenty First Century, Hanya Yanagiharas Stunning Novel Is About The Families We Are Born Into, And Those That We Make For Ourselves

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    This book begins with a description of the lives of four twenty something men who are all extremely intelligent and talented They became very close in graduate school and their lives are showcased intermittently throughout the the book But this novel is about its protagonist , Jude For a long time we read about his adult successes and there are hints about his pernicious childhood This information comes out in detail towards the middle of the novel, but it is always presented in such a way that the reader is not too overwhelmed the historic portions are presented in a fragmented pattern, and the reader is quickly brought back to Jude s adult life The book is a deep psychological character study of its protagonist Whether in reality it would be possible for a person to endure so much cruelty in his youth, and then be the recipient of so much kindness in his adult life is questionable I am sure the author had a reason for presenting the narrative in this way, but I am not sure why In the book Jude is often encouraged to share his story The people asking are asking in an innocent way, but I feel that people should be entitled to their privacy, especially if they let this be known so frequently I wonder if the author felt that sharing stressful events with friends and professionals leads to healing This book would lead one to think that it does not, and I think I agree Again I wonder what the author s point of view on this is.The book is extremely well written The words are almost poetic The characterizations vary, with most being very well done This is a heavy book there are no witticisms I was able to connect with the social and psychological commentaries The last 100 pages there are over 700 were slow going for me and could have been done with fewer paragraphs Nonetheless an excellent book

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    A Little Life by Tanya Yanagihara is probably the saddest book I have ever read.But it is beautiful its core characters exquisitely rendered.You meet them when they are young incomplete and still unfolding You fall in love with them soon after Over the course of 800 pages, you grow up with them You laugh with them you cry with and for them You feel you know them have always known them.And then you lose them And it is heartbreaking Breathtaking, but not in the sense of being awestruck In the sense of having had the wind knocked out of you Having taken a punch to the gut.And Jude Jude most of all.The struggles of a soul, of a life spent teetering on a high wire strung between the angels and the beasts Between divinity and humanity Between life and death.For Jude, the question is always one of redemption Can the loves and the friends and the parents of his adult life ever save him from the absences and the abusers of his childhood Can he ever be clean come clean Can he be repaired Can he be fixed Can he be truly loved in all his brokenness And is that enough

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    Wow, that was an incredibly sad, beautiful, raw read I couldn t put the book down Some parts I had to skip it was so harrowing Explores what sexual and emotional abuse leaves behind in a person and the people around them in such an in depth and gut wrenching way.

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    This novel so well written It is full of marvelous descriptions of various professions such the the legal one.The pages are full of a journey of various friendships, the cost of them, the pain and yes the rewards.The description of the abuse events were hard to read, but so realistic, and it is necessary sometimes to be aware of just how horrific this can be.

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    An amazing beautiful heartbreaking tale Filled with love truth pain and sorrow, mixed with hope and simple human imperfection I dove into this book quickly looking forward to the next chapter as well as dreading it I enjoyed the truth it told I would recommend this book to anyone who needs compassion or has compassion I choose five stars because there weren t six.

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    Wow What a great story Very good character development You find yourself really caring for the characters and the storyline itself is very disturbing but unfortunately sexual abuse happens often and is so damaging to the recipient I did find some parts ofe story repetitious but all in all it is a really well written story.

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    I really enjoyed the first part of the book The second half of the book became rather sensational and violent at times This did not give me particular insight into the characters It s too bad I was really hoping to give the book a much better review.

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    Very well written book but it is a difficult depressing read The tragic life of the main character is just to much You can t help thinking enough already.

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