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Diary of Steve the Noob Steve wakes up to find himself in a strange, new land What wonders and adventures await him as he wanders the world of Minecraft In this new world, Steve has many choices he can make Will he become a hero and champion of the just or will he become a villain feared by all Find out in this fun and

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Don't Read the Comments Divya Sharma is a queen Or she is when she s playing Reclaim the Sun, the year s hottest online game Divya better known as popular streaming gamer D1V regularly leads her AngstArmada on quests through the game s vast and gorgeous virtual universe But for Divya, this is than just a game Out

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Overwatch #1: Train Hopper Justice aint gonna dispense itself It s high noon as McCree takes center stage in Train Hopper, the first in a series of free digital comic shorts that further illuminate the characters and world of Overwatch Train Hopper follows a day in the life of gunslinging outlaw Jesse McCree, the former Bla

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88 Names The critically acclaimed author of Lovecraft Country returns with a thrilling and immersive virtual reality epic part cyberthriller, part twisted romantic comedy that transports you to a world where identity is fluid and nothing can be taken at face value.John Chu is a sherpa a paid guide to onlin

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Slacker (Slacker, #1) Cameron Boxer is very happy to spend his life avoiding homework, hanging out with his friends, and gaming for hours in his basement It s not too hard for him to get away with it until he gets so caught up in one game that he almost lets his house burn down around him Oops.It s time for some

bookmark_borderOverwatch #10: Reflections

Overwatch #10: Reflections In Reflections, the holidays have arrived at Overwatch, and everybody is heading home to spend time with the ones closest to them Meanwhile, a massive snowstorm has turned King s Row into a winter wonderland, catching Tracer in the middle of an important mission, while at Watchpoint Gibraltar, W

bookmark_borderEvolution (Awaken Online, #3)

Evolution (Awaken Online, #3) After exiting Awaken Online to find himself holding a knife and standing over two dead bodies, Jason is now being investigated for murder To make matters worse, Claire has stumbled upon evidence of Alfred s involvement in the incident and the CPSC is circling just waiting for Cerillion Entertainm

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Life Is Strange: Dust The story fans never thought they d see, continuing the acclaimed story of Life is Strange, one of the hit game s two shocking endings.One year after the storm destroyed Arcadia Bay, fan favourite characters Max and Chloe have a new life together but timelines are starting to tangle.Collects Life i