HarmattanHarmattan from an Arabic word meaning destructive wind tells the story of Haoua, a young girl growing up in a remote village in the Republic of Niger Spirited independent and intelligent, Haoua has benefitted from a stable home life and a loving and attentive mother She enjoys working and

Still Waters in Niger

Still Waters in Niger A New York Times Notable Book for 1999 Best Fiction of 1999, the Los Angeles Times Book Review Starred review, Publishers Weekly Finalist for 1998 Dublin IMPAC Literary Award

Il deserto negli occhi

Il deserto negli occhiUna storia vera, la vita di Kane Annour Ibrahim, tuareg del deserto dall infanzia tra scuola e nomadismo al lavoro come guida turistica dalla fuga dal Niger, sospettato di appoggiare i ribelli, all accoglienza in Friuli Venezia Giulia, a Pordenone, capitale dei tuareg d Italia Una vicenda

Zarma Folktales of Niger

Zarma Folktales of NigerZarma Folktales of Niger presents in English the folklore of the Zarma, a lesser known tribe of West Africa These tales run the gamut from teaching ethical and moral lessons to portraying tricksters to naming animals to farting contests to having fun Humor and an emphasis on living justly bind the

Say You're One of Them

Say You're One of ThemUwem Akpan s stunning stories humanize the perils of poverty and violence so piercingly that few readers will feel they ve ever encountered Africa so immediately The eight year old narrator of An Ex Mas Feast needs only enough money to buy books and pay fees in order to attend school Even when

To the Moon and Timbuktu: A Trek through the Heart of Africa

To the Moon and Timbuktu: A Trek through the Heart of AfricaNina Sovich had always yearned for adventures in faraway places she imagined herself leading the life of a solitary traveler Yet at the age of thirty four, she found herself married and contemplating motherhood Catching her reflection in a window spotted with Paris rain, she no longer saw the

The Epic of Askia Mohammed

The Epic of Askia MohammedAskia Mohammed is the most famous leader in the history of the Songhay Empire, which reached its apogee during his reign in 1493 1528 Songhay, approximately halfway between the present day cities of Timbuktu in Mali and Niamey in Niger, became a political force beginning in 1463, under the

Malaria Dreams: An African Adventure

Malaria Dreams: An African AdventureMalaria Dreams is a tale of high adventure across Africa, recounted with the wit and humor that delighted readers of Night Train to Turkistan, Stuart Stevens highly praised first book A rollicking, off beat African odyssey Publishers Weekly.


SaharaMichael Palin s epic voyages have seen him circumnavigate the globe, travel from the North to the South Pole and circle the countries of the Pacific Ocean This was perhaps the greatest challenge yet to cross the vast and merciless Sahara desert.Shrugging aside the perils of camel stew and being

Adventures in Service with Peace Corps in Niger

Adventures in Service with Peace Corps in NigerFollowing its creation by President Kennedy in 1961, Peace Corps became an icon of American idealism in action on an international scale It inspired a generation of American youth, and it continues to attract thousands of youthful Americans to opportunities for international adventures in service

The Shadow Speaker

The Shadow SpeakerIn West Africa in 2070, after fifteen year old shadow speaker Ejii witnesses her father s beheading, she embarks on a dangerous journey across the Sahara to find Jaa, her father s killer, and upon finding her, she also discovers a greater purpose to her life and to the mystical powers she

Travels into the Interior of Africa

Travels into the Interior of AfricaPark s two journeys to Africa, in 1795 and 1805, provided Europeans with their first reliable descriptions of that continent s interior A vivid recollection and the most readable of all the classics of African exploration.